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Chapter 1: A Sensei? Who? Me?

"Are you sure?" a silver haired, masked ninja asked his Hokage.

"Yep." Came the reply.

A buxom blonde sat, leaning back into her chair in the Hokage's office. "It's about time the brat took on some responsibility. The sooner he becomes a more responsible ninja, the sooner I can get rid of this god forsaken hat and relax all day like I want to." The blonde looked at the offending tri-cornered hat, with the kanji for 'Fire' written on one corner.

The silver haired man chuckled. "I'd love to be there when you tell him.", he sniggered, then he caught the glint in the woman's eyes.

"You are going to tell him before the actual assignments, right?" he asked.

The Godaime Hokage just shook her head. "You still have so much to learn, Kakashi.", amusement clear in her voice. "Besides," Tsunade smirked, "I still have to pay him back for that fiasco of a jounin exam he designed. I still haven't heard the last of it from the clan heads."

Silently, Kakashi made a mental note to stop causing the Hokage any grief. He didn't want to wake up one day and find out that he was to lead a genin team again. He would rather spend his time inside the village with his wife and his own kid, thank you very much.

The academy classroom was alive with excitement. The newly graduated but-not-yet-genin, not that they knew it, were waiting for their lives as ninja to begin.

Tsuchi Shuuei sat with his friend/rival Shouha Kenchi waiting for Udon-sensei to finish reading out the team assignments so he could know which team he had been assigned to.

"Next, Team seven." Udon-sensei read out as the boy tried to listen for his name. "Tsuchi Shuuei,"

Finally he thought as his teacher continued.

" Yuri Ai and Nara Kisuke, their Jounin sensei is Uzumaki Naruto."

"You got Ai, eh?" Kenchi asked him, enviously. "She's wasted on your team.", he said good naturedly.

Shuuei just shrugged. Unlike many others, Shuuei wasn't one of Yuri Ai's many admirers. Not that Ai wasn't pretty, she was. Very much so, if most boys were to be believed. She just wasn't Shuuei's type. Shuuei glanced at Nara Kisuke, who looked like he was barely awake. Shuuei had once heard someone say that the lazier the Nara, the more brilliant he was. He certainly hoped so. He didn't want a dead weight on his team. He wasn't close to the boy, so he didn't really know how good he was.

Usually clan children already had a friend circle when they entered the academy and kept to it. Vaguely, he heard his friend's name also announced. "Team nine. Yamanaka Hina, Haruno Takeshi and Shouha Kenchi. Their Jounin instructor is Inuzuka Kiba."

Shuuei patted his friend's back. "You got Hina, so it's not bad either. Too bad you got that Takeshi as well." Kenchi agreed. Yamanaka Hina was a popular girl as well, arguably the second prettiest girl. She had a twin sister as well, Yamanaka Hana. Just the thought of the girl was enough to send chills up Kenchi's spine. While Hina was all right, her sister was a bossy, loud and violent girl. It was the reason Hina was number two in his eyes even though Hana took more pains to look good.

He sympathized with whichever poor sod that got Hana on his team.

Both friends were brought out of their reverie by Udon-sensei closing his files with a snap. "You're Jounin instructors will begin arriving shortly. Until then, I suggest you get to know your teammates better if you aren't close with them. They are going to be with you for years to come."

With lots of murmuring and talking, the young ones started moving towards their teammates to sit one team per bench. They were still talking when the yell was heard.


The entire class was suddenly silent, surprised at the sudden shouting out in the hallways. The same voice continued, probably after talking to someone who wasn't shouting as their voice didn't reach the class.


The children were even more surprised. Who referred to the Hokage as 'Granny'?


By now, the students were curious and a little afraid. Whoever it was, didn't seem very happy with them. All of them looked around the classroom, eyeing each other, hoping it wasn't their Jounin sensei.

The sight of Udon-sensei sweating bullets didn't escape them either. Neither did his shaky "Leader sounds angry."

Before anyone could say anything, footsteps were heard quickly approaching their classroom. Sure enough, their door slid open violently and Udon-sensei flinched.

In the doorway stood a young man with spiky, blonde hair. He looked in his early twenties. The students stared at the ninja. The man wore a dark grey shinobi outfit that had, -Orange? strips running down the side of his pants. The children didn't know it but the amount of orange was very less than what it used to be a few years ago. The jacket had a little more orange than the pants, most of it peeping from under a crimson cloak that had a design of black flames at the hem. The whole look was completed by a black hitai-ate on his forehead and a large scroll fastened at his back with a leather belt.

"UDON…." The ninja growled menacingly.

