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Chapter 7:

Cronus and Demitrius had found an Elder. The Elder was young looking, though with magic looks can be deceiving. He was being protected by a leprechaun. "Stand back, Wise One," the leprechaun said.

"So brave in the face of death," Cronus said.

"We aren't the ones who'll be dying today," the leprechaun replied. He struck the ground with his shillelagh and a rainbow appeared, carrying he and the Elder away. Cronus flicked his wrist and send a burst of fire at the rainbow. The rainbow shattered, knocking the Elder to the ground and killing the leprechaun.

"Now who's going to protect you?" Cronus asked.

"We beat you before Cronus. We'll do it again," the Elder said.

Cronus laughed. "How? Your numbers are dwindling, the survivors are in hiding, and there are no gods to challenge me. By the end of the day, your kind will be extinct, and the Heavens will be ours," Cronus said.

At that moment the Charmed Ones appeared in front of the Elder. Cronus looked at them, amused confusion on his face. "Who are you?" Cronus asked.

"The supremes!" Paige exclaimed. Paige shot lightning from her trident at Cronus. Cronus deflected it with a casual flick of his wrist.

"Is that the best you can do?" Cronus asked.

Paige was stunned. Cronus flicked aside her most powerful attack like it was nothing.

"Try this on for size," Piper said. Piper caused the earth to shake, throwing the Titans off balance. She attacked them with powerful gusts of wind. The wind and the ground were enough to knock the Titans off their feet, but they quickly regained footing. Demitrius shot lightning at Piper, sending her to the ground. Phoebe tried using her powers to seduce them, but it had absolutely no effect. Piper got back up off the ground and creating a moving chasm, hoping to get the Titans to fall into it. Paige joined her and shot lightning from her trident at the Titans, hoping to distract them long enough for Piper's chasm to swallow them. Phoebe could do little, as her powers of love weren't meant for fighting.

Demitrius shot his own lightning at Paige's. The two bolts collided and created a powerful explosion, knocking both the Titans and the Charmed Ones to the ground. It also succeeded in stopping Piper's chasm. The Titans and Charmed Ones got back on their feet. This time, the Titans attacked. Cronus shot a powerful stream of fire while Demitrius blasted his lightning at the sisters. The sisters held up their hands and created a shield to protect themselves and the Elder. The two attacks hit the shield, but weren't powerful enough to penetrate it. "Okay, Phoebe, get the Elder to safety while Paige and I keep the Titans distracted," Piper said.

"Uh, Piper? I can't move," Phoebe said.

"Neither can I," Paige added, sounding a bit panicked.

"We have you now," Demitrius said.

Jerome Flickered behind the Titans. He telekinetically threw the Titans to the side. "Take the Elder to safety! I'll hold the Titans back as long as I can!" he shouted.

Piper grabbed her sisters and the Elder and Whirled them away to safety. "Who are you?" Cronus asked, dusting himself off.

"I'm their Defender," Jerome said. Jerome blasted the Titans with as much lightning as he could. Cronus and Demitrius had to work together to redirect Jerome's lightning, and even then it still had enough force to knock them to the ground.

"You are quite powerful, Defender. Are you here to kill us?" Cronus asked sarcastically.

"No, I am not allowed. The three you fought before are the ones who must vanquish you. But I will protect them with every ounce of power I possess," Jerome said. "And that is no small amount."

"And how long can you hold us back, holing yourself back as you are?" Demitrius asked.

"We'll see." Jerome telekinetically threw both Titans to the ground. They quickly recovered and countered. Cronus shot a stream of fire at Jerome. Jerome Whirled out of the way and blasted Cronus with lightning. The lightning hit Cronus and knocked him down. He grunted in pain. Demitrius blasted Jerome with lightning. Jerome took it. It destroyed his upper torso. Demitrius laughed in triumph.

"So much for the mighty Defender!" Demitrius said.

Cronus stared at Jerome's remains. Jerome started to regenerate. "Wait, Demitrius, look!" Cronus yelled. He pointed at Jerome. Demitrius turned and saw, with horror, Jerome reforming.

Once Jerome completely reformed, he said "Well, shall we continue?"

Cronus and Demitrius both blasted Jerome with their most powerful attacks. Jerome countered with his own lightning. Jerome's intense, powerful lightning hit the combined attack of Cronus and Demitrius. The two attacks collided and exploded in a powerful blast of light and heat. The force of the explosion knocked everyone to the ground. Cronus and Demitrius got up before Jerome did, and combined their attacks again. Jerome held up his left arm to block the attack. The attack hit and destroyed his arm. Jerome waited, but his arm wasn't regenerating. Jerome knocked the Titans to the ground with his telekinesis and blasted them with lightning. The Titans screamed in pain. Jerome then Flashed to the manor, away from the Titans. He did what he said he would; he held them off.

