Omake By TheSilverboar

"Trust me Malfoy you betting your properties as well as all of the human maids that the Malfoy family has against the Potter fortune you will easily strip Potter of his wealth." Daphne said with a smirk at how gullible the Blonde Ferret was.

"Potter wouldn't go for that it's too small." Malfoy said and for a moment Daphne was worried that he was finally about to do something intelligent before he looked up with a look of triumph on his face, "I know! I'll also offer the three clans of magical creatures that owe a debt to the Malfoy family!".

Daphne breathed out a sigh of relief before asking, "What magical creatures?".

Malfoy just waved a hand to show how he thought them unimportant before saying "Oh just a French clan of vela,", Daphne's eyes widened, "a Russian clan of female vampires," Daphne's knees began to shake, "and an American clan of female Drow." here Daphne's mouth began to water.

Stopping before her "negotiations closet" Daphne said "I am sure that I can get him to agree to that deal Malfoy. Now if you'll excuse me I have some negotiating to do with Potter and Narcissa." before jumping into the closet to enter one of her "debates".

-Great Hall-

-Next day-

"Attention everyone" Daphne yelled to the assembled Great Hall who all stood up straighter in the hopes that Malfoy would be embarrassed again. "Lord Draco Malfoy has issued another challenge to Lord Harry potter. The Challenge is a race from Hogwarts to Honey Dukes, the first to get there and buy a chocolate frog is the winner. Lord Malfoy gets to start from the Great Hall. Lord Potter has to start from the third floor and cannot use any door or window on the first two floors or any of the four secret passages monitored by Mr. Filch. Take your marks, get set,… GO!"

-In Honey Dukes-

Harry sat against the counter of Honey Dukes eating his, fifth, chocolate frog next to Daphne and Narcissa when Malfoy ran in out of breath, "Take that Pott…" before he stopped and noticed them. "You Cheated!" he yelled maniacally, "You weren't allowed to use the doors the windows, or the secret passages so you could not get out of the castle.".

Tutting Harry stood up and said "Malfoy you only said the four passages that Filch knows about, I know three that he doesn't. Now let's get back to the castle, I believe you owe me some property and some new "friends".".

"Damn you Potter!" he heard as he walked out laughing.

-Great Hall-

Looking at the assembled Veela, vampires, drow, and human women in French maid's costumes and bikini's Malfoy cleared his voice and said "It is my sad duty to inform you that your debt to the Malfoy family has now been transferred to the Potter family where you will belong to…" here Malfoy seemed to be pained, "Harry Potter. Now I know that this will all be sad for you but…" the rest was lost as the large assortment of women yelled in joy before sweeping Harry and Daphne away with Daphne screaming "To the negotiations closet!"