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"Doctor Addy, come in." Katherine said smiling when she saw Zach standing uncertainly on her doorstep. Well, he knocked on the door of her office. Zach was still living in the Asylum.

He sat down and waited for Katherine to start the conversation, like he always did. She sat opposite him, like she always did when he came to talk to her.

"How are you doing? Still bored?" She asked him, never a good thing, bored patients.

"They bought new puzzles." He sated calmly, still not looking up. He almost didn't dare to look to her face, let alone her eyes. Katherine nodded.

"I asked for new… materials." She answered calm. He looked up for a second, thanked her and looked down again, hoping she didn't see the little blush on his cheeks. His hands lay on his lap.

"Would you mind.. taking of your gloves?" she asked silently. Zach's forehead wrinkled but in the end, he did what she asked and took of the gloves that protected his damaged hands.

He liked the kind way she smiled at him, it was a grateful smile. A sincere, happy smile.

Her hands –clearly those of a medical doctor- held his hands softly to take a look at the damage.

"You knew it would be dangerous, why did you use the explosion as a diversion? There were other ways, in which your hands might have been spared." She said; Zach knew what she was talking about. Other things that might have set off the Alarm state. An Experiment on a plastic doll would have done the trick just fine, but this would work better.

"I had calculated the explosion, I knew the force it would have used, but I got in an argument with my friend. He was there too, and he wanted to add ingredient. It would have blown up in his hands, I didn't want that. I failed to see that the explosion would be worse when I waited too long." Zach explained. He was concentrating on his breath, like he learned in one of the sessions. How to stay calm. He liked the way how Doctor Meyer, Katherine, gently held his hands.

"In your honest opinion as a Doctor, do you think you could still do the work you did before?" she asked him, while still looking at his hands. Every now and then she looked up, in which case he looked away.

"There would be need of .. prosthetics, to ensure that my grip is good. The Skin is heavily damaged, so that should probably be replaced, but I think the most of the muscles underneath are intact." He told her truthfully.

She let go of his hands and took her clipboard to make some notes. If Zach really wanted to, he could probably know what she was writing when he looked at the small movements of her hand, but he didn't try. Maybe he didn't want to know what she wrote about him.

"Did it ever cross your mind to ask for an operation like that, even while in the Asylum?" She asked him. He shook his head, she scribbled something down.

"It has no purpose here." He added silently. More scribbles. Katherine changed the subject.

"You told me that you didn't want your Friend –Hodgins, wasn't it?- to get hurt, why was it so important?" She asked.

"He's my friend." It was the only explanation that came to his mind. Hodgins was his friend and he didn't want his friend to be hurt.

"He's always been kind to me. You don't want your friends to be hurt, right?" he asked in return. Katherine had to agree. She didn't want any of her friends to get hurt, but if she could save herself… It was only human to safe yourself before others, just as it was human to protect those who are weaker than yourself. Being human could be defined in more than one way.

"Would you mind having visitors?" She asked Zach silently. Zach frowned.

"There has been a request for a visit." Katherine told him.

"Who?" he asked, afraid that his family would come to see him in his "prison".

"Doctor Jack Hodgins." Zach smiled and nodded.

"Then I'll make an appointment for you, he asked for a date within two weeks." She said smiling, giving Hodgins time so that he could make a few mathematical Exercises for Zach.

Zachs face lit up because of the news in the way Katherine had hoped for. He really wanted to see his friends again, even more than he wanted to see his family members. Katherine thought about that. No, he wanted to see his family but he didn't want them to see him in these circumstances.

Katherine's phone went off. Bones seemed to be under a lot of stress. The only thing Katherine could understand was that they were in the middle of an intervention; a murder that had found a new victim that they could save on the very moment.

The only thing Katherine had to do was pick up Christine and bring her to Angela, who was already notified that she would be babysitting Mini-Bones.

"Sure, I'll pick her up. You two have fun." She said with a little smile. Katherine sounded like a babysit for parents who went on a date.

Although, Katherine put her phone down before Bones could tell her that what they were about to do, was not 'fun' and that they wouldn't be alone.

Jason said it was no problem, but still, Katherine couldn't shake off the feeling that she was using her personal assistant to much. The man had to drive her around; house, work, Jeffersonian, when she went to see her new Collegue/ friend Elisabeth Jones… Now he even had to bring her to the crèche.

Few people looked up when Katherine walked into the research centre with a little girl on her arm; she was seen often with Booth and Brennan and they brought Christine to work as well. Katherine could only hope that no one would start gossiping about the fact that she was seen walking around with a child. She was young, but these days mothers could be a lot younger that she was. Katherine's own mother was about eighteen when Katherine was born. And Katherine had had her fair share of teenage mums, looking for counselling and stuff.

She shook her head and started looking for Angela who didn't seem to be in her office.

"Hey, Cam, Did you see Ang? She promised Brennan to babysit Christine so…." Katherine muttered with baby-girl on her arm. Cam smiled and shook her head.

"You know, you really look … calm, with Christine." Cam mentioned. One of Katherine's eyebrows went up.

"Holding a toddler isn't that dangerous."

"Yes, I know. But I have a daughter who is only a few years older than you are and she … might not look as confident and relaxed as you do, when she would be walking around with a baby." Camille tried to point out. Katherine didn't comment at first.

"Well, sometimes confidence can be faked." She admitted before leaving the office. Cam didn't look up, although she had noticed that Katherine was really sure about this. Katherine knew how to handle kids, even if she said that she wasn't confident. Camille shrugged it off, it didn't really mean anything. She was already used to Christine around her.

Only a few minutes later Katherine almost literally bumped into Angela who seemed to be trying to make Michael Vincent walk. Hodgins was smiling from afar. Laughing slightly when his son didn't want to try anymore and just sat down.

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