This story is the sequel to The Greatest Power. If you haven't read it, you need to in order to understand this story. It uses the same characters, concepts, etc. I can't guarantee that this story will be as good as its prequel, but who cares. It'll be good, and if you liked the later chapters in The Greatest Power, you'll probably like this story better anyway. Most of the story will take place right at the end of season five and in the beginning to middle of season six (I still haven't decided if Chris is going to be in the story or not, maybe you readers should help me decide). Unless I say otherwise at the beginning of the chapter, assume that's where it is.

This first chapter just summarizes Jerome's actions while the sisters basically continue along the canon plot. Not enough notable changes have been made to the canon plot from season four (The Greatest Power took place right after "A Knight to Remember," so after that story the series basically proceeded as it does in the show) so I won't be doing much about the sisters yet. This chapter will be almost entirely Jerome. This specific chapter takes place during the episode "The Day the Magic Died."

Chapter 1:

It had been over a year since Jerome had left the sisters. Even in all that time, he never stopped thinking about them. Paige especially. Not a day went by when their well-being hadn't crossed his mind. With the Destroyer's release imminent, Jerome had been extremely busy. He was desperately searching for a way to stop the Destroyer, a way to prevent his rise for another couple hundred years. He couldn't. There was nothing he could do to stop the Destroyer. There was nothing anyone could do. His escape was unavoidable.

Jerome was doing everything he could to to track the Destroyer's progress, to keep an eye on His prison. Jerome saw the progress He was making. Jerome knew that at the rate the Destroyer was going, he would break free and damage the Obelisk of Magic. The Obelisk of Magic was the source of all the world's magic, and if it went down all magic in the world would go down with it. The Angel's of Destiny had their own obelisk to power their magic, and the Defenders likewise had an obelisk to fuel their magic. The rest of the world, however, would lose everything.

However, there was a glimmer of hope. The Prophecy of the Twice-Blessed Child spoke of a day when magic died. Jerome knew that this meant the Obelisk of Magic would either be forced into inactivity or it would be damaged. If the child spoken of in the prophecy could, in fact, restore magic to the world, then that day, the predicted day that magic died, would have to be the day the Destroyer got out. If Jerome timed everything correctly, he would be able to save the Obelisk of Magic from being irreparably damaged and he would be able to postpone the Destroyer's release, at least for a little while.

However, in order to release the Destroyer at the right moment he would need help. He would need two other Defenders. Either Paul and Marissa or Daniel and Benjamin. Paul hated him, and Benjamin was his brother. It was a difficult decision, but eventually Jerome decided on Daniel and Benjamin. They were on the Council, and held far more respect than either Paul or Marissa. Jerome started calling for them.

Jerome saw two figures Flicker in front of him. One was his dark haired, slightly shorter than Jerome brother. The other was older, white haired Daniel. "Hello, Jerome," Daniel said.

"Listen, I need your help. We all know that the Destroyer's release is imminent, however I may know of a way to at least stall him, and save the Obelisk of Magic in the process," Jerome said.

"To the point as ever, brother. The Obelisk of Magic is the weakest of the four obelisks we erected, and arguably the most valuable," Benjamin said.

"Indeed. The world needs magic to remain in balance and for the Grand Design to run its course. If it were destroyed, the imbalance would offset the Grand Design so much that we would have no choice but to Ascend and restore it," Daniel said. "How do you propose we save the Obelisk of Magic?"

"We won't. The Twice-Blessed Child will," Jerome said.

"What?" Benjamin asked.

"There was a day predicted when magic would die. A day that is nearly upon us. On this day, we release the Destroyer from his prison. He will damaged the Obelisk of Magic. All we would need to do is keep him in the realm he was imprisoned in until the child is born. The child's birth will restore the Obelisk of Magic and strengthen it tenfold," Jerome said.

"And how does that stall the Destroyer's release? It sounds like you're trying to speed it up," Daniel asked, though he thought he saw where Jerome was going.

"The Sealing Obelisk and the Obelisk of Magic are linked together. As long as we keep the Destroyer in His realm, near the Sealing Obelisk, the restoration of the Obelisk of Magic will force him back to the Sealing Obelisk, and keep him there for a little while at least," Jerome said.

"That may work. But the even with the extra power, the obelisk won't hold Him for very long. We'd have two years, at best, until He gets back out," Benjamin said.

"And that's two more years for us to prepare to fight Him and seal Him away again. The other alternative is to let Him escape now and destroy everything," Jerome said.

Daniel and Benjamin looked at each other for a while. Daniel turned to look at Jerome and said "Very well."

Benjamin turned and said "We will help."

