Professor Layton...please help me... hurry... Please...


Everyone in London knew him. Professor Hershel Layton was his name. He is an eminent archaeologist, mystery solver, and as everyone says, a true gentlemen. He works at Greshenheller University as a professor. You always heard chatter on the streets, new gossip about him.

"Did you hear about his latest mystery?"

"I know! I couldn't believe he solved it! I thought that case would never unfold!"

"How can he manage being a professor, solving mysteries, and helping others constantly, but yet still be so gentlemanly all the same? He is amazing."

And no one could forget his trusty apprentice Luke Triton.

"He is so cute!"

"Adorable and smart. Was he gifted or what?"

"I have never met a cuter young man. I can't imagine how good he will be come adulthood!"

With all that goes around, it wasn't a surprise that Layton and Luke received yet another letter requesting help. Though, the duo was not expecting this newest mystery.