AN: This is a little alternate on Mike and Fiona's first "diner date" and what might have happened if Michael hadn't stop her. Enjoy.

I stood there silently watching as Michael tested out his latest little gadget. He had always been very good with creating useful devices out of little or nothing; a few times one of those gadgets had saved my ass. I let my eyes fall on him, I haven't seen him in a few years but he's still Michael…still handsome as ever, lean but muscular arms…displayed perfectly in his cream colored short sleeve dress shirt. His jeans hanging at his waist and secured with a belt, I smile as a few flashes pass through my mind from nights long past.

I wait for him to finish dialing the number before I dramatically clean my throat and watch as he turns towards me, pointing and shaking the cell phone in my direction as he gives me a stern warning look. "Good to know that I can still sneak up on you." I keep my casual stance leaning with one hand against an AC unit and the other on my hip, my angles crossed. "You know one of these days I'm going to shot you by accident." His tone is firm and his body goes a little ridged as a small smile crosses my face.

I push away from the unit and walk towards him letting my hips sway a bit as a wide smile crosses my face, "You might shot me one of these days but it won't be by accident." I walk past him and pick by the listening device. "I don't suppose you'll be telling the FCC about this little toy." In a moment Michael is next to me removing it from my hands and telling me not to touch it.

I blow out a sigh and purse my lips as I walk towards the edge of the roof and to gaze out at the water. "So this is home?" I hear him return my sign, "It is for now…it's cheap, thanks to the drug dealer next door and it's secure…at least I thought is was." I turn to face him a sly smile on my face, "Fourteen years in the IRA, I'm not a complete twit." I say as I slowly walk towards him, stopping when we're standing toe to toe. "You promised me diner, I came to collect." He stares past me and I see as he tries to find a way out of it but I won't let him. "You're not going to go away until I buy you dinner?' I look at him as innocently as I can and tell him no, letting my lips pout slightly.

"Alright I'll take you to dinner." He sounds flustered and frustrated and I smile to myself. "Let's go to dinner." As we turn I nudge Michael slightly, "That was easy Miami's made you soft." As we walk towards the ladder I try to form a plan to get just a little closer to him.

We've been at the restaurant for a moment, our food has come and we've ordered a decent bottle of Saki. I make sure to order food that would allow me to make the most of my chopsticks and my teeth…something that would also allow me to include some non-verbal innuendo into the evening. I try to push him about the need for an improvised listening device and after a little pushing he finally breaks down and tells me. "Sam and I are going to plant the bug listen in on Pine. Fi, I wanna ask you…um."

"Yes." I run the sticks across my lips and pull them into my mouth and notice the ever so slight change in his body language. Michael continues to stutter as he speaks, "I need you to track him…provide a little tactical support." I smugly smile, "Sure it'll be like the old days." I watch as he gives me a faint smile and a flicker come into his eyes. "That sounds like fun." I put emphases on the last word and listen as Michael snickers, "Glad you think so, I haven't worked so hard for so little money since Afghanistan…Afghanistan." He rolls his eyes and takes a long sip of his drink.

He let out a sigh as he places his glass back on the table. "But at least there my mother wasn't calling me 30 times a day…thank you for giving her my number." Is tone is slightly pissed as his face become hard. "Thank you." I say sarcastically, "Any thoughts as to why you're so unpopular? Why didn't they just kill ya?" I ask as I roll my tongue across my bottom lip.

"It might be a lesson, a warning, maybe someone wants to offer me a job but they want me desperate before they make the offer. Could be a lot of thing, I don't know." I purse my lips again and try to push him a bit harder, "I think it will be good for you to stay in one place for awhile maybe resolve some issues." I watch as he gets flustered, "You are insane. I traveled half away around the world to…" he makes quotes with his fingers "get away from those issues." I lean into the table to push him a little more. "My point exactly maybe if you stop running…" I look down as I finish my sentence, "you can maintain a normal relationship."

"Listen Fi…" His voice has taken on a softer edge and I know that somewhere I've struck a nerve. "there's a few things I'm good at…tactical analysis, hand to hand combat, I'm a decent cook." I smile come to his face as I'm sure we are both remembering the last and only time he ever cooked for me. For a moment I return his smile. "But relationships are not my thing…they never where."

