Jack opened his eyes in his dream world and found himself naked and chained in Pitch's throne room.
Jack tugged on the chains that held his arms above his head. There were also chains keeping his legs open. he was on his knees but couldn't really move because of the tight chains. Suddenly he became very aware of something shoved up his ass. Every time he moved, it felt like it wiggled farther up.

Pitch watched from the shadows as the boy struggle with his toy up his ass. He smiled, he most likely didn't know what is was. A smile spread on his lips as he watched Jack's member rise, hardening.

Jack started panting as his erection started paining him. A laugh echoed throughout the throne room as Pitch appeared before Jack. "Pitch, pull it out." he pleaded.
A Shadow Hand snaked its way up Jack to grab the thing and slowly started pulling it out. jack gasped and his body tightened around it.
Another Shadow Hand climbed up Jack's body and started stroking Jack's hard shaft.
"Pitch, no! Stop!" Jack gasped. His body began to twitch from the pleasure that Pitch was driving into him.
Pitch lowered his hands to cup Jack's face. "You want this, Jack. This is still a dream. You are the only one that can stop me." He told Jack before capturing his mouth.
Jack's mouth was quickly assaulted by Pitch's tongue. Two more Shadow Hands crawled up Jack's chest and rubbed his nipples. Jack tried to pull away and tell Pitch to stop but it came out sounding like moans.
The toy was almost all the way out. just as the tip of the toy was the only thing left inside of Jack, the Shadow hand that was pulling it out shoved it all the way back inside and jammed it up against Jack's sweet spot.
Pitch let go of Jack's mouth just before Jack cried out so loud that it rubbed Jack's throat raw. He almost came over the edge but he held it back. He didn't want to come in front of Pitch.

Pitch wasn't going to have that. He rounded Jack to his backside and replaced the Shadow Hand with his own. Pitch drew the toy out. Then violently thrusted it back in and quickly drawing it back out.
He wanted Jack to come for him but the boy was stubborn.
It only took Pitch a few more thrusts to get Jack to come screaming Pitch's name.
"Good boy, Jack." he told the boy before letting him go.

Jack jolted up on his frozen pond.
What the Hell was that?! Jack thought. Quickly Jack jumped up and took off for a distraction.