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I can't believe she has done this!

I just couldn't believe the girl had done that. Frizzy bear had just given her life up for us, for all we know she could, at this moment being eaten alive by the key-dragons. The girl who had undressed in front of me that fateful day had just scarified herself for us, for me. Merida, surprisingly she had became my best friend, my older sister. I never thought Hogwarts would actually turn out like this, I had always thought I'd be alone. Always, being picked on by the others in Berk.

"It'll be alright…I think.." tilting my head, I stared blankly at Goldie locks, the girl was trembling. Poor girl. Turning my forest eyes, I gazed around the rather large and smelly hall the three of us stood in now. The walls was cracked and it reminded me of a graveyard.

"The doors locked." the frost-boy grumbled from across the hall. Looking towards him, I noticed Jack looked troubled as he gazed around the hall himself, making his way back to the two of us. His frost-blue eyes scanned the ground with great interest, pouting a little, I followed his gaze and jumped, startled as I found a huge black and white checkered board underneath us.

Goldie locks sneezed, her long golden hair ruffled as she crouched down to observer a stone statue. She ran her fingers weakly across the cracked stone with a weak smile. "Now what?"

"Isn't it obvious." Jack almost sneered, spinning around to face the two of us. Rapunzel slowly lifted her head to look at the boy who, had that moment stood proudly like 'Super-man'. "We've got to play our way across the room. All right!" he ordered, jumping a little to excited. I'm starting to think that Jack may be on something with all these energy had always seemed to have. "Hiccup!" he yelled, turning to look at me, who by the way almost lost control of his blander in surprise at how fast the taller boy had rounded onto me, nodding dumbly, I eyed the boy. "You take the Bishop's square."

Bishop's square? Turning my gaze, I paled at what I saw. I'm amazing at spells, I great at keeping up with stories and facts. Heck, I could probably re-write the internet if I wanted too. But when it comes to the things called wizard-chest I'm useless And that is just what it seems to be. We're standing on a bloody large wizard-chest board. Gulping, silently cursing my bad-skills for games, I made my way slowly towards my square. I glancing down at the statues in front of me, awaiting for my orders I whimpered.

"Don't worry Hiccup! You've got the best chest-player in history! Me!" Jack smiled, gracefully leaping onto the a horse behind me. I almost snorted, sure, Jack was an amazing player, but he's never played something that was after blood before. Turning to look at Rapunzel, I bit my bottom lip as I noticed she held the position of Queen's side castle. She looked pale, as if she'll fall to the ground any moment. Just great! We're going to die playing a game. Just the way I want to go! "Wait." I suddenly snapped, looking up at the white head boy. Something just popped up in my head, I started at him with somewhat teary eyes. I just couldn't stop them, I always get teary eyes when I'm nervous.

"J-Jack? You d-don't suppose this is g-going to be like…r-real wizard's chess, d-do you?" I asked weakly, fearing the answer. Even Goldie locks looked desperately towards the tall boy on the horse, playing as knight.

Jack eyes flicked between us, silently determining in his mind and after a couple of seconds he lifted his gaze. "You there!" he bellowed to a white pawn down in front of our side. He gulped a little as he spoke the next words, "D-5." we all watched with hitched voice as the pawn slid across the floor towards the spot, and once our turn was up, a black pawn across from us moves gloomily towards us and stopped right next to our pawn. It just sat there, mocking us before in a flash in whipped out it's sword and slashed our pawn. I trembled, watching as the stones rolled across the floor, little shards prickled my skin as I slowly returned my gaze to the pale-faced Jack who gulped and licked his top lip.

"Yes. Hiccup. I think this is going to be exactly like wizard's chess…"

"Well…this will be fun…" I mumbled softly, turning to watch our little game continue to play out. I clenched my hand to my chest, it tingled in pain from being to close to a pawn that had just been smashed. "I-I'm okay…" I whispered out, biting back tears, I really wish Merida was still here. She'd know exactly what to do.

Looking at Rapunzel, I flinched at her. She had cuts on her left cheek, her school shirt was rip. She, at the moment stood directly in front of the Queen's peace with a determine expression on her face. I wonder what would have happened if we've never met, if we've just went our spread ways. Merida would still be alive right now. She wouldn't have died protecting us, would she. Rapunzel wouldn't have her innocence ripped from her, she looks so grown up compared to before, compared to when I first met her. And Jack, I dealt that we would be friends if I hadn't met Merida. He is the closest thing I have to a best friend. He's funny, kind and I like his attitude a lot, I like how he plays with Professors Pitch head. The teacher just scares me. "Wait!" jumping, I looked up from my thoughts to see Rapunzel looking at Jack who smiled weakly at both of us.

Jack's eyes flashes as he spent a look to the golden head girl. I frowned, confused when said girl returns to the look with a nod of her own. Jumping once more, I looked up shyly as the white head boy looked at me with a strained smile, like what he was about to say, he really didn't want to. "You understand right, Hiccup? Once I make my move, the Queen will take me…then you'll be free to check the king." he spoke, his voice raspy. He expects me? Me the screw up to check the king? He's insane. I watched with wide eyes as a grin spread across his face. "Hiccup, it's you that has to go one. I know it. Not me, not Rapunzel, you." he nods his head in agreement with his thoughts and looks back at the chess-board.

"Knight….to H-3."

"Jack!" the horse the boy sat on slowly and terrifying moved forward. It moves over the black and white symbols towards the high and mighty black queen. Jack bit his bottom lip hard, he breaths deeply and grips the steel reins tightly, his fists almost turning blue. He jerks a little when the horse stops right in front of the queen, the queen unmoving for a few second before it swiftly shifts it's body and slammed it's chair into the other statue. Sending both Jack and the horse to the ground. "N-No don't move!" I breathed out with disbelief. I looked at Rapunzel who was just itching to run over to the fallen boy. "W-We're still p-playing." I whimper softly and slowly walked to stand in front of the queen. I stare up at the statue, she looked horrifying.

"C-Checkmate!" I spoke bravely, trying to fight to urge to ran back and hid in a corner with my tail between my legs. And then, just as suddenly and swiftly the Queen stood and I thought she'd attack me, but in side the statue began to fall apart. I stayed still, staring down at the pill of crumble. I gulp a little and turned my attention onto Jack, I quickly moved towards him just as Rapunzel helped the boy sit, said frost boy groaned.

"You'll be okay. Hiccup. You're a great wizard, you really are." Rapunzel smiled up at me, I simply stared down at her, my lips fold into a thin line. She practically emulated. "But Jack's right. You have to go on." she spoke with weary eyes, I found my stomach flip. Me. Me, Hiccup, the village screw up. I have to go on. I can't do that. I just can't. Every time I touch something it blows up, every time I do something it falls apart. Just what does she expect me to do. "I can see it your face. Hiccup. You're amazing wizard. You know all kind of things. I wouldn't get through Hogwarts without you, I probably would have brought a pan with me." she chuckled, turning to look down at Jack. "The only thing I can ever do is paint. I charted the stars you know. Back home, my room is filled with books, but I'm not fast thinking, I can't create a spell in a matter of seconds, I can't put together a poison underneath five minutes. But you can. Hiccup. You did all of those things."

Rapunzel breathed deeply before turning her attention onto me. "That is why…I know you'll do great. Hiccup, you may be not be a good Viking but you're a damn amazing wizard and you're supposed to be in RavenClaw! I knew from when I first met you. You'll do great things." she said smiling brightly. "You're like the little brother I always wanted."

"R-Rapunzel…" I mumbled shyly, suddenly finding myself overcome with shyness. Always. Always I was always told I was useless, that I should stay away from everything. This is the first time I've been told otherwise. Suddenly my chest burned with determine and nodded my head. "O-Okay." I flinch as my voice came out in a croak. Rapunzel just gives me another encouraging smile. Licking my lips when I found them dry, I gulped as I turned to look at the large glooming stone doors.

"Well. Here goes nothing." I breathed to myself and began to walk towards the doors and with one more look back at my friends I slipped into the empty room. Observing the room I noticed a long staircase in front of me, I gazed the pillar walls before shakily beginning to walk down the steps. I almost turned back when I found the large arch doorway with red fire flickering inside. Slowly, I slipped into the large hall. "…W-What. You? Professor P-Pitch." I squealed in shock at the being I saw. He wasn't no way near like Professor Pitch.

"Yes. He does seem the type, doesn't he?" Professor Red spoke, turning to look me with menacing red eyes that seemed to glow as he looked over to me. I looked so small, incompetent to him, who is big and beefy. "Next to me, who would suspect?" he mocked with a long snake like smirk revealing long sharp teeth.

I gasped as I felt the pillar behind me, I pressed my hand against the cool stone as I stared at the man. No, not a man, at the demon. He couldn't possible be a human, he looks and smells so different. "B-But, that day, during the Quidditch Match. Professor Pitch tried to kill M-Merida." I gasped out and winced at the thought of the red-head girl. I shuddered when the man in front of me bust into laughter, the laugh was sickly and made my stomach flop.

"No, dear boy. I tried to kill her! And trust me, if Pitch's cloak hadn't caught fire and broken my eye contact, I would have succeeded!" He sneered, his eyes narrowing in thought. "Even with Pitch muttering his little counter-curse. I then would have gone after you and the other two. I knew you four were a danger right from the start. Especially after Halloween."

"Th-then you let the troll in."

The smirk on his face widen so much that I thought it would brake his face in two. "Very good boy, yes. Pitch, unfortunately wasn't fooled. While everyone else was running to the dungeon, he went to the 3rd floor to head me off. He, of course, never trusted me again. He rarely left me alone." he grunted, rolling his eyes with a snort and suddenly turns his body around. Behind him was a mirror. "What does this mirror do? I see what I desire. I see myself holding the stone. But how do I get it?" he grumbles and looks back at me with his snake like eyes.

"Come here, now boy."

Jumping, the hairs on the back of my neck stands on ends and I slowly move to peer into the mirror. My heart leaps into my throat. It's a image mirror. It shows us what we desire. I've read about them. Blinking my eyes, I stared at my other self, surprisingly the other brunette smiles at me and takes something from his left pocket. Blinking, I slowly moved my own hand to my left pocket and felt something hard inside. My back suddenly straighten and I return my gaze to the mirror to see something big and black laying behind me, I tried to see what it was but it had quickly faded away. What was that?

"What! What is it!" Red Death growls out angrily. He turns his gaze back onto me and shudder underneath it. He hisses out and a long red tongue slips from his mouth, he stalks forward and I suddenly became aware of a pair of red scale wings poking out his back. I stared wide eye at them and when he noticed he chuckled. "Yes. You see what I have become? See what I must do to survive? I live off another. A red dragon to live. A mere parasite. Unicorn blood can sustain me, but it cannot give me a body of my own. But there is something that can. Something, that conveniently enough, lies in your pocket!"

My hand shots to my left pocket and I back away a little. He isn't human. He stole a dragons life to live. Bit my bottom lip, my hand slides into my pocket and true to what the thing said I felt a cool stone within. I yelped when Red Death suddenly reached out and grabbed my shoulder, flinching I grabbed the arm and tried to pull it off when suddenly smoke furls from underneath my hand. I watched wide eyed as the male suddenly shovelled away, his whole arm is crumbling into a mountain of black ash.

"W-What?" I gasped and tried to search my memory for anything that could explain this only to come up blank. I stared down at my hand and jumped when Red Death suddenly lunched at me, yelping loudly, I throw both hands forward and touched his hard skinned face. My head pounds at the scream that escapes him, he stumbles backwards, his face is burned and crumbles as he walks away until his whole body busty into ash and fell to the ground.

My stomach twists and my chest pounds, my head felt heavy. My legs buckled and I fell to my knees, blinking blankly ahead of me I stared into the mirror in front of me. Instead of seeing myself, I found two big green slit eyes gazing back surrounded by blackness. Without thinking, my hand slips into my pocket and I tugged out a red stone, I looked at it for a few seconds before returning my attention to the eyes in front of me. We stared at eachother before everything around me suddenly got blurry, the colour drained and I found myself falling backward as everything turned black. The only thing I could see was the two big green eyes that shimmered brightly.

Letting out a gasp, my eyes shot open. I found a beautiful white cloth above me. I stared at it for a few more second before coming painfully aware of the pain that ran through my body. Turning my head, I found myself nested underneath a white blanket. "Hospital w-wing…" I wished to myself, flinching as I slowly pushed myself up. Bandages covered my chest, arms, legs and a plaster across my cheek. I ran my fingers across the rough martial as I found the two tables next to me covered in cards and gifts. I simply stared at them, wondering who would give them to me?

