Taiah remembers how she was born. The young girl has only been in the world for less than a day. You see, she wasn't born like everyone else, she was born from magic. She remembers the one who created her, Chaos. Who knows why he created Taiah. He doesn't like being predictable after all.

So now she's sitting inside a dark citadel, wondering why she was created. Maybe it would have been too predictable if Chaos told her the objective to living was. He did tell her though that this is the kingdom of the Land of the Black Sand and the ruler of this place had disappeared almost a year ago.

Getting up off the floor, she left to explore the Citadel. It took her small body a while to look around bottom to top of the place. She discovers very little, this place was really boring until she finds a certain room. It was full of scrolls, strange Items, and potions. Walking up to a table sitting in the middle of the room, she stands on her tip-toes to see what the scrolls seem to contain. Rolling out one scroll, It shows some weird item with a description on it.

Moving other scrolls, Taiah finds a list. Reading down the list she realize that the ruler must have been brain storming new ideas. Continuing to read she finds a certain word and started to sound it out. "A-grab-ah?" Tilting her head she continues to read the list while putting the pieces together. "I think he wanted to do something with...Agrabah... where ever that is..." She picks up one of the items laying on the table's surface. Turning her little hands, she observes its odd shape. "This world is getting more confusing by the minute, and I didn't even leave this place yet."

"Having fun, kiddo?"

Looking up Taiah finds the lord of Chaos hovering above her. The blue cat lays in mid-air with is head on his folded arms. "Mr. Chaos?" She sits down on the floor and holds her legs in a timid manner. "I don't know what I'm suppose to be doing. Can't you give me a little hint?"

Chaos smirks. "Now that would be predictable!" He then gives the child a playful pout. "And you should know that I hate that." His smile returns as the small child below him nods, in agreement.

The little girl looks down to the floor and sighs sadly, slightly shifting in her spot. "I'm just so confused."

The cat flies down next to her. "Oh you will get use to things real quick here. You'll just have to figure it out for yourself." Looking at the cat she gives him a confusing expression. Chaos's eyes shines and a few scrolls fall from the table and lands in front of the young girl. "Until you do figure it out, you should give these a read."

Leaning over, Taiah picks up a scroll. She scans it quickly after discovering a pattern then glancing over to the cat. "What are these, Mr. Chaos?"

The cat smirks and purrs. "Spells most likely. You'll need them if you stay here in the Land of the Black Sand." He then hops on her shoulders and floats into the air. "Well that's all you're going to get out of me. You should get started." He turns to leave then looks back to the little girl. "Oh before I go, I should give you a little warning. Beware of the Mamluks. They have been real lively lately." He then disappears in a puff of pink smoke.

Taiah looks down at the scroll in her hands. She decides to listen to what Chaos told her to do and lays the document down on the floor and rolls it out. She settles herself down on her stomach and reads the parchment slowly. Each word flows into her mind, distracting her of the feeling of desolation.