Hi guys! Since today's my birthday, I decided to write myself a story. Also, I see Bunston speaking in a British accent.

A Starfy Birthday

Chapter 1

Moe the clam was going to Starfy's castle with his new friend Bunston, who he and Starfy had meet just recently. They had visited because today, Thursday February 21 2013, was a very special day! It was Camryn's birthday! "Got her cake, Bunston?" "Of course! My chef baked it the minute he heard word of today! Oh, Moe, I'm so excited!" In his hands, Bunston held a beautiful box with Bunnera's crest. The aforementioned decoration was blue, while the box was light pink with a hot pink how keeping it together with a beautiful chocolate cake inside. Moe chuckled. "Yeah, so am I. Starf was pretty thrilled too. He was jumping from the excitement, but I can't really blame him. He always loved birthdays." Soon, they approached the castle. Before Moe could say a word, a guard noticed him. "Here for her birthday, are ya?" "Yep!" Moe answered. "Came by fast, didn't it?" The guard laughed. "Yeah, Prince Starfy was pretty excited too." Just as the guard had finished opening the door, Starfy bolted down the stairs and straight to his 2 best friends. He looked like a millionaire stepping into a car dealership. "Hey, Starf!" Hello, Starfy!" Moe and Bunston greeted respectively. Moe and Bunston walked up to Starfy's room to make the final preparations for Camryn's big day. Once the trio was in Starfy's room, they sat on the carpet and spoke about the plans. "Moe, do you by chance have the presents with you?" Bunston asked in his British accent. "Yep! They're in my shell." As he spoke his shell slowly opened to reveal Camryn's presents piled in a pyramid. Starfy started squeaking and jumping around excitedly, and Bunston joined him, minus the squeaking. "She is going to love them, Moe!" "Yeah, there's even some One Direction stuff in here, too." Suddenly, Starly came in "Big bro!" She called. Starfy stopped playing and landed in front of her in response. "Mommy and Daddy say it's almost time for Camryn's surprise party!" Everyone in the room got excited after Starly's words. "Oh, that reminds me!" She walked up to Moe and took the presents to the royal ballroom, where the celebration was to take place. "And before anyone asks, she's not here yet." Everyone except Starly groaned, and then Moe spoke: "Man, I hope the girl doesn't miss her own birthday party." "Don't worry Moe, she'll arrive." Bunston reassured. Then the gang decided to see how things were going on in the ballroom. Banners with 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMRYN!' were everywhere. Streamers hung from the pillars supporting the ceiling. Balloons in all the colors of the rainbow were everywhere. The tables were elegantly arranged, some to sit and eat and four for the presents, seating arrangements and games, cake, and table of honor for the King and Queen, Starfy and Starly, as well as Camryn and all of her closest friends. There was also a buffet table with sneeze guarded deviled eggs and other things. And the dessert table was near the table for the cake. One of the guards saw the 4 and signalled them over with a wave of his hand. Moe was the first to speak up-"Man, she is going to LOVE this party. Especially with all the One Direction posters that are up. It's her favourite band!" "Prince Bunston?" called on of the guards. "Yes?" "Where's the cake?" Bunston broke out into a sweat. What was he to say? "Uh...ummm...I..." Then, to break the ice, Moe opened his shell to reveal the stunningly beautiful One Direction cake that the guard had asked for not a few minutes ago! "Remember, Bunston? You asked me to hold the cake so it wouldn't smash!" Bunston giggled, blushing. "I nearly forgot about that." Then, Bunston took a moment to look around the hall since it was only his first time here.