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Chapter 4

Xander dropped the remains of his latest meal and smirked as he heard and felt the mortal approaching from behind. It was about time the man took the bait. Xander wasn't afraid, his Sire was close by, watching his back. "About time Dean, I was expecting you days ago." Xander commented, back still to the hunter but he heard him hesitate so he turned to face him, features totally human.

Dean stared warily at the vampire, something was very wrong here. It was like it had been expecting him, it knew his name. "How?"

"Do I know your name? I know someone who misses you very much." Xander purred, walking towards him and Dean backed off only to run into a cold body, feeling arms of steel wrap around him.

"Sammy misses you so much." A new voice whispered even as a cold face nuzzled at his throat and Dean's heart rate went through the roof.

Jesse moved around Dean's body, letting Xander take over holding the hunter in place. He placed a hand against the warm cheek, able to hear and feel his heart racing and it was sooo tempting to take a taste. This would be so much easier if they had Sam with them but this was their gift to him, a surprise. Dean struggled against them but the two of them had him neatly trapped and there was no way to break free. "It's alright Dean, just relax. You're safe, calm down." Jesse murmured, staring into his eyes as he spoke and Dean gradually relaxed, falling under his influence. Jesse smiled and stroked Dean's face and Dean didn't flinch from his cold hand. "Come on Dean, time to give Sam his present."

"Sam." Dean mumbled, letting them pull him along the street.

"That's right Dean, we're going to see Sammy." Xander assured him, stroking his arm, enjoying the feel of warm flesh beneath his hand. They got the hunter back to their current abode and manacled him to a pole so he wouldn't go anywhere.

"Wakey wakey." Jesse snapped his fingers in front of Dean's face and he started, looking around in confusion even as he tugged at the chains.

"What the hell? Let me go!" Dean snapped and Xander chuckled.

"Don't you want to see Sam anymore?"

"How do you….my brothers not here! He's at school!"

"Not very good at keeping track of baby brother are you? He hasn't been at Stanford in a year. He's been with us and loving every minute of it."

"Liar." Dean denied, he couldn't, wouldn't believe it. Because if Sam was with them…..then Sam was dead.

"Well Sammy will be back soon and I just know he'll love his gift." Jesse smirked and moved away with Xander. A few minutes later Dean shuddered as he heard the unmistakable sound of two people being way too intimate too close to where he was. Dean tried to ignore the noise as he tried to find a way out of the situation.

Sam walked in, smiling as he smelt the scent of sex and human, looked like they were having fun without him. He moved into the main room and then froze as he saw a very familiar figure sitting against a support pole, chained to it. "Dean."

Dean's head snapped up and around at the sound of his name. He stared at the young man standing in the doorway in shock and horror. It was Sam….his walking corpse at least since he was way too pale to still be alive. Not to mention his Sam would never dress in such…..revealing cloths. Dean swallowed and pressed closer to the pole as Sam took a step towards him. "No." He denied.

"Dean, you're really here." Sam smiled and moved over, kneeling beside Dean and reaching out to touch him, Dean shivering at his cold touch.

"Oh Sammy, I'm so sorry." Dean whispered.

"Why?" The vampire asked. "I'm fine Dean, I'm happy. I just missed you so much and now you're here. I knew they were up to something!" Sam grinned and let his hand run down Dean's neck and over his shirt clad chest. Dean shivered and tried to pull away but he couldn't exactly go far.


"Dean it's okay." Sam murmured, hand moving back to stroke his face. "I've missed you so much but I had no clue how to find you."

Dean closed his eyes, it sounded so much like his brother but he knew his Sammy was gone, had been since the monsters nearby had drained him dry of blood. "You're not Sam, Sam is dead, you're just wearing his face."

"No I'm not. Dean it's me." Sam shifted so he was sitting curled against Dean. "I swear it's me Dean."

"I know how a vampire is made." Dean argued and Sam nuzzled at him.

"It didn't hurt at all. In fact it felt really, really good." He purred and Dean blushed slightly. Sam touched his hot cheek in awe. "Not like you to blush so easily." He teased and Dean blinked. Sam reached up and unlocked one of the manacles, gently rubbing at Dean's bruised wrist. "You hurt yourself." He chided gently.

Dean didn't know what to think, everything he knew said this wasn't his brother anymore and yet…why hadn't he just drained him already? "How…Sam how did this happen?"

"Was out dancing one night when they found me and I went with them." Sam shrugged; it was pretty obvious what had happened after that.


"As willingly as you did." He admitted, still rubbing Dean's writs gently. He could just make Dean agree with everything but he wanted Dean to understand and choose it for himself.

Dean looked down at where Sam was gently soothing the bruising, he was being so tender, so Sammy like but it wasn't possible. Sam no longer had a soul. "You going to eat me?" He asked and Sam sat up straight, moving back in front of Dean to look him in the eyes.

"Never. Dean you aren't food. You smell rather tasty but I could never do that." Sam swore to him. "I want you with me Dean, forever. I've missed you so much."

"So you want to turn me." Dean stated flatly and Sam nodded. "No, no way. I'm a hunter!"

