It's a bar I come to almost every night. I like the music and the people, it's not like I really have any other options, in the middle of Arkansas there isn't exactly a plethora of choices. But it's a nice place, filled with familiar faces.

Cept' when he walks in.

Strangers come in every now and then, it's no big deal. But this guy sort of swallows up the room. He's got like a magnetic field around him and suddenly everyone's turned towards the door as he gracefully slides in with a sort of confidence that increases how attractive he is.

Pale blue eyes scan across the room, he's looking for someone. I feel a spark of disappointment and turn to sip my beer.

My shitty apartment isn't too far from the bar, my neighbor watches my kid when I go out. She might have the hots for me, but after Katy died I'm not really much into woman.

"Hello." A smooth, raspy voice wraps around me like the cigarette smoke filling the room and I nearly choke. I look up and it's the stranger who walked in. Cold blue eyes scanning me like I'm a piece of meat at the deli.

"Hi," I flush as his lips quirk up at my heavy southern accent. He's obviously a city slicker. A nice tee shirt hugs his slim toned body. He's too big to be a twink, but something about him screams 'bottom'. Maybe it's the too big lips or the long eyelashes.

"I'm Jimmy." He introduces. He doesn't offer his hand, which I find weird.

"Beau." I introduce myself, a little grin twist his lips and something about him is dangerous. His eyes are a little too sharp and his smile a little too practiced. I move closer.

"Well isn't that dandy." He murmurs under his breath almost sarcastically. I get the reference but I'm too busy staring at him. I'm never good at the whole flirting thing.

"You uh, live around here?" I ask awkwardly, picking at the label on my bottle. Jimmy leans in close, fingers trailing over my shoulder.

"You remind me of my friend." He says lowly. I look up, and if his eyes are anything to go by, he really likes this friend.

"Yeah?" My voice catches in my throat, and this just makes him more excited. The chilly calculating look he had earlier is replaced with one of only maniac glee. His hands cup over my shoulders. I'm in construction so I'm pretty broad. My family runs tall too, 6'3 or taller.

Jimmy isn't small, but compared to me he must look pretty delicate.

"Let's go out back, so we can talk in private." Jimmy coaxes, and his voice is low and seductive and I can't refuse him even if warning bells are telling me that this guy is a stranger, one I could easily overpower in a fight but he could still be armed or some kind of murdering psychopath.

When he jumps from his seat, and takes my hand in his smaller pale one, and I see the firm curve of his ass pressing against his jeans. My mind is made, and I follow him out back.

Without all the smoke blocking my vision, Jimmy is even more beautiful. There's no other way to describe him other than beautiful, handsome doesn't even begin to describe his features.

A tiny waist leads down to the briefest flare of hips that make me want to melt into a puddle right here. It's like this guy is sin personified.

He's stronger than he looks too, which is always a plus. He slams me into the wall, lips meeting mine. I gasp into his mouth, wrapping an arm around his waist to pull him closer.

I'm nervous, not only am I making out with a hot little stud, but I'm doing it in public in the middle of a conservative redneck town.

If anyone caught us, we might get a bullet in the head. It only makes it more thrilling. I reach back and grab a handful of his soft ass and give it a tight squeeze. It's his turn to gasp and he moans into my mouth.

"Dean," He mouths, fingers trailing under my sleeve and prying at the skin as if he's searching for some sort of mark that isn't there. I pull back, brow knitted together.

"M'names Beau." I remind him. It's not exactly a mood killer, but it makes jealousy spark up in my chest. He's a stranger and I shouldn't get all possessive, Katy used to always complain when I got like that, but it's just in my nature.

"My apologies." He murmurs, kissing under my jaw. I shiver at that, sliding a hand under his shirt to press my fingers into the small of his back I frown as I feel something like a bandage around his middle. Before I can question him, my head drops back against the building wall as he starts undoing my jeans.

"Relax-" Jimmy yelps as he's yanked back, another man nearly my size has a nasty handful of his thick dark curls and his pulling at him so hard that Jimmy has to stand on his tip toes.

"Fucking slut." The man snarls, his voice is deep and trembling with barely suppressed anger. He has dark green eyes framed by pretty eyelashes. He's got a couple of freckles dusting his nose, and full lips currently pulled back in a sneer.

When Jimmy said I reminded him of someone, there's no doubt it was this guy.

