This problem. We'll fix...

Author notes:

I dont know why... but I was hit by a mood to write this particularly naughty/cute ficlet for my favorite ship and was just struck with this idea... wierd as it is. This is my first attempt at both a 'humour' fic as well as a continuous series. I haven't much seen problem fics of this kind. Enjoy the novelty!

Each Chapter after this one will be a new scenario Gilbert is trying to 'fix' Matthew's problem. It may be a few chapters or it may continuously be ongoing. Reviewers decide.


The blonde nation quickly brought his watch up to his purple eyes, squinting. 12:20pm. Only 10 minutes before the meeting would start again after the half-hour long lunch break. His other hand tightened in the white locks currently between his thighs. Nervously threading through the shocks of hair belonging to the head that was currently bobbing on his reluctant flesh.

"Don't think about the time liebe. Just concentrate on me." The Prussian had backed off a moment to take the time to say.

Returning to his previous position of nibbling, licking and teasing the other's inner thighs. Propped up on the bathroom counter of a semi-private bathroom of the UN's nation representative conference building. Matthew Williams was trying his best to fulfill the private fetishes of his boyfriend. He was failing at it miserably.

"'s no use Gilbert. I'm just not... as viril as you are..." The strawberry blonde bit his lower lip, a look of pained misery and guilt plainly written on his face.

Having failed at stimulating an erection with what he deemed was sufficient foreplay, Gilbert sighed and re zipped Matthew's pants.

"I'm sorry..." Gilbert started, crushing his love in an embrace and slightly unbalancing the other man as he started rocking and taking care of his own problem.

"D... don't be. It's me who has this problem. Not you."

It was a longstanding problem actually. They'd officially hooked up together for 4 months now. By officially... that meant they had gotten to the coveted 3rd base. However the location of said... 3rd base seemed to have been miss-placed for Canada. They had been going out longer than that. Matthew Williams had only been able to get a hard-on a few rare select times since taking their relation to the physical level. As mentioned before... in 4 months. It was a torture for Gilbert.

"Hmnnn." The albino nuzzled the other nation, breathing in the other's unique crisp autumn leaves smell.

He felt his boyfriends hand grasp around his own as he pumped his erection and together (with a good few minutes to spare) they took care of Prussia's erection. He came with a gasp and whispering sweet germanic nothings into Matthew's ears as he did. Still managing to make the other nation blush but without any reaction downbellow. They washed up. Gilbert, once again, felt inadequately awkward about not being able to excite his lover and Matthew's self esteem dropped once again a few notches below its already substandard levels.

"I... I'm sorry." Once again, apologizing. It wasn't the first time.

"Its ok liebe, we'll figure this out."

Gilbert kissed Mathew on the top of his nose and as agreed, he let the Canadian leave the facilities first, since he was the least conspicuous amongst them.

"Gott verdammt..." He sighed.

He loved the nation representative of Canada dearly. It had bee a wonderful journey the two of them had had finding their feelings for each other. At first, they caught glimpses of the other staring. Prussia hadn't been sure who had been first staring at whom first. Perhaps it had only been happenstance. But they had eventually gravitated towards each other during some of the after parties and get togethers some of the other nations threw to cool down after world meetings. Officially they spoke for their nations at first. Prussia had always been a bit more, informal on account of having no personal country to represent. Then one day, the shy blonde had asked to be called by his human name, a very large step in any relationship. T

hat's how he had met; Matthew Williams.

It was the start of a pretty awesome (if he did say so himself) relationship. Very good friends at first. They had the best game-night sleepovers and early morning pancake buffets. Jamming sessions as well. Who'd had thought that shy unobtrusive nation, could rock? He didn't have the voice for it as he did, but he certainly had magical fingers on a guitar! However, Matthew had this problem...

He'd been so embarassed about it. However, eventually there came a point where he'd had to reveal his secret when they had become an actual couple. His problemt being; he was as far as he knew completely impotent. The albino was perfectly willing to be with him and to prove him wrong. Every nation had a thing, a trigger, a kink or a source of their trauma. He just needed to find the Canada's. It wasn't as if the shy blonde hadn't already gone to see a doctor. Nation-physiology was a grand mystery to science and even medications that were usually efficient at handling this problem hadn't worked on Matthew. They had developed some kind of gratification system...

However Gilbert felt it was unfairly one-sided. So... unawesome.

The Prussian banged his hand on the counter in frustration, bitting his lower lip and then opening the faucets to wash and clear his head. It hurt terribly in his chest. The fact that he was not able to be with someone he loved and yearned the way he wanted. He splashed water into it and calmed himself before waterworks ever turned on in his eyes. The rest of the day and the work-week went pretty smoothly. Since they were in Europe, Matthew would be staying with him this weekend. While Gilbert was looking forward to it, he was also dreading it as well. The gentle smiles, the soft batting eyelashes of purple eyes and the bell-like laughter of the nation when he was happy all gave him fairly regular boners and he felt positively horrible imposing his own sexuality on the other nation when he didn't... nein... couldn't feel the same.

What else could he try? They'd tried; toys, porn, different aphrodisiacs, changing environment (that was today). Hmm...


After being invited in by Ludwig, Gilbert's younger brother. Matthrew placed his larger bag to the side of the entry hall and shifted his backpack on his shoulder. He wore his favourite red hoodie and had brought his boyfriend a surprise he was sure the other would like.

-PIT PIT PIT!- Whomp!

A small yellow blurr known as Gilbird, rammed into Matthew's head. Though it looked like it was a solid blow, it was very far from and the small chick bounced off his head. Extending a hand out, he cought the little thing in his hand before it flopped to the floor.

"Hello there little guy."


Matthew smiled and then gently placed Gilbird in the back of his hoodie. Where he knew the bird loved to observe things from behind his locks of hair. He and the little creature got along pretty well. Apparently Prussia's pet had the same tastes as his master. Moving around the house, he was surprised Gilbert hadn't greeted him at the door. Ludwig brushed passed him with his own bag of things.

"He's downstairs, don't vhait for me for dinner. I have an appointment down at Switzerland place und vhill be gone for a few days." The tall german informed the Canadian and minutely blushed bidding the other goodbye with a slightly awkward wave accompanied by a blush.

Matthew then felt on-the-spot shy as he waved as well. It was fairly obvious the other was assuming that he and his brother would be left alone to do naughty-things and the german was giving them both the space and time to do it. 'Oh if he only knew!' But he already felt ashamed and depressed about it already. The other left and Canada kept looking for signs of his boyfriend around the Beilshmidt household. 'He's probably in his room downstairs.'

He opened the door to the luxuriously huge basement, re-done as an apartment. It had its own kitchenette, salon and 3 rooms and a bathroom. The Prussian's bedroom, his music room and one of which he himself wasn't even allowed to enter but that Gilbert had showed him contained a large library filled with his journals. The basement itself had no windows. The nation representing Prussia had created a system of lights he was very proud of that compensated for the lack.


The Canadian called out. It almost looked like no one was here. The lights themselves were off. Still slightly unfamiliar with the lightswitche's position, the blonde patted the wall until he found it and flicked it on.