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Carrying his bag that weighed a ton, Misaki started dragging his feet towards the nearest train station. His sweat was dripping from his forehead to the tip of his nose and his white shirt was completely plastered on his rather slim body. And everyone couldn't help but look at the teen who seemed to be yapping and arguing with somebody, though he was completely alone.

"I don't see the need for you to go there too," the voice muttered sternly. Obviously whatever Misaki had in his sleeves, the other occupant of his body was totally against it.

With a mischievous grin, Misaki wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. "Shut up. Summer is the best season to go to the sea and go swimming. I even got a free accomodation from Aoi in an exclusive resort!"

"Swimming huh?" the voice sounded irritatingly skeptical. "And you plan on flaunting this skeleton body of yours?"

"YOU'RE SO NOISY!" Misaki snapped. And in the process, people who were going to their own vacations or get togethers turned their heads towards Misaki.

The teen lowered his head in embarrassment. If he could only punch the voice in the face, but doing so would also hurt himself so he restrained his fist.

"Ah...mou...this bastard...I was just thinking that the sea could at least make this bastard in me happier. He sounded so low the past days..."

Meanwhile, the shapeless form inside the teen wandered his gaze at the eyes he could feel looking at Misaki. He was really not in favor of this so-called sudden trip. He was worried that somewhere along the way, Misaki might fall into that sudden sickness. It was only for a fleeting second but the voice knew that Misaki was experiencing pain every now and then.

What if while swimming, Misaki suddenly got into one of those? And in the process die, drown or got hit by a car. Whatever, no matter how keen he would be as a watch dog for the teen's safety, he wouldn't be able to do anything. He could only watch.

"Oh...Shrimp-saki...do you really want to go?"

Misaki's hand froze even before he could swipe his train ticket to the scanner. A deep crimson on his face, Misaki gritted his teeth.

"Oi...who's 'Shrimp-saki' you're calling you moron."

There was an evil laugh that filled Misaki's mind.

"It's very fitting don't you think?" the voice sounded more and more annoying as the seconds passed by. "You're going to the sea with this shrimpy body of yours...a happy reunion with the sea creatures I am so touched."

Misaki accepted it. The voice was a genius at annoying him.

"HAH?" the teen had accidentally lost his grip on his card and he bended down to get it. "SHUT UP..." Misaki knew his body wasn't like the normal body of a boy his age, but that being shoved to his face was really annoying. Specially when the voice comments like that.

Misaki couldn't even explain but he was being rather conscious. He didn't care about what others said about him but this stupid voice could make him lose his cool.

"Are you done mocking me? Let's just see once you return to your freaking body. I bet you look like a malnourished panda."

The deep voice laughed. A laugh that sent Misaki's heart beating suddenly so fast for no reason. "Heh...you have to keep your mouth in check. You might start drooling..."

"How can you be so sure, you don't even know where your..." Misaki gasped. He wasn't planning on bringing that topic up but off his stupid mouth got ahead of him.

The voice inside Misaki's mind suddenly had become silent. And Misaki felt so bad for ruining the voice's mood. He'd rather be the voice's object of joke as long as the stranger in him didn't sound so sad and down. Misaki, despite not admitting it had grown to deeply care for the faceless man, even though the latter did nothing but to annoy him.

"Usagi-san?" Misaki softly called as he walked near to the yellow line. The JR Sobu Rapid Line was a little jammed packed that day as Misaki waited for his train to Chiba. "I'm sorry..."

"Baka...what are you so being sensitive for?"

"I didn't want to bring that up..."

"I know. Don't worry."

Even though that was what the deep voice said, the entire train ride, the voice didn't talk at all.

The sun high in the sky, Misaki's green, wide eyes stared happily at the nearing blue sea that he could see. Inside the bus full of vacationers, it was filled with excited murmurs and flashes of digital cameras. The vast horizon was shining as if there were diamonds away and the milky sand was contrasting with the blue, clear sky above his head.

Misaki pushed the glass windows upwards, allowing the sea breeze get into the bus.

"Feels great..." the teen mumbled, closing his eyes as he savoured the ticklish sensation of the breeze and the scent of the sea against his cheeks. "It's been a while since I felt as relaxed as this..."

Usagi-san, the name Misaki had given the freeloader inside him surrendered his objection with the trip and just resorted to keeping an eye to whatever the teen was up to. Though he couldn't do anything, he could at least perhaps warn him.

