konnichi wa! this fic is going to be a short fic perhaps 5 to 7 chapters. exploring on humor perhaps...hehethe story is already done in my head. i just need to squeeze them into my time so i can type them.^^ enjoy^^

。。。。Fountain Pen。。。。

Despite the comfortable atmosphere of his classroom since it was already the Spring season, Takahashi Misaki, eighteen years-old, was having the worst mock exams in his life. He glanced around him and then focused his gaze back into his English test paper. Scratching the other side of his pencil at the side of his head, Misaki frowned.

"I can't believe this. That's a very easy question even a kindergarten could probably answer that. I never knew your level of English is so poor. I feel so bad for the future of Japan," Misaki heard inside his mind.

The teen grimaced at the voice ringing inside his head rendering him more unfocused to the exam at hand.

"Will you leave me alone in peace please? I can't concentrate!" Misaki hissed in between greeted teeth. He was careful not to make any scene or he might be viewed as someone who has gone out of his mind.

"Concentrate? Ho-let's see how far your concentration can take you...which I doubt if..." the voice continued.

"I said shut the hell up!"

All heads raised and turned to the boy sitting at the last row near the windows, obvious irritation at the distraction created. A man in suit stood mightily at Misaki's table and grinned his smile Misaki find to be the creepiest.

"Takahashi-kun, what did I say about keeping quiet during exams?"

Bowing frantically, Misaki felt like wanting to scream even more as he continuiosly heard the ringing of the man's laughter inside his head.

"S-sorry Mino-sensei..."

After the teacher left, Misaki scowled at his paper which was mostly still empty.

"This is your fault. Shut up. Shut up! I am so going to fail this exam because I can't study properly because of you," Misaki gritted to himself.

There was silence. And then Misaki heard a "hmmmmm" as if the voice inside his head was thinking. "Fine, let me help you with this English exam I feel so sorry for your brother working so hard and your level is still as low as a gradeschooler..."

The exam ended and Misaki grumpily headed out of the classroom to go into the changing room for his next class. Physical education. He wandered blankly to his destination thinking he'd be lucky if he even got a ten at that 100 item exam. He was so out of focus lately for so many reasons.

Stainless rows of locker colored in grey, greenish tiled floor and a scent of a strong cleanser wafted inside Misaki's nostrils. Wondering why girls' rest room smelled of sweet fragrance while theirs smelled like a morgue. Was it a hidden meaning that men always do sticky, messy business compared to girls?

Misaki removed his blazer, tossed his tie on the long bench and was about to remove his under shirt when he noticed his reflection against the mirror occupying the whole side wall of the changing room for the boys.

His pale skin despite him loving the sun was in contrast to the tanned body of his classmates. He gasped.

He almost forgot, he had to close his eyes. Shit there is no getting used to this, he mumbled, oblivious to the other teens changing beside him.

"Oi, oi, why do you have to close your eyes? It's so dark here," the voice complained.

Shutting his eyes harder as if it would make the voice in his head disappeare completely, Misaki grinned to himself.

"And allow you to feast on my body? No way you big pervert!" Misaki whispered like a maniac who won an argument.

Instead of Misaki's expected triumph that finally he had thrown the stupid voice in his head off of his high horse, he found himself the one falling.

"Ha? I wouldn't be interested in this scrawny body of yours young man. I want to see the others. The eyeglasses boy sitting near you looks cute."

Misaki scowled. He was suddenly irritated at what he heard and turned his back even more from the rest of the changing males into their physical education uniform. Misaki remembered so much how the stupid voice told him that the voice, whoever he was could see whatever he sees, feel whatever he touches (which includes his bodily functions too, much to Misaki's dismay), hear whatever he hears.

That the only thing the voice couldn't get a grasp of was what exactly was inside his own mind. They communicate by talking out loud which left Misaki the shorter stick since he ended up always being taken as retarded or crazy.

The voice had been inside his body for a month now. Misaki felt violated that he lost even his privacy to pee and release anything he had to release from the insides of his body. However strangely, when the voice mocks him and compares his body to others, he feels a pang of irritation towards the voice ad towards the one being compared to him.

