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Monica POV:

I woke up in the Hecate cabin. The lights were off and my siblings were still asleep. I conjured a ball of light in my hand and stood up. I noticed that the markings running up my arm glowed slightly. Then I got and idea. I stepped outside, careful not to wake my siblings. I concentrated power. White energy sparked over my fingertips. I concentrated harder and the sparks came together. The marks on my arm began to glow even brighter. I turned and slammed my fist into a tree. The tree splintered then exploded where I hit it. The light on my arm died and my strength waned slightly. I smiled all the same. The markings basically were acting as an indicator.

Then I summoned my sword. A small fire appeared in my hand and expanded into a four-foot long flaming blade. The edges still moved like fire, but now there was a visible aura of fire around the edges. I swung it around and felt it slice through the air. I spun and sliced in a powerful downward cleave.


I stopped in surprise and saw that my sword collided with James's axe. He was perfectly calm. With one arm behind his back and one arm holding his axe in place against my sword.

"New toy?" He asked.

I swept my sword to the side to disconnect it from his axe.

"From my mother." I said smiling.

He swung his axe in a wide ark. I moved to block but then he changed direction. He swept up inside my guard and placed a twig against my neck.

"If this was a knife, you'd be dead." He said smiling.

"Oh really?" I questioned. My free arm glowed and I placed it against his chest. He instantly froze in place. I stepped back and proceeded to laugh. Then I tripped over a root that seemed to come from nowhere. I looked back at James, now unfrozen, and saw a mischievous glint in his eye. Then I noticed the other cabins starting to file out toward the dining pavilion. I joined my siblings and he walked to join the Hermes cabin.

I sat down and filled my plate with eggs, toast, and bacon. I smiled as I saw James almost break a kids hand who tried to take his bacon. I knew that rule. Never mess with a man's bacon.

My siblings and I began to talk about different kinds of magic, and wich field was better when one of the twins, Carol, blurted out. "How long have you been dating?"

I stopped eating at the sudden and random question. "More than a year." I replied. "Why?"

"Because that." She said pointing.

We all followed her gaze to the Aphrodite table. There I saw an Asian girl with dark hair with a ton of makeup and jewelry. She was attempting to eat bacon cutely and epically failing. I followed her gaze and saw her looking at James. If he noticed he didn't let on.

"I wouldn't worry about it," Lou Ellen told me. "Drew has an eye for every new camper. Literally. Do you guys remember when Jason came to camp?"

I heard a chorus of 'yes's and laughs from around the table.

"Yah, I'm not worried. Sometimes he is to loyal for his own good."

"Well lets-"

The Chiron interrupted us by stamping his hooves on the floor.

"Heroes! I would like your attention for a moment." Everyone stopped and looked at him. "Thank you. I would like to announce that capture the flag is tonight! Teams have been made and it is the blue team: Athena, Poseidon, Demeter, Aphrodite, Hebe, Hecate, Dionysus, Hypnos, Nemesis and Nike. The red team is: Ares, Hephaestus, Hades, Apollo, Hermes, Tyche, Iris, Morpheus, and Kratos. No maiming or killing!"

This will be fun. I thought.

Going up against Joe and James should be interesting. My team had more people but the kids weren't as great of fighters, except the Athena, Poseidon, Nike, and my cabin. They had better fighters and basically all the archers, but there weren't as many. This would be an even game.

I was shaken out of my thoughts by sounds of fighting on the hill. I stood up quickly and summoned my sword. A mob of kids followed my example with the sound of weapons being drawn. We all took of toward the hill with Percy and Annabeth leading the way. On the hill were two hellhounds. One was pinning down a girl and the other was pinning down a satyr. The girl was keeping the hellhounds jaws away from biting her face off. The satyr was clubbing the Hades out of the Hellhound holding him down.

Percy charged but before he reached an axe flew through the air, burying itself in the first hellhound's neck and it burst into dust. Percy helped the girl up and she reached toward her. Before she collapsed James and another camper ran forward and grabbed her. Percy ran his sword through the second hellhound.

"Hey Monica!" James yelled.

I was about to say something but then i saw who he was walking with.

"Bridget!" I yelled. I ran forward and wrapped my best friend in a hug.

"Hellhounds," she muttered. "Not the best thing. Who through that axe?"

"That would be me." James said spinning his axe in his hands.

"Oh my gods! I didn't even realize you were you!" She hugged James tightly. James just sighed and returned it. "What are you two doing here?"

"We aren't the only ones." James said as Joe and Toohey walked over.

"Group hug!" Bridget screamed. By now a small crowd had gathered. Then Chiron arrived.

"Who are you my dear?" He asked.

"Bridget Smith, daughter of Hermes." She replied.

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