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Helping Carol with laundry was not staying in the living room. Nor was the bending, scrubbing, wringing or the hanging of laundry considered relaxing. Nonetheless, Mara enjoyed it…every single bit of it. Especially with the knowledge, that she had yet to be caught. Sure, Carol tried to convince her to go back inside, but after some puppy dog eyes and crocodile tears, Carol conceded. Besides the woman could really use some help with Lori being asleep and Andre trying to gone the patriarchy. Something Mara desperately wished to return to, but that would mean giving up her position.

"I can't believe I slept in." Lori's voice came from behind.

Mara gave her a soft smile as she hung another shirt on the wire. She never realized how much laundry there was to do. With it being the end of the world and Mara's unfortunate lack of clothing, she had just assumed the laundry pile was low. No wonder Andrea despised washing the clothes so much. This was Mara's first time and she already was sick of it.

"You must have needed it. Feeling alright?" Carol asked, concerned.

"Next time wake me, alright? Especially on laundry day." Lori instructed, throwing some clothes onto her shoulder.

Silently Mara gaped at the still large pile. It would never end. Carol caught her horrified look and sent her a small smile. Though the two of them barely interacted with each, both women had mutual respect for each other. Even if it were more on Carol's side than Mara's. Then again, Carol probably viewed her like the rest of the group did…as a man not a woman. "I can manage, besides it's not like I was alone." Carol replied.

"I see that." Lori said, eyeing Mara. "Sweetie, while I appreciate you helping Carol in my stead, you really shouldn't be on your feet."

"Don't even bother. I've already tried to get her to go back inside, however the darn girl refuses." Carol joked, hanging one of Dale's shirts up. "I had an idea, I wanted to run by you."

"What's that?" Lori questioned.

"That big kitchen of theirs got me thinking. I wouldn't mind cooking in a real kitchen again. Maybe we all pitch in and cook dinner for Hershel and his family tonight?" Carol suggested. "Kind of looking for things to keep my mind occupied."

"Well, it sounds good to me. I can't tell you how much I miss cooking." Mara chimed in. "Plus, I kind of owe them for saving my life."

"We all owe them." Lori corrected, "After everything they've done for us, seems like the least we could do."

Carol nodded, looking sheepishly down at clothes in her hands. "You or Mara, mind extending the invitation?"

Both women sent her a questioning look, yet Lori's was harsher than Mara's. The look Lori sent, was more of a pitiful one. As if she couldn't believe Carol was so insecure to need someone to ask for her. Mara's on the other hand was out of genuine shock and curiosity. Almost as if she never expected to ask something like that. Which was the truth. Mara was no more comfortable around Hershel or his family, than Carol was. After all, the only time she saw any of them was when receiving checkups. Then there was also the silent unknown fact, that Mara was petrified of asking people to do things. Another silly phobia to be placed alongside horses, heights and needles. "Would just feel more right coming from one of you." Carol added, awkwardly.

"How so?" Lori asked, walking back over to the rope.

"Your Rick's wife. Mara is Easton's sister. It sort of makes you our unofficial first lady and Mara, the ambassador." Carol explained.

Ambassador. Mara twisted the word around in her head. Ambassador, meant being a representative of a government and dealing with diplomatic problems for the leader. Did she really fit that description? No, she was far from diplomatic. Whenever a diplomatic situation occurred between them and other groups, Mara simply followed Rick. Sure she voiced her opinion, but that was it. Rick did all the talking and planning. "Morning, guys. Let's get going. We've got a lot of ground to cover." Rick's voice came from across camp.

Mara couldn't help, but smile as he took charge. There was something about alpha men like Rick and Daryl that made her-she stopped the thought dead in its tracks. Guilt washed over her immediately. She did not just start to have romantic thought for her best friends. Especially not for the married one, whose wife she worked right next to. "She's right. You're first lady, which means the role of communicating falls on you. That and I am actually really shy, when it comes to asking favors." Mara admitted embarrassed.

"You? Shy? I'd never guess. Not with the way you act around everybody." Lori mentioned.

Mara let out a strangled laugh. "Only, because I talk excessively, when nervous. Ask Easton."

"I might just do that. I bet he has some interesting stories to tell." Lori threatened, playfully.