To the students surprise and a little fear, the all-powerful (at least in the students' eyes) Udon-sensei wilted in front of the ninja's glare. "This better not be your idea of a prank." The new ninja hissed.

Udon-sensei gulped. "No of course not, Leader. When I saw your name on the list I thought you knew. I was surprised as well because Leader hadn't told us anything about wanting to take a genin team." The young chuunin explained.

As the chuunin-sensei explained himself to the incensed ninja, others entered the classroom as well.

"A-ano." A beautiful, lavender eyed kunoichi entered, looking at the red cloaked ninja. "I don't think being angry is the answer." She moved to his side gracefully, her long hair shining. She was followed by another jounin, his marked cheeks identifying him as an Inuzuka, and a slightly older ninja with a scar across his nose and his brown hair in an ponytail, pineapple style. The Inuzuka was laughing, while the other ninja was mildly amused. Students watched, spellbound , the scene unfolding in the class room. Slowly, other jounin entered as well, showing varying degrees of amusement. The blue haired kunoichi managed to calm the angry blonde enough for the jounin to relax and look at the latest batch of academy graduates.

"I'm still not saying I'll take them." He huffed.

The brown haired ninja smiled, "Don't be like that Naruto. Just ten year years ago, you were sitting where they are now."


The student body as a whole, turned to look at the unfortunate graduates of Team Seven as Shuuei and Kisuke exchanged glances with each other. Ai looked at the blonde, a little intimidated. Naruto noticed the other students looking at the trio. He narrowed his gaze at them.

"So." He said. All three gulped.

"You're the ones granny is trying to pawn off on me, huh?" He dragged his eyes over the three, giving them a once over.

Udon-sensei cleared his throat. "Um- Yes, Leader. This is Team Seven."

This piece of information caused the blonde's eyes to widen in surprise. "Seven?" he asked. Udon-sensei nodded. His eyes narrowed again as the other three jounin standing with him smiled as if they were sharing some joke.

"Sneaky old hag." The blonde hissed. "Very well." He said, addressing Team seven. "Meet me at Ichiraku's Ramen stand in an hour. I have an old granny to go give a piece of my mind to."

In a flash of crimson, he was gone.

Even though Tsunade was expecting him any moment, she still jumped when Naruto appeared with the tell-tale flash of Hiraishin.

"Don't do that, gaki." She grumbled as she relaxed. "One of these days you'll give me a heart attack and then Kakashi will have to become Hokage. Your dream will go to hell for twenty years until he retires. So, what brings you here?"

Naruto seethed at the question. He knew that Tsunade knew why he was there. The old hag had probably shared a few laughs since morning, thinking about this moment.

"You know damn well why, dattebayo." Naruto grit his teeth. "You assigned me to a FREAKIN' GENIN TEAM!" he yelled.

"Now, now Naruto-kun" Shizune entered the office, trying to hide her smile. "Language."

"DAMN LANGUAGE!" Naruto yelled again, hurt that Shizune was a part of this too. A chuckle informed him of the presence of his former teacher. "Kakashi-sensei." He turned to find the jounin leaning against the window frame. There wasn't any orange book in sight anywhere. A few years ago, he had stopped reading it in public after Anko had shown him that it was more fun doing than reading that stuff. Now, the jounin only read it with her, who was now also his wife. "You were in on it too." He said accusingly, feigning hurt.

"Oh drop it, gaki. We did it for your own good." Tsunade waved her hand at the blonde. A vein popped in the blonde's forehead.

"Oh really?" he asked, sarcasm dripping from his voice.

Tsunade looked at her favorite citizen of Konoha with a small smile, "Really." Both blonde's continued to look at each other but the darker blonde finally gave in, after a while. His shoulder's relaxed as he exhaled loudly.

"Explain." He asked the Hokage.

Tsunade leaned back into her chair. "I don't deny that in terms of strength, you are past most Kages, Naruto. But," she paused, "You still lack the responsible outlook that is a must for a village leader." Naruto frowned at that. "I'm not irresponsible, ba-chan." He complained.

Tsunade nodded and Kakashi spoke. "But you're not exactly responsible either, Naruto." At this, even Shizune nodded, much to the chagrin of the blonde youngster, but he could see where they were coming from.

"I guess I'm not like the old man." Naruto remembered the soft, but steel willed, deceased Hokage. The others in the room smiled as they remembered Sarutobi.

"Even sensei was a little mischievous when we became a team", Tsunade remembered fondly. Then she looked at Naruto, who was grinning, "But he matured with our team, like I hope you will, with this one."