"Told you not to neglect me." Cas says wetly, tears in his eyes from the pain but he just looks even more wild up. Lips flushed and eyes hooded as he's forced to bare his throat to this guy.

"Hey, let him go-" I take a step forward, and the guy holding Jimmy pulls a gun from the back of his jeans and points it at my chest without even looking at me.

Blind panic has me stumbling back against the wall, I watch him flick off the safety as he keeps talking.

"You're injured, I'm not gonna fuck you when you had a bullet go through your stomach last week. Gotta be careful with you." The man hisses, he suddenly kisses Jimmy. Jimmy scrambles against him, fingers trembling as he grips tightly at the taller man's leather jacket.

Their kiss is filthy and hard, and not in the least 'careful'. But Jimmy is wriggling happily against him, not at all like he had kissed me. The two men are obviously in a pretty fucked up abusive relationship.

I try and take a step back to the door, it's only a few feet away.

The barrel of the gun presses into my chest.

"No, I like this one." Jimmy pouts, his eyes expressive in a way they hadn't been all night.

"Too fucking bad." The other man grunts, and he touches the trigger. My stomach seizes up in fear.

"Dean, they'll hear the gunshot. Let's take him home and have some fun first." Jimmy coaxes. Fuck, he's got the big guy wrapped around his pretty little fingers. Dean barely hesitates before giving in with a short nod. He turns back to me, green eyes blazing. The two of them are like fire and ice.

"Get in the car." He says, forcing me at gun point down the ally.

"Beau, wake up." Jimmy whispers. I groan blearily. As soon as I stepped up to the big black muscle car, the butt of Dean's gun had thwacked me over the back of the head.

"Beau." I could be fucking dead and Jimmy voice could probably bring me back. I try and sit up, but am tied up to the chair. Not some amateur knots either. Dean had taken into account my size and strength had had made it so there is no way in hell I'm getting up unless they hand me a knife.

I struggle against the ropes anyways, but suddenly get a lapful of lean muscles and smooth skin.

"He can't hurt you, you're too good." Jimmy purrs, sitting in my lap. Dean's leaning against the door jam, cleaning a gun.

"I'll still kill him." Dean snaps, jealous green eyes landing on me. But he doesn't seem to mind if his boyfriend wiggles all over me as long as he's in the room.

I have no idea what they're talking about.

"You can't, we don't kill innocents remember." Cas shoots over his shoulder petulantly. Kill? Are these two- Suddenly it hits me. The fucking news. I'd seen Winchester all over it about a year ago. But both him and Cas had supposedly died in a fire, which called off the FBI search.

"I can make an acceptation." Dean eyes me. I swallow thickly, and try and talk but realize I have a gag in my mouth. Cas reaches up to undo it.

"Leave it on." Dean warns.

"No, I like his voice. It's like honey." Cas undoes my gag and I cough, voice hoarse as I speak.

"Please, let me go-"

"Aw, shit. Put it back on, Cas. I don't want to hear this shit." Dean complains, going out of the room before coming back in with a different weapon to clean. How many does he fucking have?

"Shhh, be good, Beau. I don't want him to kill you, yet." Cas says, and he's wiggling on my dick. His pert ass rubbing circles and I grunt.

"Stop-" I grit, because as sexy as Cas is, he's a fucking raging lunatic. Suddenly thick calloused fingers are gripping my chin and tilting my head back.

"He's the only fucking thing standing between you and this," Dean roughly jams the gun against my temple.

"If he wants your dick, you better give it to him." Dean snarls. I heave in a tight breath into my chest and nod shakily. Cas turns and gives Dean a small kiss on his lips.

"W-Why don't you just fuck him!" I snap, this is some twisted shit. I don't get it, Dean's obviously more possessive than I am and he's clearly obsessed with Cas, so why me?

"Dean's a bit too rough, and I've just been injured." Cas informs, and my jeans are already undone and he's so fucking pretty. I should struggle more or something, but God Damn something about him's just mesmerizing. I nod, and stare at him as he looks down at my dick and smiles approvingly. My cock twitches up at that and he let's out a soft throaty chuckle.

Dean's moved behind me, and I feel his presence looming. Watching like a fucking guard dog over Cas.

Cas strokes my dick, and I let out a shuttering gasp, throwing my head back. Dean's so close that I land against his stomach.

