Aya was all alone in her new experiment lab. Ever since the case with the cursed house and the want of her father to make her a doll, she lived here with Maria. It was a big house, all from beautiful wood and was clean like no dust ever existed.

Her arms and legs shook at the thought of the past incident. She couldn't believe her father actually wanted to make her into a doll. To make her be perfect forever – to her even the thought of it was false.

Like, she was not perfect.

The blue eyed girl sat on the couch of her house. Maria was out of the house, she was all alone to think her thoughts… And she got herself to sink into fantasies.

Fantasies of a blonde boy, a practical zombie that protect her when she was younger, what would have happen if the boy weren't dead, if he didn't need to go after the curse ended.

She never knew his name, so she could only call him one eyed blonde kid. She wished that she would have met him earlier, before her dad started to do experiments on him and others…

If she would say what she thought on his looks, it wouldn't be bad at all. It would terrifyingly good, since he was the only one that managed to look good with one eye.

His personality was amazing. He was so nice and kind… Her mom might have told him to save her, not he himself, but… He was so kind to help though the horrors he been through because of her father. She herself was on doubt if she would have done the same.

He saved her twice, even though he was supposedly murdered by Maria the first time. Not to mention he saved her and Maria when her dad, the doctor, almost murdered them both by surprise.

In the end of all of that, when he told her his goodbye…

"Goodbye, Aya…" He gave her a kiss on the forehead.

She blushed at the thought of the boy who kissed her. She even gave him a name, according to how she saw him. She called him Dio, from some reason… It means god in Italian… she just thought it fits him… from some unknown reason.

Aya really didn't care he was a zombie or something weird like that. He was amazing, nice and handsome. Who needs more? No one. He was so perfect…

So she hoped that the experimental bodies she used to create dolls from… what she wasn't much of proud of…will one day create something as perfect as him.

That's was the whole reason of the terrible things she did to others…

'Dio, I will make something as perfect as you one day… until the day I'll go to my grave, and maybe we shall meet once again.'