Warrior Party!

This is a one-shot for the challenge at 'RandomClan' I do NOT own Warriors or Megurine Luka and her song Witch.

Blackstar sighed and smiled. All was peaceful at ShadowClan. That was, until a black she-cat with brown eyes and a moon mark on her chest appeared. "Hi! I'm Moonstar your new leader!" Moonstar yelled.

"No your not! I am!" Blackstar yelled.

"Whatever, get out or my epicness will kill you!" Moonstar yelled, getting a lazer gun.

Blackstar ran off screaming, "I'LL BE BACK!"

Rowanclaw padded up to Moonstar and Bowed down to her. The other cats did the same. "All right, time for the party!" Moonstar yelled, shooting her lazer at the ceiling, which caused a ton of confetti's and catmint to fall down.

"KK!" All the cats yelled and stuffed their mouths with catmint.

Soon after the kits were jumping on the walls, the toms were chasing the she-cats; the elders were, well talking about boring stuff.

"Rowanclaw, come here please." Moonstar mewed nicely.

"Yes?" Rowanclaw mewed.

"Where's Sushikit?" Moonstar mewed.

"Uh, who?" Rowanclaw asked. He basically shouldn't have done that.

"SUSHIKIT IS A GRAY SHE-CAT WITH GREEN EYES YOU IDIOT! YOU'RE FIRED!" Moonstar yelled, getting her lazer and turning him into dust.

"CRAZY-POOL, COME HERE NOW!" Moonstar yelled.

A black she-cat with yellow stripes and yellow eyes appeared out of thin air. "Yes?" She asked.

"Crazy-pool, you are the new deputy. You're first task is to make sure everybody eats catmint for the rest of their life! MWAH! Oh, and bring Sushikit in here." Moonstar mewed.

"KK" She yelled back, running to get Sushikit.

A small gray she-cat with green eyes came to Moonstar. "HI, MOONSTAR!" Sushikit yelled.

"HI SUSHIKIT!" Moonstar yelled back. After that they had a yelling contest. Then they yelled out random stuff that sounded like sounds more than words.

"BARK!" Moonstar yelled.

"MEOW!" Sushikit yelled.

"HA! YOU LOSE! WE'RE CATS, WE MAKE THAT NOISE!" Moonstar yelled. Then she danced a victory dance.

Sushikit ran off, crying. Blackstar appeared with some dogs with him. "I'M BACK!" He yelled with a murder look on his face.

"LOL! YOU'RE FACE IS HILARIOUS!" Moonstar yelled and laughed, which made her chock on her spit.

"DOGS! GET THEM!" Blackstar yelled. The dogs looked confused.

One dog stepped up and Moonstar this, "Is this a party?" Moonstar nodded.

The dog looked at Blackstar. "Forget the, they're having a party. Let's get this cat!" The dog yelled to his friends and they began to chase Blackstar. "AHH! I WILL GET VENGANCE!" Blackstar yelled, running off again.

"Well….. LET'S KEEP PARTYING!" Moonstar yelled, throwing catmint again. The elders then sang 'Witch' From Megurine Luka. Some kits stared at them and sang along.

"LETS ALL SING!" Moonstar yelled, and then started singing. The whole Clan started singing, until they got sore. Then they got fat from eating too much catmint and BLEW UP! Then Moonstar came back to life and yelled, "Follow the rainbow!" Then she died again.

"THE END!" said a warrior deputy. "And that kits is why ShadowClan is evil." He said before leaving. "THAT'S NOT EVIL! THAT'S COOL!" The kits yelled, chasing him.

That was first time doing a Warrior party and one-shot! Bye!