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"Percy it's not that hard," Annabeth sighed. "You would understand the subject easier if you listened."

"That's not true!" I retorted. "I try, but I can't! And when are we going to use this in life anyway? It's just a bunch of stupid number problems!"

"Math is used all the time!"

"Algebra isn't even real math," I snapped, boiling to the point of explosion. "The people who invented it are probably part of a sadist cult bent on murdering middle-schoolers."

"Hey, Aristotle's knowledge helped us do a lot more than solve equations!"

"Fuck Aristotle."

"Percy!" Annabeth smacked my arm, still not used to seeing me all worked up. "There's no need to swear. All you need is a bit of help."

"Ha! Not if you ask Mrs. Dodds," I grumbled. "According to her, I'm an idiot."

"Oh, and you believe her?" Annabeth swerved to face me, arms crossed, with a stern expression.

"No, but it's still annoying." I waved at Annabeth to keep moving, not wanting to be one of those annoying pricks who blocks the hallway. "Not only do I have to deal with a set of mindless math problems, but also a stupid math teacher with a grudge towards me."

"Well, you did call her an old hag in front of the whole class," Annabeth pointed out.

"It happened two days ago! She should be over it by now!" I stopped and cautiously pulled open my locker. The thing was a freaking landfill, and I DID NOT want it spilling all over the floor. "Seriously, who's side are you on?"

"This isn't World War II, Percy." Annabeth caught a paper ball that fell from my pigsty of a locker, and raised her eyebrow. "I'm not choosing teams. All I'm saying is that you should attempt to get on her good side."

"Like a kiss-up?"

"No." Annabeth went red, having this be what she did on a daily basis. "More like a student who actually wants to learn."

"But I don't!" I groaned, taking the trash ball from Annabeth's hand. "Algebra is the worst thing ever!"

I looked down, seeing something that made my heart stop.

"Never mind," I said. "It's the second worst thing."

I could tell that Annabeth had noticed a difference the way I was acting based on how she was raising her eyebrow at me.

"What's with the sudden change of heart?" She asked.

"I just…realized that there are better things to worry about right now. "

I clutched my backpack strap tighter, shoving the crumpled paper into my back pocket. At that moment, I was trying my best not to say something I would regret.

"Like what?" Annabeth frowned, unable to read my thoughts; a rarity in our friendship.

I shrugged, hopefully seeming nonchalant. "I don't know…losing you?"

While Annabeth processed what I had revealed, I fast-walked to my conveniently nearby classroom. No need for her to see my tomato-red face of embarrassment.

On that piece of paper Annabeth had caught without reading, there was written a message:

Wherever you are,

Nobody is safe.


P.S. Say hello to Annie for us.

I had been getting these notes for the past week, this being the fourth one from my consistent stalkers. At first, I had thought they were simply a sick joke handed to me from my usual tormentors, but seeing this I was beginning to worry. None of the school bullies had the patience needed to slip messages like this into places where I would surely see them, and they definitely wouldn't have the cunning to play my greatest weaknesses.

Annabeth took a seat on the desk next to me, but didn't mention anything about my strange behavior. I'd been acting like this was for a while, and she had learned not to prod me unless she felt it was absolutely necessary. Apparently, I wasn't acting weird enough for her to worry.

"So what do I tell my mom about that big fat F I got?" I asked.

These days, acting like things were as they always were was my best defense. Even if deep down I knew the truth.

Something bad was coming, and there would be no mercy when it did.

I pinched my arm to keep away the dark thoughts brewing in my head. I was probably over-reacting. After all, I'm nothing but a normal teenager. What would someone ever want with me?

"Forget about it for now. It'll only stress you out thinking about it." Annabeth reached into her bag and handed me half of her granola bar. "You don't want to freak out before the big concert."

That's right! I smiled, thankful to be reminded of something cheerful. Tomorrow, Annabeth, Thalia, Nico, and I would go to a Green Day concert and eject our lungs out screaming. Besides that small fact, there was nothing life-threatening about having fun.

I bit off a chunk of my Nature Valley, feeling my heart swell with a sudden emotional content. Nope, there's no chance in the world that I'm in danger.

My life was completely normal.



