*I am backkk! I will explain what you should expect at the end xD but for now the italics are Jack's thoughts, unless I say do over wise!*

"Now come on we are going to be late!" Jack shouted making his way up the school's steps, pushing the doors open, "Woah," Jack breathed out, there were a lot of people. Will the Ad Credendum work? Will they be able to see me?

"Jack! Come on! You can stare later, my art class is on the other side of the school!" Jamie gave his friend a slight push, causing the light wieght boy to stumble crashing into a smaller Junior,

"I-I am s-so sor-ry," Jack stuttered, realizing he didn't fall through her,

"Oh, its okay," she blushed, pushing a piece of stray hair behind her ear, "Are you new here?" she asked in a quiet voice,

"Yeah, he is my cousin," Jamie stepped in, grabbing Jack my the wrist because if they hang around for any longer they would be late, and Jamie Bennett was never late, "Bye guys! See you at lunch!" Jamie waved at his friends, as Jack looked at the Ad Credendum,

"It works! She can see me!" Jack exclaimed, he would have almost done a backflip in the air if Jamie hadn't grabbed him,

"NO powers!" Jamie hissed, "It is your first day, don't blow your cover!" Jack laughed,

"Yeah, I supposed you are right,"

"Of course I am, now come on," Jamie pulled the still stunned Jack through the hallway, managing to cause every student to stop and stare. Since when did an Albino enroll?

Jamie and Jack entered the Art room without a second to spare. Jack did spend a lot of time around North, so he was accustomed different woodworking equipment and art supplies, but he was taken back by the art room. It was a fairly large room, one wall was completely made out of windows, which overlooked a courtyard with different array of trees and plants, each with a light dusting of snow. (Which Jack smiled brightly at) Then the room itself had eight tables, with four seats at each table. There were ten art easels at the back of the room, and on each side of the room were cabinets full with different art supplies. There were about 20 teens in the class, ranging from the new Freshman to the 'needed more art credits' Seniors, each working hard on their latest project,

"Jack, we don't we sit at that empty table? I will go talk to the teacher," Jack walked over to the table Jamie was pointing at and sat down. How? How can I take down Pitch by myself without getting Jamie and the others hurt? Jack's thoughts were interrupted by a slight tapping on his shoulder, the sudden contact nearly made the winter sprite fall out of his chair,

"Sorry young man," it was Jamie's art teacher," but I think you were spacing out. The rest of the class is outside," she smiled warmly at him,

"Wait what are the doing? And where is Jamie?" Jack asked, looking around the now empty classroom. The art teacher placed a pad of paper and colored pencils in front of Jack,

"They are using those to draw the winter scenery, and your cousin went to grab a jack. Which I suggest you do the same," She winked before walking over to her desk, putting on her own jacket,

"Thank you for the supplies, but I really don't get cold," Jack smiled, causing the teacher to raise her eyebrows at the white haired teen, "Besides I have a sweatshirt," Jack waved her off as he walked into the courtyard. Students were spread through the courtyard, sitting and standing a the desired angles for their drawings. Jack couldn't find something he wanted to draw in the courtyard, so he simply formed a few icicles on a nearby tree for him to draw. The Guardian looked around at the other students, each seemed satisfied with the winter scene in front of them. It brought Jack great joy to see other enjoy his work so much to draw it, he felt like he actually did something right after so many winter disasters,

"I wish it was snowing, the freshly fallen snow would add so much to this landscaping," the art teacher said aloud to her class, which a voice their agreements. Hmmm, I could fix that. With a twirl of Jack's finger, a light, fluffy, snow began to fall upon the art students. Laughter erupted throughout the courtyard, the students were amazed that is actually began to snow,

"Hmmm, nice going Jack Frost," Jack turned around to see Jamie leaning against the tree Jack was going to use for his picture,

"My Moon, Jamie! You scared me!" Jack clutched his heart in a dramatic way,

"Jack, you can't use your powers," Jamie narrowed his eyes and the Guardian of Fun,

"You can't boss me around, I am easily over 300 years older than you," Jack stuck his tongue out at the younger boy, "Besides, I am almost done with my picture," Jack held up a picture of icicles on a tree,

"Wow, that is good," Jamie looked at the picture in amazement,

"Three hundred years of practice," Jack shrugged. A gust of wind came, lifting Jack up a foot off of the ground, causing him to crash onto to snowy ground. Jamie quickly helped the teen off of the ground,

"I thought you said you couldn't fly without your staff," Jamie joked,

"That wasn't flying," Jack smiled, brushing the snow off of his clothes, "I guess the wind misses me. Don't worry I will be back soon," Jack whispered to the wind,

"Jack, you and..um..the wind? Can finish your conversation later, we have to go back inside," Jamie laughed,

"I am starting to think I am a bad influence on you," Jack smirked,

"And I wouldn't have it any other way," The two best friends walked back into the classroom and took their seats,

"Okay class, you know the drill, please bring your work up front, so we can show it off," Jamie's art teacher clapped her hands. Each student put their winter wonderland picture in front. Jack was speechless, they had captured almost every detail he had put into the real thing. Jack hadn't felt this happy since he acquired his first believer, who nudged Jack when the teacher walked towards the sprite's drawing,

"Amazing, it is like Jack Frost painted it himself," the class nodded in agreement, but couldn't understand why the artist of the picture and his cousin were laughing so hard.

*Well there is is the first one shot of this series, there are going to be about five one shots, all explaining Jack's first day of school. I felt bad because I know a lot of people were looking forward to it, and i grazed past it in the actual story. Which i am sorry about, but you can expect a English class, and history class for sure. Most likely a one shot about what happened right after lunch and after school. So until then please R&R, favorite, and follow!