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Saviors in Stone

Fili stood nervously beside his uncle as he looked over the crowd of dwarves, elves and humans gathered in the hall and took a deep breath while Thorin placed a hand on his shoulder reassuringly. Today Fili would be married to his One, bonded forever, and he was thrilled by the prospect but the fact that it had to be such a public spectacle made him uncomfortable. Also having the thing, formerly his brother, standing opposite him to his Uncle's left beside Bilbo didn't help matters. Kili's presence was a stark reminder that this day almost didn't happen. With his childish and selfish behavior he had almost cost Fili and Lor their lives. It still irked Fili that Lor had forgiven Kili but he was so grateful to have her and to know that she was carrying his child that he let her do as she wished. He could hate Kili as much as he wanted as long as she was happy. Taking another deep breath Fili stood up straighter as that chanting began from the hall that signified the arrival of the bridal party. Leading the procession was Dis who would braid Fili and Lor's hair together at the start of the ceremony and she looked proud enough to burst but Fili's attention was soon brought to Lor who followed behind and his heart stopped. He had never seen anything as beautiful as she was at that moment. Her dress was the deep blue color favored by the royal family and upon her brow was a circlet of gold with a solitary emerald that matched the sparkling emerald of her eyes. As the party approached those in the front of the hall everyone else disappeared and then it was just Fili and Lor, no one else mattered.

"I wasn't sure you were going to show up." Lor teased as Dis braided segments of their hair together and Fili smiled as he pressed his forehead to hers.

"I wouldn't have missed this for anything in the world, sanmizim." Fili reassured her before they had to turn to Thorin who smiled warmly at them both then began the service. One could have asked Fili and Lor what was said during the ceremony but they wouldn't have been able to answer.

The hall where everyone was gathered for the meal and ball following the nuptials seemed to be twice as packed as the main hall if it were possible. The meal had been a traditional dwarven feast with lots of meat and a few potatoes though Lor had insisted on some "green food" for their elven guests that was greatly appreciated by those that remained after the ceremony. They had finished the meal off with mounds of sweets prepared by Bombur that included a large treacle tart, Fili's favorite, for the married couple. It was a perfect meal meant to represent the couple's ability to provide for each other and for the kingdom to provide for its people. The couple in question had put on displays of love and adoration that were largely sickening to those in attendance but they didn't care. They were married now and having a baby, they had a right to be sickeningly affectionate with each other. Once the meal was done the ball began and Lor and Fili were forced to attend to their guests until they could get away for their wedding night. At the moment "attending to the guests" meant dancing and they had no choice but to comply.

"You look absolutely lovely." Bilbo said with a smile as he shared a dance with Lor who beamed in response. "I just knew the blue would make your eyes shine."

"Thank you Bilbo, you look quite handsome yourself." Lor complimented and the hobbit smiled happily and continued to compliment Lor and discuss how well her pregnancy was going and just make her smile. Soon the dance was done and Lor suddenly found herself in the arms of the King who smiled in an oddly affectionate way that still managed to be intimidating.

"I'm glad Fili found you. He's spent so much of his life caring for others and putting them above himself that he deserves to have you caring for him. I'll never be able to make amends for what happened but I want you to know that I will do everything in my power to ensure that you are happy and well cared for. You are a member of this family now and you deserve everything good that comes with that." Thorin told Lor with every bit of sincerity he felt and Lor had tears in her eyes as she leaned up to kiss his cheek.

"Thank you for that...Uncle..." She used the term experimentally then beamed as Thorin smiled wider and his eyes sparkled with warmth. They didn't say anything else for the rest of the dance and once it ended Thorin knocked their foreheads together lightly before he went to dance with his consort.

The dances continued until it was nearly time for the couple to retire to their rooms to finish the marriage rights in the privacy of their own bedchamber. Lor smiled as Fili held her in his arms. He'd been her partner since he'd managed to wrestle her from Dori's three dances earlier and had stoutly refused to give her up to anyone. When a tap came to his shoulder none were more surprised than he by the identity of the interloper.

"May I cut in?" Kili asked nervously but stood fearless as he encountered the wrath in his brother's eyes. Before Fili could say anything insulting or cruel Lor turned his face to hers and pressed a light kiss to his lips.

