【【【Release 1】】】

"Huh? this..."

It was foggy and all white. It wasn't cold but he could feel his skin crawl. He looked around and it was just an endless horizon ahead. Misaki could feel as if he was floating but he wasn't. And since he was feeling all kinds of feelings at the same time, Misaki raised both his hands to his face. And to his surprise, there was none.

"Oh my God...what...what the hell is going?!" gulping, Misaki whirled around. Or maybe swished around? He wasn't really sure. All he was very certain was he was there but he wasn't.

"U-usagi-san?" Misaki called softly but he heard no voice coming out of his throat. "Usagi-san?! Is this a dream? This is a dream right? I mean...I was just about to leave that VIP room..."

The teen, or at that time, an invisible being started walking. He walked and walked to the endless white space. He walked and gathered all his courage. He had already experienced so many weird stuff in the world for the past months that this was nothing to be surprised of. Sure he was afraid. But if this was a bad place, shouldn't it be colored black instead? But what he could see was pure white so he could just believe that everything was going to be fine.

Not far from him, Misaki caught a glimpse of something shining. But when Misaki was already a few distance from it, the brunette had realized that it wasn't the pot at the end of the rainbow but a mirror. But Misaki's jaw almost dropped to the smokey ground when he stood in front of it, it was a comfort room he saw. Of all the things in a dream...why bathroom?

"What the...this...this is our bathroom at the resort...

Misaki almost shoved his face to the plain mirror before him. But it was like a clumsy camera as he watched the shower be ran. Misaki almost squealed at the sudden rush of water that he felt on his skin. But Misaki knew there was no water.

"Oi...oi...oi...this is really weird. This is really wierd...what-"

"Kusso...Damn it. Damn it...damn it..."

"That's my voice isn't it?" Misaki asked as he stared at the mirror reflecting the bathroom he was using earlier. But contrary to his voice that sounded mostly lively and annoyed at some point, the voice he heard was of someone really angry at the time. Misaki was so surprised to hear his voice sounding like that.

"I'm sorry Misaki..." the teen heard his own voice amidst the pelting shower on the tiled walls and floors.

As Misaki was watching the flowing waters on the floor, the reflection changed abruptly and before Misaki knew it, he was seeing himself in front of the whole body mirror of the bathroom. Naked. Naked and dripping wet.

"Oh my god...what...what...why am I naked?!" Misaki shouted at the mirror.

It was a long while that the Misaki on the reflection of the bathroom mirror just stared emptily. Even Misaki in that nameless space grew tired of shouting and yelling about what was going on. Tired, Misaki stopped screaming and just chose to watch whatever was going to take place. It seemed like he had no control anyway.

"Forgive me," the young yet more mature sounding voice echoed into the teen's mind as he watched.

That was when all buttons clicked and bulbs started lighting into Misaki's mind. He knew right there and then that the one controlling his body, the one taking the freaking shower, was the stranger inside him. The guy he called Usagi-san. But instead of being mad at being kicked out of his body without knowing why, he for some reason was more concerned about the pain in the voice. It was his, but the pain wasn't.

"Usagi-san...why is he apologizing...?"

Through the weird mirror, Misaki could see his own hands tremble as if the one in control was staring at the soap for a while. That was when Misaki realized something. He's going to be bathe. Bathe by someone else. Sure he knew that doing those stuff, the stranger inside him could see and feel it. But it was all a different matter even if it was his own hands doing the washing. For Usagi-san, despite sounding really angry, was being gentle that Misaki felt goosebumps running all over his skin.

"Uwah...this is so..." Misaki knew if he could see his face, he knew how red he must have been. The mirror in front of him wasn't reflecting him but a window to the outside world. At least that was what Misaki called it. He was locked in a place he assumed was the stranger's and the stranger now was controlling his body.

He couldn't remember anything after his collapse. So the question why Usagi-san was having the control over his body, why the stranger sounded strangely mad as hell yet being gentle with washing him was all a blur that led Misaki to a confusion. Not to mention the weird feeling he was having.

"It's my own hand..." Misaki thought as he felt the hand with soap rub his neck gently. "But it feels so different...I don't...I feel weird..."

"Misaki...I'm sorry for forcing you out...I just had to..."

