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Chapter 1

Hiccup's View

My home town, in other words is sturdy. It's been here for seven generations, but every single house we have is new, why? Well, my home is twelve days north of Hopeless and a few degrees South of Freezing to death. It's located solidly on the meridian of misery.

So, as you can see it's very, very cold. In fact it snows nine months of the year and hails the other three. It's the perfect weather for our pests, dragons. Most people would leave, not us. We're Vikings, we have stubbornness issues. So, instead of turning tail, and running from the fire breathing beasts, we trapped them and somehow turned them into house pets.

That's right; we Vikings somehow trained the dragons. In fact, some Vikings ride them.

Of course, not me.

You know that boy who seems shy, but is really a sarcastic dick, on the inside? The kid who sits at the back of the class, lonely. As thin as a walking stick, with an deformed nose and wired large eyes? The kid with chestnut locks that curled around his face? The kid who would not make their parents proud, but not for the lack of trying, no. Because the kid just wasn't good at anything, the kid that was called useless, freak?

Well, that would be me. Ha. I bet your feeling guilty now? Don't worry, I'm a pretty nice guy, despise the fact I'd probably curse you out and snort a sarcastic comment under my breath. I'm still nice enough to forgive and forget.

Suddenly, a big beefy hand grabbed my shoulder, snapping me out of my thoughts. I was dragged into a small building. This building was one of the few that had lasted almost a year. It was dim and dark; surprisingly it was warm, because of the many ovens littering the walls. Weapons hanged from the ceiling, almost like a dungeon.

It was just the Black Smith.

"Hiccup, I thought you'd been carried off."

I looked up at the male standing behind me; he sent me a knowing look. Oh, right. Just moments ago, I was standing outside, observing one of the many days when the woman and children should take cover. It was a day when a certain type of dragon, tried to cook his owner.

"Who, me? Nah, come on! I'm way too….muscular for their taste. They wouldn't know what do with all this." I grinned and waved my hands up and down my body. The other crossed his arms and smirked.

The man turned around, he rushed towards the opposite wall and pushed open a large wooden window turning the building into a stall "They need toothpicks, don't they?" He called over his shoulder.

The meathead with attitude and interchangeable hands is Gobber. I've been his damn apprentice ever since I was little. Well…Littler.

Ah, Good old Gobber, knows exactly how to raise my spirits. Gobber was a large beefy man, his stomach poked out making his white cotton shirt rise a little. He wore brown pants, his right pant leg was rolled up to show a metal leg that shined in the light as well as his right arm, which was replaced with a metal stub, which can be used to connect weapons.

Apparently, he lost both his arm and leg to his pet dragon in training.

A Bonesnacher.

A Bonesnacher is simply a deep black coloured dragon, covered in armour made from bones. He's stubborn, just like his master, and prefers roosted sheep to fish.

Suddenly a loud explosion rumbled from across the road. Both Gobber and I turned to see good old Meatlog's house go up in flames. See? Old village, lots and lots of new houses.

I sighed as a group of kids rushed pasted the window, all holding huge buckets of water. A large boy held a large trough on his shoulder, his small eyes narrowed lightly as he stared at the dancing flames.


The boy was massive, seriously. He was what 16 stone maybe more, very large for a boy his age, but then again we're Vikings. Most Vikings are quite heavy.

Fishlegs was, yes, around 16 stones or more. He wore a long, green scarf with a matching, buffy green cotton coat as well as long, blue pants.

Hey, we're Vikings not stupid. We know if we ran around in this weather dressed in animal skins we'll get sick and die. And besides, we Vikings love the heat not cold, again why don't we just leave? Once more, Vikings have stubbornness issues.

He was a shy and quite boy, only talked when necessary. He's very smart though, I think his IQ is over 150 close to mine, which is 200, yes I know I'm very smart.

I watched as another boy pushed Fishlegs out the way. The boy threw the water at the mocking flames, putting them out.


Snotlout is this incredibly short guy, he's even shorter then me which is saying something, since we're from the same family. Yes, Snoutlout and I are related.

He has brown hair, which I like to call rat-nest, it's an inside joke. Anyway, the boy was strong, he works out non-stop that's why his muscles are so big, they take the attention away from the family nose.

The boy was dressed in a sleeveless shirt, that showed his muscles to everyone who dared to look. Finger-less gloves, and skin-tight, leaver pants that outlined things, embarrassing things.

