Title: Don't Give Up
Circa: 2006
Significant Change: Story plot takes the place of the pregnancy storyline.
Disclaim everything recognizable as thought up by those behind the soap opera known as General Hospital.

Like the first rays of sunshine breaking through the dark night, the hospital lights break through the fog that has clouded her mind, bringing her eyes back into focus as she blinks away the remnants of the darkness she had been consumed by. Slowly, her senses start to return to her, the feeling of cold air drifting over her entire body, the distinct sanitizing smell reaching her nose before long. Never in her entire life would she have thought that she'd love that smell, but she does. Just being able to smell it, there's no better smell in the world at the moment.

As the world settles in around her, her own physical condition starts to weigh in. The fatigue. The pain. The weakness. All of it starts to be felt abundantly, from the top of her head to the tips of her toes, she feels it all. It was all so blissfully bittersweet and she didn't mind. She didn't mind the godawful smell of the hospital, she didn't mind the condition her body is in, she didn't mind anything at all. All of it being a true symbol of her continued existence. She's alive, she's breathing, and there was no way she'd complain about that.

Taking in her surroundings, it takes her but a few moments to realize where she was in the hospital, the MRI lab. The machine was off, she's laying just shy of the machine, which meant the either she was getting tested or the test had been concluded and they would be coming soon to wheel her out of the room. Ignoring the pain from the simple task, she tilts her head up to find the observation room, finding Patrick sitting vigilant, his attention solely on the screens. From the look of his body language, she assumes that the test had been done and he was going over it once more.

Turning her head back, she allows her eyes to slowly close, the fatigue too much for her to keep fighting it. As much as she wanted to remain conscious, a calm feeling spreads through her, making her feel like it was okay to allow the fatigue to take over. That somehow, someway, she would be okay. So, accepting the feeling, she closes her eyes and allows her mind to drift off into a peaceful slumber.

While she's drifting back to sleep, Patrick prints out the scans that he had been analyzing, calling for the orderlies to wheel Elizabeth back upstairs to her room while he goes over the tests in his office. Placing a soft kiss upon her forehead, he waits long enough for them to wheel her onto the elevator before heading off to his office to make sure that his findings was legit and he wasn't seeing what he wanted to see.

"Tell me I'm really seeing this." Patrick says to Epiphany when he calls her into his office. "Tell me that its really gone...that they're all gone."

"If you're referring to the tumors, Dr. Drake, then yes." Epiphany looks at him intently. "Your eyesight is quite accurate."

"They're gone." Patrick says in a hushed tone before a smile spreads across his checks. "They're really gone!"

"I think we've established that."

"I could just about kiss you right now, Epiphany!" Patrick exclaims, backing away when she glares at him. "Which I won't do...I have to get to her room."

"Yeah, you do that."

Quickly leaving his office, Patrick makes the venture to Elizabeth's room, finding Jason exactly where he knew he'd be, sitting by Elizabeth's bed. The moment he opens the door, he gains Jason's full attention as he slowly shuts it behind him. Slowly Jason rises to his feet, meeting his eyes as he waits for what Patrick had obviously gone there to tell him. Glancing at Elizabeth, he takes a deep breath before he allows the slight smile to grace his lips, thankful that he's able to give this news to Jason, that he was able to even say the words at all.

"She's going to make it past this." Patrick concedes, watching as the hope begins to fill Jason's eyes. "All the tumors that I didn't remove during the operation have dissolved into nothing. They're all gone."

Turning his gaze to Elizabeth, Jason couldn't help but let the hope seep into his heart, the tightness in his chest starting lessen more and more. For the first time since she had gone through the surgery, he's finally able to breathe again, finally able to feel the hope, to let faith back into his heart. Slowly sinking down into the chair, he takes her hand in his, lifting it to his lips to place a soft kiss upon it. No matter what it took to get them to this moment, he doesn't care, just knowing that she was safe again, all of it was worth it. Every last painful moment.

"She should be waking up any moment now." Patrick divulges. "Barring any unforeseen circumstances, she'll be just fine."

"Thank you." he says on a hushed tone, glancing over at Patrick for a moment. "Thank you for not giving up."

"If not for you, I would have." Patrick points out. "So, thank you."

Shaking his head, Jason turns back to Elizabeth, barely noticing as Patrick walks out of the room, giving them some privacy. As the door shuts firmly, Jason allows himself to relish in this moment, in the fact that Elizabeth's condition has reversed and she was back to normal, healthy. Taking a deep breath, feeling the tightness continuing to dissolve by the minute, he thanks Elizabeth once again. He thanks her for fighting, for making her way back, for simply breathing. Something he has learnt throughout this whole ordeal, as long as she continues to breathe, anything is possible.

Laying his head down on their joint hands, he closes his eyes for a moment, simply taking in the strong thumping of her pulse against the tips of his fingers. He swears he could live till the end of the world and nothing would ever compare to that simple thumping coming from her wrist, the most simplest of signs that she was okay, that she was there, that she was alive. What he was feeling in that moment, as her pulse grew stronger, couldn't possibly be put into words. Like many times in their relationship, he just couldn't describe how she made him feel, something he truly didn't mind.

