Chapter: 10

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Chapter 10


Today was a special day. It was the day he'd officially asked Canada out. After hundreds of world country meetings and after parties. The day he'd actually gotten the guts to awesomely ask the North-American country out.

It was, in short; their anniversary.

So... back to today.

He'd bribed his little bruder to help him install a surprise. The buff german blonde had uncharacteristically whistled while he worked. Trying his best to drown his thoughts and not overly think too much about what it was going to be used for. Especially considering 'where' it had been installed!

While the couple had progressed substantiallyin their bedroom activities from the 'non-sex' they'd been having through most of the year. Their relationship had never been better. The two were assured that it hadn't just been a physical fling and that they could stick together through issues. While still being hopelessly in love with each other. They'd talked about getting a permanent house, rather than the condo-apartment they rented currently. To live together for as long as Prussia still had time on the earth. It was somewhat of a morbid thought; that Gilbert could disappear at any moment. But the awesome Prussian kept insisting it was because he was too... well... Awesome to go the same way as archaic countries like Rome, Germania and the other former nations. It was how he lived everyday and he didn't dwell more on it than he should.

Kumajirou walked into their shared room condo and stared up. The bear opened his mouth.

"Not a single word to your owner Kuma, its an awesome surprise."

The winnie-the-poo wannabe shrugged and left waddling to do something else.

"Gutt, now he should be home in an hour. I have flowers, check. Candles, now lit-check, super awesome home-cooked german dinner (the best kind) check, champagne from France, check."

Gilbert congratulated himself on his efficient pulling off of favours from his friends. He'd also managed to convince Spain of running counter-distractions for him today. That included entertaining America in case the loudmouth brother of his beloved Canada came barging in (which he had on some very...awkward occasions).

He had set absolutely everything up to get his lover in the mood for lovemaking tonight. Tonight he would definitely top! He was sure of it. The albino rubbed his hands together in anticipation. Once Canada returned form errand running, a task that would definitely mean he wouldn't be too tired for what he planned tonight, he was greeted to a relaxing and romantic atmosphere as soon as he entered his shared living space with Prussia.


"Surprised? I remembered! I'm awesome right? Keseseses."

Canada looked around at the setting, even smelling the aroma of food and then looked his boyfriend up then down... then back up again. The former nation of Prussia was wearing a suit. 'The' suit. The one they had actually purchased together. A dark grey with just a slight hint of blue with a white shirt and a gold tie. He looked as good as he had the first time wearing it. But what really drew his attentioned and was immensily endearing ,was the bouquet of Pale evening primroses he held out towards him. They almost resembled Prussia's cornflowers. It was an interesting choice of flowers, one that Matthew understood more in depth than just the act of getting him the things. Gilbert 'knew' him well enough to also remember his love of botany. He'd remembered that Japan and him had spent long moments simply talking about the symbolism of flowers. Primroses for Japan meant 'eternity' and in western cultured the same was 'love'. The message was very clear even though he wasn't saying it;

-I'll love you for eternity.-

The Canadian dropped his bags and dashed towards his lover. Almost smothering the bouquet between himself and his grey suited boyfriend he hugged the other in an almost desperate manner. Forgetting his strength, the albino squeaked in indignation. Canada was less showy of his superhuman might than his brother, since he only used it during crisis, so he often forgot about it.

"Sorry." The blonde looked shyly askance, releasing him from the hug and picking up the flowers.

On the verge of tears, Prussia's lips twitched in nervousness and confusion of how to deal with his emotional little Canadian. Settling on starting dinner, he shuffled to the table and as any gentleman drew the chair.

"Lets eat." Hoping that it would distract Canada. He couldn't bear for him to cry, even if they were tears of joy!

The two spent a wonderful evening. As always Prussia being the entertainer, the albino went on to detail the exact favours he'd pulled from their friends and fellow nations to pull this perfect night. For Canada, it was perfect. A surprise, in good company, remembered and with someone you loved. No other night could be more special. The champagne was absolutely delicious and after only 2 glasses, caught to him slightly. He felt his cheeks slightly burn from alchool but knew well enough to stop then and there, while he was pleasantly buzzed.