Mara shrugged, not really worried. Any 'interesting' stories about baby Mara, could easily be countered with teenage Easton stories. Oh, and the few baby Easton stories, Bryon engrained in her mind. "Just don't ask until after I'm caught, because I really don't want to be stuck in that house again. Sitting on the couch is not as fun as you'd imagine." Mara blanched, before a realization struck her. "Speaking of being caught, you don't think any of the men will notice me here?"

"If you're talking about Rick and Daryl, then absolutely. Rick always says 'goodbye,' before taking off." Lori informed. "And Daryl has been keeping his eye on you, believe it or not."

"It's actually quite cute. I mean, who would think Daryl would have such a soft spot for anyone. Two months at the camp and Merle was the only one he really interacted with. Then you come along, and the two of you are attached at the hip." Carol smiled.

"Hmm…I'm pretty sure, Daryl just accepted the fact that I won't leave him alone. I'm kind of like a tumor." Mara cringed her comparison. "Scratch that. Just another bad comparison."

"What was the first?" Carol asked.

"I said I would make sure Daryl didn't go Jeffery Dahmer back at the camp. Granted that was before I really knew him." Mara confessed.

Lori snickered. "And you know him now?"

"Better than anyone else at this camp, I bet." Mara replied, shrugging.

She grabbed a couple more clothing items, before moving down the line. Her mind wandered off to what Lori said. As much as Mara hated to admit it, Lori had a point. Despite her and Daryl's unlikely friendship, there wasn't much Mara knew about him. Or at least…not much he told her about. Majority of what she knew came from his number one fan Zane. Which really shouldn't be such a big deal, seeing how Mara knew how Daryl was about his past. The man made it abundantly clear that he had no intention of sharing it with anyone. And Mara totally got that. Her time in the army….her memories of her father weren't something she wanted to share. Still…Daryl was the only one, who knew her dirty little secret. No one else knew that her back was perfectly fine-was perfectly fine. The gunshot wound in it may have caused her a bit of nerve damage. Neither Easton nor Mara would really know until it completely healed.

Biting her lip hard, Mara forced back the gloomy thoughts beginning to accumulate. There was no point in worrying about Daryl or her back. What would be, would be, regardless of anything Mara tried to do. "Hey Lil'bit! What the hell do you think, you're doing? We agreed to the living room, not the great outdoors." Daryl's voice chastised.

Speak of the devil. Forcing an innocent look onto her face, Mara looked up at the angry redneck. However the minute her eyes connected with his, all her words were lost. Those blue orbs of his gazed down at her with an intensity she didn't think possible. Her eyes faltered from his stare, trailing down his strong neck to the warm plaid shirt he wore. As ridiculous as it sound, Mara's mouth went dry. Plaid shirts…they had to be the sexiest shirt a man could own. And not just because Sam and Dean Winchester looked fucking hot in them, but because Daryl did as well. Even if the plaid of it was extremely faded.

"I wouldn't consider this 'the great outdoors,' Daryl. Besides Lori and Carol could use some help, doing laundry is not exactly easy nowadays." Mara finally found her voice.

"Yeah well, it ain't important enough for you to be doing it." Daryl argued.

"I'm flattered you think that way, Daryl. However not everyone enjoys wearing their clothes until they smell." Mara quipped, before turning back towards the baskets.

Unsurprisingly Daryl cut her off. His hand on her wrist, tugging Mara closer to him. "You got something to say, Lil'bit?"

"Yes." Mara replied, pulling away. "The only way I will stop helping with laundry is if I'm helping search for Sophia. Otherwise tough titty said the kitty, because I refuse to go back inside that house."

"You have no choice, you're going back." Daryl ordered.

Mara opened her mouth to protest, only to thing herself over Daryl's shoulder. His hand resting on her lower back just above her butt. Heat rose uncontrollably to her cheeks as Daryl weaved through the camp. Yet again, it took Mara a minute to snap out of her daze. "Daryl Dixon, you best put me down!" Mara snapped, struggling in his grip.

Behind her, Carol and Lori looked onward laughing. More heat rose to her cheeks and Mara gave Daryl another slap on the back. For someone so worried about her injuring herself, he didn't to think about her getting hurt, when carrying her. Though Mara would be surprised if she did. The man was amazingly gentle with her, despite his caveman like move. Still Mara wasn't going down without a fight. It would be uncharacteristic of her. "Put me down, Daryl! I can feel my underwear showing!" Mara fibbed.

"Too bad." Daryl snorted, continuing towards the house.