"So? This isn't a bad existence Dean; you don't have to feed indiscriminately. We'd be together again." Sam told him and Dean snorted.

"You can't mean that, Sam wouldn't want me to lose my soul."

Yeah, that was a problem. Sam sighed and got up, bringing a blanket back to make Dean more comfortable. "We could find a way around that or something. I don't want to lose you." He gently tucked the blanket around Dean and took his jacket off to use as a pillow for him. Dean relaxed a little as he warmed up. In some ways this wasn't his brother but in others….it hurt. Dean tensed when Sam leant in. "Shhh, not going to hurt you." Sam whispered, resting his face against Dean's, feeling the scratch of his stubble and the warmth of his skin. Dean shivered, heart rate accelerating as Sam nuzzled at him, inhaling his scent. He felt Sam turning his head and felt a flash of fear as he realised what the vampire was going to do. Sure enough cool lips brushed over his and Dean trembled even as Sam kept kissing him gently. Dean's lips parted for air and Sam took advantage of it, slipping his tongue in. Dean was shocked that Sam didn't taste like blood at all. Sam kissing him was definitely different to any other kiss. He was being kissed by his brother's demon animated corpse and he felt disgust, fear and…..okay he was sick for enjoying this at all! He moved his free hand to push at Sam, needing air and Sam pulled back, letting Dean breathe deeply.

"What…what the hell was that?" He demanded shakily, still in shock.

Sam chuckled. "Pretty sure you know what kissing is Dean."

"We're brothers!"

"Vampire." Sam pointed out. "Things like being related aren't as important. I love you Dean, that's the important thing. Please."

Dean looked away, how could even a vampiric Sam expect him to say yes? Everything he was suggesting went against a life time of training. And really it wouldn't be him in the end, just his body. A demon would take it over and have all his memories but what would happen to him? Would he go to hell while his body walked around killing people? "It's wrong."

"Dean we've always been closer than normal siblings and you can't tell me you've never checked me out after a shower or training, I've seen you do it. And I know you liked that kiss at least a little, I can smell it on you." Sam smirked and Dean fought down the urge to go red in embarrassment. "Let me show you how good we could be Dean." He murmured in Dean's ear and Dean shivered. He slid his hands under the layers of clothes covering Dean's chest and he gasped at the sensation of cold skin but the more Sam touched him the more his skin warmed up. Dean closed his eyes and rested his head against the pole, trying to ignore Sam's touch and exactly how much his body liked it. It had been too long since he'd picked someone up. But when Sam's hand slipped into his pants Dean couldn't hold back a moan of pleasure. With his eyes closed he couldn't see the satisfied grin on Sam's face. Dean struggled to keep from reacting but apparently living with two other vampires had taught Sam a lot and he was using it all to get a response. Dean bit his lip, fighting not to thrust into Sam's touch but it was so hard. His free hand moved to grab Sam, latching onto his shirt and he opened his eyes to see Sam smiling softly as he worked.

"S…Sam…" Dean swallowed and Sam looked up at him. It would be so easy to believe this was Sam just from that look.

"Please don't ask me to stop Dean." Sam asked him and Dean licked dry lips. "This isn't wrong, not like we can have kids with messed up genetics." That made Dean choke on a laugh and Sam grinned. Sam moved up Dean's body, his face hovering just over Dean's. "Please Dean. Let me have this and if you really want it I'll let you go." Sam promised and Dean stared at him in surprise. He didn't know if he could trust this Sam or not but…..Dean swallowed and then moved his head so their lips met. Sam kissed him hungrily, one hand moving into Dean's short hair while the other reached up. To Dean's shock he found he now had both hands free. He felt Sam move to straddle him and arched up into him, seeking friction. He gave up fighting what was happening and let Sam have what he wanted. "Dean." Sam moaned as he pulled back to let Dean breath and Dean stared up at him, panting for air.

Dean felt light headed as he stared at Sam, this was so wrong and yet it felt really good. With Sam's skin warming with contact he could almost imagine this was Sam….except he doubted his brother would ever have started this. But other than this he acted quite a bit like Sam, sure the demon would have his memories but the emotions? Sam kissed him again and Dean moved his hands, gripping Sam's shoulders to hold him close. "Sammy." He whispered when they parted and Sam grinned, looking utterly happy. Sam leant back, pulling Dean with him until the vampire was sprawled on the concrete with Dean on top of him. Dean blinked in surprise and Sam smiled, yanking at Dean's jacket and Dean shoved it off, letting Sam pull his shirt off as well. He shivered in the cool air and Sam snagged the blanket, putting it across Dean's back for warmth. "Sam how…..what do you want?" Dean asked, feeling nervous.

Sam let his hands wander over the tanned skin and smiled at Dean. "This is fine Dean." Yeah, he would love to truly be with Dean but he knew Dean wasn't ready for that. Sam reached up to run his fingers through Dean's hair before tugging him down into another kiss. They kissed and touched for ages until Dean finally slumped on top of Sam, breathing heavily. Sam kissed the side of his head, lazily petting Dean's hair as the hunter calmed down. "Please stay with me." Sam whispered, he needed Dean.