This bit is ENTIRELY the fault of Randolph the Plot Bunny; I have NO IDEA where it came from, NO CLUE WHATSOEVER where he thinks it might go and I take NO RESPONSIBILITY AT ALL...

Maybe-Chapterlet Which May Or May Not Have Taken Place In The Same Version Of The Jimiverse As The Rest Of My Stories And Might Stay Here Or May Just Disappear From The Story Altogether At Some Point According To The Whim Of The Fickriter Twenty

Eight weeks later...

Morgan looked up at her.

"I'm not a coward," protested Kelly, "It's just that..."

Morgan did the head-tilt thing.

"Yeah, yeah, all right," mumbled Kelly, "I'm a coward. Guilty as charged."

She squared her shoulders, and marched into the bathroom.

Then peed on the stick.

Then endured the longest two minutes of her life...

"Ah, shit."