"Are we there yet?"


"...Are we there yet?"


"...Are we there yet?"


"...Are we-"

Abis Mal turns around on his camel and glares at the child. "IF YOU ASK 'ARE WE THERE YE?!' ONE MORE TIME, I'LL TURN THIS CAMEL AROUND!"

Taiah sighs and leans back on the camel, pouting. "Fine."

Back in the Citadel Abis Mal told her his reason why he and Haroud need the Anti Magic Manacles. In Agrabah A boy named Aladdin and his Genie had entered in their palace and managed to kick Abis Mal off his throne. Every time they would go into the palace, to reclaim it, the Genie would use his magic to get rid of them.

Taiah saw right through the lie. They acted so differently before they told her their reason so she decided to give them the manacles just as long as they take her with them. They had agreed and the manacles sit in a burlap sack behind Haroud. To say, Abis Mal is regretting his decision of letting her go with them as she torturing the both of them with her child like impulses.

The young girl had to cover up in a cloak with a hood so her very pale skin wouldn't burn in the intense sun. It hid her well even though out of the three, she had nothing to hide from.

Bored out of her mind yet again, She continues to torment Abis Mal and Haroud. She bites her lip trying to think of what to say next, she looks to the tall man and smirks, sitting up straight. "Hey Haroud? How rude are you?" She missed the man's glare as she closes her eyes and lets out a giggle.

Haroud rolls his eyes and dips his sentence into heavy sarcasm. "Very clever. I never heard that one before."

Another hour and a lot of torments later they finally made it to Agrabah. The sight of the palace made Taiah's eyes wide in amazement. Abis Mal smiles. "We are here!" The three had to stop just outside the city so Abis Mal and Haroud could put on their cloaks. Taiah smirks and ask why they had to cover up. Abis Mal looks at the girl. "uh...why? Well you see it's for ..."

Haroud looks down to the girl. "If we don't cover up then Aladdin will sure find us and the plan to reclaim the throne will be ruin."

Taiah shrugs her shoulders. "Oooooohh okay" She gives them a grin as they make their way through the Market Place. Taiah has a grip on Haroud's cloak so she wouldn't get separated from the two. Inside the Market Place, Taiah saw a lot new things and heard so many people around here.

They made it to a roof top to start their plan. Taiah was looking over the edge amused by the people down below. Abis Mal watches with her to see if anyone suspicious were wondering around that might have seen them. He turns to the two an raises a finger in the air. "Alright, Now for the distraction! Eh...which was what now?"

Taiah looks at him. "You didn't think this through?"

He looks at her. "I did! I just forgot is all."

Haroud face-palms.

The girl rolls her eyes as she looks back to the city. She raises her arm as it starts to glow light blue. Thinking she looks at the ball. Throwing it above the city the ball burst into fragments and a giant bull appears. The bull snorts and lets out a battle call before running ramps into the city. The people on the ground screams and shouts as they run away. Taiah stares at the bull with sheer boredom. Abis Mal and Haroud stares at the girl in disbelief.

Abis Mal raises a hand at the side of his face and whispers to Haroud. "Make a mental note to never get on this girl's bad side, Haroud."

Taiah eyes wide as a boy fly by on a Magic Capet. She takes a few steps back for she was not prepared for that. Watching him fly toward the bull, she folds her arms and looks to Abis Mal. "And that would be...?"

Abis Mal finishes her sentence. "Aladdin."

Aladdin flies to the bull and watches it. "I don't get it. How did it just appear out of nowhere?" Abu, the monkey on his shoulder, looks to him and screeches. Aladdin pulls out the lamp and rubs it.

Red Smoke leaks from it and a giant Genie, dressed like a cowboy, spinning a lasso over his head, smiles. "It's time to Hog-tie this cattle, Al!"

The bull lets out another fierce battle call and charges at the Genie.

Both Taiah and Abis Mal watches the scene of Genie wrestling with the bull, Haroud however was more focus to the plan. He looks down to Abis Mal. "Sir."

Abis Mal doesn't turn is attention from the bull and Genie. "Not now, Haroud. I'm watching this."

Haroud rolls his eyes the turn back to Abis Mal. "Sir. Don't you think that we should head to the Palace, while Aladdin and the Genie are occupied?"

Abis Mal turns his attention away from the scene. "Oh, right." He picks up the sack of manacles and flings them over his shoulder. "LETS GO!" The weight of the Manacles proven to be to heavy for him as he falls over, causing Taiah to laugh. After the short giggle, that stops short from Abis Mal's glaring, she looks back to the bull and frowns.

When the trio walks up to the Palace gate, Taiah raises an eye brow when she saw that there was no one standing guard. "Didn't my bull stunt really get not much attention that even the palace isn't even heavily guarded?"

When Abis Mal and Haroud open the doors of the gates, Taiah was the first of them to walk to the steps with the two follow her shortly behind her. The girl glances at the two then bolted up the stairs and inside the Palace. When the two men made it to the top steps then look around. Abis Mal looks to the left then right. "HEY, WHERE DID THAT BRAT GO?!"

Haroud looks down to Abis Mal, clutching the sack of Manacles tightly. "Does it really matter? We have the manacles. We don't need the child anymore."

Taiah hides behind the corner listening to when they had planed. She heard them say that they would tie up the sultan and wait for Aladdin and the Genie to arrive. Biting her lip Taiah ran down the hall to get away from those two, knowing full well that their plan will some how blow up in their faces one way or another.

Just before she couldn't see the city any longer, she turns and her eyes bugged out from the surprise that the bull she let loose was already hog-tied. Thinking the people of Agrabah had enough destruction for one day she lets her hand out towards the bull and it disappears while the magic that created the bull returns to her, no doubt shocking Aladdin and his Genie.

She scratch her cheek thinking what If she should restore the city from the damage. Before she could make her decision, the Genie Magically repairs the City. "Wow...He's good." She turns and runs deep inside of the Palace. She spent minutes just looking around. So far she saw the garden, a few random rooms and the outside of the treasury. she looked inside and saw piles of gold, gems, small statues on petioles, and a chest that sat in the middle of the room. Something about that chest that starts tugging at her. She feels that if she took a step inside, she'd unwillingly fly to that chest. She takes a step back, not liking the feeling of being pulled in. She bolted away from the room to get away from the tugging feeling.

Continuing on her looking around, she walks into a big room with a long low table that has pillows surrounds it. In the center of the table sits a bowl of fruit. Feeling her tummy give a small rumble, Taiah smiles and rush over to the table. Looking into the bowl, she quickly made her choice and grabbed a shiny red apple. She brings the apple to her mouth and bites into it. Smiling and giggling, the child looks into the bowl again to see what other fruits she could find. She grabs another apple and puts it in her pocket.

As she reached for another look inside of the bowl, a growl made her freeze in her place. "That wasn't me was it? I'm not hungry anymore." Another growl reached her ears has she felt a hot breath blow on her head from behind. Her eyes wide as she slowly turns her head to see whats behind her. She gasped to see a Tiger standing right behind her.

Taiah Steps on the table as she stutters in fright. "N-nice k-itty." She screams as the Tiger hops on the table and growls at her. Taiah hops off the table and runs out of the room. "This is so not fair! First the Mamluks chased me and now that Tiger is chasing me!" Taiah turns a corner and opens a random door and hides.