Title: Second Life

Author's note: My apologies for not uploading in such a long time. There is some HichiIchi development here. Enjoy.

Warnings: Very angsty, violence, bad words.

Left, abandoned, killed, and worst of all, betrayed; every horrendous emotion flooded through Ichigo, devouring him bit by bit. But now it was just him… walking in this lonely desert with no specific destination.

Hah, he thought to himself, of course I don't know where I'm going! I've never known where I was going and this is where I ended up. In the end, was there anyone for him? His spirits stayed off the edge of suicide because that wasn't an option.

Now, he roamed, putting one foot in front of the other, hoping to reach somewhere with someone he can trust. Winds didn't keep themselves down; they whipped past Ichigo, howling in laughter as they went by. Recently, as in a few hours of his arrival in this barren land, Ichigo noticed that empty feeling he always had turn literal. A hole had started to open up in his chest, barely missing his heart. The hole was now about two centimeters in diameter and the skin on his hands began to get leathery.

"Hhh…" Ichigo fell to his knees as a sharp pain shot through his opening chest, "AH!"

As soon as it passed, he sat there, panting and holding the area where his heart was in a tight wrap. Short, gutted breaths volleyed against his throat. He'd given up so much for everyone, now, didn't they feel the least bit guilty that they had done this to him? Didn't they even feel… PITY?

Ichigo didn't have the will power or the stamina to go on any further. Desperately, he tried to rise to his feet. He failed and fell to the ground once again. For no reason, the flesh on his arm tore apart, cutting it.

"Hah-" Ichigo grabbed the side of his arm tightly, blood dripping from his knuckles. The skin underneath his hand started almost sowing itself back together and regenerating at an alarming pace like a hollow. It frightened Ichigo and sapped his energy. Immediately, Ichigo felt so tired and lethargic that he couldn't even sit up.

Lying on the sand, he closed his eyes. Shit… I'll make prey for any hollow that shows up. This thought didn't stop him from succumbing to a deep slumber.

"I swear, King…" Eyelids closed and opened, they fell droopily over their designated eyeballs. Ichigo's head was spinning but he could barely make out the picture of his hollow standing in front of him.

Ichigo's consciousness slowly came back to him at a snail's pace. Little spots in his vision kept showing up… but he tried to look through. There was Shiro, standing over him, looking somewhat concerned. A low groan vibrated through Ichigo's throat as he sat up.

"Just what the hell did you think you're doing, yer one retarded king," Shirosaki stuck a finger in his ear, pretending not to care. "What, were you gonna fucking sleep in the middle of the desert? Where the other hollows could come?"

Ichigo felt hot to the core, but not only was he embarrassed, he felt sick… but he was dead. First, he threw his head forward trying to heave himself up. "Ahh… No… Wh-what the fuck do you care?"

Shirosaki's lips started to curl up in madness before releasing a heart-wrenching, dry laugh, "T-the fuck do I care?" He threw the point of his katana to Ichigo's neck, knowing that he was completely vulnerable.

"See?! Hahahaha! See, King? I would cut that slender throat of yours but I can't!" He laughed a little bit more before slicing the very top layer of Ichigo's skin. Blood dripped from the cut and the drops started to roll down, staining Ichigo's muscular neck. Normally, he would've pulled out his sword or covered up his neck but he didn't. Without much energy, he just breathed heavily, gulping down as much air as he could with a new fire seeming to spark in his eyes.

"Ay, King, look!" One of Shiro's albino digits pointed up to his own neck. Ichigo stared at Shirosaki's neck… it was bleeding without any direct contact. "If you get your sorry ass hurt, I can die!"

"…And even if I do it myself," the hollow smirked evilly before dragging his nails across his wrist, welting it with blood plunging up. A new pain washed over Ichigo. He grabbed his wrist and he couldn't scream, but he writhed in pain, "GHhh…!"

For a moment, he looked Shirosaki in the eyes and almost felt bad for him, and Shiro the same; moment sparking some sort of connection between the two. Now, they had to protect each other because it was the same as protecting themselves.

"Look at that hole in your heart," Shiro pulled his kimono's neck down to show his and Ichigo stared down at his own... they looked exactly the same...

Born together…

Immensely different identical twins…

This sweet nightmare…

We could have two heads but neither one can go…

We might be two souls within one soul with one fate shared by two…

There was no point in denial, they were essentially born in the same womb and shared the same parents. Who knows where the differences came in? Blood from one wound was blood from the other, it didn't matter. One could drip both of their blood and not be able to tell which is which.

Basically they are almost people, they were born together. Two flowers that blossomed to the same bud that can't be separated without severing something important; there was no one in the world like them. Two worlds became one between them and they found their own ways. There was no way they couldn't be together without any life essence. From the day they were both aware of each other, they have stood as shadows to one another.

I wasn't something that could be said, but rather we were I. If life was a maze, they still chose the same path. One moment didn't exist for one without the other until now.

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