"Been awhile?" Dean taunts, but he's focused on Cas still. I swallow all the spit sitting in my throat as Cas gives me another squeeze. His smooth hands feel almost feminine, as they wrap around me, a teasing light rhythm settles and I buck into it. Cas's firm thighs straddle my own.

This is so fucked up.

I make a broken noise, and Cas shutters. His eyes fall from Dean and land on me, watching me fall into pieces under his nimble fingers.

"Bring the lube and condoms, Dean." Cas orders. He may be the bottom but he sure as hell is calling the shots. Dean stomps out of the room to go obey him. Cas pulls his dick out and it's on the smaller side. He pushes his cock against mine and I cry out.

"Sing for me," Cas breathes. I moan, because he's fucking against me. My cock leaking precum. I want to grab his hips and piston against him but I'm fucking tied up. Cas really likes my voice because every time I make a noise his lips quirk and his eyes flutter shut to listen. Sometimes I like to sing country in the shower, or around the house. Katy had said I should be a singer but I was always too shy.

"He makes more noise than you." Dean grunts, I jolt as he grabs my dick sliding a condom over it. He's about to pull away, but Cas grabs his hand.

"Lube him up, Dean." Cas's eyes meet Dean's and both of them have this hardness that just vanishes when they look at each other. A bunch of emotions flash between them until they both settle something and their eyes go tender. They may be out of their minds, but they loved each other more than anyone I've ever seen.

"Yeah," Dean licks his lips and this must be new territory."Okay." Dean squirts some lube out and glances at Cas briefly before slicking me up. His hand feels a lot like mine, work worn, with long square fingers. His grip is a little too tight and too slow but I keep fucking into his hand as he stares at Cas.

"What do you want? You want me to fuck him?" Dean asks, and I jolt. I've only let a few guys fuck me, I usually preferred topping. I hadn't even thought of Dean fucking me.

"Yes, after me." Cas murmurs, an arm looped over Dean's shoulders, and his other hand curled around my neck as he humps against my thigh. I shutter, and let out a broken noise that both of them ignore in favor of staring at each other.

Dean moves from around me, and goes behind Cas. He shoves him forward so Cas sprawls over my chest. Dean doesn't bother undressing him, just shoving down his briefs and jeans to get to his hole. I only have a few seconds to admire his figure before Dean's moving.

Dean's hand grips my cock and Cas jolts as Dean lines it up with his hole.

"Are you sure?" Dean murmurs.

"It's still only you." Cas mutters, and the words don't make sense to me. But suddenly Cas is spun around and he's sitting with his back to my chest and now facing Dean. Still firmly split open by my cock. He groans and throws his head back against my shoulder. Dean kisses his neck, hands holding his hips as he slowly lowers and raises him up on my dick.

Cas feels so fucking good, all hot and tight. His muscles flutter around me, sucking me in.

"Ugh," I nearly gag on how good it feels. But both men are ignoring me completely now, like I'm just a fucking dildo or something. I'm not important and Cas is clinging to Dean as he forces him down on my cock. Cas cries out, and he's a trembling mess. Thighs straining and cock leaking as he ruts back and forth between my dick and fucking against the bulge in Dean's jeans.

They stare at each other, and it's ridiculous because my cock is the one in Cas but I don't seem to even be in the room. Dean's pushing against Cas, and every dry hump sends him further onto my dick. Cas loves it, holding on tightly to Dean and rolling his hips down.

"Do it." Cas hisses, and he's already clumsily undoing Dean's jeans. Dean's on the same wavelength because he removes one of the lengths of rope. I'm tight up separately from the chair now and Dean manhandles the three of us onto the ground.

I'm in too much ecstasy to really know what's going on. My arms are still tied behind my back, but now I can fuck up into Cas spreading my legs and using the leverage to fill him up with short quick thrusts. He gasps, reaches back to plant his hands on my shoulders as he looks down to whatever Dean's doing.

"Wow, hey!" I shout, because Dean's fingers are wet and warm and he's not using lube. He's using Cas's cum, to get me open. I flinch against my next protests because Dean's rubbing at my prostate.

"Shut up." He snaps, and I realize that I might be getting raped. But I can't be sure because I'm sort of enjoying it, but at the same time if I had the choice I wouldn't have let any of this happen.

