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Walking down gallery upon gallery, Garry began to worry himself. He'd left her by the Coughing Man, hadn't he?... Yes, he was sure of it.

He was also sure he'd get fired if he lost her.

Passing Abyss of the Deep for about the sixth time, he began to panic. He'd promised Miss Rebecca she would be perfectly fine, if he was able to take her out once, just once, that it would be good for her... He had not expected the young lady to trick him like this, asking him to run to the museum's cafeteria to get her a bottle of water.

"Ahh, Garry, there you are. Where are you off to in such a hurry?.."

Freezing in his spot, said man back-tracked a few paintings, stopping at one preoccupied by a familiar [h/c], extravagently curled hair pinned back by a [f/c] bow.

Before the girl could comment on his tousled hair, Garry interrupted.

"Miss [Name]! I told you to wait by The Coughing Man. You had me worried!" Garry thrusted the water bottle to [Name], hitting her in the lace accented collar of her dress.

Looking up at the flustered boy, she chuckled, "Sorry... I got bored, Garry. I like this painting much better." Moving aside, she motioned to the portrait of a blonde girl hanging on the wall, "It's one of Guertena's last paintings. She's pretty, isn't she? Her name's Mary..."

Garry hesitated, muttering to himself how clueless [Name] was of his worry, and glanced up. He grimaced- he found those big, blue eyes slightly unsettling...

[Name] glanced up at him expectantly, and he flushed. "Y-yes. She's very pretty." he agreed, knowing that was what the girl wanted to hear.

She smiled. "Are there any paintings you like, Garry?"

Garry hesitated, "Oh... I guess I like that onesculpture, of the rose..."

[Name] chuckled, "The red rose?" she asked, "Ahh... I like violet more..." she hesitated, and then smiled, leaning up on her tiptoes, "Like your hair, Garry!"

Garry's cheeks grew a deeper red as [Name]'s hand went through the mop upon his head. He gently pulled it off, sputtering, "Mi-Miss [Name], please...!"

[Name] smiled, "Garry, you don't have to be so formal when mother's not around, you know that..." she said, beginning to walk, and Garry followed, watching her struggle to twist the cap off the water bottle.

"Oh... Yes, M- [Name]. I know." he insisted, taking thebottle from her, undoing the cap and passing it back.

She smiled, taking a sip from the bottle, "That's better. Are there any other paintings you like?" she asked, glancing back at him.

"Hmm? Oh, yes... I guess The Hanging Man isn't too bad." he nodded, agreeing with his words, and dug through his pocket, past lemon candies.

"Really? Well... I guess it's alright." she hesitated when Garry cut her off, holding out his hand to reveal two navy blue capsules.

She glanced up at him, and pouted. "I was hoping you'd forgotten." she stated bluntly as Garry tapped the face of his watch.

"I promised Miss Rebecca to take care of you while we're out, [Name]. You might as well take your pills now, while you have water." he said.

[Name] sighed, taking the pills from his palm, "I don't need water, Garry." she said softly, swallowing both of them and then starting to walk without missing a beat.

"Come on, Garry; let's keep looking!" she insisted, glancing back only briefly to check if he was following.

Garry smiled at the girl's back, watching her bow bounce with every step. It was rare she was ever allowed out of the house, and she owned so many books of art... He was just glad he was able to talk Miss Rebecca into letting him escort her, considering her mother worked so often...

He was glad he could give her at least that.


This is planned to be a six-part collection, including all endings- except Ib All Alone, because, boorrrinnggg to write!- and even though I already have everything planned out I would love to hear your thoughts and maybe even your ideas, because I could always make that an extra!