Excisio knew what the Defenders were planning. He wasn't foolish by a long shot. He knew that all He had to do was look like He was giving escape everything He had, when in all reality He would barely be trying. He knew that even if He gave it everything He had, the Defenders would be able to hold Him back long enough for the child to repair the Obelisk of Magic and for Him to be sealed away again. And if He fought with less ferocity, less power than He had, the Defenders would think He was far weaker than He truly was. None of the Defenders coming for Him had fought him before. If He allowed themselves to believe He was weaker, then when He did break out again, they would be far less prepared. His escape and domination would be far easier. All He had to do was wait and play along.

The Day the Magic Died finally arrived. Jerome, Daniel, and Benjamin went to the Destroyer's realm. He was chained to the Sealing Obelisk by golden shackles that glowed with sacred power. Jerome saw the Obelisk of Magic in the distance. Daniel and Benjamin walked towards the Destroyer. "What's this?" He asked. "Three Defenders come to visit me in this desolate realm? Are you here to give up?"

Jerome turned to the speaker and saw the horrifying figure chained to the obelisk. The Destroyer was a huge creature with black skin and huge muscles. He had two long spikes protruding from the back of His head, horrible, monstrous eyes that glowed a wicked red, long claws that protruded from each of His fingertips, and a slightly elongated face with vicious fangs. He emitted an aura of pure, raw power and destruction. "No," Jerome said. "We're here to release you."

The Destroyer feigned a look of surprise. "Now, why would you do that?" He asked.

In response Benjamin and Daniel shot powerful blasts of pure energy at the chains that held the Destroyer in place. The chains began to glow brighter. Jerome started chanting "By the power of water, earth, and fire, with all the might of His desire, release the Destroyer and all His ire." The chains shattered.

The Destroyer stood and waved His hand over the Obelisk of Magic in the distance. Even from as far away as they were, Jerome, Daniel, and Benjamin could hear the sound of stone shattering and feel the trembling of it. They saw the Obelisk of Power crack and crumble, though most of the structure stood. Had the Destroyer done nothing the Obelisk of Magic would have grown more powerful than he would have liked upon the birth of the Twice-Blessed Child. Had He completely destroyed it, then the Sealing Obelisk would have filled the role as the source of the world's magic upon the birth of the Twice-Blessed Child, and the Sealing Obelisk was too strong for even the Destroyer to damage.

The Destroyer turned towards the three Defenders and stared at them. Time flowed much differently in the desolate realm they were in, so there was no telling how long they would be in there. "So, tell me, Segravit-" Daniel started.

"No," the Destroyer interrupted. "I no longer use that name. This is a new era, a new age." Talking would work well enough at biding time without showing His power. "It is deserving of a new name. For this era I shall be known as Excisio. I am destruction, obliteration, and ruin."

"Very well, Excision, what do you plan on doing now that you're free?" Daniel asked.

"Foolish Defender. You think my motives would change so easily? I am not like you. I have only one motive: destruction. I will never change," the Destroyer said.

"Then we will stop you," Benjamin said. He and Daniel blasted the Destroyer with every ounce of power they had. They Destroyer felt nothing, but in order to make them believe He was far weaker than He actually was, He took the fall and fell back.

Jerome watched, powerless to help. The Destroyer got back on His feet and blasted Daniel and Benjamin with black lightning. Benjamin and Daniel were invincible, but the black lightning seemed to bypass their invincibility. They were sent flying away from the Destroyer. Jerome drew his sword and rushed the Destroyer. Jerome held his sword high and dropped it on the Destroyer's head. The sword bounced off. The Destroyer grabbed Jerome's sword. The Destroyer's hand glowed with a dark light. Jerome's sword disintegrated. The Destroyer kicked Jerome in the gut, pushing him back several feet.

"You cannot defeat me," the Destroyer said. The Obelisk of Magic in the distance glowed and was covered in Orbs. The Orbs faded and left the Obelisk of Magical, completely repaired and whole. The Sealing Obelisk began to glow. The Obelisk of Magic also started glowing. A beam of golden light appeared at the top of each of the obelisks. The two beams shot towards the Destroyer's hands. Golden shackles formed where the beams hit. The beams changed to chains and the chains pulled the Destroyer back, dangling Him between the two obelisks. He roared in rage.

Jerome, Daniel, and Benjamin all Flashed away. They appeared in the middle of the Sahara. "Thank you for your help," Jerome said.

"You're welcome. Marthis will be furious, but he'll get over it," Benjamin said.

"We'll talk him out of it. He won't stay mad for long, especially if we tell him it prolonged the Destroyer's escape," Daniel said.

Daniel and Benjamin Flickered back to the Garden. Jerome Shimmered back to his cave. The Charmed Ones didn't need him. Not yet.

Author's Note:

The first chapter of the sequel! The next chapter will be set quite a bit further in season five. Please, leave a review telling me your opinions on this chapter and whether I should bring Chris into the story or not.