Prussia on his side had stopped talking and kept looking at him with an expression he couldn't quite place.


"You're just... I just don't know how I didn't get to know you before now... I mean I..." The albino ruffled his hair in frustration, obviously tongue tied.

Matthew giggled, knowing Prussia wasn't the most eloquent of the nation representatives. He was rather an action type of man and for him to try pleasing him by trying his hand at it, was cuter than the other knew.

"We have plenty of time Gil."

"..." The albino scratched the bottom of his chin. Still sporting a look of uncertainty and that expression he couldn't quite place.

Reaching over the table, Prussia took his hands. At which point the blonde Canadian blushed slightly at the intensity of his gaze.

"I um... I know I've asked this once before. We had some... issued then. But I want to ask you to marry me.. uh... Again. I haven't changed my mind about it and I think you would be happy with the awesome me. Because well, it's me!"

Blinking once, then twice. Matthew leaned in over the small table and kissed Gilbert on the lips as an answer, tongue already seeking the others' lips. The wet touch of the member sent electric shocks down Gilbert's spine and as he eased the excited kiss into something sensual between them, remembered his surprise.

"I have a surprise."

"Gil, you didn't need to! Now I feel awkward I didn't get you anything."

"You your awesome self Birdie. I just felt like it, that's all." It felt a bit fishy to Prussia, but it was the truth and he hoped he conveyed it in his body language as he squeezed the other's hand and dragged him to their bedroom.

Laughing in a faint voice as he usually did. Canada let himself be led. Now he could identify Prussia's expression as one within the category of lust but also of secretive anticipation. This was a side of Gilbert he didn't usually get to experience, as he felt himself be coddled and taken care of, worshipped and divested. Every inch of him was payed attention too and although it was a bit difficult for him to relax, the regular therapy building on his trust for the other as well as the champagne did wonders. At some point he'd tried to remove his glasses, but a hand stopped him. Momentarily confusing him before Prussia distracted him with a hand fondling and massaging his crotch in sensual circles and motions.

He felt himself harden slowly. A fiery hunger awakened, where fear, worry and doubt would have banked it once before. As his boyfriends licked and delved into his mouth, he groaned his contentment. Canada devouredhim as much as he was devouring the attention. Matthew felt his knees hit the side of the bed and was caught and lowered down by strong arms. He closed his eyes, willing himself to trust in Prussia as his back hit the clean soft sheats. Feeling hands removed temporarily to undress their owner's he let a sigh and stretched out enticingly naked.

"Matthew." It was rare for Prussia to call him by his proper name. Usually Matt or Birdie sufficed.

Cracking his eyes he looked up into his lover's red eyes.

"Do you see me in your surprise?" Gilbert's wording was odd.

For a moment, Canada blinked confused towards the other but then noticed a glint and reflection behind his head. The albino shifted minutely, almost as if he were doing casually. It became apparently though that he had leaned for him to see. A mirror installed on the ceiling and his lover's perfect lower back and ass covering his own form which was currently both cradling and circling it. Matthew gasped at the sight. Not only that... Wait... but was that a tattoo? It WAS!


Gilbert reached back with one of his hands to his rump. Mesmerized, staring into the mirror, Matthew watched him outline the details of a hand sized greenish red autumn maple-leaf, nestled on the small of Prussia's back as an arrow pointing downwards towards a centre of interest.

"You own me. I'd like to own you, will you let me...?" He hadn't finished his answer before Canada arched his back and writhed underneath him answering.

"Yes! Gilbert oh... yes... just... MOVE!"

There was an almost frantic look in Canada's eyes as he grabbed at Gilbert's back and drew his fingernails across it. Watching as a man hypnotized upwards into the mirror as he left the marks. Prussia had already these expression before. This form of arousal from his greatest fetish usually brought a feisty more sexually liberated Canada out. The mirror had worked, he watched Matthew's expression as he teased just a bit more. Fondling the younger blonde's member as the other avidly stared up into the mirror when he wiggled his ass. It was the reason he'd moved to keep the blonde from removing his glasses earlier.

