I recently started to play the game and I just had to write a FF about it. And the best man for this was, as you already asummed, the street fighter number one Daimon Masaru, also known as Marcus Damon. Well, let's see how he'll deal with Slendy.

Page 00: Game Intro

His head ached as he woke up. The first thing he noticed was that he was lying on the ground, better to say on the grass and that it was sunsetting. Marcus rubbed his head.

"Owww, that hurted." he sat and looked around. "Where am I? What is this place?"

He saw that he was in a forest, but he couldn't remember how he came here, or why. He noticed that beside him was his iC Burst Digivice and a flashlight. He picked them up and stood up. He noticed that he was standing next to an wired gate. He touched it and withdrawed his hand. The very same sec he touched it, it sent a weak shockwave through his body. He waved his hand.

"That hurted! What the hell is going on here? Why is this wire electricified?" he asked, but no one answered. He then noticed a sign on the gate. It stood:

"I challange you to a game. You must find eight pages scattered through this forest till dawn to help your partner and to get out of this forest. I will ALWAYS watch you. Signed: Slenderman."

"Is this a joke?" asked Marcus twirling the flashlight. "'Cause I'm not laughing."

He then shrugged and went into the forest as the night slowly took its place.