On the other end of the phone was the sound of struggle. There had been a gunshot, and although it had been near, I knew it hadn't hit Annabeth. Nevertheless, with the way I was feeling now, I felt as if I had been the one to take the bullet point blank. It was the worst experience in my life and I could do nothing to stop it. I was defenseless; trapped in by my own dam despair. (See what I did there? ;P)

I could hear someone's fist smashing into the window of Annabeth's car. I guessed that the bullet allowed the stranger to weaken it enough for punching it in. He now had easy access to my wise girl. My wise girl! The person who now held my heart in her hands was being kidnapped; fulfilling my biggest nightmare. Without knowing it, I had predicted the exact opposite of what would happen today all those years ago. The day before the concert was my last day of normality, and now I would suffer ten times worse than I believed possible. This was the moment in my life where everything was going to come down and crush me. SPLAT! Like a bug.

"Let me go you asshole!...Gah!" That was Annabeth. I could recognize the fire in her voice anywhere. She wasn't going to give up, and she would remain strong. How I wish I could've told her that I lo-

"Is that a phone? Tell me, dammit!"

I froze. I expected to know Annabeth's voice, but never the other person's. Yet here I was, thinking he was so familiar…so close to me.

"Get away from me!"

I didn't dare speak, no matter how much I wanted to threaten the man who was taking part in an act so evil. The anger in my veins was leaving me with enough adrenaline to run a seven-hour marathon. I wanted to castrate him and feed his reproductive organs to rabid penguins! Or something.

"Give it to me!"

There was a loud thump in background, and I could tell that the no-good pig had thrown Annabeth to the floor. Her phone was ripped from her hands, putting an even greater distance between us.

"Percy, what's going on? You look pale."

Calypso put a hand on my shoulder, and I stiffened. The sound of her voice and the static coming from my phone masking most of what Annabeth said. There was a chance that I wouldn't have heard her, but I did, and her final words were the final blow that succeded in making me crumple to the floor, phone still in hand.

The last thing I had the misfortune of hearing was Annabeth's horrified scream resounding throughout the whole room, followed by the beep that proved she was really gone.

Calypso crouched next to me, making sure I was still breathing. Sadly, I was.

"She's gone." My voice was weak, barely audible above the sound of my own trampled everything. "He won."

"What are you talking about?" Calypso spoke gently, the way a little kid would comfort a puppy. "Who's won?"

"Nico!" I growled, at the same time punching the wall and frightening Calypso. "I thought it would be Luke, but it was him!"

"Who's Nico?" Calypso wondered, still keeping her distance in fear that I would have an outburst again. "How do you know he has to do with whatever happened?"

"Because," I spat, seething with rage, "His name was the last thing Annabeth said before he shot her!"


"The boy knows nothing of his father and it will stay that way," Zeus said. His intentions were clear from the beginning and no one dared question his thoughts.

"It seems to me a fair deal," Hades agreed. "After all, my son known nothing of this Olympian business, so why Should Perseus Jackson be more informed than he already is?"

"Yes, understand what you two are saying, but these are desperate times and you can't let personal pride get in the way of what is needed to be done," Chiron urged on. "We are in the midst of a crisis, and in order for things to be done correctly, we need to inform our agents to the fullest."

"Chiron, I respect you in many ways, however this is not your decision to make." Zeus crossed his arms, signaling that he was the boss here. "Perseus will never know that his father is missing, possibly dead. That is information that should be kept from him at all costs. Finding out who his father is would mean revealing that we had no clue about him until the time before his acceptance into The Olympians."

"But sir, don't you think that sooner or later he'll become suspicious? His claiming has already been delayed by a year. What will you do when he demands his father's identity to be revealed? " Chiron was pushing his luck with Zeus, but he felt he should at least try to break through his stubborn barrier.

"Am I correct in saying that the boy has no information pertaining to his father?"

"Yes, Master Olympiad," confirmed Chiron.

"Good," stated Zeus. "Then Perseus wouldn't be know if a man who claims to be his father really does share the same blood."

Chiron bit his lip, knowing where this conversation was heading. "No, he'd have no way of telling apart the real man from the fake."