He didn't still approve of the trip but he couldn't say a thing anymore. Not now, when he could feel the genuine smile on the teen's face. And not when he could also feel the tense muscles on Misaki's body feeling lose and relaxed.

Perhaps Misaki wasn't aware of it, but the voice could feel the tense muscles on Misaki's shoulders. Perhaps, it was because of worrying about to persons when he should only be thinking about himself.

Misaki fished out his phone and pretended he dialled a number. This was one of his ways to avoid looking like demented. He couldn't risk talking alone when he have someone he didn't know beside him sharing his seat.

"Ne...Usagi-san...don't you like the sea?"

"I can't say I like or hated it..the only thing I know is that I don't like crowded places."

"Have you been living a boring life, Usagi-san...that's pitiful."

The voice snorted. "You think so?"

"You know...I really think that you could still go back to your body so hang in there...okay?"

"What' the sudden sentimental talk here Shrimp-saki?"

Misaki sighed and focused his eyes at the vast body of water before him once more. "Usagi-san...once you get back to your body...let's go back here together."

The voice suddenly felt a pang of guilt and a pinch of bitter-sweet happiness inside him. If he had hands that could move, he was sure he would have patted the teen's hair that was swaying freely with the breeze. For some reason he felt like there was not many people who got along with him. Or perhaps he was the one not trying to get along with everybody when he was still a normal human being.

The teen's meer words was enough to make him feel happy. He didn't have a body of his own, but surprisingly, the teen could make him feel alive.


"Yeah...let's go back here..." the voice sounded like it was smiling. "...together. You and me."

Misaki had unconsiously lowered his phone on his lap. The teen gulped. He was sure that his heart just skipped a bit.

"Takahashi!" a loud voice boomed out of nowhere right after Misaki had gotten his room key from the reception area. "You're so slow!"

"Rui!?" Misaki greeted, feeling happy to see one of his close friends. "Where's Aoi?"

"Aoi? I don't know, he said he was going to greet an important person who'd be staying here tonight."

Misaki and Rui who was wearing his flowery polo with the buttons undone revealing his abs started walking towards their room. The resort was modernly built. It looked like a hotel in the middle of desert only it was milky sand and vast sea that surrounded it.

The walls were covered with bamboo sticks that gave it a modern yet give off a feel of nature at the same time. It only has two stories but it was wide and spacious. The aroma of incense was prevalent everywhere in the building.

"Why does Aoi have to greet someone so important?"

"Ha?" Rui stopped from his tracks and gaped at Misaki as if he couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Are you for real? Why do you think we got free accomodations to such an expensive resort?"

Misaki cocked his head to his side thinking. "Hmm...he won vouchers?"

"Stupid..." Usagi-san mumbled with a hint of mock in his voice which sent Misaki going stiff.

"Idiot. Aoi's family owns this resort!" Rui exclaimed. "TA-KA-HA-SHI-MI-SA-KI...how stupid could you get?" and the other teen suddenly ran to the room that the both of them would be sharing. "Faster! I wanna take a dip to the sea and mingle with the pretty ladies! Who knows I might get a girlfriend this summer!"

Misaki started walking once more. "Right, right..."

When Misaki entered the room, his bag was already there. The room wasn't that big. With two beds on both of the sides and a small table that seperates them, it wasn't furnished but gave off a relaxed feeling. It was a feeling of finally being one with nature. Nothing extravagant, just the necessesities.

"Oi, Takahashi, I love that you're the kind who can appreciate the littlest things but can you hurry up and change into your swimming trunks?"


The brunette grabbed something inside his bag and dashed towards the small door that Misaki assumed to be the comfort room. It was a little cramped but he liked the smell of the vanilla scented candle and the brown motiff of it that he didn't care.

He carefully removed his shirt and his denim pants, totally excited that when he heard again Usagi-san's voice he had to scream.

A loud pounding on the door, Misaki heaved a sigh of relief.

"Oi...Takahashi?! What are you screaming there for? Are you alright?" Rui asked while almost breaking the door.

"I'm fine...sorry!"

"Hmmf...what's that scream for?" the voice muttered. Misaki knew if there was a face he could see, it was a face of a bastard mocking him.

"I was just surprised!" Misaki hissed, putting on his black, swimming trunks.