As much as the teen didn't want to admit, the voice inside his head started to affect him in more ways than another.

It was a regular morning for Misaki one month ago. Early class and he was eating his toast as he dashed his way towards his school. As usual he was one of the students who were always late. He was really in a hurry. Running while stuffing his mouth with the toast, his eyes glanced at the group of people that had gathered at the crossing of cars and trains. Curiosity running ahead of him instead of the fact that he was sure to be getting detention this time, he shrugged and dived into the sea of murmuring people.

Built with a smaller frame compared to the rest of the males his age, the brunette found himself standing at the front without sweat. And what he saw before him mad him feel like the toast and the milk he had that morning made it's way back up his throat.

His green eyes wandered from the huge pool of stain on the train tracks before he lifted his gaze at the smashed to pieces red sports car. It was as if the red of the car and the blood was one. And the train made of thick metal stayed still with only a few scratches.

"Oh my God...did you hear the man inside the car was is still alive? But do you think he would ever live that long? I heard it was really bad...even we can see the amount of blood..."

Misaki looked at the woman beside him who seemed like enjoying the attention she was getting from the swarm of gossipers.

Misaki looked to his left and right ready to leave when he stepped on something uneven. Mindlessly looking down under his foot, he found a pen. A fountain pen that looked thousands of yen to Misaki. Sure that no one would notice him, he picked it up, swiftly stuffed it inside his pocket and went to school like nothing happened on his way.

"Takahashi Misaki, are you really testing my patience?" the sensei's voice was calm but his creepy smile was still plastered on the man's face that made many late students, male or female shivering wth nervousness.

"We're sorry Mino-sensei!" the voices echoed throughout the school grounds where the neat line of the late comers were standing.

After getting lectured out at how important being on time is for a number of times Takahashi Misaki already forgot, he went straight to the rest room first to let his aching bladder finally rest. He whistled while doing his business.

He noticed he was alone. So after his leak, he posed some looks he would never do in front of somebody else through the mirror.


Misaki almost jumped out of his skin at the voice. Blushing, Misaki hurriedly left the rest room.

"Ah mou- and I thought I was alone. I didn't notice maybe someone was inside one of the cubicles. Argh..so embarrassing!" Misaki muttered walking towards his classroom.

The hallway was quiet and empty. A sign that classes already started ages ago. He inserted his hands insides his pocket and continued walking. He felt a little down thinking about abother day of boring classes.

"Hey, you forgot to zip up."

Misaki looked down at the front of his pants and noticed that his zipper was indeed still open.

"Ah, shoot, thanks," Misaki muttered as he hurriedly zipped his pants with clumsy fingers.

He smiled and was ready to greet another one of his thank yous when he realized that no one was beside him. He was as alone as he had been the entire time he left the restroom.

"What the..." Misaki glanced around and started walking faster. He felt a rush of chilly sensation through out his body.

Lunch came and Misaki together with his other male classmates were eager to get the curry bread pushing their way inside the messy row of underclassmen drooling at the sight of the steaming breads. Since Misaki's group was older, a lot of the students gave way for them. However, Misaki wasn't on for curry bread. He was eyeing his favorite garlic bread that seemed to have nothing but garlic inside. And so happily feeling the warmth of his bread, him and his group of friends sat under the shade of a huge Ginko tree and ate their lunch.

"Oh, did you watch the AV I lent to you last night?" a classmate of Misaki queeried as he pushed his spectacles further up his perfect nose. His name? Osaka Aoi. An honor student, athletic and adored by a lot of girls. Surprisingly he was one of Misaki's friends although they we're considered a bunch of hard-headed teens.

A dark blonde gave a thumbs up. His red neck tie, tied on his arm instead. "Oh that Osaka, I came almost thrice at just the girl's moans. Shoot that AV, can I still have it tonight?"

Osaka shook his head as he sipped into his strawberry yogurt drink. "Eh? It's Takahashi's turn tonight."

Misaki was busy shaking his tea in can when he looked at his two friends. "Oh...what?"

