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[Name] clasped her hands below her chin, nibbling on a coconut macaroon.

Garry grimaced, "Sheesh, [Name]. How can you eat those?" he stuck out his tongue for emphasis, "Coconut's disgusting."

Ib gasped, "No, it's not!" she objected, reaching out for a macaroon from the plate infront of [Name].

Garry flushed, shocked from the betrayal on Ib's part. "What? Yes, it is!"

Beside Garry, [Name] chuckled, tucking her hair behind her ear as a light breeze drifted in on the outside cafe. "You know what's disgusting? Banana macaroons."

Both [Name] and Ib shared a laugh at Garry's incredulous face.

"Hm? Miss [Name]- is that-?"

[Name] hesitated, holding out her hand infront of her as Ib pointed to it; the little girl reached across the table, grabbing hold of it.

"It is! [Name]- why're you wearing an engagement ring?"

Ib hesitated as Garry smiled.

"He proposed a few days after the gallery." said [Name], slipping the ring off her finger, showing a patch of skin even lighter than the rest of her, "Look at the inside." she instructed, smiling.

Ib hesitated, peering at the inscipture at the inside of the band, past the princess cut diamond.

"By the way, Ib..." said Garry, as Ib tried to sound out the words, "We were thinking, you could be our flower girl! Do you think you could ask your mother? Or we could, if you'd rather... Don't worry, though, the wedding isn't for awhile! So you don't have to fret so much yet..."

Ib, paying no mind to Garry, cut him off, "A-amare primo aspect-tu..." she hesitated, crimson eyes glancing up at the two, "What does that mean?..."

Garry hesitated, before smiling, wrapping an arm around [Name]'s shoulders.

"Love at first sight."

-end; Promise of a Reunion