"Please let me share a dance with him âzyungel. Once it's done you and I can go to our rooms...alone..." Lor said the last with a twinkle in her eyes that made Fili forget his aversion for the traitor.

"Very well, one dance then we leave." He told her and she smiled as she leaned up to kiss him deeply then released him and turned to Kili, ignoring the glare Fili shot him and drawing him into the dance.

"He still hates me." Kili said sadly and Lor shook her head and sighed.

"He could never truly hate you, but he is still hurt and it'll take some time before he can understand why you did what you did. My hope is that this rift between the two of you can be healed before the baby is born." Lor gave him a reassuring smile and he gave a small one in return as they continued to dance.

"As do I, sister-mine, as do I."

One Year Later...

Lor was exceedingly grouchy, her ankles were swollen, her feet hurt and Fili wasn't allowed to take care of any other "needs" as suggested by Oin. She also wasn't allowed to work with the spinners and weavers any longer. Luckily, she had managed to convince Bilbo that embroidery was a task she could do while resting so she didn't have to sit completely idle. The unfortunate side effect of her constant embroidery were the doilies and kerchiefs that now littered their rooms and the rooms of many others. The only one who seemed to appreciate her work was Bilbo so she ensured that he got her best work. Though, for the last week or so she'd been grouchier than usual and had a strong desire, a need, to leave the confines of her home and go somewhere, anywhere, and that need was bound to get her into trouble.

With a sigh, then a groan, Lor stood from her seat and grumbled unintelligibly as she set down the blanket she was working on, something for the baby, and moved out of the sitting room. She felt restless, she needed to move, to leave her rooms. Eventually her feet found their way to the main door and when she opened it she took a deep breath and sighed with relief before her feet took her out of their chamber and started walking down the turning and twisting halls that led toward the heart of the mountain. She didn't know what she was looking for or where she was going. She only knew that she'd know it when she got there.

"Âzyungel, I'm home!" Fili called out happily as he entered their chambers two hours later. He had been in meetings all day and was happy that he finally got to spend some time with his One. Lately she'd been angry and frustrated and snapped at him when he was being "too clingy" but he just smiled and took everything she did in stride. Any day now she'd be bringing their child into the world so he could forgive her anything. He could even forgive her insistence on having tea daily with Kili. He'd never understand how she could forgive the traitorous sod but he could deny her nothing and if being civil to the wretch made her happy he could do it. He walked into the bedchamber, expecting to see his wife lying on the bed reading or embroidering but was put out by the fact that he didn't find her. After that he searched the bathing chamber, the kitchen and backtracked to the sitting room. For one nerve wracking moment he thought she had gone and fallen out of the balcony but a quick search had shown him that she hadn't been there. He had begun to panic, she was gone and there was no note. She would have known enough to leave a note or have her companion send a page to him so something had to be wrong. Just before he tore his hair out the door opened and he walked to the main entrance to their chambers, ready to yell at her for scaring him, then wrap her in his arms and never let go but the sight that greeted him caused his panic to grow.

"Fili...is Lor well? We were supposed to meet in the library for tea an hour ago. What's wrong?" Kili asked as he took in his brother's pale face and wild eyes. Something was wrong.

"Lor's missing, I just got back and there's no sign of her, no note, nothing. You said she was going to meet you, who was she going with?" Fili asked desperately as he went to Kili and put his hands on the youngers arms and squeezed almost painfully.

"She was supposed to go with Mother but Mother wasn't feeling well. I have no idea who she had arranged to go in her place. You need to relax Fili, maybe she got that pain in her lower back again and went to Oin. Thir and I will go to him and see if we can find her." Kili tried calming his brother who shook his head.

"No, I'll go, you...just don't make it worse." Fili said with a hint of venom before he barged past Kili and tore down the hall toward the royal healer's quarters and Kili looked at his minder and good friend.

"Let's go find her, I don't have a good feeling about this." Kili told his friend who nodded.

"Neither do I, her babe is ready to come into the world and she needs to be near a healer." Thir said in that all-knowing way of his and Kili just went with it, knowing better than to question the elf. With a nod to one another they left the chambers and set about finding the wayward princess and getting her the help she was going to need.

