House of the Rising Sun

Summary: Sequel to Horse with No Name. Please read that one first before reading this story. Being back in his original time-line was a larger shock than Harry could have imagined. While finding his lover was his top priority, clearly there was more going on then just simply finding his soul? Now he had to fight the Ancient Magic again and try to remember his lover's name before it was too late. Starts at Battle City.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my own made up characters, so I plan to kidnap Harry and Yugi/Atemu and make them my own. MWHAHAHAHAHA. (seriously)

Rating: M to be safe

Warnings: will be given every individual chapter, but will have hints of abuse, violence and LEMON in future chapter. This is a 'boy loves boy' and 'girl loves girl' story so anyone who doesn't like that can leave now. You have been warned.

Parings: The prequel was Harry/Atemu and they are the main pairings together with Yugi/Atemu. Still wondering if Yugi will love Harry and Harry will love Yugi. I think Yugi will love Harry, but Harry will probably first be against it because of the age difference. Harry is 24/25 and Yugi is 16 and will turn 17 when Harry turns 26.



Bill W./Fleur D.


Chapter 1

Air returned to him the same time the light did. Taking a shaky breath he could smell the familiar scents of warm, desert sand and spices. Horses and camels were nearby carrying dried foods, water and fabrics. The harsh desert sun was being kept from him by light fabrics which smelled of travel and sweat. Some greater power then the desert sun pulsed around the place he was. Pressing himself deeper into the soft comfortable sheets, letting the comfort wash over him. It was as if he hadn't felt it in years, but surely it was only a few days ago when he had slept on a comfortable bed?

Someone entered his personal space, the circle he had drawn around himself in an effort to keep protected. "Harry?" a voice whispered. No one called him that, not in a long time anyway. Only Bill Weasley and Jack Harper knew his real name and they were far out of his reach. But had he not told the Pharaoh his name, or had that been just a dream… it must have been. "Are you awake Harry? Come on, open your eyes."

He breathed in deeply again. The scent was familiar. Dust, sweat and a slightly animalistic scent which he knew he should recognise. "Do you know where you are?" That he knew, but should he answer? Who was this man who asked him questions? The sound of the man's voice was different then he was used to. Instead of the singing and sometimes harsh tones, the man's tone of voice was flat and soft. It was kind and concerned of course, but it was almost as if the man was speaking a completely different language.

"Desert." His voice sounded rough like he hadn't used it in days, maybe weeks. He almost didn't recognise it, but because he felt his mouth move and his vocal cords tighten, he knew it was his own. The man shifted, startled to hear him speak. Maybe he had been asleep for a long time and the man had been looking after him.

"Do you know who I am?"

He remained silent, letting the question and the way the words were spoken wash over him. Breathing in again, he tried to register the scent. Searching his memories which could link the scent to a familiar person, he suddenly snapped his eyes open. Green eyes adjusted to the filtered light, landing on the man who was standing a few feet away from him. Familiar red hair, blue eyes and scarred face. Pony tail, earring and muscled tanned body. "Bill… Bill Weasley."

Bill sighed in relief and smiled, nodding in confirmation. "Good. Do you know who you are?"

"Harry Potter," he stated and a sudden, cheeky smile crept on his face. "Hasani, Masud, Lisimba, Bomani, but more importantly Harakhty."

The Curse Breaker frowned a little at the last statement. "I would ask how Harakhty would be more important then your birth name, but I'm sure that has something to do with the accident. Do you remember what made you come to Egypt?"

Harry blinked, his smile falling slightly as he tried to remember. "I was bored," he stated thoughtfully. "America grew tiring after Danny had died and I had already seen most of the world, so I decided to work for Gringotts. I was here for the magical traps, disabling them and replacing when the treasures had been secured. You and Jack taught me how to identify the Hieroglyphics and the translator spells I would need."

Bill nodded, seemingly relieved that Harry remembered why he was in Egypt in the first place. "If you remember that, then I'm sure we don't have to go over everything from your childhood till today." They were both equally relieved. "Do you remember the accident at all?"

The raven head frowned. "I was working on… uhm I think it was one of the Holy Temples or something." He looked questioningly at the red head when the older man hummed softly. "It was a sanctuary in the Valley of the Kings, but close enough," Bill commented. "The Holy Temple had been put on hold, you remember?"

Harry closed his eyes, trying to think back. They must have stopped working on the Holy Temples the day before the accident. "There had been a tricky mechanism inside one of the structures," Harry murmured softly. "Because we had to wait for the structural engineers to show up, I decided to follow up on a hunch."

Bill chuckled. "You were practically begging for something to do, so Jack and I thought it would be fun for you to follow up on a rumour. Had I know you would be riding out that same morning at an un-godly hour I would have insisted on sleeping in the same tent. Why couldn't you have waited for one of us to accompany you?"

The red head's stern tone surprised Harry a little, before a sly smile bubbled to the surface. "My Bill, I didn't know you were into that stuff."

Bill choked and stared at the raven head wide eyed. "What are you…?" Harry couldn't help but laugh at the stunned expression on the older man's face. "Don't say things like that Harry! I'm happily married, thank you very much. Child and all."