"Fuck," I curse as Dean slides in after loosening me up. Cas is wrapped tightly around Dean and the both of them move against me as if they're fucking each other.

I'm bigger than Dean, and yet he's topping the shit out of me, fucking into me like he owns me. I bit back my moan, cracking my head against the tiles as I rock down on Dean's hard dick. He grabs my thighs and Cas is getting up. Cas came, I must have missed it. But his cum is all over Dean's stomach, sliding down to his dick and being pushed back into me.

"Yeah, harder!" I can't believe I say the words. Dean's been threatening me the whole night, probably gave me a concussion, and then tied me up. But here I am whimpering for his dick like a whore.

Dean grabs both of my thighs and presses them down to my chest. I am not a flexible dude, and the strain makes me break out into a sweat.

"Dean." Cas's voice is high and reedy. He kneeling beside me, watching the two of us with wide eyes.

"Cas," Dean grunts, and he does a short motion with his head and Cas is back on top of me. He kneels over my face and then sticks his ass out. Dean is rough, and I can see why he wouldn't want to fuck Cas yet, because even when he's eating him out he's shoving him around and bending him down to lick at his asshole.

Cas's soft cock brushes my chin and I arch up to suck it down without thinking.

Cas moans, and his fingers trail through my hair as he hardens, precum leaks all over my mouth and face.

Cas comes again, this time in my mouth.

"Don't swallow." Dean manages to bark at me. The noise Cas makes it so fucking perfect that I nearly inhale his cum. He collapses, wet dick smearing against my neck. Dean rolls him aside and suddenly he's in my face. I choke on some of the cum when he licks it from my mouth, kissing me.

Dean doesn't seem very into it, but I like the scratch of his stubble over my jaw and his soft lips contrast with Cas's chapped ones. It seem's way more intimate than the brutal fucking he'd just given me.

He moves over to Cas and feeds him his own cum,kissing in a gentle lazy way that contrasts with the sharp slap of his hips fucking into my hole. He's fingering Cas's loose hole roughly and Cas twitches, over sensitized. Dean licks his fingers and finally let's Cas melt into a puddle on floor beside us.

Dean comes back to me, eyes trailing over Cas sated and dozing on the carpet. His eyes never leave the smaller man, as he grips my legs and comes in me.

The cops come the next day and the relief is nearly enough to make me cry.

"Fuck." Dean grits. He's got the gun in his hand and aimed at me before I can even blink. Him and Cas are cozied up on the bed after the rough fucking I'd received from both ends. They'd left me on the floor like an abandoned toy as they'd sweet talked each other, whispering and touching. I hadn't said a word, knowing Dean's temper.

"Dean, we have to go!" Cas hisses, and the cops are going from door to door, busting them down.

"He fucking snitched!" Dean snarls.

"I was tied up all night!" I barked back, and they can't argue anymore because Cas's word is final.

"Take him to the car while I get the stuff." Cas orders. Dean's picking me up off the ground and I'm still covered in their dried come. Dean throws a blanket over me and pushes me out the front and into the car.

"He'll get tired of you, and when he does I'm gonna be the one to carve you up." Dean's voice is somewhere behind me because he threw me in the backseat facing down. The blanket had risen enough to show my ass and Dean roughly grabs a handful of my flesh squeezing too tightly. I hiss in pain at the threat.

He suddenly retreats and a couple of bags are thrown on top of me. Cas jumps in the car, and then Dean speeds off just as the cops come around the corner, but their cop cars are parked on the other side of the parking lot, so by the time they hear the screeching of the wheels Dean's already gone.

"We've got to find somewhere to hid out, they'll be looking at all the hotels." Dean says, voice rough and tense. He keeps darting worried glances to Cas, his grip on the steering wheel is so tight that the veins in his hands are straining against the tanned skin there.

"Beau, where do you live?" Cas asks turning around in his seat. He's tracing my jawline, petting me like I'm his pet. I flinch back from his hands.

"I'm not telling you." I say shakily, and this makes Dean pissed because I'm not allowed to back talk, only Cas is. Dean's hard gaze meets mine in the rear view mirror.

"Tell us, before I fucking slit your throat." Dean snarls, lip curling up off his white square teeth like a vicious animal. Even with the ugly twisted look on his face he's still damn handsome. If Dean wasn't a murdering psychopath he might of had a career as a model or something.