Lor sat on an outcropping of rock in one of the lower levels of the mountain and watched the crystals glow around her. She didn't know what brought her there but she was happier for it. It was beautiful, with the multicolor crystals and gems seeming to wink at her in the semi-darkness and the water below causing rippling shadows. It was also a comfortable place to be, warm but not hot with a wind tunnel blowing a soft breeze. It just felt right and part of her knew she was worrying everyone but another, more insistent, part of her said that this was where she needed to be, for her baby. At the thought of her babe she put her hand to her stomach and felt the kick that signaled her child's life. As she smiled she closed her eyes and could see her child, a beautiful bairn with golden hair and blue eyes like Fili but with a smile like hers. She knew their child would be a hellion but couldn't possibly care less because he or she was HER child and she would give them the love they deserved. She would give them everything she never had. She felt a twinge in her back and closed her eyes but they were startled open when she heard footsteps.

"Her footprints lead this way." At the sound of Kili's voice she stood up and when he turned the corner that led to the alcove she was in she smiled but her smile turned into a frown when she saw the look on his face. "There you are, Fili's about to keel over any moment, he thought something terrible happened to you."

"I'm sorry Kili, I just needed to get away. My room was growing small and I needed...I needed a place to breathe." She pleaded with him and he smiled.

"Alright, I understand but we have to go. Bofur mentioned that these tunnels had some structural problems and the last thing we want is to be stuck in a cave in." He smiled warmly at her in an attempt to ease her nerves and felt a bit of triumph when she smiled back and nodded. As she walked up to him and allowed herself to be drawn into his arms there was a sudden shaking around them and without thinking he gathered her to him and moved back against the wall while Thir placed himself on top of them. After a few harrowing seconds the shaking stopped and they moved away from the wall as Lor shook and Kili stroked her hair,

"You need to stay with one another, I will see where the tunnel caved in." Thir told them and Kili nodded as he held Lor in his arms.

"It will be alright, they're mining a new silver seam a shaft over, they'll have felt the tremor and help will be on its way, stay calm." Kili attempted to soothe her and Lor shook her head.

"It won't be alright, I was stupid and put my baby in danger, what if it's something major and we can't get help?" Lor asked as she looked at Kili with wide, tear filled eyes and he sighed as he pulled her to him again.

"We'll get help, Fili would tear Middle Earth apart to get to you, a bit of stone is nothing." He reassured her and she nodded against him but started to calm. As long as he was there no harm would come to her, he vowed silently and held her even tighter.

"There are hundreds of miles of tunnels and caves past this point! She could be anywhere!" Fili shouted at the miner who looked like he was nearly ready to cry as he took in the look of near madness on the prince's face.

"Calm down laddie, Bron knows that, he was just bein' a helpful chap and tellin' us what he saw. We'll see if anyone farther down saw her." Bofur spoke calmly and put his hands up in submission in front of Fili and the prince nodded and took a deep breath.

"My apologies Master Bron, I'm just concerned for my wife's safety." Fili apologized and the older dwarf nodded.

"I understand yer highness, when me wife was ready ta have our boy she took off inta the woods, luckily a ranger found 'er and brought 'er home. He even stayed with us to help birth the babe. Women get the strange desire ta be on the move when they're havin' their bairns." The miner spoke and Fili nodded.

"Thank you again." Fili dismissed him and Bron quickly tried to retreat but was stopped by Dwalin who pressed a gold coin into his hand, payment for information on Lor, then sent him on his way. "Where could she be Bofur? It's not safe for the miners down here, let alone my very pregnant wife."

"Don't worry Fili, we'll find her. I've got my team searchin' and so does Bifur, Nori even has his men askin' around." Bofur explained and Fili nodded and was about to speak when suddenly a very nervous looking dwarf ran up to him.

"Mister Bofur, sir, there was a cave in in the eastern tunnels, near the quartz caves. According to Dar there were voices heard before the rocks fell." The dwarf said breathlessly and all the blood left Fili's face and he felt cold. He knew Lor was there, his heart told him as much.

"Where is the cave in?" Fili asked in a voice that was eerily calm and Dwalin looked at him out of the corner of his eyes, waiting for the reaction that was sure to come.

"If you'll follow me, I'll take you." Bofur offered and Fili didn't need to be told twice. He'd follow Bofur to Mordor and back if it meant getting to Lor and bringing her home.

"The tunnel has collapsed near the entrance, it has sealed tightly but we are secure." Thir explained as he walked back to where Lor and Kili were huddled together. "Sister Lor, are you well?"

"I'm fine." Lor managed to choke out and Kili moved away from her so he and Thir could have a look. When he saw her his heart suddenly went to his throat. "What?"

"Lor, are you hurt?" Kili asked and Lor looked at him, her face a mask of confusion.

"No, I'm fine, I've just been having one of my bad days. I've had these terrible back pains and indigestion." Lor explained and Kili looked at Thir who had a strange smile on his face.

"Have you had pains in your stomach Sister Lor?" Thir asked knowingly and Lor furrowed her brow before she answered.

"I've been having indigestion and settling pains for the last few days, nothing to be concerned about." Lor said dismissively and Kili gaped at her.

"The last few days? By Mahal's hammer!" Kili swore as he looked at Thir who frowned. "You should have told someone Lor, when dwarrow women are ready to birth they have pains and stomach illness for two days before. After that the babe can come at any time."

"Two days? That's not right, I've felt like this for at least three." Lor exlained and Kili looked pleadingly at Thir who sighed and rolled up his sleeves.

"Hold onto Kili's hand dear sister, the pain should be coming soon." As if his words were meant to summon it the pain started in Lor's stomach and she cried out.

"What's happening?" She asked, panicking and Kili smiled down at her before he kissed her brow.

"You're having your babe dear Lor." Kili told her softly and tears sprang up in her eyes and she shook her head.

"I don't think I'm ready for this, I need Fili." She said pitiably and Kili ran a hand over her hair.

"I know you're ready, you'll be a wonderful mum and don't worry, I'm sure Fili will be here soon with a team of miners and guards to tear down that wall of rock." Kili reassured her with the confidence in his voice, not knowing how right he was for at that moment Fili and a group of miners were heading toward the cave in with intent to clear it. Unfortunately it wasn't going to be easy.

"It looks to be a good two feet thick." Bofur said once he and his men had scaled the rocks in an attempt to find any openings. "Luckily there's a small opening near the top, not big enough to send anyone through but big enough to ensure that they have air and maybe talk to them once we start. Kili shouted to us when we called in. It looks like he's in there with the princess and his elf."

"Are they alright?" Fili asked and Bofur got an indecipherable look on his face.

"Fer now." Bofur said cryptically and Fili's eyes widened.

"What do you mean "for now"?" Fili asked in his calm and frightening voice.

"He says she's havin' the baby." Bofur said quietly and suddenly Fili was off like a shot. Once he scaled the rock he found the opening and tried desperately to see inside.

"Lor! Hold on! We're coming âzyungel!" He called and blanched when he heard her scream in pain, but was relieved when he heard Kili.

"She's doing fine Fili! Just, hurry please. Thir will do what he can but we need Oin!" Kili shouted and Fili rolled his eyes at his brother stating the obvious.

"We're working as fast as we can, tell her...tell her I love her and I'll be to her as soon as I can. Please...Brother?" Fili pleaded with Kili as quietly as he could and still be heard.

"I'll go to her now...Brother..." Kili said loud enough for Fili to hear and then he was gone.

After taking a deep breath Fili climbed down the wall of rock and went to the miners. They had work to do and he'd be damned if he wouldn't help them.

"They're coming, Fili promised he'd be through as soon as he can, they'll have Oin with them."Kili explained to them and Thir nodded as he ran a calming hand over Lor's forehead. "Fili wants you to know that he loves you."

"I love him too, but, ungh, he's never touching me again." Lor said in a pained voice as another contraction hit and Kili chuckled, oh Fili was going to love that.

"Kili, please remove your coat." Thir requested and Kili complied without question and held it as he waited for further instructions. "Fold it and place it beneath Lor's head and back, I need her at an incline."

Kili did as requested and immediately Lor looked more comfortable. As he got her situated Thir began moving her skirts up before Kili placed a hand on his wrist.

"What are you doing?" Kili asked, scandalized and Thir looked amused as he answered.

"I have to see how far along she is in the birthing process. I promise not to do anything unsavory." Thir swore as he placed a hand to his heart and Lor took Kili's other hand.