"Hey." Emily kneels down beside Jason, smiling when he lifts his gaze to meet hers. "Patrick just told me the good news. Just when you start to believe the impossible was still impossible, this happens."

"It all seems unreal." Jason admits, glancing over at Elizabeth. "Sometimes I feel like I'm going to wake up and this has all been a dream."

"I feel like that almost every day." Emily concedes, gaining her brother's attention. "In a way, the dream is coming to an end because she's better now. The tumors are gone and she can finally put it behind her."

"Yeah, you're right." Jason shakes his head, knowing he's finally getting what he wanted. "All that's left now is for her to wake up."

"And she will." Emily says with confidence. "She's fought to get herself this far...she'll continue to fight until she's all better. Trust that."

She stays for a moment longer, simply keeping her brother company as they watch over her best friend, before she rises to her feet once again and prepares to leave. Hugging her brother, she kisses his cheek and reiterates the fact that she's there if he needs her. To talk or whatever, just to remember that he's not alone in this. With I love yous exchanged, he watches her leave, settling back into his chair once the door shuts behind her.

Holding Elizabeth hand in his, once again, he mentally points out the fact that his sister didn't need to tell him about Elizabeth's will to fight or the fact that he should trust it. If nothing else, Jason has learnt to trust Elizabeth a long time ago. Even when she doesn't believe it herself, he always believes in her will to fight and her strength to survive.

After everything she's been through, he knew that - if given the chance - she would always come out on top. No matter what the situation was, no matter how impossible it may all seem, he trusts that she would always prevail. Thankfully, now more than ever, his trust in her has been strengthened even further.

"Whenever you're ready." he says softly, taking a deep breath, reaching over to caress her cheek. "Whenever you're ready to wake up, I'll be right here waiting."

Settling back into the chair, her hand firmly held in his, Jason closes his eyes in hopes of a peaceful slumber. Now that she's okay, now that he knows for sure that she's safe, Jason wanted nothing more than to fall asleep, needing to be alert and strong enough for her when she wakes up.

If it was evident enough that he needed sleep, pulling his gun on Robin had pretty much sold him on the fact that he needed to get some sleep before he completely loses his mind. All these sleepless nights combined have done nothing good for his mental state. Had Robin really pushed him to it, he's not even sure if he would have really stopped himself from shooting her. That, in itself, was a horrifying thought.

It would take hours before the fog lifts once again, only this time it wasn't the light that breaks through her weary state, this time its Jason's hand in hers that pulls her back to consciousness. As her eyes adjust, everything falls back onto her, just like before. The pain, the fatigue, the full body aching, everything. Her attention, though, is pulled to the hand that holds hers.

A slight smile touches her lips as she watches him, sleeping soundly in what had to be the most uncomfortable chair known to man, yet he was sleeping in it just the same. As much as the fatigue was fighting to pull her back under, she's fighting back just as hard to stay awake. She just couldn't bear to take her eyes off of him. He has never looked more breathtaking than he does in that moment and that was saying something.

She wasn't sure what it was or how he knew, wishing he'd stay asleep, Elizabeth watches as Jason's eyes shoot open before he runs one hand down his face. Smiling slightly, she waits for him to look at her, knowing he will. It takes a moment before his eyes meet hers, an emotion flooding them before he sits up, suddenly realizing that she was really awake.

"Hi." she whispers, a soft smile playing at her lips.

"Hi." he whispers, unable to believe that she was really awake, that she was talking to him. "You okay?"

"Yeah." she laughs softly, ignoring the headache that results from it. "I'm okay."

"I'm...I'm gonna go get Patrick." Jason tries to stand up to walk out of the room when she holds tightly to his hand. "What's wrong?"

"Not yet." she says simply, gesturing for him to sit down. "I'm sure he's asleep by now."

"Okay." Jason could see something else in her eyes, but he doesn't contradict her. He simply remains in his seat, holding her hand. "You're really okay, though?"

"I'm really okay." she promises, glancing down at their hands before looking up at him. "Are you okay? You look like you haven't slept in days."

"I haven't." Jason admits, shaking his head when she looks at him in shock. "I got a few hours here and there...I'm okay, Elizabeth. You don't have to worry about me."

"Would you accept that if it were me saying it?" Elizabeth counters, looking at him seriously. "I'll answer that for you, the answer's no."

"Elizabeth..." he tries to protest when she starts to move over. "What are you doing?"

"Making some room for you." Elizabeth says, inching her way over to make room for him to sleep. "You need to sleep and there's no way you'll be able to sleep on that thing."

"Its against hospital regulations for me to sleep in your bed."

"Since when do you care about hospital regulations?" Elizabeth counters. "There's enough room in this bed for both of us."

"Okay." he finally gives in, slowly making his way into bed with her, wrapping his arm around her when she turns her back to him. "Let me know if I'm hurting you, okay?"

"You could never hurt me." she says simply, closing her eyes as she secures his arm around her. "Goodnight, Jason."

"Goodnight, Elizabeth." Jason smiles slightly as her breathing levels out and she falls into a peaceful slumber. "Sweet dreams, beautiful."