Snotlout isn't a very nice person, far from it. He's known as the bully back at training, of course no one stood up to him in fear he would punch them down.

Snotlout smirked, and rustled his rat-nest as he watched the flames die out. He turned around smugly before he let out a yelp, watching as two kids fought over a wide bucket of water.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut.

Ruffnut is a beautiful girl, she has long blonde hair that reaches her mid back. Her blonde hair was held up in twin pig-tails that curled over her shoulders.

She was actually really pleasing to hang out with. She laughs a lot and makes many jokes about things, especially when it comes to her brother. She was mostly seen in a long, light purple jump that was rolled up to her elbows with deep black tights on underneath with disappeared into a pair of leather brown boots. A deep black belt hanged over hip with a few dangers just in case.

Her brother, Tuffnut was almost the spiting image of his sister. He too had long blond hair that reached his mid back, but it was straight, with a curl of muddy brown hair hanging over his shoulder. He was known as a dirty child, he prefered to hang out in the forest and get his clothes muddy.

Unlike his sister, he was terrible to hang out with. He made fun of my size every damn time. He'd pull my hair, he even went as far to take my clothes in training.

Oh and the two were twins, Ruffnut being the older and more responsible twin and Tuffnut being the more laid back and lazy twin. But no matter how grown up Ruffnut is, she still fights with her brother non-stop.

Suddenly said blonde, lets go of the bucket sending her brother backwards onto the ground, the water going everywhere. Wetting his face. The boy let out a growl and moved to stand up, when he was suddenly pushed back down by another female.


Astrid too was a beautiful girl, in fact when I was younger I used to have crush on her, it was only when she punched me that I really felt my hatred for her burn.

She was a prideful female, liked to make sure everything she did was perfect. A perfect little solider, a perfect little Viking.

Her short blonde hair was pulled back into a bun, held back by a bone. She liked to put up a taught act, with her spiked skirt and chained shirt.

She can be scary at times, but it doesn't matter I still don't like her. But no matter what, she and the others have the coolest jobs. When a dragon goes rogue, they get the, oh, so great task of putting the fire they make out.

I slowly moved towards the door when Gobber suddenly grabbed me by the back of the shirt, he hoisted me back and stared me down.

"Ah, come on. Let me out, please. I need to make my mark." I cried out desperately, hey what can I say? When a kid is on his own, he becomes desperate every now and then.

Gobber placed me onto the ground and shakes his head "You've made plenty of marks. All in the wrong places."

My eyes widen slightly as I recalled the past times I've almost blown up the town "Please, two minutes. I'll help calm down the dragon, and my life will get infinitely better." I cried again, but once again the man shakes his head.

"You can't lift a hammer, you can't swing one of these." Gobber growled and held up an iron ball with nets attached, they're used to trap a dragon. Suddenly it was ripped from his hand by a passing Viking.

"Thanks." The Viking yelled and threw it at the angry dragon.

I stared at the Viking before turning to look at Gobber "Okay fine, but.." I trailed off and rushed to the back corner of the stall. I yank out a bizarre, wheel barrow like contraption. I looked back at Gobber and smiled hopeful "This will throw it for me." As soon as those words leaved my mouth, the arms of device springs up and throws an icon ball-net, trapping a poor Viking.

Gobber sighs, he rubs his forehead "See." He began, the tone of his voice sending disappointed shivers down my spin "Now this right here is what I'm talking about."

I couldn't stop the small pout that crawled across my face, I looked down and twiddled my fingers together before listening to Gobber continue "Hiccup. If you ever want to get out there and help the others. You need to stop all.." I peeked up and noticed he was making gestures in my general direction.


Ouch! That hurts.

"B-But…you just pointed to all of me…"

Gobber suddenly lets out a gasp and nods his head "Yes! That's it! Stop being all of you."

I pouted more and looked down. I don't understand. I keep trying but yet I keep being pushed aside, I can't be threatening like the oth-

Uh-Oh, I've just gotten an idea. A snaky grin slipped on to my face and I let out a deep "Ohhhhh!"

I ignored Gobbers mimicking and puffed out my chest "YOU, sire are playing a dangerous game. Keeping this much….raw Vikingness contained." I cried, over dramatically.

I suddenly let out a gasp when a large, blunt sword is suddenly thrown into my arms. I looked up at Gobber meekly, "I'll take my chances. Sword Sharpen, now!"