"Hello...we're talking about the AV, it's your turn tonight. You, whenever you get your hands on that garlic bread, you tend to sink into some hole, forgetting everything."

Misaki smiled. "Sorry sorry, anyway, Ueda can take the AV, am not interested anyway."

At the mention of such words that seemed to be a taboo in male teens dictionary, Misaki raised his hand to clear the misunderstanding. "Oi, oi, don't make assumptions in your heads! I can't watch such things since my brother goes home early and sleeps at the living room."

"Eh then ask him to join you!" Ueda suggested.

Misaki frowned and left the conversation at that. He focused his attention to his garlic bread with mouth watering. He savored the strong scent of garlic from the bread and took a huge bite.

"Hmmm...tastes soooo gooooood..." Misaki mumbled as if in heaven.

"Argh! What the heck is that taste! It's disgusting! Spit it out!" a voice ordered.

Misaki glanced around with a startled look. His eyes wandered from his circle of friends to the other students too far from them to talk to them. His mouth a little open revealing the half chewed bread inside his mouth.

"Takahashi? What's wrong?" Osaka asked concerned.

"Did, did anyone of you said my bread is disgusting? Tell the truth!"

Osaka frowned and stuffed his mouth with a chunk of curry bread before answering. "Hell no. We know how much you love garlic you'd kill to protect them. We already know that since middle school, what has gotten to you?"

"Yeah, you're acting strange since this morning."

Misaki continued chewing. "I guess I am just hearing things."

"Hell no you're not so spit it out!"

This time Misaki stood and whirled around. "Who~who's there!?"

"Calm down kid, it seems like we're in a tight situation here."

Like a frightened kid, Misaki left his two friends and went to the roof top with his legs shaking. He was totally alone aside from the water tank, and the railings and yet he could hear a voice inside his head. He must be really going crazy. There was no other explanation to it.

"Listen kid, first gargle, I hate the taste of garlic."

Looking around with his green eyes wide, Misaki grabbed the collar of his polo tight. "Where are you?! Show yourself!" Misaki demanded although he wouldn't know himself what he'd do if it was a bloody ghost.

"Wow, isn't your brain a little too slow to process things? I am inside you. I am stuck inside you to put it more bluntly," the cold voice rang inside Misaki's head.

"St-stuck?! How did that happen! Get out of my head!"

"Kid, if I could I would have done so already. You think I'd like to be caged in this...in this...is this even a body? So skinny."

Misaki scowled hearing himself being offended inside his mind wasn't the least bit funny.

"But I can't. I don't know why," the voice continued.

"HAH!? How in the world did you end up in my body anyway!?"

The wind on the roof top was strong. The sun just warm enough to make one sleepy. The sky was even a calming blue. Who would have thought that something unusual was taking place at that very normal day?

"I don't know. You were there on the crash scene earlier right? You picked a pen, and suddenlly a strong force pulled me to you. Befor I knew it, I can see everything you see, hear and taste everything you listen to and eat. And the worst of all, I could feel your inner bodily functions it's unnerving."


Misaki shouted, as he ran around the roof top his hands waiving over his head. That was a picture of a high school teen getting insane. Misaki was too shocked to hear that the voice inside him could also feel it too when nature calls him to have a room of fright inside his mind.

"Ah don't worry though, I noticed that I can't hear your inner thoughts ."


And that was how Takahashi Misaki began living his life with a freeloader inside his body. One month has passed and Misaki just realized how bossy, arrogant and sharp tongued whoever was in him. His scowl and dreas ever increasing when it was time for him to pee or take a bath. The dude was a huge mocker.

Misaki took off his shirt to get ready for a bath. But this time he didn't close his eyes. He glanced at his body towards the steamy mirror.

"Oya? Not gonna be a girl screaming at how a pervert I am?" the voice leered.

Misaki run his hand on his collar bone and brushed it lightly.

"Shut-up, look all you want, I am checking something. My collar bone feels like its being pricked by a needle."

"You know, I just realized it, your skin feels soft to touch." the voice suddenly sounding so sensual in Misaki's head.