"You just had to...?" Misaki asked in thought.

"I just really couldn't stand it...I'm sorry..." through the mirror, Misaki saw how his head had lowered into a bow. But it looked strange. It was him alright. The brown hair, the fair skin, the body he called himself thin but to some would call as slim. Every physical aspect was him. And yet he could tell by the aura that it was just the shell. For inside was a completely different person taking over. And once more, through the mirror, Misaki only saw his mouth gritting his teeth.

"You know why?..."

Misaki gulped.

"...Because I have fallen in love with you..."

The sound of the shower, the warm breath fogging the mirror, the awkward silence of "Usagi-san", everything was oblivious to Misaki as he stared blankly at the mirror. This time not seeing the bathroom, not seeing himself, but seeing a face of a stranger standing before him.

It was a stranger. But as he caught a glimpse of the silver locks mainly hiding the entire face of the man, Misaki felt within him that this man wasn't a stranger. He, whoever he was, has a space in Misaki. And before Misaki felt the sickening feeling of being flushed out of a dizzying tornado, Misaki knew, it was 'Usagi-san'.

"Hey...Rui...did you hear that?" Aoi asked pausing the porn video they were watching.

"Hear what?" Rui repeated, changing his position from lying on his stomach to sitting.

"Something that crashed..."

Both teen stared at the laptop screen where a girl giving off a service to a man was in pause, and both eyes widening, they ran towards the bathroom being used by their friend Takahashi.

"Takahashi? Takahashi?!"

When he opened his eyes, his eyelids felt heavier as if someone was trying to keep them shut. His body felt so heavy like there was someone weighing him down. All that Misaki could do was listen to the faraway sea waves that sounded as if it was just under his bed.

"Are you alright?"

Once again, Misaki heard that familiar, deep almost hoarse voice in his mind that Misaki almost found himself cringe. The rush of events, or perhaps his weird and out of this world dream came flowing down on him like a water fall. The hands washing him gently, the anger in that voice and most of all, that confession.

"Wait! Was it even a confession?! I don't know what's the dream and the reality anymore! Mou!"


"Just...I feel so lethargic..." Misaki mumbled softly. Afraid that his roommates might hear him. Aside from the sea waves, he could faintly hear a soft snoring across the room he was in.

"Usagi-san...what happened last night? I don't.." Misaki paused as he rolled to his side, facing the open window displaying the faint blue of the opening of a new day. "I don't remember anything, how did I get here?"

Misaki felt bad lying. But he wasn't 100% lying was he? In all honesty he couldn't really remember how he got from Usami Haruhiko's room to his own room. But the 'don't remember anything' had a little lie into it. Misaki knew perfectly what happened inside the bathroom last night. He was all embarrassed to be touched by his own hand yet it felt different. And what was throwing him the most out of his loop was the so called 'confession'.

But there was no way Misaki would say he remembers that. What does a person do anyway when he was confessed to by another guy? On top of that, they were in a weird situation. Nothing between them was normal. Although that was the case, just thinking about the bathroom scene was making him feel hot. And he knew that he was beginning to be weird and turning 180 degrees from the norm.

"You collapsed because you drank the entire glass of wine and crawled your way here. That's all there is," the voice answered sounding odd.

The stranger in Misaki decided that it would be best if Misaki didn't know that he was about to be molested last night. Such event would just break the teen's heart and taint the innocence he have. Besides, although Misaki's trust was almost unbelievable, Usagi-san didn't want to see a change within Misaki just because of that.

The important thing was nothing happened. Misaki was still innocent and pure and he could remain just like that. Although to the man, just remembering those hands crawling all over Misaki gave him the chills, he just had to forcefully shut them off his head.

"Misaki..." the voice called.

But the teen was too much occupied with his own thoughts he didn't pay attention to Usagi-san or what he was currently doing.

"Oi...Misaki..." the voice called out once more, this time laughing a little. Sounding so much amused.

Still in a daze, Misaki with his unfocused eyes stared at the mirror. He was preparing himself for the day. Although a little earlier than what was planner, Misaki had decided to come back home and start their search. After all, he got only less than a month before summer break ended and it would be more difficult to do searching once classes resumed.

"Misaki...I really don't want to break your blissful daze, whatever you're thinking there..."

