A cunning Slytherin Omake

By: TheSilverboar


Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived, defeater of mountain trolls, tri-wizard champion, evader of dragons, and four time winner of Malfoy family fortune was looking for his, main, girlfriend Daphne Greengrass. When he found her she was in a study room outside of the library where she was pouring over notes on something and seemed frustrated. "Hey Daph…" he began before he was cut off.

"I'm sorry Harry but I can't right now, Malfoy was able to call in a lot of old monetary debts owed to his family so he rebuilt his fortune and I'm trying to figure out a way to get it." she replied clearly frazzled.

"That's why I'm here I had an idea for it." he said eagerly.

When she looked at him curiously he whispered his plan in her ear and by the time he was done her eyes were wide before she grabbed his hand and started dragging him off down the hallway, "You…closet…NOW!" she growled lustfully making him grin like a madman before he threw her over his shoulder and began running towards 'their' closet, adding Hermione and Narcissa to the shoulder pile as he went.


"So you're saying that Potter is willing to trade me the entire Potter family fortune in exchange for being able to hit me with any one curse of his choosing as long as it is not dark or illegal?" Malfoy asked happily. When she nodded and showed him the contract he immidietly signed it, "He's only a half-blood so he'll probably only be able to use a tickling jinx." he drawled while Daphne slipped out to celebrate with Harry.


Harry was sitting on a throne like chair with Daphne in his lap as well as Hermione and Narcissa fanning him with giant leaf fans while they waited for Malfoy to arrive, Daphne said it would irritate Malfoy to no end. When the blonde ferret finally arrived he immidietly scowled at them, "Alright Potter do your jinx so we can go and do the transfer of the monies into my vault.".

Shrugging Harry set Daphne on the throne as he stood up and pointed his wand at Malfoy,… or more specifically his groin "Explosivo Castrado." and suddenly Malfoy's high pitched squeels filled the room.

"You said nothing Dark or Illegal." he whimpered pained.

"And it wasn't Malfoy," Harry said grinning, "that was Potter family magic developed by my mother.".

"Whatever P-p-potter," he stuttered as he shakily got to his feet, "let's just go to Gringotts so I can get my gold.".

"Wrong again Malfoy," Harry said happily as Malfoy now looked worried, "you got permanently castrated which means you can never have children." he said slowly as if explaining to a small child, which intelligene wise was thinking rather highly of Malfoy.

"So what's your point." Malfoy snarled still in obvious pain.

"My point is that the Malfoy family law states that it's head of house cannot be unable to produce children or ever be convicted of a prison sentence of more than ten years. You cannot have any kids and your father has been given a life sentence in Azkaban which rules him out as well. Seeing as nobody can be the Head of the Malfoy family anymore then all of its monies, propertys, and possesions go to its closest relatives which happen to be the Black family. The only member of the Black family that was not thrown out or is a convict is Narcissa here and as you sold her to me then what she owns I own so in essence I now own everything you once had.", by the time he finished Malfoy had a look of horror on his face. "And the best part is that the goblins will already know and will have transferred it to me.".

As he and his girls headed out he heard the pained sobs of the blonde ferret left in the room. He was quickly grabbed by the three women and thrown into an empty classroom where they started to rip of his clothing, 'note to self' he thought, 'being authoritative and superior turns them on' before turning his mind to the much more important task at hand.