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Chapter 16:

Layton and company returned to the professor's home in search of any clues to Emmy's disappearance.

Upon entering, Luke had discovered one of Don Paolo's inventions under the bed. 'That doesn't tell us much.' Luke concluded to himself.

They continued to search. Rowland noticed a few books and papers on the floor. She guessed Emmy had woken up to her captors and attempted to defend herself. She also found a camera, a camera she was later informed, belonged to Emmy.

The group searched the room for a few minutes and found nothing more. Something finally caught Flora's eye.

"What's this?" She picked up a strange vial from the floor.

"Flora, I'd suggest you don't..." Layton began.

Flora suddenly lost her footing and fell into Luke's arms, which were thankfully behind her in time.

"...Bring that near your face." Luke finished.

"Someone made sure Emmy wouldn't wake up." Layton concluded.

Flora leaned on Luke, eyes closed and motionless. Rowland carefully removed the toxic liquid out of her hand.

"We had better put this somewhere safe." Rowland stated.

"Indeed." Layton confirmed.

Rowland covered the vial, while Luke laid Flora down until she awoke.

"Poor Emmy. She didn't know what was coming." Luke sadly spoke.

Layton didn't respond. He was too busy staring out the open window. The open window someone had come through in order to get Emmy.

Luke followed the Professor's gaze. "So that's where they came in."

"I believe so, my boy." Layton responded.

Rowland walked in. "Do you see anything else?"

"I think that's all we are going to find in here." Layton answered.

"Perhaps we should check outside next, once Flora wakes up, of course." Luke commented.

"Yes, I believe that's our best point of action at the moment." Rowland agreed.

Two hours later, Flora finally woke up.

"Where am I?" Flora could barely lift her head up.

"Whatever was in that vial, it works really well." Luke whispered to the professor.

"Are you all right, my dear?" Layton had a concerned tone in his voice.

"My head feels like it's swimming." Flora groggily sat up. "What was in that vial?"

"Some form of liquid that knocks you senseless." Layton explained.

Flora frowned. "That explains a lot."

Luke looked at Flora. "Are you well enough to investigate outside?"

Flora responded with a slight nod.

The group headed out when Flora could stand without support from Luke.

"Do you see anything, professor?" Luke asked.

"Hm..." Was Layton's response.

Layton took in the surroundings. There was the window to Emmy's room. A rope was hanging outside the window, which was the villains ticket out. He noticed drag marks in the dirt outside the window.

'If they are going to take someone, the least they can do is carry the person.' Layton thought.

The marks ended several feet away, an were soon replaced by tire marks.

"They took her by car." Layton stated.

The group followed the tracks, but soon found they ended on the highway.

Rowland grimaced. "We can't follow the tracks now."

"Can't we follow the direction, though?" Flora asked.

"That's all we can do at the moment, I'm afraid." Layton concluded.

No one had high hopes in the matter.

"I'll go grab my car." Layton said.

"I hope we find Emmy soon." Flora added sadly.

The search for Emmy has begun! Chapter 17 coming soon!