Well, that crashed and burned. Me and my damn ideas, maybe I should learn to keep my mouth shut, really now. Muttering under my breath, colourful words, I spun around and stalked towards the grinding wheel.

My eyes slowly lifted to the window, I will get out of here one day. Because taming a dragon is everything around here, sure there are a few special Vikings that are meant for greatness. A few special Vikings that can do things, that can't be explained, vikings that are known by normal folk as witches or wizards. I believe the only one here is this town is the town's healer.

All of sudden, a female Viking riding on a large purple chicken like dragon flew over the stall. The dragon had a long tail with many small spikes and bright yellow eyes, they are known as Deadly Nadders.

The Nadder, suddenly used her tail to swing a hippo like dragon out of the way of the angry dragon. The hippo like dragon was large brown, it looked like rocks were sticking out of its skin, it's known as a Gronckle.

Gronckles are tough, taming one of those will definitely get me a girlfriend.

I watched as the Viking on top of the Gronckle smiled at the woman and yelled an thank you. Suddenly two large heads appeared, one shot smoke and the other sent it on fire, blocking the angry dragons attack.

The two heads were attached to a long, slimy body. A Zippelback was exotic, exciting. Two heads, twice the status.

Suddenly the angry dragon leaped towards our newly build catapult. It began to crawl up to where an even beefier man then Gobber stood. His eyes narrowed at the dragon as the wind blew his fiery-red hair around, making him look like some kind of super hero.

The angry dragon was a deep red coloured dragon, it had spikes sticking out of its back with a long nail like tail. They were known as Monstrous Nightmares, only the best Vikings go after those. They have this nasty habit of setting themselves on fire.

I smirked lightly as I watched the dragon let out a loud roar before setting itself on fire. I sighed as the man staring it down leaped at it's head, sending him and the dragon down.

But, the ultimate prize is the dragon no one has ever seen, we only know it exists because there's a short description in the book of dragons. It a pure black dragon, with slick skin, and two wide beautiful wings, also known as a Night Fury.

I gasped loudly when the nightmare threw the red-haired man off it's head and roared again in anger. Gobber looks up from his work, he grabs a sword and attaches it to his metal stub, he moves to leap out of the stall before looking back at me, "Man the fort, Hiccup. They need me out there!." He says and pauses, his eyes narrowing at me, "Stay. Put. There. You know what I mean." He growls before charging into the fray, hollering.

"Yeah, like that will happen." I smirked and grabbed my wheeled contraption. I push it out the door, I quickly duck under the Vikings running past me before I pushed it up the only hill in the town.

I pulled the leaver and watched as it unhooked it's arms. I smirked and placed the net ball into it's arms before turning to look at nightmare. My eyes narrowed as I watched it shriek and roar. Gulping, I closed my eyes tightly.

Here goes nothing.

I felt the ball-net lanch, it flew through the air towards the Nightmare. It unhooked the net before the Nightmare suddenly turned and saw it shooting towards him. Flicking his tail, he slammed the weapon into a nearby house before he looks up the hill.

Both boy and dragon lock eyes.

My eyes grow wide. Oh shit. Oh shit. It's looking straight at me. It was almost like time froze as we stared at each other before the dragon pushes off the ground with an angry roar. It throws itself at me, fire blaring from his mouth.

"HELP!" I shrieked, and leapt down the rocks. The Nightmare right behind me, letting out snarls and roars as it ducked under fallen trees and leaped over fallen houses.

My eyes sparkled in happiness when I saw the huge pole. Ducking behind it, I slowly counted to myself, before gasping when the Nightmare blasts it, spraying fire around me. I gulped and look behind the pole, expecting to see the mighty dragon, but instead I saw no-one.

Sighing in relief, I turn back around only to gasp when I was met with it's large red eyes, leering at me. I held my breath as I watched it suck up air for a powerful attack when suddenly the man from before leaps in-between us. He punches the dragon in the muzzle sending it back, the Nightmare growls angrily before sucking up air, and just as he went to release the flames, black smoke shot out instead.

The red-head man smirked, "You're all out." He hisses and hits the Nightmare repeatedly in the head, before leaping back as other Vikings begin to tie it down. The man slowly turns to me.