Mara gapped at his response. "Too bad?! I just told you, my underwear was visible for the world to see-and your response is too bad?!"

"Your underwear ain't showing, Lil'bit. Even if it was, it wouldn't matter." Daryl retorted, earning a quick knee to the chest. An 'oomph' escaped him as Mara fell out of his arms. She hit the ground hard letting out an 'oomph' of her own. Luckily Mara landed on her arm rather than her back. It still hurt, but nowhere near as bad as it would have with her back. "Why the fuck did you do that, woman?"

"It wouldn't matter?" Mara countered, incredulously.

Daryl rolled his eyes at her. "I told you, it wasn't showing."

"I know, but-that's not the-wait, how do you know it wasn't showing?" Mara questioned, suddenly as the realization hit her.

He stared at her for a few seconds, before walking away shaking his head. Mara couldn't help, but grin happily to herself. She would take that as a confession to him staring at her ass. The thought made her grin widened, Daryl Dixon stared at her butt. Now that was something new. Oh the field day her brothers would have with this. Bryon would totally be picking a fight with the redneck, if he were there. Zane would probably yelling at Mara for corrupting his favorite character. While Easton would be torn between picking a fight and ignoring the whole thing; he'd probably eventually take sides with Bryon. Or rather…the reverse situation, if Bryon ever ran into them, then he'd join forces with Easton. That is if her brother ever found. Which wouldn't be happening anytime soon.

Until then, Mara was free to do laundry. All, because she implied that Daryl Dixon looked at her butt. She would definitely being keeping that little tidbit in her memory bank. Keeping her large grin, Mara walked hastily back to the about finished clothes lined. It was only a matter of time, before her brother woke up or Rick spotted her. Though Mara feared her brother more than Rick. Easton wouldn't be as easy to sway as Rick or Daryl would be. He required tougher harder tactics. "You escaped him." Carol stated.

"Trust me, I'm equally surprised. Didn't think it would be so easy." Mara admitted. She reached into the basket, grabbing the last bit of clothing. Two shirts and a pair of boxers, most likely belonging to Shane based on their width and the King County Police logo on the shirts. Wouldn't take more than thirty seconds to hang, meaning she'd soon have to find somewhere else to hide. But where? "Anything else, you need me to do?"

"You really don't need to do anymore, Mara. Really, you're still just recovering." Carol chastised in a motherly tone.

Mara made a face. "Ugh, don't remind me. I hate it. Absolutely hate it. I got shot, not paralyzed from the neck down."

"Cause getting shot is no big deal at all." Carol drawled, sarcastically. Shame and fear washed over her face as Carol realized what she just said. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it-"

"Don't worry about it. Really Carol, like I said before it's no big deal." Mara repeated. It really wasn't in the long run. There were more things to worry about than getting shot nowadays. Plus practically everyone in her family were shot at one point. Her father alone had a total of five bullets in him; none thankfully hitting anything important. While both Bryon and Zane got hit in the shoulder during one of their deployments. In fact it used to be just her and Easton who remained untouched. Which was ironic, because being a combat medic was one of the most dangerous jobs there were.

"You saved Carl's life that is nowhere near being nothing. Especially to Rick and Lori, what you did for them…as a parent I can tell you, that they'll never be able to thank you enough." Carol murmured, obviously thinking of Sophia.

Mara placed a reassuring hand on the older woman's shoulder. She could only imagine how Carol felt. Even more so with the fact that Carol had to leave all the searching to the strong more able people of the group. "Hey, Sophia will be just fine. I promise."

Carol gave her a small smile, sniffing a little as she nodded. Her blue eyes glanced over at Mara hopeful. Instantly Mara knew what the woman was going to ask. "Have you? Have you had any visions of my Sophia? Anything at all?" Carol begged to know.

"I'm sorry, Carol. The last vision I had was Carl getting shot. But trust me, if I see anything you'll be the first one to know." Mara swore.

"Isn't there some way you can make yourself see Sophia? Some way you can find out if she's okay or what not?" Carol pleaded.

Mara shook her head, feeling shame well up inside her. Since the beginning and even before then Mara's visions had always been helpful. Whether it was her actually seeing the camp being destroyed by walkers, or her lying about seeing Rick walk away from Atlanta okay; Mara's visions always were useful and came at the right moment. Except for right then, when it came to a missing little girl. "I've been trying everything I can to try and bring about one. Unfortunately I really don't know anything about them, let alone how to draw upon them, myself." Mara admitted, she looked down at the ground reluctantly. "But I'll keep trying and I'll see if Easton has gotten anything?"