"Oh...you're very comfortable now showing me this scrawny body?"

Misaki glared at the mirror before him, his face burning. "Like I have a choice? If I have to worry everytime I change or take a bath or whatever, I'd be totally exhausted."

The teen started fixing his hair with his fingers still with a deep frown.

"Usagi-san, I think this is unfair."

"Unfair what?"

"That you get to see me naked. I mean, I got used to it already since there's no choice but I still feel this set-up is unfair."

"So?" the voice muttered rather lazily.

"I want to see you naked too."

"Ha?" Misaki was sure he almost could hear a coughing in his mind he almost laughed.

"To be fair...!"

The voice sighed as if he just heard the dumbest thing ever. "You know...your way of talking is worse than that of an infant. I suggest you think before you open your mouth kiddo."

"What's so wrong...we're both guys anyway..." Misaki mumbled dejectedly. "I swear it's going to be my turn to comment on your fat body!"

The voice just laughed.

"Oi! Are you still there or have you flushed yourself in the toilet?"

When Misaki got out of the comfort room, he neatly placed his clothes on top of his bed and looked at Rui who was smearing sun block all over his body.

"You're paler than me Takahashi, want me to put sun block on your back?" Rui offered.

Misaki walked over to Rui's bed and sat beside the teen. "Sure...I can't reach my back anyway..."

Misaki flinched from the sudden coldness of the product being rubbed against his skin. The sensation of Rui's calloused palms from playing basketball and guitar was very clear. It tickles and it felt somehow good at the same time. Misaki sighed in comfort.

"How can you be so careless?!" the voice inside Misaki shouted that Misaki had abruptly stood from where he was sitting?"

"Takahashi? What's wrong?"

"Ah..no-nothing...why don't you go first and I'll run after you?"

Rui stood from his bed which sent it creaking for a moment. "You sure?"


"Okay...make sure to lock the door and don't forget to the leave the keys in the reception. I'll wait for you outside."

Once the door had closed with a faint click, Misaki confronted the faceless man inside him.

"Why did you shout like that? You almost gave me a heart attack!"

"How can you just let others touch you so like that so easily? With even just the two of you here? Have you no sense of danger at all?"

Misaki paced the room. It was more than annoying to have to have an argument with someone he couldn't even see. It was like scolding his own self.

"What sense of danger are you talking about? Rui is my friend!"

"Just..." the man sounded desperate and pissed at the same time. It made Misaki's anger somehow decline. "Just think twice before you let others touch you."

All of a sudden, Misaki was in no mood for swimming anymore. He went out the room wearing his white shirt on and his swimming trunks, barefooted. He sighed and roamed his eyes at the hallways where young kids had been running and room service had been circling.

Through the open windows, Misaki could see the vibrant colors of the people making the beach lively. Girls in their best swim suits and boys in their chiselled bodies. Some where playing beach volleyball, some where just getting a tan and others where just like him. On lookers.

"Sorry, it was wrong of me to scold you," the voice suddenly cut off the silence Misaki was having.

Sighing and placing both his arms at the back of his head, Misaki finally smiled. "It's fine. I forgot that you must feel a little surprised since you could feel Rui's hand on you too. It was careless of me indeed."

The voice, if he had a face, he would have frowned. "That's not it...I hate..." the man inside Misaki followed the teen's gaze. "I hate others laying their hands on you..." he thought to himself.

He himself didn't know what to do with the irritation when he could feel someone looking at Misaki. Much more when they were touching the teen so casually friend or not. But he couldn't say it aloud or Misaki might pass it as a joke or another mocking.

Finally reconciled, Misaki and the other occupant inside him just watched the nature in its liveliness from afar. Enjoying the breeze that was playing and dancing on his cheeks, Misaki closed his eyes, almost feeling sleepy.

For a moment, Misaki thought he'd fall backwards. Gasping from shock, Misaki shook his head for a moment.

"What's wrong? What happened to you?" the voice asked sounding really worried. He thought Misaki was having again those 'sickness'.

"Ah nothing...I thought...I'd seen something..."

Misaki frowned and tried to remember for a fleeting second what had just happened. He was sure he was so relaxed that he was near sleeping on the spot. It wasn't the body but his soul feeling so carefree and silent that for a moment, he saw a man in a plain white behind his mind.

