First of all I don't own Teen titans cause if i did, they would still be on TV with more episodes. The only thing I do own is the plot well most of it, so yeah!

The ages: Raven-19 (but older than BB) , Beast Boy-19, Starfire-20, Robin-21 and Cyborg-24

Raven's POV.

'Shit shit shit! I can't believe he said that, i can't believe it! Does he really mean that after everything we've been through' I thought to myself, tears dripping out like waterfalls; whilst i ran to my room. I can't believe he, Garfield, Gar, my love, Beast Boy called me the 'Ice Queen' I mean i told him that he wasn't funny and needs to grow up and stop trying to make me laugh but... you know that's out of order!does he really mean it. Finally i got to my room, i literally punched the code in and ran. i didn't make it to the bed so i hit the floor crying even harder with the thought of him.

Beast boy's POV

I ran to Raven's . 'I've never seen her that sad, i mean i say stuff but she should know i was just a bit pissed off and that i was just, ugghh why do i even try to make up excuses it only makes things worst.' .Finally i got to her room. *knock*

Rae:What... what do you want?

Hearing her voice again made me happy but also hurt me hard, i felt the pain through her voice, she really took what i said in. And hard.

BB:Raven, its me, Beast boy... I came here to talk to you, it kills me knowing that i hurt you like that and-

*The door opens*

As soon as it opened, i ran to the indigo-clothed, pale figure on the floor...''RAVEN!'' i shouted heading towards her and plotting myself down, right in front of her. I, then placed my hand on her chin, gently pulling her face up and pulled down her hood. I looked at her, pale as can be and a mess but yet so beautiful, making me grin.

Rae:What do you want?*sniffs*

That voice... it killed me, she tried to be strong but she was so weak

Beast boy: I want you

She looked at me with a slight look of confusion


Beast boy: I mean, i want you to forgive me. I never meant to hurt you and i don't hate you its everything but hate that i feel for you, its-


she looked so confused and shocked at what i said but now its a perfect time to make my move, i saw it once in a chick-flick (don't judge me). I leaned in, getting closer to her and lucky for me, she caught on to what i was trying to do and leaned in as well, so i closed my eyes and brought her in closer...

What will happen with the Changeling and the young sorcerer? Will it be the start of something new and stuff or a horrible ending! Plz comment, vote and share and i promise to upload every monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday!