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Week 1, Day 1: Grown Men on Sulking

Aomine wasn't one to sulk; it simply wasn't in his genetic code. There were so many reasons he couldn't do it, it was ridiculous to imply otherwise. His height, his build, his face, his job (he was a policeman for Christ's sake); the list was endless. Indeed, Aomine Daiki did not sulk.

One chiding word from his lover, though, and he would curl in on himself, glaring at the wall whilst he pouted. Not that it looked like a pout. No, of course not. That was another thing Aomine couldn't do.

He was currently lying on his couch, his back facing Tetsu as the man cooked their dinner. The silence permeating through the house was almost deadly, and the source was none other than Tetsu himself. And while no one in their right mind would talk to him like this, the policeman needed to know something. He decided to wait for a few minutes, but Aomine wasn't known for his patience or intelligence, so he said 'Screw it' and went for it, anyway. "Are you still mad?"

They both tensed as the clink of metal slamming into metal rang throughout the house. Aomine stood up to see what was happening, just to have his fair-skinned, innocent little Tetsu glaring at him with what felt like a murderous intent. "You made one of my students cry." The police officer flushed in embarrassment. He sat back down in the couch, trying to say something over and over again, only to stop at the start every time.

Once he gathered enough courage to explain, he stood up straight, and sprinted over to the shorter man, taking his hands. "You don't understand! He started it!"

Tetsu forcefully pulled his hands out of his grip, sighing in a way reminiscent of the how a parent treats their child. "He started it? Daiki, you're thirty years old, he's six."


"No buts. I'm almost done with dinner," Aomine grimaced at 'dinner'; this was the third time this week they had boiled eggs. "so go sit down." Once again, they fell into complete silence as he took a seat. Aomine listened to the movements Tetsu made as he waited, from putting the dishes on the table, to serving the salad, to pouring them some wine. "What'd he do anyway? I tried asking him, but he refused to say anything." Tetsu said, now with a bit of mirth in his voice.

Aomine curled in on himself, not sulking; no. And then barely audible, he said:

"He called me a ganguro."

Here's the first prompt for Merryikabutts! She asked for Police!Aomine and Teacher!Kuroko and here we go. I really love making fun of Aomine ok. I really don't regret this.

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