Title: Don't Give Up
Circa: 2006
Significant Change: Story plot takes the place of the pregnancy storyline.
Disclaim everything recognizable as thought up by those behind the soap opera known as General Hospital.

When faced with your own mortality, how does one react? Does the way one person react really reflect on how another would react, given the same situation? Or, does the way someone react vary in regard to the person themselves and what matters to them at the heart of it all?

Apparently, given a sure death sentence, Elizabeth Webber copes by sitting on the Elm Street Pier, staring out at the water as ships come and go. For five hours, she has done nothing but sit there and imagine a world without her in it.

Where her son will end up, if she even knew anyone she trusted enough to watch over him, and - most importantly - would he even know her when he gets older. Will he remember her or will his knowledge of her only stem from what others tell him?

These are the kinds of questions that plague her mind as she sits on that bench staring out at the water. As thoughts of her son flood her mind, she thinks of all the things she'll miss when she's gone. Birthdays, significant milestones like his first date, his senior prom, graduation...the list goes on. His wedding, the birth of his first child, and many more accomplishments that she couldn't even imagine.

Will he be a doctor or a lawyer? A carpenter or an architect? Will he delve into the art world the way she had only dreamt of or would he be a scientist? Will he grow to be a lot like her or a lot like Zander? Or maybe both? Will he be a vegetarian? Will he own his own business? So many questions that could only be answered if she's there to see it all.

That's not even taking into account the other children she had wished to have in the future. So many things she still had left to live for and its all cut short by the many terrible decisions from her past. How could it be possible that all those seemingly logical decisions turn on her now and cause the imminent end of her life? It just isn't fair. Then again, life isn't fair.

"Elizabeth, hey, I've been looking everywhere for you." her best friend, Emily, comes walking down the stairs, forcing her to swipe at her tears before rising to her feet. "You okay? You look like you've been crying?"

"No, I'm fine." she assures, smiling slightly to help sell it. "Just needed a breath of fresh air."

"Figured as much." Emily smiles slightly, looking out at the water. "It seems like the best place to relax doesn't it? The sound of the water always helps me to unwind."

"Me, too." Elizabeth agrees, waiting for Emily to look at her again before continuing. "You said you were trying to find me?"

"Oh, right, I almost forgot." Emily laughs softly, tearing her gaze from the water. "I guess this place can do that to a person."

"Yeah, that's why I like it."

"So, anyway, I was talking to Robin earlier and Patrick came over asking about you." Emily explains, gesturing for them to sit down. "He seemed pretty rattled, but he wouldn't tell me what was going on. Only that he needed to talk to you."

"It probably has to do with a patient." Elizabeth offers, even if she knew the true reason for Patrick needing to find her. "I'll give him a call later."

"Anyway, Patrick's need to talk to you made me realize that we haven't really hung out all the much lately." Emily concedes, looking at Elizabeth a little apologetically. "I was hoping that I could come by the house tonight for dinner. Its been a while since I've seen Cam."

"I'm sure he'd love that." Elizabeth smiles, shaking her head before glancing down at her watch. "Which reminds me, I have to go pick him up from Gram's house."

"So, dinner?"

"Yeah, dinner, for sure." Elizabeth agrees, rising to her feet before hugging Emily goodbye. "If you see Patrick before I have a chance to call him, let him know that I will call him, okay?"

"Will do."

Watching her leave, Emily couldn't help but have a weird feeling that something was off with Elizabeth. It wasn't in anything she said or didn't say, but the way she spoke. Something about it just didn't sit well with her and she wondered if it was even her place to pick it apart and find out just what was going on.

Taking one last look at the water, she makes her way back to her, needing to get back to the hospital to finish off her shift. She had taken her lunch hour to track down Elizabeth, the look on Patrick's face had told her that it was pretty urgent, which compelled her to track down her best friend. What she had expected was to be left with more questions than answers.

"Hey, Emily, did you find Elizabeth?" Patrick corners her as she walks off the elevator. "I know I must sound crazy, but I just really need to talk to her."

"Its okay, I understand how it gets when it comes to our patients." Emily assures, smiling slightly. "No need to explain."


"That's why you want to talk to her, right?" Emily questions him with a curious look. "I told her about you looking for her and she said it was probably about a patient."

"Oh, yeah, right." Patrick shakes his head, running his hand through his hair. "Its about a patient of mine...did she say if she'd be coming to see me or..."

"She said she'll call you." Emily concedes, walking past Patrick to the nurses' station to get a file on one of her patients. "Must be a pretty important case for you to be so in a hurry. Anything I can help with?"

"No...no, I just...did she say when she'd call?" Patrick asks anxiously. "Its just that I really need some information that only she can give me."

"I don't know." Emily shook her head. "She just said that she'd call you...she didn't give specifics. Are you sure I can't help you with your patient?"

"No, no...I just...thanks, Emily." Patrick smiles slightly, reaching over and taking one of his patient's charts. "I really appreciate it...see you later."

"Patrick, is everything okay?" Emily pushes as Patrick walks onto the elevator. "I mean, your patient's not dying are they?"

"I hope not." Patrick admits, hitting the button for his floor. "Thanks, again, Emily."

As the doors close, Emily's weird feeling starts to grow, making her grow even more curious as to what's really going on with Elizabeth and - to a lesser extent - Patrick. Something was definitely going on, something urgent from Patrick's demeanor, but what?

"What was that all about?" Robin questions Emily as she walks over to her.

"Honestly?" Emily replies, shaking her head. "I have no idea. Something about one of his patient's, I think."

"I have never seen Patrick like that before." Robin comments, flipping through a patient chart. "If this is about a patient, it must be a really tricky case to have him so rattled."

"Yeah...maybe." Emily says simply. "I should get back to my rounds."

"Yeah, me, too."

Across town, as Emily and Robin get back to work, Elizabeth is putting her son down for his nap, only this nap time is different than before. Instead of laying him down to sleep like she always does, Elizabeth lays down beside him in bed, holding him close as he lays fast asleep in her arms. As much as she wanted to walk out of the room like she always does, she couldn't help it. She just couldn't walk out.

"I love you, sweetheart." she whispers, gently running her fingers through his hair. "I hope you'll always remember that...I hope you'll always remember me."