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I came back to my senses as Bella walked away to clean up. What did she just do to me? I've never had anyone touch me 'there' before and I liked it. What does that say about me? Am I gay, bisexual?Am I weird? What the fuck is this woman doing to me?

I'm aware that Bella is about to return from the Ladies Room. She must be so disgusted with me and I am too embarrassed to face her. I head back into the bouncing club to get away from her. Grabbing my leather jacket, I begin walking toward the exit. My ecstasy high is rapidly fading, and my body is becoming drained. Pushing my way through the dancing crowd, I'm increasingly aware of everyone staring at me. Do they know what I've done? Gasping for breath, I summon a last burst of energy and run for the door, into the fresh air.

My flat isn't too far from the club, and it only takes me a few minutes to get home, stripped down and my lagging body into bed.

Sleep doesn't come easy though. I can' t help but see all the faces from the dance floor staring at me with disappointment in their expressions. The music pulses in my ears and the clubbers dance, raising their arms in the air and pointing in the direction of the stage, and I feel compelled to look in that direction. There in the centre of the stage is my brown-eyed angel, dancing her little heart out with her hands are in the air, and her hips are gyrating, enticing her audience. Her captivating brown-eyes are red tinged and her cheeks are coated in black mascara streaks, but my focus is on her mouth, softly singing the words to the song playing;

Don't you want me?

Don't you want me?

Don't you want my loving?

Jolting awake, I realise the stupid mistake I've made. Looking at the red numbers on the clock, I notice I've only been asleep for an hour. Shoving the covers aside, I grab my clothes, trying to dress as I rush out the door. Running back towards the club, I hope and pray that she's still there and that I'm not too late and some other guy has swooped in there. I can't lose her, I've just found her.

Trying to push my way past the bouncers on the door, I'm stopped by a big, bear of a man, wearing a name tag with 'Emmett' on his shirt pocket.

"Hey Man. You can't go in. We're just about to close for the night," he informs me.

"Please?" I plead. "I've fucked up, and I need to find her. I need to find Bella."

He looks at me with a strange expression on his face, but finally steps aside letting me past."Good luck, man," he hollers, smirking as I sprint by.

I don't stop to contemplate the look, I just barrel through, pushing everyone in my way. My eyes dart left, right, up and down, hoping for a glimmer of that gorgeous dark hair and fuck-hot body.

And sure enough I find her.

She's standing in the centre of the upstairs balcony. Her hands are in the air, her body dancing provocatively to the beat, but there's an empty circular space around her, like she's giving off warning vibes to any guy approaching; although that doesn't stop them staring. Fighting a wave of jealousy, I head for the stairs, hoping by the time I get her I will have a plausible explanation for my behaviour and disappearance.

As I get closer, I see her eyes are wide and her pupils are massively dilated, showing me clear signs that's she's dropped more 'E' and is off her face. There's a heavy sheen of sweat across her forehead and her hair is matted to her head. It's obvious she's been pushing her body too hard, but that isn't what breaks my heart; its the black mascara streaks on her cheeks, just like my dream.

I approach her slowly and her dancing slows, her body tensing in anticipation, and I swear she knows I'm there. I can't hold my gasp when she turns around and I see the blank expression on her beautiful face. "Bella?" I question. She doesn't answer, she just stares directly at me. I hear a booming laugh to my left, and turn to see Emmett, doubled over in laughter, "Oh, fuck man. Your in for it now!"

Confused at what he is saying, I turn back to Bella, and begin to try and explain my disappearing act, only for her fist to meet my face, sending me sprawling on my back. I come around to see Bella stomping away and Emmett still laughing.

I jump up, rubbing my jaw, and force my way through the crowd after her. I shout her name, but either she doesn't hear me or she's ignoring me. Never in my life have I chased a girl like this, but there is something about her calls to me. The ways she makes me feel is like nothing I've ever felt before, and my blood pulses every time she touches me, her soft pants when she's aroused, and her carefree attitude are just part what attracts me. I want to get know her aside from sexually, I want to know what interests her, and what makes her tick.

Running faster, I get to the front door, to see her flagging down a taxi. I call out the her again and she stops and looks to me, before jumping in.


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