"Then it's settled. I shall have a chosen man play the part of Poseidon." Zeus stated. "Speaking of plans, have you come to terms with Code Bloodhound?"

It was clear that this question was aimed at Hades, and understanding that he would be unable to raise the previous topic, Chiron stayed silent.

Hades shrugged, not looking up from his fingernail examination. "I don't care if you go through with it or not. The boy bears no consequence to me."

Zeus allowed his self a smug smile, taking his brother's answer as acceptance. "What about you, teacher? Do you believe that we should put Code Bloodhound into action?"

Chiron folded his hands on his lap, a sign of his anxiety, but did not break his gaze from his superior. "Logically, the best thing to do would be agree. We cannot afford to hesitate, no matter what the cost, and speeding up the mission would surely help us. After all, capturing the enemy before they make a move would ensure that a full- out war be prevented. Yet at the same time…"

Chiron paused, knowing that Zeus was not an emotional man and wouldn't appreciate him bringing up such a topic. His master had a sensitive pride, meaning that crossing a line now could very well earn him punishment. Still, he was the Official Centaurus-the teacher of all Olympians-and advisor to the "throne". It was his duty to bring up things that no one dared mention.

He made up his mind to speak. "Yet at the same time, putting a young boy into what could very well be a dangerous situation is morally wrong."

Having something worth catching his attention, Hades finally raised his head.

Chiron continued. "I knew from the start of Percy's mission, that he would be under a constant Army hazard, but that did not stop me from doing what is best for our future. Back then it seemed perfectly reasonable to give the boy a taste of our reality, but now the mission has gone to be so desperate that it's outright ridiculous. Sending Percy on a mission he chose is one thing, but sending him on a mission without knowing the full story behind it is another. It's practically a death trap."

"The path that Percy chooses is soley his decision," spat Zeus, already getting worked up over an opinion he didn't approve. "He joined the Olympians and pledged to serve! His desires or wishes no longer matter to us!"

"I have to agree with my brother on this one." Hades flinched, disgusted at coming to terms with something that his brother proposed, but doing so anyway. "We have all put our lives at risk at least once, while that boy has sat comfortably in the sidelines. It isn't much to ask that he too contribute to the greater cause. What is one life compared to the hundreds who hold residence at Half-Blood Alley?"

Chiron remained still, not saying a thing, and giving Zeus a strange look. He neither denied his plan nor accepted it. He just sat.

"Then it is set. We will have Grover call Perseus and inform him that his mission will be hastened." Zeus returned Chiron's expression with a challenging one of his own. "And I can assure you that once he returns there shall be great reward."

Hades scoffed, always the mood-dampener of the lot. "Yes, I'm sure his funeral will be wonderful.


"Thalia? What are you doing here? Who's that guy next to you?"

"Where's Sally?" Thalia ignored Tyson, pushing him aside when he wouldn't answer fast enough to suit her needs. "Sally!"

"My mom's in the kitchen. Is something going on?"

"Oh, no." Thalia mumbled, not hearing Tyson. "It's got to be a joke. She has to be alive. SALLY! ARE YOU HERE?"

"Thalia, calm down." The guy standing in the doorway went over to the frenzied girl and grabbed her shoulders, attempting to calm her with his soothing voice. "I'm sure she's okay."

As if his words had worked some kind of magic, Sally Jackson herself appeared from behind the kitchen island, a worried expression adorning her face. "Thalia? Honey, what's wrong?"

"Sally!" Thalia looked relieved, something that worried Tyson to say the least. What could've caused her to get so worked up in the first place? "Oh my gosh, I thought…I thought you were-"

Sally rushed forwards and wrapped her arms around Thalia, making the situation even more awkward for the two bystanders. "You don't have think about it. Everything's fine. I promise."

Thalia shook her head, still unable to accept that her fear was not met with a horrible event. "That call said otherwise."

"What call are you referring to?" Sally kept her voice relaxing, rubbing circles onto Thalia's back.

The blonde-haired boy who had arrived with the gothic girl spoke up, seeing that she was too shocked to answer properly. "I was on my way to drop off Thalia, when she got a call. She put it on speaker and at first I thought it must've been Per-our friend checking up on us, but then there were these…screams coming from the other end. Just before we lost the signal, a man told us that…Sally was no longer with us. We didn't waste any time, and drove over here to check if it was real."