I pick up a piece of fish and raise it to my mouth as I speak, "Well now you in Miami…get yourself a 24 year old with big…fake…tits." I infuse a dose of sarcasm into the last three words as I take an overly dramatic bite of my fish. I watch as Michal rolls his tongue around the inside of his mouth, "They bore me." His says this very matter of factly and a small smile graces my face as I suck my middle finger into my mouth and watch as Michael give me a scorching smile.

"If it makes you feel any better, you're the closest I ever got. It..just…wasn't…close enough. I guess." He seems to stumble over his confession and for a moment I do feel better, a part of me does anyway. "Things could have worked out for us Michael…maybe if you'd gone to church." I see his guards go up. "You where robbing banks for the IRA." I feel my hackles rise and I spit back at him, "Oh you're so fuck noble. A spy is just a criminal working for the government of foreign soil." I calm down a bit and decide to test him, "You're the one with two FBI agents watching him eat." He gives me a cocky smile,

"Three." He signals with his head to one sitting closer by talking to an attractive woman "One…"and to another sitting on the far end of the other side of the bar. "Two..." Then he smiles again, "Behind me at the bar." I straighten up and congratulate him, "Bravo." I pause for a moment as I run my hand along my PPK which is holstered to my hip. "Shall we shoot them?" I ask and watch as a wide smile crosses Michael's face. "I've got enough problems."

I look at him slightly disappointed "Oh well…" I remove the bottle from the ice and decide that we need more to drink. "More Saki then?" I don't wait for him to answer as I unscrew the top and reach over to his glass to start pouring. I hear Michael say when but I playfully keep pouring until his glass is almost spilling over and then I refill my glass.

-As Michal and I walk to the gate of his loft…he continues to question me about what I've been up to and about my most recent relationship. As we walk through the gate I tell him simply in an attempt to end his questionings. "I can't shag a man who works in a bank…the end." I twirl and face him as I reach behind my head and pull out the pins that hold my hair up.

I shake my hair loose as the back of my heels hit the first step, Michael close behind me "He was rich, he was handsome, and you broke up with him?" I smile seductively "He had no tactical awareness." I launch forward and kiss him, pulling at his bottom lip. "He didn't know how to shoot." I kiss him again, "He didn't know how many exits where in a building." I grab his shoulders and turn us, "God you spoil me Michael." I lightly slamming him against the railing and I pin his hands to his sides with my mine.

I release his hands and slide mine up the railing, "I thought it was my winning smile." He says as his hands linger on my hips. I start to kiss him, long and slow…Moaning as his fingers start to rake over my skin and his hands cup my ass roughly. I bite his bottom lip and give it a tug. I hear the click of a gun and I stop my actions for a moment.

"Don't move, Sugar want you out." I hear a man say and I see the look in Michael's eyes as he gauges the situation. "She has nothing to do with this." I hear him say in an effort to remove me from the situation. "Shut up." I hear the man say. "He's right Michael shut up." I cover his mouth with my hand and then I turn around and press my body against his. I give the man with the gun as sultry smile. "I can handle myself." I let my tongue run across my lips as I quickly make my plan to disarm him. The guy smiles at me and steps forward I grab his wrist as I launch my head forward and headbutt him, grab the gun from his hand and quickly pistol whip him with it. As he falls to the ground I turn towards Michael and smile. He is holding up his hands and blowing out a held in breath of air. "you really ought to do something about your neighbors." I say as I wave the gun in his direction then hand it to him as I start to walk up the stairs. "It was fun." I start to climb and I hear him sigh my name. "Fi. Fi. Violence is foreplay for you but it's not for me."

I turn and face him, giving him a slight disgusted look as I step down and move closer to him. "Fi I need to clean this up and get some sleep and…" I hear a lot of no's in his voice and I'm not going to accept it. I lace my fingers into his hair and gently kiss him. "Come on now Michael…It can be just like it was in Belfast. You, me, and a lot of wild nights: do you remember those nights?" I feel his hands grab on to my hips and he increase the tone of our kiss, which becomes passionate and hungry. "I break away and lead him up the stairs and smiles when he follows me.

