Jackson Overland of 13 Bentham Street, Burgess, died at eighteen years old on the seventh of November when he tragically drowned in a frozen lake. The only witness was his eight year old sister, Emma, who was found by police three hours later when her mother returned home to an empty house. It had taken three men to pull Emma away from the hole in the lake, and a further week before she was able to speak.

Immediately after the funeral, the remaining Overlands fled Burgess, never to be heard from again. Throughout her childhood and well into adolescence, Emma suffered from traumatic nightmares, diagnosed with acute depression with its roots in her brother's accidental death. At night, she was plagued by horrific replays of Jack's last day, only now they were pursued by dark shadows with evil eyes, and she would always wake up screaming as Jack fell and the shadows fell upon her.

Jamie Bennet, Jack's only friend and confidant in Burgess, was furious at the news of Jack's death. Mere days after the Overlands departure from Bentham Street, he snuck down into the dark cavern beneath the house and stayed down there for hours. But no matter how loud he screamed, or how hard he cried, no Boogeyman appeared to confront him, and so his questions went unanswered. For weeks he stayed up in a rocking chair, waiting, hoping for any signs of the Guardians. Whether he wanted to plead or talk or shout at them, Jamie was never sure; but one way or another, he would always fall asleep, and wake with little more than a vague dream of love and loss to see him through.

He never stopped believing.

The lake had long since frozen over again when the Man in the Moon pulled Jack forth from his icy grave, but he was no longer Jack Overland. Remembering nothing of his past, Jack Frost attended to his seasonal duties for years, but no matter where he wandered he could not shake the feeling that there was something waiting for him in Burgess, and so there he stayed waiting for he didn't know what.

It would be many years before Jack finally recovered his memories, but when he did he set out after the Boogeyman with a vengeance.

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