"But it's not." Sally frowned, stern. "The situation was nothing but a prank to scare you two, and I'm sure the people who pulled it won't be laughing when they have the police after them."

Tyson's eyes widened, a revelation hitting him. "Mom didn't you lose your phone this morning?"

Sally reflected her son's expression, surprise making her jump. "That's right! Thank you for reminding me, Tyson. That just shows this was all simply an awful misunderstanding."

At that moment there was a knock on the door.

"Sweetie, would you get that for me please?" Sally led Thalia, with the help of the blonde boy, to their couch. "I'm going to get our guests here something to drink."

"Sure thing, mom."

Tyson pulled open the door, frightened when he saw that Ethan was standing on the other side. "Ethan! I'm so sorry! I was going to meet you at the park, but there was this issue-"

"Never mind that, you've got to come with me!" Ethan grabbed Tyson by the arm, yanking him past the frame.

If it had been any other day, Tyson might have followed him, but after all the drama that had occurred in the space of twenty minutes, he didn't want to allow for there to be any more. Before Ethan could get him more than five steps, Tyson held his ground and pulled away from the older boy's grasp. "I was being honest when I apologized, but that still doesn't mean I can go with you. Again, I'm sorry that we can't hang out today, but there's something I need to help my mom with. I hope you understand."

Ethan seemed caught off guard by Tyson's sudden showing of stubbornness. His friend had never disobeyed his demands before, and this was not the time to do it. Ethan once again dragged Tyson across the floor behind him, scowling at the struggling teen. "You idiot! This is more important than doing a favor for you mommy! We need to get you out of here!"

"Ethan, what are you doing?"

Tyson could've sworn he saw a look of complete terror dawning upon his friend's face. It was the type of thing someone would only allow themselves to wear to a funeral.

"Luke." Ethan whispered. "I'm sorry, Tyson. It's too late to do anything now."

"Didn't you hear me? What are you doing here?" Luke demanded.

Tyson felt Ethan's grip tighten on his wrist. "Nothing…isn't this what you told me to do?"

"You imbecile!" Luke hissed. "When in the entire explanation did I ever tell you that Tyson was to be taken away? That would've ruined everything! We need them together!"

"I-I must've heard you wrong."

Luke scowled, a complete 360 personality change from the person Tyson saw walk into the living room a few minutes before. "Never mind that! Get him inside and close the door behind you! Hurry!"

"Yes…Luke." Ethan lowered his head, utterly defeated. "I wouldn't struggle if I were you," he warned Tyson. "I don't want to hurt you, but if it comes to it, I'll have no other choice. Please just do what you're told."

In a daze, Tyson followed his friend's lead, seeing Thalia and his mom sitting confused on the couch upon his arrival.

"We heard your guys yelling." Thalia raised an eyebrow, tea tucked between her hands, brought back fully to her usual put-together state. "You weren't having a cat fight, were you?"

Ethan placed a lock on the doorjamb, waving at Tyson to move forward. "Sit with them, and whatever happens, don't do anything sudden."

"That goes for yourself too." Luke warned Ethan, almost growling. "After the mess-up you did a while ago, I don't think you can afford any more."

Nakumara nodded, stiff. "I won't interfere."

Tyson held his mother's hand, trying to assure her that nothing was wrong with only his body heat to deliver the message. "What are you two up to? I thought you came here to help."

"Oh, yeah. We're here to help alright." Luke pulled a gun from the inside of his jacket, pointing it at no one in particular. "Only not the way you'd expect…You can come out now!"

Ethan stood in his corner, knowing, unlike the others, who exactly it was that Luke was summoning. The whole time, without Sally suspecting a thing, there had been a certain uninvited guest waiting for the perfect time to make himself viewable, hidden in the abandoned room of her son. It really was easy for him to sneak inside.

From the shadows of the bedroom hall, Nico padded softly into the light, dressed in all black. Across his back, he had strapped a black scabbard holding his ultimate weapon; the sword of stygian iron.

Thalia had the most shocked face of all the people in the room. "Death-Breath?"