Gilbert moved and dance over him. Preparing and sissoring fingers while succeeding in putting a show for Matthew in the reflection. As the moans and sounds of pleasure fluidly escaped Canada, Prussia smirked guiltily in that devilish manner of his. Aware that he'd teased perhaps a bit too long. He gathered the blonde in his arms.

"You're okay with...?"

"More than okay. Fuck me Gilbert!"

He didn't need to be told that twice. Drawing the other's lower legs over his shoulders and bending him almost in two gently. He eased his erection into Canada slowly. The younger nation took controlling breaths, however his deep bluish/purple eyes alternatively focused on his lover's concentrated face and the spectacle of being penetrated reflected on the mirror.

"Gil GIL! Please! I... I'm gonna!"

The whole experience was just to new an surreal for Matthew and his ass clenched on his lover and he arched gasping, ejaculating on his chest. It wasn't that he'd wanted to or done it on purpose! It had just been all too overwhelming.

"So... keseses. We go from impotence to premature?"

Biting his lower lip, Matthew whimpered and he blushed deeply red, embarrassed.

"Its okay Birdie. I know I'm just 'that' awesome... um... but can I move?"

Prussia had waited for the tremors and pulsations of his love's orgasm to fade before daring to move. Still embarrassed about his premature climax. Canada nodded and felt the other's manhood pull back slightly and then started to feel filled up to the brim. It was an odd sensation of fullness and one he wasn't entirely used too. But it was Prussia, it was warm and he loved him. It was beautiful.

"Ah...Matt." With a concerted effort, Gilbert set the pace slow.

Making sure that Canada was comfortable with the lengthy intrusion. He was longer than the blonde, yet not as thick. In this case, depth made all the difference as he angled and brushed the other's prostate. Feeling the north american nation jaunt underneath him, Gilbert hummed pleasantly knowing how 'that' felt. He aimed again and managed to rub it regularly in his thrusting and soon felt in between their stomachs the reawakening of his love's arousal.

"F...faster!" Matthew reached around Gilbert's neck and dove his fingers in the scruff of his hair, eyes swiming in sensation and emotions. Locking themselves with Prussia's.

They made love and steadilly the tempo built until it felt as if they were fighting a storm together. Having gone a long while. Prussia lost his composure and nibbling the other frantically trying to give the other a sign without admitting out loud that he was at his limit. Gilbert groaned in a high pitched and distressed matter.

"Fill me, I want to see you cum." Matthew had divined his distress and pushing an arm between them he took his own cock in hand. Hearing Matthew's encouragements, Prussia indulged him.

"Shei├če! C...Canada!" Gilbert chocked and thrust deeply into his lover down to the base and his balls and then climaxed strongly.

Prussia ejaculated powerfully, rushing inside him. Spurts of his warm essence splattering his insides, the pulsations of the shaft deeply impaling him, combined with the look of extasy on Gilbert's face all culminated along with his own hand's stimulation in bringing Matthew over the edge a second time that night. He felt his anus clench and the wetness of his own semen on his pumping hand as he called out Prussia's name.

The two collected themselves, breathlessly delirious in their afterglows and hardly believing how much they had felt. Momentarily suspended in pure bliss.

"Ich liebe dich, Matthew." Gilbert pecked the other's nose and rolled of of him. Wobbly grabbing for tissues and politely attending his lower.

"I love you too Gilbert."

At an opportune moment, as the albino was busy whipping the excess semen from his stomach. Matthew grabbed his lover's head and kissed him. Trying to convey his overpowering emotions to the other.

"Yes, lets get married. I want more of these nights with you."

Blinking and processing the other's meaning. There was only one word Prussia could say which summed up everything.



The end.

(Possible Epilogue)