Come on Lopez you can do this. Santana thought to herself while she looked in the mirror splashing cold water on her face. The longer she stared in the mirror the harder it was for her to hold in her tears and she inevitably broke down sobbing quietly to herself.

There was a knock on the bathroom door followed by a little smiling face. "Mommy are you crying?" Her 4-year-old son Noah latched on to her leg hugging it tightly. "Don't cry mommy. Don't be sad."

Santana couldn't help but shed a few more tears, her son was always super protective of her. She quickly wiped her tears away and reached down to pick the small boy up and set him on the sink. "Mommy's fine baby." She smiled weakly at the boy and hugged him tightly. "Go get your shoes on mijo we are leaving shortly." She kissed him gently on the forehead before putting him back down on the ground and watching him run out of the bathroom.

Santana fixed her makeup and looked at her self once more in the mirror letting out a deep sigh before walking out of the bathroom. She walked in the living room to pick up some stray toys Noah had lying around when she heard her phone. She went to pick it up from the arm of the sofa. It was a text from Quinn.

Hey hun, how are you holding up? –Q

I've been better. I can't stop crying but I don't want Noah to see me cry. Its so hard Q. I can't believe they are gone. – San

Awww baby, well your parents are in a better place now. I'm going to come over and ride to the funeral with you and Noah ok? – Q

Thanks –San

Leaving my house now, I will be there in 10min –Q

Santana put the phone back down and went to grab her coat from the closet. "Noah come on baby we have to get going. Come get your coat." Noah came running full speed into the living room. "You're so handsome!" Santana said smiling at the little boy was wearing black suit with a blue and black-checkered tie.

She held up his black coat. "Need mommy to help you put it on?"

"No mommy I'm a big boy. I can do it." Noah said while looking up with his big brown eyes and smiling. Santana ran her hand through his dark curly hair and winked at him.

While Noah sat on the couch with a toy car, Santana ran around the house making sure the lights were all turned out and the tvs were off. "Mommy somebody's at the door…I will get it." Noah yelled out.

"No you wont Noah. Mommy will get it." Santana came jogging back in the living room and opened the door to see Quinn. Seeing her best friend sent her over the edge and she began to break down again. Quinn quickly grabbed her and pulled her into a tight embrace. "Its ok San….shhhhh. Its ok. Im here." Quinn rubbed Santana's back soothingly and didn't let her go until she felt her calm down.

"Hey little man. How's my god son doing today?" Quinn asked while picking up Noah who had run over to her.

"Hi Aunt Q. Im ok but mommy is sad." Noah said while pointing at Santana who was now sitting on the couch with compact out fixing her make up again for the 3rd time that moment.

"She is?" Quinn said while putting Noah back on the ground and kneeling down so she was eye level with him. "Do you know why she is sad?

"Yeah because grandpa and nanny went to heaven." Noah said sheepishly while looking down.

Quinn had to turn her head to hide the tears that started to stream down her face from his sweet and innocent response. "Well it's up to us to make her happy right?" Quinn said while smiling.

"Right!" Noah said. "Mommy still has me. Im not in heaven yet."

Quinn glanced over at Santana and gave her a reassuring smile noticing the Latina was crying from their conversation. "You ready San?" Quinn said while walking over to the couch and sitting next to her. She placed her hand on Santana's and squeezed them. "Come on let's go." She whispered.

Once they arrived at the church Santana was greeted by her former Glee club members who came from all over to join her in LA for her parents funeral. Mercedes still lived in LA, Quinn and Puck were now married with twin boys and also lived in LA. Mike and Tina were married with 3 kids and lived in Chicago, Finn and Rachel were married and living in New York, Artie lived in Florida, and Blaine and Kurt came from New York as well.

The service was harder on Santana then she imagined, being an only child she leaned on Quinn and Mercedes for support majority of the service. Noah was sitting on Santana's lap most of the service but once she broke down for the 3rd time. Mercedes picked him up and he cuddled on her lap.

After the service Santana was thanking everyone for attending the service with Quinn standing closely at her side. "I cant thank you enough Quinn. You've been an incredible friend through all of this." Santana said.

Quinn wrapped an arm around Santana's waist while saying "Of course San…we are best friends. I'm here for both you and Noah ok. Why don't you let Noah come over this afternoon and play with our boys? Give you a little time to yourself ok?"

Santana smiled and nodded. "I think he would like that. I haven't been sleeping so maybe I can try to take a nap."

"I can come over as well, I will hang out in the den while you sleep if you want."

"You don't have to Q…I just need a little time alone to come down from all the excitement."

"You sure?" Quinn glanced over at the Latina.

"Yeah….if I need you I know how to get a hold of you." Santana smiled back at her.

Quinn pulled Santana in for another hug and as she was letting her go Brittany walked up.

"Brittany…." Santana gasped out. I haven't seen or talked to Brittany in 5 years. Santana thought to herself.

"Im sorry about your parents San. You know I loved them like they were my own." Brittany pulled a shocked Santana in for a hug and Santana broke down sobbing silently into Brittany's embrace. Even thought they were estranged friends now Brittany's touch still brought a wave of emotion over her that she couldn't control.

"Aunt Q is mommy sad again?" Noah asked as he walked up with Quinn's twin boys, Elijah and Emmanuel.

"Yes baby but she will be ok." Quinn said while the 3 small boys gathered around her legs.

Brittany pulled back from Santana's hug. "Who are these 3 handsome little guys?" Brittany asked with a hug smile.

"Im Noah! And these are my best friends Elijah and Emmanuel but I call them Eli and Manny. And this is my mommy but she is sad today because grandpa and nanny went to heaven. So Aunt Q said its my job to keep her happy." The little boy gushed as she latched onto to Santana's leg.

Brittany smiled at his answer. "Well you can call me B ok? He is gorgeous Santana…he looks just like you."

After the lowering of the body into the ground at the cemetery Quinn and Brittany joined Santana at her house while Noah went off with Puck and his boys to a movie.

"Brittany…thank you for coming. But I'm shocked to see you." Santana said while setting out tea for the girls. "I mean I thought you were over seas touring with your dance company."

"I am but when Q emailed me about your parents I dropped everything and got the first available flight. Even through everything that has transpired San you are still my best friend. I was determined to be here for you. I wasn't going to let you go through this alone." Brittany said while rubbing circles on Santana's back.

Santana smiled back at her and mouthed thank you before becoming overcome with silent tears. Brittany wrapped an arm around her and Santana leaned into Brittany's chest sobbing. Quinn got up and sat on the other side of Santana and rubbed her back to comfort her.

20min later after Santana had calmed down, Quinn told them she needed to leave to run some errands and grab dinner for family. She told Santana that Puck would drop Noah back off at home after he ate.

"San, why don't we watch a movie? Maybe it will take your mind off of everything for a little bit?" Santana reluctantly agreed. Brittany turned on the TV and sat down on the couch next to Santana. Santana was still sniffling a little so Brittany scooted closer to her and wrapped an arm around her. Santana leaned into Brittany to try to calm herself down. She silently sobbed into Brittany side until she feel asleep..

Brittany could tell she was sleep by how heavy Santana's body felt on hers. She scooted down so that Santana was lying across her lap and she grabbed the blanket that was hanging over the back of the couch and covered her up. She gently stroked Santana's hair remembering how much that would calm her down back when they were dating in high school. After an hour or so Brittany herself drifted to sleep

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