"Yeah, right. Blue eyes over here has you so wrapped around his fingers, bet you won't even piss without his permission." I snark. My face erupts with pain as Dean blackhands me hard across the cheek, sending me flying against the window. I grunt, and my cheek stings red hot.

"Dean, not his face." Cas complains lightly, helping me sit up. His eyes settle on the surely already bruising skin and his eyes go all lusty. He trails his fingers over the bruise. Cas was fucked up, but I didn't protest as he brushed his thumb over the tender skin.

"Look in his jeans, he had a wallet on him." Cas obeys and rifles through the front seat for my clothes that had been ripped off last night. He pulls open my wallet and I can't let them. This whole time I'd been pliant and let them do whatever they want, but this. I just can't. I'll probably die but I have to try.

Cas convinced Dean to just tie my wrists up behind my back, but I bring them up under my legs and put them under Cas's chin trying to choke him.

"Fuck!" Dean swerves off the road, and Cas's turning blue. Guilt fills me, but the need to protect is stronger. Cas slumps, and he's still alive I think, just passed out. I grab the wallet and throw it out the window into the tall grass.

When I turn back around I see a flash of green eyes before everything goes black.

I wake up on the side of the road, and Dean shot me a few times in the chest. I don't know how I'm alive, but I stare up at the sky and I can feel the blood draining out of my body. I know Cas's still alive because someone draped a blanket over me and it sure as hell wasn't Dean. I can feel everything seep from my body and I can feel the exact moment I die. I just hope they didn't find my wallet.

I'm hungry. Dad hasn't been home in two days. He usually calls, I hope he didn't leave me forever.

I sit on the couch and watch cartoons.

I must have been a bad boy. Dad told me to call Lucy next door to babysit me but I don't like Lucy.

My dad leaves me with her a lot, he leaves me with a lot of different people. I don't like them. I only like my dad.

I get up and go into the kitchen, but I can't reach the cabinet with cereal. I stare up at it. Dad is really tall, and I'm really tiny but Dad says I will be tall too when I become a grown up.

I drag a chair over and climb up onto the counter before opening the cabinet. I pull out some cereal and sit down eating it. It tastes good but I'm still hungry.

The door opens and I jump down excited because Dad's finally home.

"Daddy!" I scream, running up to him. The man looks down at me surprised, I am surprised too because he looks a lot like Dad, but he's not.

"Who are you?" I demand. Another man comes in behind him and they shut the door.

"My names Dean." He says, his voice is low and careful.

"My name is Cas." The other man says, and he is very pretty. Like the girl I had a crush on in class, because they both have pretty blue eyes. I feel my face go red and I move to Dean because he doesn't make my face go red but he reminds me of my dad.

"Where is my dad?" I ask, and both of the men look at each other.

"He went away." Dean answers, and I feel tears run down my cheeks but I don't cry loud because Dad hates it. So I stare up at them and cry because I knew Dad would leave.

"I was bad." My voice is little, and my Dad would tell me to speak up. Cas bends down and he looks sad. He touches my cheek.

"It's not your fault, sometimes things just happen." He says, and his voice is soft and he still makes me feel shy. But I try and feel better.

"Will he come back?" I ask them. Cas shakes his head slowly and I nod, tugging at my shirt.

"What's your name?" Cas asks, and I can't look at him so I look at Dean.

"Lucas." I answer. "I'm five years old." I add, because it's important. I'm almost grown up.

"Impressive, you got any grub around here kid?" Dean says, moving around my house. I follow him because Cas makes me feel nervous.

"We have cereal, but I can't reach the best one." I inform.

"Where is it?" Dean asks, and he is almost as tall as my dad who is as tall as a building, or at least that's what all the kids in my class say.

"There." I point to the top cabinet and he reaches to get some cereal. He pushes his hand into the bag and starts chewing. I stare at him because I'm still hungry, he offers me the box and I eat a bunch.

"How long have you been here alone?" Dean asks, Cas is in the living room. Setting down their bags.

"Two days. I was supposed to call my babysitter." I admitted. It was probably why my Dad left. I missed him. Maybe he would come back if I was a good boy.

"Poor thing." Cas says from the living room and he's looking at me with his big pretty eyes. I blush and hide behind Dean's arm. Dean snatches the box of cereal back and shoves a handful into his mouth.