The raven head rolled his eyes and snorted. "Because we can't forget children once we are married."

"They've all been very worried about you Harry," the Curse Breaker said, his face suddenly more serious then Harry had even seen after the War. "Teddy especially. We were barely able to drag him away from you."

"Teddy?" Harry asked with a frown. "He's here? But what about…"

"You've been in a coma for seven days Harry," Bill explained, sitting down on the end of the bed when the magical field finally disappeared. Harry gasped for breath and bend forward clutching his chest. Sudden fatigue hit his body like a stampede of Hippogriffs. It was like his magic had been keeping him healthy, but now that he was conscious his magic released to recharge. His body began to shiver uncontrollably and dizziness made him squeeze his eyes shut.

"Breath Harry," the Curse Breaker said, shooting forward to keep the Hero of the Wizarding World from falling off of the bed. "Breath. Drink this and lay back down." Bill made Harry drink a Nutrition Potion and a Calming Draft before gently pushing the twenty-four year old back onto the bed. "Take it easy. You just woke up after all. You're body needs to heal."

Harry chuckled weakly, a little drowsy from the Calming Draft, and squirmed a little when his back tingled and itched annoyingly. "Seven days?" he muttered softly, turning his head to look at Bill. The raven head chuckled a little, remembering the days of the War. "Lucky number seven. Maybe it's a sign."

The oldest of the Weasley siblings looked suddenly stern. "As long as you promise to take it easy, even if it's only for a little while. And you have to heal first before you do anything."

"It's not like I can do anything at the moment," Harry replied sleepily, feeling quite empty. He would have thought that after seven days of sleep he wouldn't feel tired at all, but after that Calming Draft the Hero of the Wizarding World fell right back to sleep.

It took a week before Harry was able (and allowed) to move beyond the Medic tent. Teddy, who had been allowed time off from his studies, had stayed by his side all this time. The seven-year-old was more then happy to sit by his bedside and read to Harry and talk about all the things he had missed. Ron and Hermione had taken a Portkey to Egypt as well, to support Harry and scold him (in Hermione's case) about his reckless behaviour. "At least it gave you a reason to come to Egypt," he had replied to her rant with a cheeky smile. Teddy found it all highly amusing.

"We're going to have some words young man," Harry said, turning sternly to his godson with a mad twinkle in his eyes. Teddy gulped in fear and looked down at his feet. "You've been here for a total of two weeks and still haven't seen anything Egypt has to offer. Pack some things kiddo, so I can give you a crash course."

The young Metamorphmagus looked up with hope and happiness, his hair changing colour rapidly from its usual turquoise to pink and blond/yellow and back to turquoise again. "Really?"

Harry nodded. "Of course. So pack some things and meet me at the horses in about ten minutes."

Teddy didn't need any more motivation and the seven-year-old was already out of the tent before Harry could blink. With a small smile Harry turned to get changed. Finally getting rid of his hospital pyjamas, the raven head washed quickly. It had already caught his eye when changing his shirt, but this time the raven head did turn fully to view his back. The redness had faded and everything which had been swollen and irritated before had now healed. The skin looked healthy and the scarring wasn't as noticeable as Harry would have thought. The burns stood out against his paling skin, but once the sun would do its job again, the raven head was almost certain that those would simply fade into the background. Harry considered never taking his shirt off again, but to someone who couldn't read Hieroglyphics it would probably look like a fancy tattoo. Maybe with a few charms he would be able to hide the most offending parts.

Harry growled lowly and tore his eyes away from the mirror. He could remember everything clearly now. How Bakura had killed his men and tried to use his body as a carving board. He would find that Thief, because knowing that man, the bastard would be roaming these lands as well. The ritual the Pharaoh had used ensures that the man's spirit would reside inside the Puzzle until everything would be settled. At least his lover had Yahya for company in the thousand odd years of darkness and emptiness. And Zorc, if the chanting Harry remembered had anything to go by. His Pharaoh…

"Damn it, why can't I remember," Harry hissed in frustration. He could still see his lover in his mind's eye. Dark hair, as unruly as his own, and beautiful golden bangs woven into his golden crown. Those big crimson eyes which sparkled in excitement upon seeing him. Even that lenient body… but the Pharaoh's name escaped him every time. Like someone or something was blocking his memory. Had it been part of the enchantment?

The raven head shook his head and left it for later. He hadn't told the others about his trip to the past and would keep it from them a little while longer. Once Teddy returned to Britain he would inform Bill, Jack, Ron and Hermione. Maybe they could help, because he swore to Ra he would find out anything he could about what happened to those Golden Items of the Past.

High Priest Seth would have been impressed by his dramatic exit and Harry was sure he could hear Severus Snape chuckle in amusement in the after life. Teddy was waiting as patiently as a seven-year-old could by the horses. He was wearing a small backpack and a huge grin. Before his Godson could say anything, Harry winked and let out a soft whistle. It was out of habit and he was sure none of the horses would respond, but to his surprise a familiar horse trudged forward.