"Don't call me that!" Nico snapped, narrowing his eyes at the only true family member he had. "You are all being held hostage."

"You've got to be freaking kidding me." Thalia snapped. "Are you on something? If that's the case, then I'll be the first to tell you that you were not ripped off!"

"Shut up!" In the blink of two eyes, Nico stood looming over Thlia."Do you have any idea how hard this? Don't make it worse by being you!"

Thalia closed her mouth, her temporary befudlement replaced by a feeling of betrayal. Surely, the boy in front of her wasn't the cousin she grew up with? It's true that the messy style of his ink-black hair was the same, and yeah, he still had that odd way of dressing in clothing that resembled midnight, something she'd mocked him of countless times…but that didn't mean he was the same person, right? Those rueful black pits he called eyes were too dark and clouded by anger to be Nico's…and that obviously meant they couldn't be.

"Luke, show us the live feed. Put that bug you planted next to Percy's laptop to good use."

"Sure thing, Nicky boy." Luke whirled around on his heel to face the group on the couch, and waved his arms as if about to demonstrate something particularly interesting. From his pocket, he pulled a strange contraption shaped like a cable box with a cord that held one of the sticker-looking things on the end that were kept for measuring heartbeats. With the tip of the cord, Luke plugged the box onto the TV and flicked a few switches until there was a whirring noise. Not needing to do anything else, he stepped back and watched as the TV screen turned on by itself and showed a live feed of Percy's living room. From his view, all Luke could see was the ceiling. The only way he would be able to catch a glimpse of Percy would be if he leaned directly over his computer, which under the suspicions of Nico, would be happening very soon.

"Group, I would like to present to you the Creep on Percy show," Ethan grumbled. "You can hear him, but he can't hear us."


Thalia stiffened, hearing Sally's breathless voice. She hadn't told Sally about the return of her son, and apparently neither had anyone else.

"Are they talking about my Percy?" Sally asked, to no one in particular.

"They can't be." Tyson shook his head, pale. "He's dead."

"How would you know something like that?" Thalia frowned at the younger boy, wondering why he had ever come to the conclusion that Percy's disappearance meant death.

"Because the Percy I know would rather die than leave us." Tyson said. He sounded certain, not bitter or angry like Thalia would expect him to be, but matter-of-fact. "He told me so."

"Well, he lied." Nico didn't turn around or look at either of the people talking. Instead, he stayed glaring at the feed coming from Percy's laptop. "He made promises to all of us, and in one day he managed to break them all."

Tyson frowned, offended that someone who he trusted so much could both hold him hostage and talk bad about his brother. "Where's you proof?"

"I don't need any." Unlike with Thalia, Nico didn't seem to get as angry with Tyson. He maintained a calm voice, and didn't change facial expressions. "You'll see it for yourself in a few minutes."

"Nico, what's gotten into you?" In the midst of all the trouble going on, Sally finally spoke directly to Percy's childhood friend. "This isn't like you. I know how you really are, and this isn't right. If my son has ever done anything to make you act this way, tell me, but don't do this to the people who care about you."

"I can't stop now. It's too late to turn back." Nico smiled, not in the way you'd expect to be evil, but in a genuinely sweet way that almost made Thalia forget what he was currently doing. The next thing he said sounded almost as if it were a double meaning. "I can't rest until they see that Percy is dead."

"Who's they?" Thalia was clenching her teeth, outraged that she was forced into bending her younger cousin's will. "And what's to stop us from walking out of here?"

"Finally some decent questions." Nico pointed to Ethan Nakumara, who up until then was achieving his goal of remaining unnoticed. "Let me leave the stupid questions to him. Ethan, would you do the honors?"

Not being able to afford showing any more hesitation, Ethan did what he knew Nico was demanding him to do. He pulled out a knife from the cuff of his wrist and snatched the person nearest to him. Needless to say, he now had a shell-shocked Tyson held still by a blade to the neck.

"Does that answer your second question?" Nico narrowed his eyes at the screen in front of him, clearly impatient for Percy to appear. "You make a move, and we get rid of Tyson."

