Since today is my birthday I'm giving you the two chapters, I'm now 14 and thankful that i have such a talent for literature. So enjoy! You guys are my inspiration, no lie.

Raven's POV

I woke in the queen size bed, the monks had arranged for me. Garfield had a separate room from me and i couldn't help but miss the kids. I sat and said a little thank you prayer before getting out of bed. Today was the day that could change my future with Garfield forever. I hope he doesn't fail.

An Azarethian tradition which was hidden from all our men was the test of truth. The mothers of the soon to be brides before the blessing was to make the fiancés pass a test. The test of loyalty. The mother would offer the fiancé's deepest wishes against their daughter's hand in marriage. If he was tempted by his desires, he would live his wish for eternity in a deep sleep. If he chose the girl, they would be able to marry.

I wish Gar chooses wisely, i love him so much but i know at times he asks himself what if? I felt a tear roll down my eyes i began to cry, he knew nothing about this.

?: He will pass Raven.

Me: But what if he doesn't mother. What if he falls for the trap? Fall for the illusion?

Mum: Then his love was never true.

And like that she was gone.

Garfield's POV

I woke up quite early for some ignorant reason. Raven was located in some of room since we weren't allowed to be together before the blessing. I got up and took a shower- well what they call a shower. When i came back to the room, a white robe with gold belt around it was set on my bed. My special elastic. I thought whilst touching the fabric, maybe Raven told them.

I put it on and made my way to the dining room where a banquet of vegetarian food awaited. i guess they just get me and dug in to a few tofu wraps with exotic raw vegetables accompanied. I then had a blueberry muffin and a cinnamon bun. Raven wasn't there but i guess it was just part of the tradition.

I made my way to the balcony. This time, there were doves and Arella, leaning against the balcony wearing nothing but a white leotard as if Raven.

Arella: Good morning Garfield.

I shocked: G-good morning Arella.

Arella chuckled: Come closer Garfield. Hold me.

I remembered Raven's words from last night that if her mother asked me something i had to obey no matter the situation: sexual or not that meant anything in Azareth.

I breathed in and made my way over. I gently took her in my arms from behind, my chin resting on her shoulder. She sighed.

Arella: It's been a long time since someone has held me. Raven is lucky to have such long lean arms wrapped around her.

i blushed at the compliment and when she snuggled in closer.

Arella: Tell Garfield. Who are those kids that Raven treasures in her cloak?

Me soft: There our children. We're going to officially adopt them after the wedding. Raven has loved them ever since she met them and they've always seen us as parent figures even when at the time I and Rae weren't close.

Arella whispering: So I'm going to be a grandmother.

i nodded.

Arella: Will ever see them?

Me: Of course and they want to meet you. When we told them we were going to see you they practically threw a tantrum for them to come too.

Arella sigh: I wasn't a good mother though. No affection and i called her Rachel.

Me: Why do you do that, call her Rachel?

Arella: That the name i wanted to call my daughter.

Me: So why'd you call her Raven?

Arella: Rachel's too angelic when Raven found out. She came to earth to prove me wrong, all of us, which she did.

She gently rested her head against mine and rubbed my arms as they covered her from the breeze.

Me: Did you ever love Trigon?

Arella: Yes before i knew what he really was and what he had planned for me.

Me: And Raven have you ever had regrets on her?

Arella: Yes that i wasn't able to rock her to sleep like a normal child and kiss her every night. But i did sing to her yet she doesn't know i do. And i didn't have regrets but only feared what i could bring to the universe that's why i tried to commit suicide. out of fear not regret.

Me whispering: But you never stopped loving her?

Arella: Of course not. She's my daughter.

I heard her tear up and cry, i began slowly swaying with her to calm her down. The doves crowded around as if to comfort her. I gently pulled away and transformed into one and flew on the balcony. The doves gathered around me and cooed when suddenly i felt a caress on my head. I turned to see it was Arella, who was staring at the view with a smile on her face.

Arella: My doves are always calm with new people; most animals tend to get scared when they see a specimen they don't recognize. My doves they make you fit in; the world isn't like that though. *sighs* I'm sure it's not easy fitting into a world filled with judgement.

'No, it isn't' I thought to myself but i was guessing she heard that.

Arella: I suppose you wish to have a normal life like everyone else.

'That's the dream'

Arella: So what if i could give it to you?

I flew out of her reach and transformed into me.

Me: How?

Arella:*turns around and faces me* I have a mirror a special mirror like every other Azarethian mother that grants the wildest dreams, changes your life to how you want it to be.

Me: But what about Raven?

Arella: She can profit of it too if you like she could become normal too. You'd both live a normal life.
Me: How is that possible?
Arella: You only have to choose your life and it will happen. Here let me show you.

Suddenly i was in a dark room and in front of me a mirror as i looked into to it. I saw two people, middle-aged and happy. My parents.