"What are you doing here boy?" Harry asked, his response in Ancient Egyptian making Teddy frown in confusion. The horse nudged him softly and whinnied. "So your many times great ancestor was my partner you say?" The steed whinnied again and dug its feet into the desert sand, obviously excited. Harry chuckled softly and patted its neck. "So my lover called him Onuris, did he? It fits I suppose. I will grand you the same name then, if you are willing to ride with me."

Harry seriously wondered about the horse's sanity when it did a kind of jolly turn making Teddy laugh at the display. "Well my dearest Godson," the raven head said, turning towards the Metamorphmagus. "May I introduce our guide for today? This is Onuris, a noble steed from these parts who has graciously accepted into leading us through the desert."

Teddy giggled and waved happily at the horse who was standing to attention next to Harry. "It's nice to meet you On… Onri… Onuris."

The raven head ruffled through his Godson's hair, before lifting the child up onto the horse's back. The Metamorphmagus squawked a little, unsure of where to grab hold so he wouldn't fall off, but Harry already lifted himself to sit behind the child. "You ready Teddy?" The seven-year-old nodded shakily and Harry told his Godson to hold on to the ropes, his own hands holding onto the outer sides so he would be in full control. "Let's go Onuris, gently now."

Before they could exit the camp though, they were called back by Ron who noticed them leaving. "Harry mate, where are you going?"

Harry turned the horse to look at his best friend, cheeky smile in place. "Taking my Godson for a ride of course," he said like it was a normal thing to ride off without telling anyone. Teddy would have told his grandmother of course, but still… "He's been here two weeks and all he's seen is the inside of the Medic tent. And I could do with a little bit of sun. We'll be back before lunch. Cover for us, would you?" And with a wink he left with a giggling Teddy.

It was with great sadness he watched his Godson go, especially since the child was protesting about leaving his Godfather. Harry promised there and then that he would visit his Godson more. He felt bad for leaving his Godson in Britain while he travelled the world because he couldn't find any rest after the War. Sure the child had his grandmother and Andromeda made sure that the child didn't want for anything. Between Harry and Andromeda, Teddy Lupin was raised to trust in Muggle and Magical means and taught Pureblood traditions and Muggle customs.

That night Harry spoke to Bill, Jack, Ron and Hermione about his visit to the past. Ron and Hermione had sighed in frustration and both chuckled at Harry's famous display of luck. Hermione had even seemed a little jealous at the fact that Harry had spend time in Ancient Egypt and Ron joked that they should try to find the spot so they could send his wife on expedition. Hermione hadn't been too happy about that.

"Since you were found close to the tombs of the Nameless Pharaoh, I'm guessing you were in his era," Bill interrupted Hermione's anger rant at her husband. Ron was grinning sheepishly at his wife who had already turned to listen. Harry frowned. "I wouldn't know, but I guess that is the reason why I cannot remember my Pharaoh's name. His name must be lost in time."

"It would make sense," Jack said, a thoughtful expression on his face. "It's funny. The day before you woke up I bumped into someone who was interested in the Nameless Pharaoh. She said she was one of the protectors of the Ancient Artefacts, whatever they may be."

Harry blinked. "What did she look like?" Ancient Artefacts… could it be?

Jack frowned as he tried to remember. "Egyptian." Bill chuckled and Harry rolled his eyes. "No, I mean like one from the old nomads and tomb keepers. She was wearing a lot of gold too, like she was the Head of the Family and an odd necklace."

"Necklace you say," Harry said, quickly looking around the tent for writing equipment. He began to sketch Isis's Golden Item. "Did it look like this?" And he showed his finished drawing.

Jack snorted. "A little bit more stylish," he said with a snort. "But yeah, that's what it looked like. You know it?"

"I know of all seven Items."

Harry silently wondered what to wear when he realised that it probably didn't matter all that much. If this Ishizu Ishtar was now the barer of the Tauk, she would know about him or at least see him coming. Harry remembered asking Isis once about the Tauk and the gift it granted. She said that she could only see possibilities. She could foretell what would happen when a person stayed on the path they were on, but they could still change their minds at some point. It was probably because Bakura would make only random choices that Isis had never been able to foretell what the mad Thief would do next. She had confessed that she had not been able to foretell his future when had tried. He had merely laughed it off, saying that he was probably making too many random choices as well. With Isis in mind, Harry chose for more formal clothing like the ones he had worn in the past. Red and gold suited him, as he was still a Gryffindor at heart.

He was meeting Miss Ishtar in a private room of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The building itself was impressive, but the treasures within were now even closer to Harry's heart. The ex-Gryffindor was no stranger to the employee's of the Museum. He dealt with them every now and then because of his work with the traps. Goblins only gave permission through letters and even though they had a magical liaison at the Museum in case of accidents, the Muggles had to stay informed as well. And so he was greeted left and right by some of the security and some members of staff. They looked amused by his outfit and Harry could already hear the rumours starting.

"Mr Potter?" a well build man with a heavy accent asked as he neared his destination. Harry nodded curtly. "Miss Ishtar is waiting for you." And he guided the Wizard for the last few steps before knocking on the private office. A soft answer was giving and the man, who Harry presumed was a private guard, opened the door for him. Nodding at the man in thanks, Harry stepped into the room and felt his heart stop.


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