"Your brother has visions too?" Carol questioned softly.

She gave the older woman a weary smile, not sure how to continue her next sentences. Easton didn't have visions-or at least not the actual physical ones, but he was very able capable of having the fake ones Mara did until her real ones kicked in. The real problem lied in the fact that Easton wasn't aware he had these 'visions,' let alone that Mara had real ones. So the question remained on whether or not Mara outed Easton, before telling the poor boy, himself? Eh, it was going to happen sooner or later. "All my brothers have visions. I think I've mentioned that before….maybe not. Either way they all see things like I do. They just don't like to talk about it. In fact Easton would be pissed if he finds out I told you." Mara lied, covering her ass.

Stupidity came in quantities and Mara preferred to keep hers low. Lying about visions wasn't the dumbest idea ever, since the truth was just insane. However mentioning the fact that Mara and Easton somehow knew future events-that was probably rather stupid. Especially since there was a slim possibility that Mara blurting out future events could alter things. Though she obviously ignored that possibility a long time ago. Day one, when Mara met Rick actually. Either way until Mara had a talk with Easton, it was probably best to make sure people didn't go up to him like he was a magic eight ball.

"I won't tell him, just please keep an eye out for Sophia. Or whatever god has blessed you with that sees things." Carol requested.

"Of course." Mara nodded, ignoring the want to discredit God. Visions were anything but a blessing. They were painful and often pointless. Minus the time she save Carl, nothing Mara saw every changed anything. The fate of the show appeared to be just that…fate. Nothing could sway it.

Taking the now empty basket in her arms, Mara said a soft goodbye to Carol, before heading off to the RV. Thoughts and worries filling her head, giving her no rest. Perhaps staying in the house would have been better. At least then Mara could fake that everything was still okay. Even if it wasn't.

Thankfully she wasn't able to dwell on them for long, because the second Mara stepped away for Carol, was the second an angry Rick appeared. She blinked slightly surprised as the officer headed straight towards her, ignoring his wife's questions of 'something wrong?' In flash he was in front of her with the basket now in his arms. "You shouldn't be carrying this, you're still not recovered. Besides I thought we agreed that you'd stay inside for a while longer." Rick chastised.

Mara rolled her eyes, snatching the basket from him. "First off, I'm not an invalid, Rick. I can very well carry an empty basket without killing over. Secondly save the lecture, Daryl already tried and lost. Thirdly, what's wrong? Because I know you aren't this angry about me disobeying."

He went silent for a second looking away for a moment. His blue eyes filling up with rage and contemplation before turning to stare at her. "Do you blame me for getting shot?"

The question took Mara a back, so much she would've stumbled if it was for Rick steady her at the last second. "What? No. Why would you think that?"

"Shane blames me for you getting shot. He said that if I hadn't gone on a wild goose chase looking for Sophia, none of this would happen. He thinks looking for Sophia is pointless." Rick laughed humorlessly to himself. "He wants to call off the search. Says that my good intentions are making us weaker, that I can't make the hard decisions for the good of the group. And I can't help, but wonder if he's right. Maybe I'm holding onto a way of decision making that no longer makes sense. Shane says it's math, basic survival-how much fuel, how much food, how much ammo. Not much room in that equation for being soft. It's pretty simple when you start thinking of life like that."

"It is. Basic survival of the fittest. Anyone weak is just simply left to die, cut off from the pack. Basic Paleolithic human thinking from when we were cavemen. " Mara agreed. "Unfortunately for us though, we evolved as soon as the Neolithic era hit and tended to stop abandoning people for being weak. Now we have a little thing known as humanity. Something which only humans have and not animals."

Rick blinked taking in her words. He knew Mara wasn't dumb, but every once in a while she said something way bound what he thought her intelligence level was. This was one of those moments. She stared up at him with those strange all-knowing black eyes of hers, waiting for a response. When Rick didn't answer right away, a sigh escaped her lips. "What I am saying, Rick, is that it may be easier thinking Shane's way-no it is easier thinking his way, but it's not right. Right is trying your best to find Sophia, after you've made sure everyone is somewhere safe and sound. Right is thinking outside of the basic Paleolithic standpoint and maintaining your humanity, because once you sacrifice one person…what's stopping you from sacrificing more, in the name of the group's best interest?" Mara rephrased. "As for me getting shot. It was an accident. Nothing more. Nothing less. Okay?"

"Okay." Rick muttered, turning her words over in his head. Like mentioned earlier, Mara had a tendency to surprise him with her intelligence and philosophy. With the way Mara acted sometimes, you would think she was an idiot. However that was far from the truth. Mara may not be a genius, but an idiot she was not. After all, she was the reason Rick and the others were still alive. The reason none of them lost their humanity…the reason Rick wasn't like Shane.

"Good. Now remember what I told you, Officer Friendly…keep being hard on yourself and I'll kick your ass. You hear me?" Mara warned, jokingly. Though Rick knew there was a hint of seriousness in her words. For all intents and purposes, Mara had kicked Rick's ass many times before for being 'too harsh' on himself. And he had no doubt she would have another verbal lecture up and ready in an instant if needed. The girl was scary good at impromptu speeches like that.

"I hear you, Mar." he murmured taking the basket back. "Now you listen to me. I'll kick your butt if you don't go back inside and relax."

"I'd like to see you try. Especially with my brother around." Mara dared.

A grin spread across his face and the anger from earlier dissipated. "For some reason, I have a feeling that Easton would side with me. Along with Daryl as well."

She frowned, obviously out of comebacks for him. The fact made his grin grow a little more. If Rick remembered correctly this was the first argument anyone won with Mara. To get her to compromise in itself was a win, defeating her in verbal sparring though was an unseen accomplishment though. "You'd all have to catch me first." Mara finally snorted.

"Easy Daryl on a horse. Daryl would track you and the horse would scare you back to the group." Rick replied, a little surprised by his words. Daryl and him definitely anything but friends. Hell, Mara was probably the closest thing the man had to a friend. Everyone else only seemed to piss him off to no end. Which was odd, because as much as Rick hated to admit it, Mara was perhaps the most annoying person in the group. Her oddities, optimism, visions-her whole personality differentiate from anyone else alive nowadays. It was like an undiminishing flame in a world of darkness, giving light to anyone near it. However like any type of light, it could get a little too bright sometimes. Or in Mara's case a little too boisterous. So it was weird to see such a quiet unfriendly man like Daryl so protective of girl so opposite from him.

"Don't you dare." Mara warned, looking horrified. "No horses. Absolutely no horses. They are nothing but bad luck."

Rick laughed, shaking his head at the young woman. "I thought you'd be over your fear of them, by now Mar."

"After what happened in Atlanta? No way, it's only been intensified." Mara muttered.

"You can't blame the horse for us falling off it. We were attacked by a bunch of walkers." Rick argued, still grinning.

"I can and I will. Nothing you say is going to stop me either. Horses are nothing, but useless creatures that throw you off their back." Mara denied.

Rick decided to keep the fact that Daryl really did take a horse to himself. While he and the man didn't see eye to eye, Rick wouldn't subject him to one of Mara's rants on the danger of horses. He continued to grin at the said girl as she carried out her ran. No, that peculiarity was between Mara and him only. Even if it was a strange thing to feel possessive of. "Mr. Grimes? My father wants to talk to you." Hershel's youngest daughter informed.

He nodded, exchanging a glance with Mara. The fear and exasperation of what Hershel had to say, clear as day on Rick's face. A comforting smile formed on Mara's face as she patted his shoulder reassuringly, taking the basket in his arms as she did so. "Well Officer Friendly, it appears as if you're back on duty." Mara joked.

Rick felt his lips twitch slightly at her words. "It appears so….and Mara put the basket down. Let the others finish up the work-and that's command not a question."

"Twenty-two, Rick, not twelve!" Mara yelled, continuing to walk away. "Besides you're not my supervisor! And neither is Daryl or Easton!"

Despite not facing him, Mara knew Rick was smiling. Just like she knew he was debating on whether or not to rat her out to Easton. Who was remarkably nowhere to be found? Which was weird, because it was already midday and Easton wasn't one to sleep in late. Not even when they were back in their world. The latest Mara knew him to sleep in for was ten-and only after pulling an all-nighter.

Frowning, Mara set the basket down in the RV. She really didn't want to give up the freedom of escaping the house to check on her brother. Especially it was merely a ploy to get her back into the house. After all, Beth hadn't mentioned anything about her brother-meaning there really couldn't be anything wrong with him. Yet…Mara could risk the possibility. Easton was family and family came first…no matter what Mara told Rick last night.

