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For the first time, Booth and Brennan were able to try their new home. They felt it was time for a bigger house; more place for Christine and Parker to play, a bigger garden and a quieter neighborhood.

"I'm happy with the new house, it's better than the previous one… A room for us, for Christine, for Parker and even one for the Foster kid. She'll like that.' Brennan said, while approvingly looking around the new living room they had decorated. Booth blinked in surprise.

"What... Wait a Sec… An extra room for who?" The special agent exclaimed. His phone rang, but for the moment he ignored this as his partner had revealed some information.

"Your phone is ringing, shouldn't you pick up?" she asked, pointing at the mobile device in Booths hand.

"First, I want to know what this thing is with that foster kid." He informed her. She sighed.

"The lady of the foster agency called two days ago, almost begging me if I could help her. She has a new foster child that needs a home. The woman told me that she believed that I would be... very good as the child seemed to be... more rational than expected from someone of her age." Brennan said, while taking Christine's stuff for daycare. For once she really missed Sweets help in the morning, but she was very happy that he finally found his own apartment. Booth followed her through the house, picking up the things his "girlfriend" forgot.

"Okay, so, why didn't we discuss this, then?' Booth asked. Brennan looked up.

"I must have forgotten about it because of the case we were working on, and then the move and Sweets packing his stuff and... It was just a bit too much on that moment." She exclaimed.

"Then, what did you told the lady? I mean, when did you have to answer?" He saw the look in her eyes, but yet, waited till she told him herself.

"She … the woman seemed desperate. The girl... she had been moved a lot, and she's only been three days in America. So I said we would be pleased to welcome her, to give it a try at least." Brennan bit her lip. She knew Booth couldn't resist that. She leaned in to kiss him.

"So... soon we'll have someone living with us... again." He summarized. Brennan smiled apologetically.

Booths cellphone rang again.

"Booth." He mumbled, listening in to what the person on the other side of the line had to say. He rolled his eyes.

"Your lucky day, two sets of human remains and the day has only begun." He said, while conforming the cop they were on their way, as soon as their daughter was in daycare.

"So, you have a name or any information on the... kid?" he asked now they were on their way to the crime scene.

"Katherine Meyer, she's European. Well, her mother was. The mother died, father unknown. They only seemed to know that he had the American nationality, so she was brought here." Brennan explained.

"Let them have fun looking, finding a father without a name ... or is Meyer..?"

"The mother's name. Elisabeth Meyer and her daughter Katherine, I have the feeling I know the names, but I don't know where from."

"Well, if you don't know... There's no reason for me to know her." Booth said, following the small road that would lead him to wishing he hadn't taken breakfast that morning.

"So, what did I hear from Brennan? You two are having a new kid? Tell me all about it." Angela ordered Booth, while they were trying not to be too much revolted by what Brennan was looking at. Two Girls, probably raped, killed by wolfs. One of them was actually in a cage, on 20 meter from them.

"You're pregnant again? Congratulations!" Hodgins said smiling. Bones looked up.

"What? No, not at all. I accepted to take a foster kid in. She seemed to have some difficulties settling in." she said, not taking her eyes from the decomposing body in front of her.

"Twenty to Twenty-five, died about... 3 months ago, I guess." Bones stated. Booth started taking notes to start searching for the identity.

"And raped." Fisher added, he'd been silence all the time, trying not to get involved too much.

"Poor thing." Angela mumbled.

"Who? This victim or the foster kid?" Hodgins asked. His wife looked up.

"Both, I think. Brennan, sweetie, can I start reconstructing the face or…?" she let her question open.

"Mister Fisher, I think you could start cleaning the bones. Cam has already taken multiple tissue samples, so there shouldn't be any problem. Start with the skull so Angela has something to start the reconstruction with." Colin Fisher nodded obediently and went to work with Hodgins.

"So," Angela locked her arm with that of her best friend, while walking back to Brennan's office.

"The kid. Tell me." She ordered Bones this time. Booth tugged along with the two women.

"Kid? Doctor Brennan, you didn't say anything about a pregnancy. Congra-"A little sign of Bones' hand was enough to make Sweets –who had just walked in Bones glass box- stop talking. He was a bit to enthusiastic about the whole "new kid at the Brennan-Booth residence" thing.

"No Sweets, I'm not pregnant. Why does everyone think that?" Brennan exclaimed.

"Well, you were talking about a child." The psychologist defended himself.

"We've accepted a foster child," the forensic anthropologist explained.

"Well, in fact; you accepted. This information is as new for me as for Sweets or any one here." Booth muttered, but he wouldn't back out now. This "kiddo" needed a place to live, a house to stay, a family to live with; a new home.

"Will someone, please, give me some details or should I drag them out of you during an investigation?" Angela demanded. Sweets was about to make a remark on her impatience, but her facial expression was enough to make him swallow the comment.

"Her name is Katherine Meyer, she's from Europe and I believe she's about to turn…seventeen, or eighteen, I'm not totally sure. I didn't get her file yet."

Angela sighed. "Being in foster care when you're about to be eighteen. You sure you can do this, she could be quite rebellious."

Brennan shrugged; she seemed to think she could handle the situation. For all, how difficult could a young woman be? She would find out soon enough.

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