At the word 'blissful', Misaki's ears perked up and he could feel blood rushing to his head. He, no matter how much he tried to avoid it, he kept on replaying, or his mind kept on replaying that confession scene like he couldn't get enough of it.

"B-blissful?! What the hell are you saying so early in the!" Misaki shouted inside the bathroom, holding his toothbrush in one hand.

"What are you REALLY thinking something so indecent in the morning? Your face is flushed."

"Sh-shut up!" Why am I the only one being flustered here? I wasn't the one who confessed but this jerk is acting all so natural! Pisses me off!

"Well, I was just trying to warn you that unless you wanted to grow hair on your gums, then don't shove that toothbrush in your mouth," the voice mocked.

"What?!" Misaki screeched.

The voice sighed. "I don't know what has gotten you so preoccupied but look closely, it's shampoo on your toothbrush and not toothpaste."

Misaki's eyes grew wide. Raising his hand closer to his face, he sniffed the brush and confirmed it. The shampoo for growing hair faster. It was Rui's though. He said he wanted to have a long hair to the point where he can pony tail it. According to him that would make him cooler.

"Damn it..." Misaki frowned as he washed his brush.

"'re really acting odd since the morning you woke you have a problem?"

Why? Why is it just me? Misaki thought, his chest constricting he wondered if Usagi-san could feel it too. I don't want this anymore...

"Misaki? Oi."

"Shut up!" Misaki screamed at the mirror before the sink. "HAVING YOU INSIDE ME IS A NUISSANCE!"

For a moment, heaving Misaki just stared at the mirror. It came off out of his mouth just like that and it was too late to take it back. The words slashed into the bond they had started and Misaki watched in horror as the impact seared its way in. Those may be his words, but though those words were exactly what he meant, it wasn't because the stranger in him was a nuissance or something. He just couldn't say it to straighten it out.


"I knew right from the start anyway you don't have to go shoving it to my face."

Misaki's grip on his toothbrush loosened and it fell into the sink, being washed out continiously by the running water from the faucet.

"No...That isn't what I meant you know..."

"You're so eager to know who I am because you're tired of having me."

Misaki's eyes drooped, his shoulders sagged. It wasn't really the reason. In truth he really wanted Usagi-san out of his body for a different reason but the way he shouted earlier clearly created a negative conclusion.

"I'm sorry..." Misaki mumbled, staring at his own eyes through the mirror, hoping that the weird mirror last night would reflect how sorry he was towards the man.

"I think we really do have to get to this Usami Akihiko soon, so you could have your peace back."

Misaki bit his bottom lip as he looked down on his barefeet. "Yeah...we should..."

The heaviness Misaki felt in his chest was enough to make him so gloomy despite the good weather outside. He had finished packing and was ready to ride the bus back to the train station. And Usagi-san hasn't spoken a word after that, not even once.

"It wasn't that...How could I say it? There's no way I can..." Misaki's brows furrowed deeply. "Remembering last night...I'm starting to feel weird and I'm sure that I'm heating up...And I don't want you to know that!"

Misaki took his sneakers and slowly put them in. He wouldn't be able to say it. No way in hell. How could he tell the stranger in him that Misaki wanted him out as soon as possible because his body was reacting weirdly just because of a simple voice and remembering the weird set-up the last night. Not to mention, Misaki had never paid much attention to it but now, he was all conscious that whatever he was doing, the man inside him could see it. Suffice to say he was almost like being watched 24/7.

Embarrassed and humiliated at how much sensitive he was, Misaki sighed deeper than the sea outside the hotel. "I'm getting turned on and if you don't go out...I don't know what kind of my self I'd show you...How could I say that..."

Why...I turned really weird...this whole set-up has turned me into something weird. The teen walked towards the window and looked towards the horizon. What's weirder is that I don't hate it.

"Usagi-san..." Misaki called as he tried to sit on the train near the window. But the voice didn't answer.

For the first time in a couple of months they've been literally stuck together, they had their first serious misunderstanding on both sides. They weren't wanting to be free of their situation for selfish reasons. But because they had started to cross the line of friendship and bond.

However, though Misaki thought that the problem would be solved if the stranger finally get to be released from him, he didn't know that in the future, it would just be a bigger blow.

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