Kingdom Hearts: Generations


The World That Never Was is seen in complete ruins. Buildings are now piles of steel & rubble. Memory's Skyscraper lost half of its structure & only small portions of the building is left standing. In the middle of the city, the Castle That Never Was is no longer a castle anymore but a large tower still standing from the original structure. Inside is a large circular room with seventeen thrones forming a circle & among them are seventeen people wearing black coats with hoods over their faces so their identities wouldn't be revealed.

Unknown #1: Good tidings friends, today is a momentous day. We will finally reveal our very existence to the world we begin in & those who will know about us very soon.

Unknown #2: This sounds like an excellent idea but are you sure this is the perfect time to begin our plans?

Unknown #3: I agree with him My Lord. With many worlds we originated from already know of our existence, they'll stand up for themselves and fight each of every one of us until we're no more like a bug being stepped on by a large boot. I suggest that we should begin making our armies stronger than ever and…

The third member suddenly stopped talking as if something stopped him.

Unknown #2: And what? Come on spit it out. My Lord something's wrong with him, we need to… (choking) What…What's happening?! I…can't…breathe!

Surrounding the two members necks are blackish-purple clouds of darkness extending from the member's right hand sitting in the highest throne which shows his status as their leader.

My Lord: (annoyed) I will not have any excuses about our plans. As you may be aware our armies have reached their full power and are strong enough to wipe out an entire city within minutes. Let this be a warning to you both. If you ever tried to think or say something ridiculous about my actions again, I'll kill the both of you upon the thrones where you reside. Understand?

Unknown #2: (choking) Yes we…understand.

Unknown #3: (choking) Now let us go! Please…have mercy!

My Lord: I would but from the sound of your voices I think you wanted to die that badly.

Unknown #2 & #3: (choking) No! Stop!

Unknown #4: That's enough My Lord! I think they've learned their lesson, now release them!

My Lord: As you wish.

My Lord then snapped his fingers released the two members from the dark grip that surrounded their necks. Among one of the thrones one of the other members was laughing showing his joy of other people's torture.

Unknown #3: What's so funny?

Unknown #5: (snickering) Nothing but it would've been a pity if both of you would've been killed on the very spot you're sitting on right now.

Unknown#3: (snapped) Shut it Shido! I regret back to the day I found you & your subordinates on the verge of death on that god forsaken world you once called home. You're lucky I found you on time before those things began to roam that world & might've killed you in the process.

Shido: (sneaky) Oh really? As I recalled you wanted to join my group the moment you laid your eyes on us Lumiara. I even promised to be our bodyguard.

Lumiara: (mad) WHAT!? I never said anything like that you bastard!

Shido: (devious) Yes you did.

Lumiara: (enraged) Are you trying to make me look like a traitor!?

My Lord: Enough! I will not have anymore of this from the both of you! Understand?

Shido: Very well My Lord.

Lumiara: (pissed) Whatever. Even though you're the leader to the former & new Organization XIII doesn't mean you can treat us like trash Xemnas.

My Lord: Xemnas is dead.

He removed his hood & showed himself as a young man either eighteen or twenty with long, spiky silver hair, eyes are as golden as the sun, & naturally tan skin.

My Lord: My name…is Xehanort!