"We're gonna stay here a few days, do you have a mom or some grandparents we can drop you off at?" Dean asks, he has long legs and he crosses them in front of him.

"My mom died last year, and I never met my grandma or grandpa." I say, picking at the hole in the big tee shirt I wear to bed. I had been wearing it for two days it had a stain from where I spilled juice when I tried to pour it.

"Dean, he has no one." Cas whispers and his voice is tight. They look at each other, Cas looks mad and Dean looks guilty.

"Sure he does," Dean slaps me on the back and I stumble forward.

"You got us, kid!" Dean grins, and Cas makes a shocked noise. They stare at each other.

"My dad might come back, you don't have to." I say, but I like them more than Lucy. She's mean and they are nice. So I would like to stay with them more.

"Dean may I talk to you for a moment." Cas is angry, and trying to hide it. Dean hands me the box of cereal and he follows Cas outside.

"We can't take a child with us." Cas's voice is low, but the walls are thin and I can hear them in my Dad's room.

"Oh come on, you love kids. He's an orphan and we have room in the trunk." I can hear Dean's smile. An orphan is someone who has no parents because they both die. I crouch down on the floor and rub at my eyes because more tears are coming. My dad won't come, because he died. I don't have anyone left. Lucy would let me be with her but I don't like her.

"Dean, we can't. Not with the lifestyles we lead, he would be in danger." Cas's voice is soft and careful.

"Come on, Cas. Bout time we had some little rug rats of our own. Let's at least give it a try, if it doesn't work out then we'll drop him off at an orphanage." Dean urges. I feel my face burn and more tears come because orphanages are bad and scary and I don't want to go. I will have to be good so they keep me.

They're a cute family. The one with the dark hair and blue eyes is nearly feminine with how gracefully he moves. On his hip is a little boy whose dozing against his shoulder, lips parted. He obviously belongs to the blonde man wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses obscuring most of his features.

"Table for three." The blonde says with a cocksure grin. I give them the plastic waitress smile as I show them their table.

"The kid's out cold, you should have left him in the car." The blonde says as I seat them. My hands feel greasy and my uniform is itchy and stiff. I set down the sticky menus.

"He's not a pet, Dean. I'm not leaving him in the car with the windows cracked." The blue eyed man snaps back, running a hand over the little boys spiked hair. He looked a lot like the blonde. Long eye lashes and freckles, plush little mouth producing snores that gurgled when the raven haired man jostled him too much.

"Pft, my dad used to leave us in the Impala all the time." Dean says with a dismissive wave. He's gorgeous, handsome and chiseled. With some boyish charm thrown in there like being attractive and confident wasn't enough. It was an interesting contrast to his buddy, who had more of a elegant sexy thing going on.

I left them to go get another families meal. The usual grand slam, and some heart smart for the plump middle aged woman.

When I glanced over at Dean and his family again, they were still bickering. The little boy was curled up against the blue eyed man's chest, still dozing blissfully.

"Turkey club, hold the tomato." I inform the chef, taking up the ticket just in case he forgets. He gives me a curt nod and I head back to the interesting gay family. Not many gays were this far south, or if they were they weren't so obvious about it. But Dean didn't seem to have any problem letting his eyes trail lazily over the black haired man like he was on the menu. If I looked close enough I could see his eyes hidden under his sunglasses.

It was pretty douchy to wear them inside, but I always got the finest customers in such a ritzy eating establishment.

"Can I get you started with something to drink?" I ask mechanically, rooting around my apron for my notepad and pen. Not that I need it, I'm nearly a memorizing machine at this point. But it's always good to have back up in case a gorgeous guy like Dean walks in to distract me.

"Coffee for me. How bout' you, sweetheart?" Dean asks, nodding to his partner. The man doesn't respond, carefully dabbing at the little boy's drooling mouth.

"Cas, what do you want to drink." Dean repeats again. Cas, the blue eyed man, jerks his eyes up and it's like a laser pointer. The softness on his face when looking at Dean or the little boy vanishes and it's like he's a robot or something. I stiffen under his gaze and he scowls at me.

His name is Cas? What kind of name is that anyway, it must be short for Casper.