Oh, and there's one more thing you need to know, "Sorry, Dad…" I muttered before squealing loudly when my Dad grabs me by the back of my shirt, and drags me up the steps.

Uh-Oh, I know I'm in for it now. I peeked out my eyes and noticed everyone's disappointed stares.

My Dad looks at me and shakes his head, "Every time you step outside, disaster follows. Can you not see that I have bigger problems? Winter's almost here and I have an entire village to feed."

I laughed mentally. Between you and me, the village could do with a little less feeding. I thought annoyed as I glanced around and saw Snotlout staring in amusement with a smug look in his eyes, and Astrid looking at me in shame.

Dad looks down and points at the building behind us, "Get back to the house."

Without another word, I began to walk past him.

"I've never seen anyone mess up that bad before." Snotlout snorted as Ruffnut laughed, "Quite the performance."

I rolled my eyes and looked to the side. Thank you, Thank you. I was trying.

I moved to the steps when suddenly a long brown stick shot out, blocking my embarrassing escape. Slowly raising my eyes, I met the kind face of the old woman, also know as our town's healer or our town's witch.

"My lady." My Dad called from behind me, as the woman gently patted my hands. She smiled and turned to my Dad, he and everyone else stared at the woman confused; she had never made her way all the way down here before. When she became so old that she couldn't even ride her broom-stick, she stopped trying to walk to the town, and simply stayed up in her house, watching.

My Dad steps up and bows lowly, "My Lady. What makes you come all the way down here to see us?" He asks, his tone suddenly soft and gentle.

The woman lets out a breathless laugh and brings her stick back down. She smiles even wider and looks up at the night sky just as a loud, but cute shriek echoed across the skies. It sounds so enchanting, that not just the towns people looked up but the dragons too.

And there he was.

He was beautiful, small but beautiful. He had round large blue eyes that glowed in the night sky, his small orange beck could be seen clearly as the moon light lit up the ruffled feathers.

Another shriek and a few gasps from the townspeople as he circled them, teasing and probably mocking the dragons as he went before he gently landed on the healers walking stick.

The healer smiles and gently strokes the owls feathers, I watched in amazement as the owl lets out a purr before it turned it's large blue eyes onto my father.

Dad stepped back in disbelief, "Impossible. A new witch or wizard was born here, in Berk and I didn't even notice it." He gasped, even Gobber was shocked.

The owl lets out another shriek, and I suddenly noticed the pure white letter in it's beak. It's head twists and turns before it looks in my direction. I yelp as the letter leaps from the owls peck.

"A-A Howler?" Suddenly Astrid gasps.

A Howler? What's that?

Snotlout looks at Astrid, his eyes questioning, "A Howler is a letter that can talk, it screams at you."

I shivered, screams at me? I looked up at the healer, she simply smiled at me and waved her hand out for me to take the letter. Gulping, I slowly plucked the letter from the space in front of me.

And there on the white paper was my name. Turning it over, I saw a red mark holding the letter closed, a castle was imprinted in red with small words underneath that read 'Hogwarts'

Hogwarts? I think I may have heard of it before, but I can't place my finger on it.

With shaky hands, I slowly began to peal off the red seal. As soon as the seal was slightly ripped, the letter leaped into the air. It spun around before a long red tongue pulled out of a now letter like face staring at me.

I ignored the chattering and gasps as I stared at the letter's face, a soft and kind smile slipped onto the letter's face before a gentle female voice slipped through it's paper lips "Dear. Mr . Haddock." She began softly, just hearing my name slip through her lips made me whimper, "We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts' School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

I stared wide eye at the letter who let out a small giggle, "Please remember that all students must be equipped with…one standard size two pewter cauldron and may bring, if they desire, either an owl, a cat or a toad." And with that said the letter repeated what she had just said before ripping herself up.

I watched as the paper hit the ground. Magic.

Suddenly a cream box was placed into my hands, looking down at it I frowned and gasped when the healers hands were placed over mine, she smiled at me as I slowly pulled the lid of the box to reveal a beautiful carved wand, it had a small dragon carved up the sides.

I just stared at it.

"Son." I blocked out my fathers voice.




Me, I'm a wizard. I feel light headed.

I can't believe it. Me, Hiccup the useless. Was a wizard, oh don't make me laugh.

And with that thought everything turned back.


Note: Yes, I know that Vikings are supposed to were animal skins but this is my own spin on Vikings and besides it's based in the present time.