"You will," Shizune assured Naruto, "when you are responsible for the lives of your students, you will have to." Shizune piped in. "You will no longer be able to just jump in, and 'wing it' like you do usually, when with them. They are fresh genin. You will have to ensure their safety first and foremost." She lectured somberly and Naruto nodded.

He knew that already. After he had gotten a little older, he had understood just how powerful Kakashi-sensei really was and how he could have taken every threat they encountered when they were young pretty easily, had he not been covering for them every time, always prepared for a freak accident that could injure or kill his team. Genin were more like obstacles than assets for the jounin-sensei in battle and had to be protected at all cost. He had seen jounin instructors who had lost their team members.

He shuddered. He didn't want to go through that. It was like losing a child, only worse, because you had to tell the real parents that you had failed and had broken their trust and let their child die. Naruto knew he was strong and could take care of them, but, in all honesty, he had to ask himself. Was he up to it? To be a teacher?

Tsunade seemed to understand his thoughts. "Don't worry Naruto. You will be a wonderful teacher. You will be fair to them all. I know it."

Kakashi squirmed a little in his spot, feeling guilty about his apparent show of favoritism towards the Uchiha when he was the teacher of his team.

"If they turn out half the ninja you are, Konoha would gain wonderful shinobi." Shizune smiled at the blonde.

Tsunade smiled at her successor (hopefully). "The ones on your team. Did you read their files?" Naruto shook his head. "Nope. I didn't really care at that time." Tsunade smiled and took out three manila folders from her desk drawer and passed them to him. "I knew you wouldn't." Naruto took the folders and flicked through them. "I knew one was a Nara." Naruto said, reading the boy's file. His eyebrows went up. "Shikamaru's first cousin?" he glanced up at Tsunade.

"Shikaku's younger brother's son." Tsunade informed him.

As Naruto changed over to the other files, his eyebrows went up to his hitai-ate. Tsunade nodded, even though Naruto wasn't looking at her. "The other two are the from remnants of the Hidden Swamp village."

The Hidden Swamp village had been a small hidden village on the edge of the Land of Rain and the Land of Water that had been the unfortunate collateral damage of the Fourth Great Shinobi War with Akatsuki five years ago. The Leaf village had taken in most of the homeless villagers, the others choosing to go their own way. Most of the survivors were civilians and young children below fourteen as the older ones had died defending their village. Tsunade had allowed the surviving shinobi to become Konoha shinobi and the younger children to join the academy. The eldest of the survivors currently in Konoha as it's kunoichi was a twenty one year old tokubetsu jounin that Chouji was dating.

Tsunade looked at Naruto, who was reading the files with a serious expression on his face. "Both are orphans. Their parents died protecting their village. The girl lives with relatives in the village's clothing district. The boy lives with other boys like him in the western area of the old Uchiha compound."

While Sasuke had been pardoned for his defection after his help in the war, his property and inheritance had been confiscated by the Hokage and now served as a living area for the survivors of the Hidden Swamp village. Sasuke now lived in ANBU lodgings, even though he wasn't part of the elite troops. Tsunade decided that being surrounded by her personal soldiers, would keep him on his best behavior. Just because Naruto had forgiven all didn't mean she had. She had personally carved the Hiraishin seal into his heart muscles, using chakra scalpels, making sure that he would never be out of Naruto's reach until his heart was beating. She had already taken fifty artificial insemination worth of his seed from the Uchiha, and kept them in freezer, guaranteeing the continuation of the sharingan. He could go die for all she cared.

Tsunade watched as Naruto took this information in. "The boy most likely wants to prove himself. The girl is above average in her kunoichi group, behind only the two Yamanaka twins. I recommend that you sign her up for a side course on basic medical ninjutsu. Other than that, I trust you will take good care of them."

Naruto sighed. He knew when he was beaten. Very few people pushed him to do what they wanted against his wishes, and he allowed even fewer to do so.

"Very well, ba-chan." Naruto dragged a hand through his spiky hair, "I'll give them a chance. They still have to prove their worth to me, though." His eyes glinted. Kakashi was interested. "Are you going to use the bell test?" he asked. "Yep." The blonde answered. "That and something else. If they want to learn from a future Hokage, they need to do more than that."

With that, the blonde waved to the ones present. "Ja ne." He jumped out of the window, heading to his maybe-students.

While he had left to talk to Tsunade, Naruto had left behind a class full of apprehensive and intimidated graduates. The students had gasped as he vanished using his father's most prized jutsu. A few clan children even recognized who he was and were torn between being jealous and feeling sorry for Team seven. Iruka noticed the signs of hesitation in the students with his sharp instincts, honed through years of experience in dealing with children. He broke the tense silence that had descended upon the children because of Naruto's behavior.