At the manor, the Charmed Ones were discussing their next battle strategy. "I don't think we have enough power to defeat the Titans. They had absolutely no issues with any of our powers," Piper said.

"They shrugged off my lightning like it was nothing," Paige said.

"If Jerome hadn't showed up when he did, we'd be dead," Phoebe said.

"Look, you need to focus and get yourselves together. You're the only ones who can defeat them," Chris said.

"Jerome can't?" Paige asked.

"No!" Chris exclaimed. "It has to be you!"

"Why us?" Phoebe asked.

Chris remembered talking to Piper in the future. He would always ask why their family was targeted by demons and evil. Why they had to suffer.

"Because you're the only ones with enough good to beat all of their evil," Chris said, using Piper's answer from the future.

"Jerome has more than enough power to defeat the Titans," Paige said. "Why can't he do it?"

"Because I'm not allowed to vanquish your foes," Jerome said, after Flashing into the living room. "And I'm not so sure I can do it. At least, not without the rest of my powers."

"What do you mean?" Piper asked.

As an answer, Jerome showed the sisters and Chris his left arm. Or rather, the lack thereof. "What happened to your arm?" Paige asked.

"It would seem that if both Cronus and Demitrius use their full, combined power it's enough to injure me beyond regeneration," Jerome said.

"Is it permanent?" Piper asked.

"I don't know. My arm's a stump now, but before it was nothing, so it's growing back, just at an extremely slow rate," Jerome said.

"Then how do we stop them?" Piper asked.

"You have the power, all you need to do is find it," Chris said.

"What about the surviving Elders? Couldn't they help us fight the Titans?" Phoebe asked.

"No, they're too few and need to stay in hiding," Jerome said.

"Where are they hiding?" Paige asked.

"They're safe," Chris said.

"Leo set up a safe house that's cloaked and hidden from the Titans," Jerome said.

"Leo set it up?" Piper asked.

"Yeah," Chris said.

"If it weren't for Leo, the Elders would all be dead, and there would be no hope," Jerome said. "Leo's a savior amongst the remaining Elders."

Piper stormed into the kitchen. Her sisters exchanged a worried glance and followed her. "Well, she's taking all that rather well," Chris said sarcastically. "There's a reason I avoided mentioning Leo to them. The fact that their pacifist Whitelighter is doing all of this, while they can barely control their powers would really make them look bad."

"And that's exactly why I did mention Leo. The fact that even their pacifist guide is doing everything he can to fight the Titans will motivate them to put everything they have into fighting the Titans. And, between this and their recent defeat by the Titans' hands, they seem to have finally gained control over their powers. They're focused, and in no danger of losing themselves," Jerome said.

"Piper? Are you okay?" Phoebe asked.

"No, I am not okay!" Piper snapped. "I am sick of hearing all of this knowledge second hand. I want to hear it from my husband. I want to hear it from Leo!"

"Well, it's not like he's not busy," Paige said.

"Leo, you better get down here right now!" Piper yelled. The manor started shaking under Piper's fury.

"Piper, calm down! I'm sure that Leo will come running as soon as he hears how angry you are," Phoebe said. Piper calmed down enough so the manor stopped shaking.

The sisters waited. Leo didn't come. Nothing happened at all, for that matter. "Leo?" Phoebe asked. "You can come running now."

A jingle was heard from the sky. "Did he just jingle us? Don't you jingle us, mister, you come down here and explain to us what's going on!" Piper yelled.

Chris and Jerome came running into the kitchen. "What's wrong? Are you okay?" Chris asked.

"Yeah, we're fine," Phoebe said.

"We are not fine, we need Leo!" Piper said. She stormed out of the kitchen.

"Where are you going?" Phoebe asked.

"To spend time with my son," Piper replied.

"Okay..." Phoebe said.

"I have some things I need to research about this," Jerome said as he held his stump of an arm. "I'll be back in a while, hopefully with both arms." Jerome Flickered away to some location.

"I've got things to check on, too. I'll be back soon, probably before him," Chris said, gesturing to where Jerome was. "Please, try to think of some way to beat the Titans while I'm gone?"

"We'll do what we can," Paige said. Chris Orbed away to some unknown location.

"So, what do we do?" Phoebe asked.

"We plan a way to fight the Titans," Paige said.

"Someone's up here," Cronus said. He and Demitrius were in the Heavens, trying to find the one who had created the gods they had just fought.

"We don't know that. Maybe witches have become more powerful since we were last out," Demitrius said.

"She had the trident! Someone created those gods, and that means someone's still up here," Cronus said. Leo risked a peak from behind the pillar he was hiding behind. Cronus and Demitrius were dangerously close to finding his hiding spot, and Leo didn't have the power to fight them.

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