When we reach the top, I gesture of him to unlock the door and he quickly produces the key from his pocket and makes quick work of the lock. When we enter I slip out of my heels as Michael places his keys and cell phone on a nearby table. I come up behind him and wrap my arms around his waist. I hear him sign and I let my fingers glide down to the buckle of his belt and I slowly undo it as I hear a moan come from his lips.

"Fiona…" I smile at the way my name falls from his lips. He turns and laces his hands into my hair, holding me against him as I feel his nose run the length of mine. "it's been a long time. I don't want to rush this…" he hover his lips over mine as his hands release my hair. "If it's violence that you want Fiona, then I can give you that." He twists his hands into my hair and I moan. He releases my hair and his hands quickly move to the hem of my dress. I raise my hands and Michael pulls it up and over my head in a split second.

I find myself at a loss…standing in front of him in a pair of white lace panties and my thigh holster. He pins me to the wall, pressing the full length of his body against mine as he looks deeply into my eyes. "You're still so beautiful Fi." I open my mouth but he quickly silences me with a bruising kiss. Michael continues his attack on my lips as I rake my fingers sharply down his back relishing in his growl as I pull at the hem of his tee shirt. He breaks the kiss and I smile as I remove it and throwing it to the floor.

I resume our kiss but this time I'm the one to growl as I feel Michael's trigger finger push aside the lace and forcefully enter me. I widen my stance slightly and I am rewarded with the inclusion of his middle finger as he increases his tempo. I grab on to his shoulders for support as our eyes lock in a heated war. "I've missed this…how good you feel, so warm and wild." His words are strained as he focuses on the movements of his very skilled fingers.

"You're right Michael…" My voice strains as his fingers continue their assault. "You're no good at this." I hear him snicker and withdraw quickly. "From the sounds you where just making I thought I was doing a decent job, he gives me a wide smile and grabs me by the hips and drags me away from the walk and spins me around, changing our positions as he leads me towards the bed in the opposite corner of the loft.

As he leads me backwards he stops for a moment to remove his shirt and his belt before continuing our journey to the bed. When we reach the bed Michael rakes his eyes down my body and give me a salacious smile. "Lay down Fiona." His voice is firm but dripping with desire. I do as I'm told and climb onto the bed and position myself in the center.

I watch as Michael bends down and unties the laces of his boots and quickly steps out of them. When he realizes that I'm watching he lets a devilish smile cross his lips. "Are you enjoying the show?" I return his smile and run my tongue across my lips as I shake my head in approval. I continue to watch as he unbuttons and unzips his jeans and slowly pulls them down his legs, taking his boxers with him.

He stands before me, gloriously naked and giving me a hungry look that promises me the satisfaction of my most carnal desires. He remains at the end of the bed but reaches his hands up and drags my panties down my legs. I feel the bed shift as he crawls up my body and settles his hips over mind.

I reach up and thread my hands into his hair, sharply pulling him down and letting our lips lock in a searing kiss as he presses his tip at my entrance. "I need you Michael." He gives me a smile that sends a blast of heat through my whole body and settles in my core. He pushes in slowly and then stops, "How do you want me?" I growl and fist my hands into his hair, "Like Germany." I say and I growl when he slams into me and fills every inch of me.

He sets a maddening pace and I keep my hands locked into his hair as he continues to slam in and out of me. His hands palm roughly at my breasts and I moan as he rolls my nipples between his fingers. I release his hair and grab his hips as I feel the beginnings of a mind blowing orgasm hit me. I latch on to Michael's lips and he picks up his pace as we push closer to a mutual release with each thrust. "Come for me Fi." He pleads and I can't resist, I feel my insides uncoil as we both fall over the edge.

As we come down I cling to Michael's body in an attempt to draw out our encounter. "Hmm that was better than Germany. I could get use to this." I give him a wicked grin and he simply pulls me into his arms and kisses me forcefully.