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These prompts (presented here in a standardized format) were suggested by Mel, theresastoryhere, bluestdanube, and cagedbirdsing, and were originally posted on my tumblr. Thank you ladies for the inspiration!

Rae/Finn; quiet, soft, music

If he had been a poetic man he would have thought that the pair of them were in many ways a study in contrasts: his silence and hard angles against her gregariousness and yielding curves. Maybe to others they looked like a mismatched couple, but no one else knew what it was like lying next to her, whispering things he would never tell another soul. They didn't know the feeling of her fingertips writing lyrics down his back (we can be heroes forever and ever) as the stereo played as if from a great distance and he shivered under her touch. No one else understood the pleasure of rendering her speechless with a look or a word or a subtle gesture; no one else got to stroke her hair, her cheek, her lips, all pliant and warm and trembling. No one knew her the way he did, and if he had his way, no one else ever would.

Rae/Finn; therapy, understanding, snacks

She'd stormed out of the office and carried on stomping until she was out of the hospital; only then did she stop, dropping down to the bench. Her expression flickered between emotions too quickly for him to catalogue all of her feelings, but eventually he realised that she was fighting back tears, and that she didn't want him to see her cry. He stood, fishing in his pocket for change, and she looked not quite up but slightly sidelong at him.

"Want anything from the machine?" he asked, his own gaze falling to the hands clasped in her lap.

"Salt and vinegar crisps, please," she said, voice wavering just a bit, and he nodded, returning to the building to fetch her back some crisps and tissues.

Rae/Kester; friendship, boys, sessions

He wasn't always so lucky, but sometimes all he had to do was ask "So how's it going?" at the beginning of the hour and she would respond with an unrestrained torrent of thought and opinion and emotion. Those were his favourite days, when she felt so comfortable and open that she would tell him all about Chloe's new ("kinda-maybe") boyfriend who, while not quite up to being wholeheartedly accepted by the rest of the group, was much better than her previous ("absolute knobhead") boyfriend; with somewhat worrying glee she recounted every punch and insult from Chop's fight and near arrest on account of some ("totally pissed idiot") bloke's aggressive attempts to chat up Izzy. She ranted about Archie and his ("understandable, but still really annoying sometimes") waffling about whether or not to come out, at least to the rest of the group, and about her mum and Karim's relationship ("There's just not enough room for a baby in that house, but of course I can't tell them that because you just think the word 'baby' and they both go all disgustingly gooey-eyed at each other"). She obviously talked a lot about Finn—there was a lot of happy sighing and far-off, dreamy expressions when he was mentioned, but also a lot self-doubt that wasn't going to disappear just because she had a ("sweet, lovely, but clearly round the twist to be dating me") boyfriend.

From the exasperated look on her face as she walked in, Kester knew it was one of his lucky days, and smiled.

Rae/Finn; secret, shoulder, rain

The power's gone off in the storm, and they've lit candles around the pub, since no one can be induced to leave the warmth and brave the rain on their way home. Archie is playing someone's guitar and singing, and the others sit nearby, swaying tipsily. Finn's arm is wrapped around her and she closes her eyes, leaning into him, feeling the words he's tracing on her shoulder. The confession there makes her blush and bite her lip and nod, and he pulls her to her feet, away from the crowd and the light and toward the door. Outside she tips her face up to the darkest sky she's ever seen, until his warm hand is on her face and his lips find hers.

Rae/Finn; lonely, comfort, music

A sudden sick feeling blossoms in her stomach when Karim passes her the postcard, but the picture on it is of Blackpool, not anywhere in Scotland. Finn will be gone for another week and she can't stand it, even though she feels pathetic missing him so much. At least he seems to feel the same way: his scrawl on the back of the card reads Everything's crap without you and at the bottom there are three kisses after his name, there for the postman and her mum and the whole world to see. She retreats to her room, slotting one of the many mixtapes he's made for her into the stereo, one that's got his voice, low and steady, between the tunes. She traces the confident way he's written her name and the Xs at the end, listening to Robert Smith deliver a message from Finn that
However far away, I will always love you
However long I stay, I will always love you

Whatever words I say, I will always love you
I will always love you.

Rae/Finn; gig, gang, scooter

The concert had been bloody amazing, loud and crowded and hot and electric, and when they spilled out of the club they were all drunk on camaraderie and good music. As Finn lit a cigarette, Chop jumped on Archie's back, singing in a voice already hoarse, and the girls looped their arms together, giggles making them bump into each other as they swayed along. When they finally reached where the car and scooter were parked next to each other, there was much affectionate hugging and kissing and "Drive safe, Chop!" and "Ring me tomorrow, alright, Rae?" Rae stood waving until the car had roared off, horn honking; when she turned to the scooter Finn was leaning on the seat, watching her with undisguised want. "I thought they'd never leave," he said, standing and pulling her to him, and it wasn't until much later that they started for home.

Rae/Finn; first time, nervous, reassuring

He knows she's nervous—she's said as much before—but his own hands are shaking against her skin, and before they go any further he hears himself saying, "Rae, I've never actually…"

"Bollocks you haven't!" she snorts, propping herself up on her elbows, looking pointedly at his bare torso, as if anyone so fit could possibly be a virgin.

He can't help but roll his eyes a little, but he leans over her, kissing the spot on her neck that makes her gasp and squirm, though he's sure the move only reinforces her belief that he's full of it. Then he pulls back to watch her expression when he meets her eyes and clarifies, "I've never done it with anyone I love before."

"You'd better get on with it, then," she says cheekily, but she can't hide the way her face lights up or the softness in her eyes; and that look is what makes him get on with it.