It happened too fast but he was sure, he saw a familiar face. Lavender eyes, silver locks, but the place was too bright and everything was white so he couldn't see anything other than that. Just a worried face of a handsome man.

"Where did I see that face?" Misaki thought, scratching his head.

"Are you really fine or the heat had already fried your brains?" the voice continued asking.

"I am fine..." Misaki replied.

"I've seen that face...I am sure of it..."

Misaki heard a sharp clicking of shoes coming nearer towards him but he was too busy thinking that he didn't care. The figure of a man passed behind him and the teen caught a whiff of strong cologne that make Misaki's senses sharp. The teen had followed the tall man's back walking away.

"I heard the family is considering removing the life support on him..."

"Yeah...It's been almost two months but he was showing no signs of recovery. The doctors said he's just a living corpse."

Misaki wasn't all that interested and in the first place, he wasn't sure what he was hearing. Deep inside, Misaki was having a bad feeling about it.

"I insisted we wait for him to wake up, but they said he's practically brain dead. If the family decides to finally turn it off, I wouldn't have a say to it."

The teen then noticed something that fell off from the man's pocket. By reflex, he ran towards it and picked it up.

Misaki stared at the piece object he picked from the from. It was a fountain pen. Perhaps the man was busy talking to whoever it was that he didn't even heard the faint sound of the pen against the floor.

"Uhm...excuse me?" Misaki called out.

"Don't bother yourself, Misaki," the voice ordered. The man somehow didn't like the vibe around that tall man Misaki was following.

"Excuse me!" Misaki shouted.

Still not being heard, Misaki stared at the pen he was holding once more and noticed a name carved in it. Wishing that this would work, Misaki drew a deep breath and shouted. "Haruhiko Usami-san!"

As if it was some sort of a cue, the tall man with black hair and cold eyes turned and looked at Misaki.

"How'd you know my name?" the deep voice asked, closing in the gap between him and the teen.

"Uhm...eh..." Misaki stuttered for some reason. The aura around the man was a little terrifying. Someone who was used to ordering people around could emit a very uncomfortable air around them. "You dropped this..." Misaki mumbled, trying to smile though he felt like he looked like some dumb.

The man stared at the pen and the green, nervous eyes alternatingly for a moment. Unceremonously, the man in a crisp, business suit grabbed the pen from Misaki's wrist and narrowed his eyes.

"May I know your name?"

"Eh? Takahashi...Takahashi Misaki..."

"IDIOT! DON'T GIVE YOUR NAME TO STRANGERS SO FREELY!" the voice rumbled but Misaki ignored them. It was too late anyway.

"If you wouldn't mind. I'd like to treat you to some snacks for giving this fountain pen back," Usami Haruhiko offered. It would have been more appropriate if he asked with a smiling face. But the man had a poker face the entire time as if he was emotionless.

"Eh...you don't have to..."

"You're the kid in room 478 right? I'll pick you up later."

"Ha?! Wa-wait!"

The man continued his tracks oblivious to the teen's objections. And when Misaki couldn't see the tall man anymore, he sighed suddenly tired and rested his back against the walls.

"Usami Haruhiko..." Misaki muttered. "That name sounded familiar..."

Still thinking, the teen suddenly ran in the middle of the hallway as if he just realized something big.

The guy I saw in my mind...I've seen him somewhere...I am sure of it! That one in the newspaper...Usami Akihiko, was it? Feeling adrenaline rush throughout his system, Misaki tried to calm himself, other wise the voice inside his head would just worry even more. Why would I suddenly see a glimpse of that Naomori recipient at a time like this? I don't understand...

"Oi...Misaki...don't tell me you'll go with that Usami Haruhiko man, you hardly know him," the voice scolded.

"But if it's out of goodwill, why would I refuse?" Misaki replied softly.

The voice snorted. "Goodwill? It's your gluttony taking over your head."

"What's so bad about it?" Misaki asked.

In truth, he wasn't really all that interested with the treat of snacks that was promised to him. He was having this feeling that something or somewhere along the lines, this Usami Haruhiko was something. Not to mention both of them, Usami Akihiko and Usami Haruhiko had the same last names. Plus Misaki had this sudden glimpse of Usami Akihiko as if locked in place.

And the talk about life support and two months Misaki had heard by accident wouldn't let him feel at rest.

The teen heard an irritated sigh from his mind. "Listen Misaki, don't go with that man. I don't like him."

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