Thalia growled. "Look here, you dipshit, just because you can control us now, doesn't mean I won't break your neck afterwards. We will get out of here and once we do you are so dead!"

"Keep your temper to yourself, Thalia." Nico waved back at Sally. "As your first question, I think Mrs. Jackson here can answer that."

"Mom?" Tyson spoke, forgetting for a few seconds that he wasn't in the right position for moving around. He was surprised to find that Ethan loosened his grip on the knife, but didn't say anything when he saw the warning look on his maybe-friend's face. No one else seemed to notice.

"Kronos's Army," Sally whispered, shoulders slumped. "You work for them?"

"Ah, so you do know more than you let on?" Luke set himself down on the sofa next to Thalia, attempting to wrap his arm around her shoulder, but stopping short when he saw her eyes brimming with resent and anger. There was no way he was going to touch her without getting a kick to the groin.

"Of course," Sally sounded almost affronted. "Percy's father never kept anything from me. He told me everything I needed to know, and more. That's how I knew that loving him wasn't a mistake."

"He never told the Olympians about your relationship, much less your pregnancy because he was afraid they'd separate you two." Nico thought for a moment, and nodded when he approved of the thought. "It makes sense. If I were in his place, I'd probably do the same. It's a shame my father never got along with him."

Thalia's head snapped up, breaking the current death glare she was sending Luke. "Wait, my uncle knew Percy's dad? Why didn't he ever tell him?"

"You should be asking the same thing about your father." Nico shrugged. "After all, he did too."

"What do you mean?"

"Thalia, there's so much you don't know. It's kind of refreshing." Nico raised the volume on the television, seeing that the time had arrived when Percy would receive the expected IM. In the background he could hear the person he presumed was Grover try to talk Percy out of a stupor.

"I know you're worried, but you still have a mission to finish. Would you at least hear me out?"

"There he is." Luke smirked. "Like we expected."

Ethan felt Tyson stiffen beneath his knife. He knew that the kid must've felt awful simply by hearing the voice of the brother he'd hoped hadn't left him.

"I'm sorry you had to find out this way," he mumbled, so low that only Tyson heard.

"They're not going to do what I think they are, right?" Sally asked, sounding hoarse and broken. "The Olympians told me they would never put my son in danger!"

"You put too much faith into them." Luke said, gently, making it look like he felt sadness for Sally's crushed hope. "I did the same mistake a few years ago."

"I never said I wouldn't. Where'd it get into your head that I would get so overly-emotional?" Percy.

"I don't know. I just expected that after Annabeth…when you called to tell me, you didn't sound so good and I thought…"

"You thought wrong. I'm over it."

"Putting on the strong face, eh? Tch, tch." Nico shook his head, disapproving. "We've got quite a cousin. Don't you agree, Thalia?"

"Cousin?" Thalia repeated, letting the thought sink in. Across from her, Percy appeared on screen, and her jaw dropped. "I'm related to that?"


"You thought wrong," I lied. "I'm over it."

Grover didn't believe me. He knew me well enough to tell when something was truly bothering me. But I wasn't going to say any more. Annabeth was gone, and I felt the truth of The Olympians setting in. They cared nothing about their agents, so why would they bother with my personal feelings? As long as I finished the mission, they wouldn't raise a finger to check that I was in the correct emotional state to do exactly that. So I might as well get it done with.

"What do I have to do?" I asked, not bothering with petty things like introductions.

Grover bit his lip, for a second looking like he wanted to crawl into a hole and cry. "Zeus himself decided to take action. Under the approval of the U-Council, he has decided to send you into The Army headquarters as an agent in disguise."

"Consider it done." I dropped my feet onto the desk and leaned back, thinking that maybe, just maybe, I would have a chance at finding and saving Annabeth from the people that had kidnaped her. There was always the possibility that I would be able to escape with the one person I truly cared for. "Anything else?"

"This is where it gets complicated." Grover's lip trembled, bringing him closer to the edge of tears. "He wants you to assassinate Kronos himself. And he wants you to do it tonight."

A few apartments away, Nico unsheathed his stygian iron sword and forced Sally Jackson to kneel at his feet, while Luke held Thalia back.

The shadows made his smile resemble a grotesque grimace.

"It's time."

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