A/N - This is an idea I've has in my head for a while now. It's based some of my experiences as teenager when I went clubbing, so the music and club scene is how Scotland was in the early to mid 90's. Happy hardcore was big in the UK and Europe, not so much elsewhere, so if you have any questions, feel free to PM or ask in reviews.

This story is not Beta's as of yet, so all mistakes are mine and as you all know the characters belong to SM, not moi xxx

Chapter 1- Bpov

No-one knows me, they think they do, but really they don't. By day I'm plain old Bella Swan, hard working, conscientious, reliable and a wee bit anal about keeping everything in its rightful place. What! I like to be organised. Week in week out I work my arse of, serving customers, pretending I'm happy to be there, slapping on a fake smile. But really I'm just passing the time, counting down the hours until the weekend.

The weekend is where I come alive.

Slipping out of my work uniform, I head for the shower. It's Friday night, time for my true self to come out to play. Washing the stress and strains from the week away, my mind wander, thinking of the wonders that night could bring. Anticipation creeps through my body, making every hair stand on end. I wonder if I will see him tonight, the bronze-haired god.

Finishing up the last of my make-up, I'm finally ready to go. Bending over, I put my stash inside the arch of my foot, before standing to zip up my boots. I've got 5 tabs for tonight, that should keep me going until I can't take anymore, until my body is weary and my legs ache from dancing.

I head to the club alone, I enjoy the anonymity. Everyone else is there for the same reasons as me; to let go, to be free, to float into the unknown and be pulled in by the bass.

Slipping a tab into to my mouth and I quickly swallow before I head to the front of the queue. Being a regular comes with the perk of gaining entry quickly. Who wants to freeze their arse off waiting in a queue. It's Scotland I live in, the cold would freeze the balls off a brass monkey.

I know from experience that the E will have hit me by the time I take my coat to the cloakroom and get myself a drink. Like every good raver, I know alcohol is off limits. It only causes me to become even more dehydrated, so I stick to water.

I swear the DJ knows when I enter. DJ Joe plays the same song every single time I walk into the club. My E is just starting to work its way around my brain, and I feel the stress wilting away and the beat of the song starts to pull me in. The words are swirling around my body as the drug takes over;

"Can you feel the passion,
Running through my veins,
Driving me insane,
Running through my veins".

The hairs on the back of my neck start to raise as the pulsing beat makes my shoulders move in rhythm to it. My mouth is drying up, and my pupils are becoming enlarged, taking in the laser lights flashing over the hundreds of liked-minded dancers losing their emotions to be beat. My legs have a volition their own as they take me to the dance floor and I succumb to the sensation, raising my hands in the air, swaying with the beat.

As the song begins to slow and flawlessly merge into the next, I feel my mouth begin to dry out and my temperature raise. Knowing from experience that I need to slow down, I slide my way through the other pulsing bodies, to the edge of the dance floor to take a rest. I lift my water bottle to my mouth taking a large gulp to satisfy my thirst. I love to people watch while high. Instead of seeing all the bad in the world, all I can see is the love. Love for the people around them, love for the music and love for life. Dancing couple have their bodies up so close to each other, lips caressing, hands touching, pelvis' grinding into each other, making sure no nerve in their bodies go untouched, unloved. Girls in short dresses gyrating, giving an obscene performance for the single men who are salivating, knowing full well that by the end of the night they will have their hands all over that bare skin. Well, here's hoping...Where are you my bronze-haired boy?

I don't have a chance to continue wondering, as the DJ mixes the next song in and I can't stop the compulsion to move. My hands twitch, my shoulders move and my hips start to sway. The pulsing bass line feels like it's attached to heart as the electronic sounds start to build, and the singer purrs out, "If you surrender to me," and I can't help but give myself over to her. My head moves to the beat as I release my arm in the air. The haunting voice captures my mind and I fully give myself over the the music yet again;

"Free me from this spell,
There's so much to share.
If you surrender to me, if you surrender
Whisper in my ear,
What I long to hear,
If you surrender to me,
If you surrender...

The song makes me think of my bronze-haired boy with his arms around me, leaving soft gentle kisses down my neck, as my ass swivels against his groin. I imagine that I feel his hard length pulsing against my back as I rub up and down against him. I wrap my arms around the back of his neck as he runs his hand down my arm and slowly across my breasts, as I allow a moan to slip out.

"Thinking of me?" I hear a voice ask, quickly pulling me out of my stupor. I don't even need to turn around to know who it is. I know by the way my heart is thumping even wilder in my chest than it was to the music, and by the way every hair on my body is standing on end, pointing at him.

"Hmm...How'd you know?" I answer, breathlessly.

"Because Brown Eyes, your body sings to me. I've been watching you dance for the last few songs, and as soon as this song came on, your moves changed and you mind wandered to last weekend, didn't it?" He whispers in my ear.

Instantly, my mind does jump back to our last encounter.

It was near the end of the night, and I was hot, sweaty and still really high. The DJ had the club bouncing with shit-hot tunes and my poor body hadn't stopped pulsing all night, but I still had plenty life left in me. The dance floor was still crowded with bodies, with not an inch of room between them. I felt him as he approached the back of me, and despite the throng of people, I felt him in my personal space. I turned to see who it was, just as another dancer bumped me and I began to fall, right into the stranger's arms. I looked up into the face of my rescuer, only to come face to face with God himself. OK, I'm exaggerating, but that man was fuck-hot.

His hand remained on my hips, gripping, as he began to move to the music. After the shock of my near-fall, the adrenaline in my system kick started the E and the drug floods my senses again. I couldn't help but move my hips in time with my saviour's. He forced his leg between mine as we swivelled side to side, up and down with the bass. My skirt had began to ride up over my arse, but as the heat began to gather in my pelvis, I couldn't find it in myself to care. I ground my barely covered pussy up and down his leg as his hands began to wander to my near bare cheeks, pulling me against him, making me groan out loud.

I looked up into his face to see his dark green eyes looking straight into my dilated brown ones. He had this sexy as fuck grin on his face, and I just couldn't resist moving my face up towards his. I pressed my lips to his, slowly running my tongue along his bottom lip until he eventually let me in. Moaning, he opened his mouth to mine, meeting my tongue forcefully with his own. Both fighting for control, we stood on that dance floor kissing for what was probably minutes, but felt like hours. I could feel his dick harden against my body and consciously started grinding against it, trying to get some friction against my now over aroused centre. He moved his hands from my butt to in between our bodies, accidentally grazing my breast, causing me to push them against him harder.

Finally his hand finished their journey, stopping right over my wet pussy. Needing no more encouragement from me, he slipped his fingers under my thong, and caressed my clit. My hips buck forcefully forward, egging him on. Thankfully, to all the other clubber's grinding to the music, it just looked like I was joining them. He pushed two fingers inside me and continued to flick my clit with his thumb as he pumped them in and out. With the extra stimulation the drugs were giving me, it didn't take long until I came all over his fingers, screaming into his kiss. He gently pulled his fingers out of me and whispered into my ear, "This will keep me going until next time, then it will be my turn Brown Eyes." Confused by the statement I looked up to see him backing away with his come-coated fingers in his mouth, smirking. To say I was stunned, well that was an understatement.

Songs used, if your interested:

Passion by Amen uk ( www . youtube watch ? v = TW1Qh8jPCWM )

Surrender by DJ Eruption ( www . youtube watch ? v = amCTGowUK8I )

Burning Love by Critical Mass ( www . youtube watch ? v = 94EIL7PPaJM )

If your on Spotify, they are also on my playlist named Nights x

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