She moved towards the door of the RV, when a sudden wave of dizziness swept over her. A very familiar sudden wave of dizziness that is. Muttering a quick swear word, Mara forced herself to fight the dizziness off long enough to sit down. There was no way she would let herself get injured again, if Mara could help it. Definitely not due to a vision either. Once finally settled, Mara closed her eyes and let the vision sweep her away into its chaos.

"Mind your own business, Glenn." Lori muttered, as a worried looking Glenn chase after her.

The scene was all too familiar for Mara. Especially since Mara had no doubt that the landscape surrounding them was the farm, and the vision would occur later on today…or maybe had already happened. After all both Lori and Glenn wore the same clothes they did today. Moreover, Mara did remember vaguely seeing Lori having what appeared to be an intense conversation with Glenn earlier. Though she had just blown it off to be nothing. Now however, Mara knew for sure it was anything, but no big deal.

"You're pregnant?" Glenn whispered, shocked.

Mara felt her heart stop at those words. Lori was pregnant…her and Rick were having another baby… It was no big deal really. She knew this would be coming eventually. She knew this before anyone else did. So why was Mara hoping so badly for it not to be true? Why was her heart hurting so much by the news of Lori's pregnancy?

"You can't tell anybody, okay?" Lori begged. A look of fear and desperation on her face as she stared pleadingly at Glenn. It was almost as if Lori was also begging Mara. As if the older woman somehow saw her, although Mara's actual presence wasn't there. A hard lump formed in Mara's throat, and if Mara could see herself, she was sure her expression mirrored the one Glenn had on now.

Lori glanced at her-Glenn, before turning toward the road in front of the farm. Both Mara and Glenn followed suit, catching sight of what appeared to be an angry Rick and Shane coming back from their hunt. Instantly Mara knew this all took place right before her conversation with Rick had. It was all in the past already…

"You haven't told him, yet?" Glenn asked, as the realization hit him.

"No, she hasn't." Mara answered for Lori. "She's scared to admit her mistakes….to admit that she slept with Shane, when she thought Rick was dead."

Lori merely looked down ashamed as she emptied the bucket out. Glenn shook his head, walking off in the opposite direction of her. His mind most likely reeling with the same issue Mara's now was. The issue on whether or not to tell Rick the truth or to keep Lori's trust. A sigh escaped Mara as she watched Lori head towards an angry Rick. Silently Mara begged for the woman to tell him the news. As much as it pained Mara's heart for whatever reason, Rick deserved to know about the baby-even if it might not possibly be his.

Instead the question 'something wrong' escaped Lori's lips as Rick brushed past her….walking to where the past Mara was…carrying an empty basket. Leaving Lori to watch as her husband confess all his worries to a woman that wasn't her.

Then in a back of an eye, Mara was back inside the RV. Water leaking from her eyes as she impatiently brushed them away with shaky hands. Fear and hurt overwhelmed her, almost if Lori's feeling somehow projected themselves onto Mara. Standing up on her also shaky legs, Mara tried to ease the sudden guilt rushing over her. Rick and she were just friends. There were no romantic feelings evolved at all. Maybe familial emotions-but definitely not romantic ones…right?

Every memory since day one of meeting Rick rushed through Mara's mind. Each one of them being shown in a new light now. Hints…there were hints of attraction-especially on Mara's side. Those sharp pangs of jealousy she felt. The need to defend Rick even when angry at him. All things that could be said for someone with crush. "No, I'm just overanalyzing things like always." Mara assured herself. "There's no way Rick and I are anything, but friends. Just like Daryl and I-just like any man and me. We're all just friends…just friends."

And those were the words, Mara would be repeating to herself, while she left the RV. The words she'd be repeating the whole way to Lori. The words Mara would repeat as she tried to convince Lori to tell Rick about the baby. The words that would lose all meaning in a matter of days. Because when disaster reared its ugly head, people ran towards the thing they valued most. And when disaster finally fell upon the farm, Mara went running towards the two people, she valued most.

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Denisia: Thank you for the long review, I love reading people's insight. Unfortunately though I think things between Mara and Rick will get worse before any sort of understanding can be made. Especially with her most recent vision.

nolengthoftime98: I wish she was part of canon as well, I could use the money lo.