"Go to the cave in, check on their progress. You can trust Thir." Lor pleaded with him and Kili nodded before he kissed her forehead and left. While he went to check Thir moved her skirt up and removed her undergarments. Once she was bare he lifted her legs and bent her knees before he angled them so he could get a look and what he saw made him smile.

"Your babe will make its appearance soon Sister Lor, the passage has almost reached its appropriate width." He smiled reassuringly at her and she smiled back before the pain of another contraction caused her to grimace. Thir continued to smile as he got her into a more appropriate position but he was troubled, he truly hoped Fili would get through the wall in time to be there for Lor. She needed her One, there was nothing else to say on the matter.

"Fili, stop, you'll exhaust yourself." Dwalin commanded the prince who had been tirelessly hacking away at the wall that separated him from his wife.

"I swore I'd get to her." Fili glared at Dwalin who placed a hand on his shoulder and forced him to stop.

"You'll be no good to her if you don't even have enough strength to hold your babe. Rest, I'll go check on the progress. Do it for Lor." Dwalin knew he was fighting dirty but when he saw the slump in Fili's shoulders he felt triumphant.

"Fine, I'll rest but you take my place." Fili commanded and Dwalin placed his hand on his heart and bowed his head before he walked to Bofur who handed him a pickaxe and got out of the way. With a grunt of effort Dwalin swung the axe and hit one of the rocks, splitting it in two with one go then stood out of the way as another miner moved in and placed thin boards in the cracks to pry them apart. This went on for at least an hour, Dwalin breaking the stones then the miners prying them apart. Soon they had a healthy amount of rock moved, enough so that they could clearly hear what was happening in the cavern. After a few more minutes of furious hacking and pying a segment of the rocks collapsed and suddenly a cry of pain filled the air and Fili was beside Dwalin in a moment as they stood still. It was eerily quiet for a few minutes before a noise filled the air that caused tears to pour down Fili's face. There was the loud cry of a baby, his baby.

"They've almost got the right side, some of the rocks over here are breaking!" Kili called out from his position by the rocks as Thir focused on keeping Lor calm. She was almost ready to birth and unwanted stress could cause harm to both her and the babe.

"Fili!" Lor cried out and Thir ran a hand over her brow.

"He will be here as soon as he is able, just relax dear Lor." He said softly as he continued to stroke her hair.

"It hurts." Lor groaned before she winced and Thir moved back to his position between her legs. For the last two hours she'd been wincing and breathing her way through the pain and Thir knew it was almost time, he hoped they'd break through the wall soon. "Thir...something doesn't feel right."

He moved to get a better look and sure enough the babe's head was crowning. Taking a deeper breath than usual he took the overshirt he'd discarded earlier and placed it beneath Lor's lower half. As he stared into her eyes she knew what he wanted her to do but she was frightened and Thir knew what to do to push that fear aside.

"Kili! Come here!" Thir called out and Kili was there in a flash with a smile on his face.

"They're almost through! The right side crumbled so they're clearing it away." He continued to grin until he saw the look on Thir's face. "What do you need me to do?"

"Hold Lor's hand and calm her. The babe is ready to come into the world." Thir told him and Kili nodded wider as he went to Lor and took her hand. After that time seemed to speed up and slow down simultaneously. Thir told Lor to bear down as a contraction hit and with a cry of pain she did so, it had hurt so much but after that bit of pain she felt as though all were right with the world, then as tears of joy rather than pain poured down her face she heard the greatest sound she'd ever heard, her baby's cry.

"What, is it?" Lor asked as she sobbed and Thir smiled as he handed her still somewhat bloody baby to her and smiled with joy.

"Meet your daughter dear Lor, she is truly beautiful." He looked from Lor to Kili and sighed a pleased sigh as he saw the tears pouring down his friend's face as he looked upon his sister and niece, the love he felt for them present in his eyes.

"You did so well Lor and just look at how beautiful she is, she's already got such beautiful whiskers." Kili said and Lor reached up to draw him to her until their foreheads touched.

"Thank you for everything Kili, you saved our lives and were here to protect us. You and Thir are our saviors and we love you." Lor told him and he smiled as he knocked his head gently against hers. There was a rumbling where the cave in was and suddenly footsteps came bounding toward them with torches providing light.