"Two coffee's please and some orange juice." Cas's voice is nearly prim in the sea of southern twang that I'm used to hearing. Dean has a little bit of drawl in his lazy tone, but Cas sounds like he could be one of those recorded voices on a machine.

"Coming right up." I smile, turning quickly. Cas looks at me again when I bring them their drinks. God he's fucking beautiful, maybe even prettier than Dean. His dark thatch of hair is messy and thick above serious blue eyes that turn soft and maternal when faced with the boy starting to wake up.

"M'hungry." The little boy mumbles, snuggling against Cas's chest.

"What would you like?" Cas asks, and his voice is as warm the hot syrup we serve with the pancakes as I set the coffee in front of him.

"Waffles." The little boy mumbles happily, burying his face into the man's collar.

"Waffles for the runt, and I'll have a pig n' a poke." Dean says, handing me the menu. I don't think he looked at it once.

"I'll have eggs and toast please. Sourdough, and scrambled." He says, saving me the trouble of having to ask.

"I'll be right back." I flash them another smile, and Dean returns it before turning his attention back to Cas and the kid.

"We should enroll him in school." I hear Cas say lowly.

"We've talked about this. We're on the road too much, we'll do it later." Dean sighs.

"He'll fall behind-" Cas's voice is sharp and I have to go into the kitchen to get some ketchup bottles for the table.

When I come back out Cas and the little boy are gone. I feel curiosity pluck at me, but I grab the plates left on the shelf and serve the man his sandwich. I seat the group of teenagers obviously hung over from the night before. Cas comes out from where the bathrooms are tucked away in the back.

"He wants you." Cas's voice sounds annoyed. Dean let's out a amused laugh.

"I don't find it funny that you're his favorite." Cas nearly sulks as Dean heads over to the bathroom.

"Not all of us can be blessed with these good looks." Dean winks behind his glasses heading to the bathroom as Castiel seats himself.

I take the kids orders, all of them asking for water and bread. I nod in sympathy and make sure to keep my voice low when they wince at my default chipper tone.

With the little boy fully awake he's even more cute. Curious eyes are large and searching the room. He sticks close to Dean's side, blushing if he makes eye contact with Cas who looks at him imploringly.

Cas sighs.

"You want to color or something?" Dean asks the little boy. The boy hesitates before nodding. It all seemed a little new to them, Maybe Dean had just gotten him from the mother. Dean seemed at ease, if a little nonchalant. But Cas was all eager, obviously anxious on how to care for a child.

I handed them crayons and a menu with a maze and some little cartoons on the back. The boy started scribbling in the blank spaces immediately. His tongue poked out from behind his lips as he concentrated and it was damn cute.

I got the teenagers their drinks and bread, asking if they were ready. They weren't, still hazily sipping their water. I spotted Dean and Cas's meals and brought it over to the family, going back last for the waffles.

"I'm fucking starving." Dean delved into his plate, shoving a large forkful into his mouth. Cas immediately set out on cutting the little boy's waffles into tiny squares like every other mother I'd ever seen. It was really cute.

Cas made a face as he inspected the silverware, which okay it wasn't the cleanest but it wasn't gross enough to warrant Cas wiping it down with a wipe he pulled out of pocket.

I ran from table to table, trying to keep an eye on the cute, and interesting family.

They were done with their meal waiting for me, and I was headed over to the register to get their bill. A man wearing a cowboy hat headed over to their table.

Dean was leaning in close to Cas across the small table, a small smirk on his lips as he said something. They'd been flirting with each other their whole time here. Bickering, and then flirting, and then mouthing off again like a happily married couple. Dean had his boot hooked under Cas's ankle, his finger trailed over Cas's fingers curled over his glass.

"You think acting like that is really appropriate in front of your son?" The cowboy hat guy snapped. Dean leaned back in his chair, looking up at him from behind his sunglasses. The little boy was sipping on his orange juice, blinking at the three of them with owlish blue eyes.

"Why don't you mind your own fucking business, Yosemite." Dean flashes a white grin against his tan skin, but it seems a lot sharper than the one he'd shown me upon entering.

Red flags wave in my head. Two options, call the cops or break it up. Breaking it up is usually the easiest route. But Dean is enormous, like 6'4 big, and cowboy is all lean wiry muscle. If they get into it, I wouldn't be able to stop them.