"Tokens. From your admirers." a voice startled me. Turning my head, I gasped as I found Professor North slowly making his way towards my bedside. He looks down at me with kind eyes and chuckles at my surprise. He smiles down at me and gently pats me on the head, my head bounced along with his hand. "What happened down in the dungeons between you and Professor Red is a complete secret, so, naturally, the whole school knows." he chuckles once more to which I couldn't help but smile to.

"Ah. I see your friend Rapunzel has saved you the trouble of opening your Chocolate Frogs."

My eyes widen as I suddenly remembered everything. My stomach twisted and my face paled. "R-Rapunzel was here? Is she alright? Oh. Jack! He was hurt badly, he had hit his head. Is he okay! W-What about M-Merida! She is alive right!" I blurred out without thinking. My friends. My only friends!

"Fine. All just fine." he spoke and I let out a breath of relief before gasping once more and looking up at him with wide eyes.

"What happened to the Stone? And that mirror! I saw eyes watching me! And what I did with my hands!"

Professor North smiled and patted me on the head once more and just like before my head bounced along. "Relax, dear boy. The stone had been destroyed, the stone grants the person using it to use it's power, it is why Professor red wanted it. My friend Nicholas and I had a little chat and agreed it was best all around. The mirror is locked away. It shows what was most desired, but at rare times it reveal glimpses of the future. Something only the most purest of wizards see."

Letting out a breath of pure relief, I laid back down and stared up ahead. I had done it. I had done what I thought I couldn't have done. Professor North gazed down at me before smiling and walking towards the hospital wing door and opened it. "You may come in now." he says and tilted my head and tried to see who he was allowing in. The curtain around my bed was pulled back and my heart leaped into my throat.

"Hey there' Hicc." the girl grinned. Her hair was as frilly as ever, her small body was covered in a light pink hospital dress which showed the bandages she had. "I can't believe you did it! My little Hiccup grown up!" she teased me, I just smiled at her and sat up before we hugged. "M-Merida! I really thought you had…" I grunted, trailing off and squeezing her. Merida was the older sister I had always wanted. Said girl stepped back and winked. "Of course I wouldn't be! I'm the best there ever was!" she laughed ruffling my hair.

Grinning up at her, I couldn't help but sigh with relief and I watched tiredly as the curtain was pulled back and Rapunzel and Jack appeared. Rapunzels long blonde hair was pulled back into a hug braid by white ribbons, her body was covered in a white and blue poker dot dress with a light blue unbutton jacket, plasters was on her cheeks with bandages covered her left arm completely. Jack was in a white cotton hood-shirt, it was split a little at his side with matching white shorts, his arms had bandages poking out of the sleeves, his feet was covered in them. A bandage was around his forehead with a large plaster peeking out of his shirt up his neck.

I just stared as the three began to laugh and talk, tease each other. It was almost like before, when I had first met them all.

The great hall was beautiful with blank banners around on the ceiling. Everyone was setted in their houses. I was sitting nervously despite the fact everyone was being great, that everything was good. RavenClaw students kept asking me questions and patting me on the shoulder. I just sat there quietly. Rapunzel in her houses had been talking with Ariel who had seemed to forgive her, just like me Rapunzel was being praised by her house. Jack in his house looked smug, the student who had been well, bullies, were sucking up to him now, the boy looked so damn pleased. Merida in her own house looked half sleep in fact. It's sad. Because I won't be seeing them until next year. The end of the school year is sad. I never thought I'd enjoy my time here, but I have and I'm actually looking forward to next year.

"Another year gone. And now, as I understand it, the house cup needs awarding and the points stand thus. In fourth place, Gryffindor with 312 points. Third place, HufflePuff with 352 points. In second place, RavenClaw with 426 points. And in first place, with 472 points. Slytherin House." I smiled and clapped along with everyone else. Jack looked beyond smug now. "Damn show pony." Merida mouthed to me making me laugh and nod in agreement. Just as the banners transformed into green with snakes on. All students stand and throw their hats into the air.

I almost don't want to leave. I'm excited about returning next year. De~fintely.


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