"Ahem." He cleared his throat, calling the children's attention to himself. "I am Umino Iruka, Jounin sensei for Team Ten. My team, follow me."

Yamanaka Hana, Kurama Jin and Rookie of the year, Yuhi Shin stood up and followed the man out of the classroom.

Taking his lead, Hinata also turned to the students. "Hello." She said kindly. "I am Hyuuga Hinata. Team one, follow me."

Aburame Shibo, Hyuuga Yui and Inuzuka Kugi followed her out.

Kiba turned to the class and gave a feral grin. "Where are the brats of Team Nine?" he asked. Kenchi and his teammates tensed. Kiba sniffed the air and then turned to them. "It's you, eh? Come on, let's go."

Similarly, other jounin called out for their teams as well. Soon, only Team Seven was left. Kisuke and Shuuei stood up to leave as well and turned to look at Ai, who was still sitting.

"Come on, let's go." Shuuei nudged her.

"But sensei said to meet after an hour." Ai said, still sitting.

Kisuke yawned. "It's a drag but we should get moving too. At least go and wait at that ramen stand rather than in the academy."

Shuuei nodded. "Yeah! We should get to know each other better as well."

As they walked to the ramen stand, they talked among themselves.

"I wonder what type of a guy sensei is?" Ai thought aloud.

"I dunno." Shuuei said in reply. "Sure sounded scary though."

Kisuke sighed as he gazed towards the sky. While he wasn't an avid cloud watcher like his elder cousin, he did find them soothing after accompanying said cousin to cloud gazing ever since a couple of years ago.

Shikamaru niisan had taken him under his wing after Kisuke's father died in the war. He had been left with no immediate family as his mother had died a few years before the war, during Sound's invasion.

"I've heard of him." He told his teammates. "He was in the same graduating batch as my cousin."

Shuuei and Ai looked at the Nara, interested. "Really?" the boy asked. "What do you know about him?"

"Not much." Kisuke acquiesced. "Basically what I've heard the grown-ups talking about and some general stuff." He looked to the side so that he could look his teammates in the eyes. "He was one of the Konoha 11."

Ai looked a little confused but Shuuei's eyes widened in surprise and a little awe.

"Konoha 11?" Ai asked Kisuke. "What is that?"

Shuuei looked incredulously at his teammate. Kisuke sighed deeply and explained. "You might not have heard of them 'cuz girls in the academy didn't talk about such stuff, but among the boys, Konoha 11 are something like legends."

Ai still wasn't really clear on the situation, so Kisuke continued. "They were a batch of graduates from the academy years ago. Three teams from aniki's year and one from the year before them. People say that they were the most collectively talented batch of their generation. Most of them are tokubetsu jounin and some are Jounin by now. They have these really cool legendary stories about their exploits. Even now, some of the most difficult missions are assigned to the Konoha 11. They still maintain a success rate of 80%."

Ai listened with surprise and a little pride. "And our sensei is part of that group?" she asked.

Kisuke shook his head. "No." Ai and Shuuei looked at him , confused but Kisuke elaborated. "Sensei wasn't just part of the group. He was, no –still is , the best of that group."

"Wow." Ai took it in. "Wait." She asked. "If they were four teams, why were they eleven. Shouldn't they be twelve?"

Kisuke wondered whether he should tell them. It wasn't a secret or something. "The twelfth guy would have been Uchiha Sasuke." He answered.

"Oh." Ai nodded.

Most academy students had heard of the Last Uchiha and his history.

"On a side note. He is the son of the Yondaime Hokage." Kisuke continued. It only intimidated Ai and Shuuei further.

"Anyways." Shuuei changed the topic, "That tells us who he is, but not what kind of a guy he is." Kisuke nodded, a little pleased. His teammate used his head. That was good. Kisuke didn't like people who were too stupid.

"My cousin speaks fondly of him, so he's all right." Kisuke shuffled slowly as the ramen stand came into view. "We are here."

The three walked into the ramen stand and were greeted by the sight of Team Ten already inside. It seemed they were finishing up. Their instructor, Iruka sensei, was waving them off.

"Remember to reach on time." He was saying as his students departed, Yamanaka Hana grumbling something about ungodly hours. Yuhi Shin nodded to them as they passed.

Contrary to history, Shin wasn't a stuck up brat, or smug about his position as the rookie of the year. He and Kisuke were on good terms because of their common acquaintance, Kurenai-sensei, who took specialized classes for genjutsu at the academy for genin and chuunin looking to specialize or broaden their skill set. Academy students weren't allowed.