"HA?!" Misaki shouted in the shower, removing his own hand on his own skin. "Don't talk perverted stuff I am serious!"

"Why so jumpy? I can feel everything anyway? Comeon do your business already. I haven't seen you masterbate for a month now, are you sick?"

Misaki lost his want to take a shower and instead went out the bathroom straight to the kitchen. He had the same scowl on his face, he was cursing the perverted voice inside him in his mind.

"How could I do such a thing when a pervert such as you is residing in me! Stupid! Leave my body and I'll masterbate! You freak."

With frown on his face, Misaki opened the refrigerator. His eyes wandered through a box of fresh milk, a row of eggs, some unfinished tempura from their breakfast that morning and some raw vegetables and other items for sauteing. Misaki smiled a wicked grin. At least he knew one thing that could make the irritating voice in his head shut-up. However, if he kept on doing it, sooner or later he'll have bad breath or even develop body odor.

"Oi...what the...what are you doing?"


Misaki finally got to experience a peaceful bath as he chewed the garlic. The voice inside his head must really hate garlics to suddenly stop ranting. After scrubbing slightly, Misaki turned to attend to his thick mop of chocolate hair. He just pushed aside in his mind that somebody else also gets the feeling and warmth of his body. Every space even his brother wouldn't dare to touch, someone else he didn't know could feel it. It was embarrassing and really felt like he was allowing his self to be raped or something. But thinking about it when Misaki was serious, perhaps the voice was only pissing him off because he was lonely. Or the voice wanted to get out of his body so soon too and be back to its real body. Another strange thing. Thinking about it made him sad deep inside.

After his fulfilling shower, clean and refreshed, Misaki slumped down on his bed, ready to snooze.

"Oi...did the garlic shoo you away?" Misaki called as he stared at the ceiling.

"I'm not a vampire."

"Do you still not remembering anything at all?" the teen rolled to his side. He watched the thin curtain flutter with the soft breeze on his window. The nigh sky and the stars visible from where he was lying.

His eyes hit the study table so neat not because he was a neat student but because he wasn't using it at all.

"Nothing." the voice aswered.

Misaki slowly closed his eyes, feeling the comfort of his soft bed against his skin. He let out a small yawn and rubbed his drowsy eyes like a young child.

"Oi, are you snoozing off already? Aren't you studying? You still have an exam tomorrow right?" the voice continued.

"I feel so tired. Lately even if I am sleeping early I wake up feeling tired and my back hurts."

Like a light bulb that flashed into Misaki's eyes, he sat abruptly feeling. He placed his hands on his abs, his torso and his neck like checking himself if he was raped.

"Damn you, you are not doing any perverted stuff to me when I am asleep. DO YOU?!"

A cool laugh filled Misaki's mind. It annoyed him that when this freaking irritating voice was just laughing like he was really having fun, Misaki also finds himself a little happy. But his happiness didn't last long.

"Why would I do such things brat? I don't get a hard on even when you are washing your bum. So not possible."

"Shut-up. Pervert." Misaki scowled. The voice continued laughing an annoying laugh.

"Go to sleep now, I'll just help you out with your exam since I couldn't contain myself seeing you shade the wrong answers anyway," the voice offered.

Misaki had pulled the blanket over his body and his eyes already closed. "That's a sneaky offer. You sure you're not doing strange things with my body?"

"I told you, I wouldn't lay my hands on a brat like you. If you will get sick, I'll feel sick too so do it for my sake. Okay?"

Burrying his face on the softness of his pillow, he could smell his own hair, Misaki sleepily grumbled. "Selfish bastard."

It was two in the morning, and yet a sound of a pen scribbling over a pad of paper was clear in Misaki's room. Takahiro who happened to pass by Misaki's room from the restroom peeked into his brother's room,as he heard a paper or a page being turned.

When Takahiro slightly opened the door, he found himself looking at the back of his little brother seriously writing.

"Wow, this is the first time Misaki ever got so serious in his studies..." he thought to himself while softly closing the door being proud of his little sibling.

He just didn't know that it wasn't his little brother doing the writing and turning of pages. But the certain person trapped inside Takahashi Misaki's body.




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