"Lor! Is everything alright?" Fili called out but stopped as he took in the scene in front of him. Thir was cleaning Lor and putting her to rights while Kili sat beside her and ran a comforting hand through her hair but his attention soon became focused on Lor and the beautiful bundle in her arms.

"Fili, I knew you'd save us." Lor said quietly as Fili walked toward them. As he approached Kili stood and made to get out of the way when Fili grabbed him and hugged him as tightly as possible.

"Thank you Brother, for everything you've done on this day. I will never be able to repay you for this." Fili told him and Kili just grinned as he hugged Fili back.

"You've already given me back the world Fili, I have no need for anything else." He had tears coming faster from his eyes as Fili bumped their heads together and continued to smile as Fili let go to kneel beside Lor who still held their child. When she handed her to him she smiled.

"Âzyungel, meet your daughter Thili, named for our two saviors." She smiled as she saw the deep love and devotion in his eyes and Fili leaned down to lace a kiss on his daughter's brow then gave Lor a deep and loving kiss.

"The name's perfect, she's perfect and you're perfect. You have made me the happiest dwarf in Middle Earth. I love you both, just promise me you won't take off like that again." Fili requested and Lor smiled.

"I promise my love." She whispered and Fili smiled as he kissed her again before he pulled away and looked at his daughter. He marveled at her hair like spun gold, she may have had his hair but she was beautiful like her mother and there was nothing more Fili could ask for in that moment. He truly had everything he'd ever wished for and Lor could echo that sentiment.

Fili stood on the balcony outside of his chambers holding his week old daughter in his arms. Lor was exhausted so he'd decided to let her rest in the bedchamber while he took care of Thili. He would have kept her in the sitting room or kitchen but there was barely any room to move in their chambers. There were gifts and food and clothing piled everywhere in their rooms. Once the mountain had heard about the new little princess they had begun celebrating and were delivering gifts around the clock. It was overwhelming, but his mother and Bilbo did what they could to bring some order to the rooms and stem the flow of gifts. Though they were the worst offenders when it came to the gift giving. He smiled as his daughter made a little gurgle and kissed her nose, she really was a pretty little thing and Oin had given her a clean bill of health though he insisted on daily checkups and Fili suspected it was just so he could play with her and get more "baby time" than the rest of the Company. As he thought about the company he chuckled. He'd never seen grown dwarves as happy as they'd been when he'd introduced them to Thili, he'd have sworn that Dwalin cried but he'd be damned if he ever brought that up around him. Arguably the most excited for the baby had been Kili who showered his niece with love at every opportunity and almost had to be threatened with evisceration to let her go. As Fili thought about his brother he smiled. After so much pain and anger it felt good to have Kili back in his life, it was like the other half of his soul had been returned to him and he was grateful. As if the thought of him had been a summons the door to the balcony opened and Kili walked to stand beside his brother.

"Good afternoon." Kili greeted with a smile before he walked closer to his brother and ran his fingertips over Thili's whiskered cheek. "Good afternoon to you too little princess. Uncle Kili's brought you something."

Kili reached into his pocket and withdrew a small owl that had been sewn from scrap cloth with button eyes that had been carved out of amber stones and a beak forged of gold. Fili rolled his eyes, his daughter was going ot be horribly spoiled and there was nothing he could do about it. Instead he handed Thili to her uncle and cuffed him affectionately on the back of the head before he grinned and bumped their foreheads together, happier than he'd been in years and so glad to have his brother back. Who would have thought that a little thief would be the one to make his life complete? Smiling he threw his arm across Kili's shoulders and led him back into the room. If Kili insisted on spoiling Thili, the least he could do was watch her while Fili joined Lor for a well needed rest.

Author's Note: There it is, the end of A Thief in Erebor. I hope you enjoyed the story and the journey I took you on. I would also like to take this time to thank Vault108 for her name suggestions. I never would have thought of "Thili" without her help. I also want to thank her in advance for naming a new character that will show up in the next story "A Former Thief in Erebor". This new story will show up at some point in the next week. I'm still working on my other stories but this pairing seems to be actively feeding my muse. Anyway, thank you all for reading and I hope you've enjoyed the story because I've definitely enjoyed writing it.


âzyungel - Love (of all loves)

sanmizim - most perfect jewel