Team Seven entered as Iruka was chatting to the pretty woman behind the counter. He noticed Team seven arrive.

"Ah. You've arrived for your meeting." He began kindly, putting the graduates at ease. The three nodded. Ai looked hesitantly at the jounin and the ninja smiled encouragingly at her.

She drudged up the courage to ask. "You were talking with our sensei earlier, weren't you sensei?"

Iruka nodded.

"Do you know him well?" Shuuei asked and Iruka smiled.

"You could say that." he answered shortly but Kisuke noticed.

"Meaning?" he asked politely.

Iruka grinned at the boy, scratching his nose modestly. "I taught him at the academy, like Udon-sensei taught you."

The three of them looked at the jounin with a little more respect than before. "So, you're our sensei's sensei?" Ai asked.

"Yes." Iruka nodded.

"Who are you talking about, dear?" Ayame leaned over the counter and gave Iruka a quick kiss. Iruka blushed a little but answered her question calmly. "Naruto-kun, Ayame-chan."

Ayame watched the children with interest. "Naruto-kun took on a genin team? He never told me he was going to. We need to celebrate."

The three students looked a little surprised at this. Why would a shopkeeper want to celebrate their sensei taking a genin team? Apparently, their surprise was visible to the woman and she smiled.

"I've known Naruto-kun ever since he was little, barely able to climb that stool by himself." She pointed to the stools they were sitting on. The three looked at the stool and then tried to vision their tall sensei as a kid. Must have been a long time ago.

"I met Iruka-kun because of Naruto-kun. I saw the kind hearted person he is and fell in love with him. So, Naruto-kun, Iruka-kun, I and my father, we are like family." She turned to her husband "That's why I'm a little surprised he didn't tell me he was taking a team."

Iruka chuckled. "He didn't know until this morning when he showed up at the academy either."

Ayame laughed at that. "I bet he threw a fit?" she asked her husband. The three genin exchanged looks. These people really knew sensei.

"Don't worry." Ayame turned to them. "Naruto-kun is a fair man. He will not fail you on purpose."

"Fail?" Shuuei asked as Iruka groaned, covering his eyes with his palm and Ayame looked guilty. She had forgotten that the genin didn't know about the second test.

Kisuke looked at the woman. "You mean there is another test after this?" Ayame glanced quickly at Iruka.

"There is, isn't there?" Ai asked, her eyes widening with realization. They weren't genin yet. They could still fail. She didn't want to. She was already a strain on her relatives, who had three children of their own. She wanted to be a ninja so that she could contribute to the financial aspect of the family as well.

Iruka nodded. "There is."

Instantly, a gloom settled on the three. Kisuke less than others, but it was there. Iruka was quick to interrupt their pity party. "But don't worry. Like Ayame said, Naruto won't fail you unjustly. He is a fair man. If you perform well, he will pass you, irrespective of his personal feelings. He won't trample on your dreams for something so tiny such as his own wants."

"How do you know that?" Ai asked, her voice controlled, hiding the fear she was feeling.

Iruka smiled. "Because he knows the value of dreams."

He glanced over their heads for a moment and then stood up. "I must leave now. I have to prepare for my own test." He leaned over the counter and kissed his wife. "I'll be late." Then he left.

"So," Ayame tried cheering the kids up. "Do you want something? On the house today, for Naruto-kun's first team." The children looked at each other and nodded. Might as well have free food even if they were going to fail.

"Shrimp for me."

"I'll take the clear soup ramen."

"I'll take shrimp as well."

"All righty then." Ayame straightened. She could still feel the children were de-motivated. She felt bad. It was her fault for blabbing. She turned to the kids. "You know, one of Naruto-kun's special thing was that he never gave up." The kids looked at her in confusion. "Never." Ayame stressed on the word. Then, she turned and started working on the orders. The kids had a feeling something important had happened.

Naruto stood on the rooftop, looking at his prospective students at the ramen stand. He smiled as he felt Iruka land beside him. "So, Iruka-sensei. What do you think?" he asked his former teacher.

"They are good kids." Iruka smiled. "What about you?"

Naruto grinned as well. "They ordered ramen. That's already a point in my book." Iruka chuckled at that. Then he stopped as he saw Naruto's expression. He knew that expression. Everyone who had ever taught Naruto in the academy knew that expression. It was Naruto's 'This is going to be the best prank ever' expression.

"So, let's get this show on the road." Naruto cackled and jumped down.

Standing alone on the rooftop, Iruka couldn't help but feel sorry for the children.

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