"Dean, why don't you take Luke to the car while I pay the bill." Cas says smoothly. He's so elegant, something about him reminds me of an old actress with sensuous movements and a calming demeanor.

Dean snorts, eyeing the guy with the cowboy hat before heading to the door. Luke scrambles after him, gripping the back of his jacket.

Cas ignores the man, heading towards me. I stiffen up and and quickly punch in their orders. I hand Cas his receipt and he gives me a credit card.

"You look like you're the girl, huh?" The cowboy sneers, leaning close over Cas in a way that's both parts flirty and threatening. Cas's eyes flicker to the cowboys for half a second.

"I apologize if we've caused you any trouble." Cas says to me, handing me a ten dollar tip. I blink at it before grinning widely at him. I make sure the cowboys meal is cold by the time he gets it.

"So how long is this thing for?" Mr. Plant asks, looking nervously at me. Luke Plant is half hidden behind his leg. Luke had inherited his fathers features, full lips and golden freckles. Short blondish brown hair that's spiked up messily. But while Mr. Plant eyes were a deep emerald, Luke had a more silver blue.

"Until six o clock." I smile at him reassuringly. Mr. Plant shifts on his feet, looking at his son worriedly.

"And you guys just play games and shit, right?" Mr. Plant swallows nervously, placing a hand on his sons head almost like he's trying to steady himself. I blink at his harsh language but nod none the less.

"We'll be learning some addition today, and then do some finger painting and games later in the evening." I inform. Mr. Plant nods, like he expected this.

"My partner's going to pick him up." Mr. Plant says. I smile at him as I nod. He's stalling now, we had already been informed that Luke had two fathers and assured him it wasn't a problem.

"I want to stay with Cas and you." The little boy suddenly speaks. His southern accent far heavier than his fathers. Mr. Plant looks shocked before laughing.

"Don't let him hear that, he'll probably crush you to death." Mr. Plant grins. Luke blushes and looks away, refusing to release his hold on Mr. Plant's worn jeans.

"You ready to go have some fun. Play with kids your own age for a bit?" Mr. Plant smiles, squatting down to get to eye level with the child who looks eerily similar to him.

"No." The little boy snaps. Mr. Plant looks shocked by the behavior.

"Look it's just for a couple of hours-"

"No!" The little boy chokes back a sob, angrily swiping at his eye. Mr. Plant reaches for him and Luke jerks away. Mr. Plant looks hurt.

"Luke ..." Mr. Plant mumbles, green eyes pained.

"You're gonna' leave me!" The little boy sobs, fat tears rolling down his tanned cheeks. Mr. Plant looks devastated, eyes sliding shut as he heaves a sigh.

"I ain't leaving you, twerp." Mr. Plant tries to reassure roughly. He's obviously not used to this.

"You are! You're gonna leave me!" Luke is crying loudly now, his little fists pressed against his eyes as tears slide down his wrists. It's heart-wrenching to see Mr. Plant's broken expression.

"Hey, remember this." Mr. Plant smiles, suddenly slipping off a necklace. The little boy sniffles and nods.

"This is the necklace Sammy gave to me, and this is my wedding ring." Mr. Plant says, showing Luke the two artifacts sitting side by side on the leather chord. The little gold amulet clinks against the silver band with strange designs woven through it.

"I'm gonna let you wear this until the end of school, and then I'm going to come back and get it." Mr. Plant says smartly, slipping the necklace over the boys head. Luke marvels at his new treasures, running his fingers over the bumps of the ring.

"Really?" Luke asks eagerly.

"Yeah, you know Cas would kick my ass if I lost that ring." Mr. Plant grins. Luke giggles and squeezes his hand around the pendants.

"Okay." Luke finally agrees. Mr. Plant whisks him into a hug and smothers a kiss against his forehead.

"See you later, chief. Don't loose my wedding ring!" Mr. Plant calls, turning and heading towards the parking lot. With a two fingered salute over his shoulder.

I reach for Luke's hand but he ignores my attempts at contact.

"How come Cas didn't drop you off too?" I ask curiously. Usually both parents were present to send their children off on the first day of school.

"He's sick." Luke says tightly, closed off in a way that's strange for a child so young. The answer was obviously rehearsed and I frown but don't ask anymore questions. Luke clutches the necklace until Cas and Dean pick him up at six.

I look down as a little hand grabs my shirt, pulling.

"Yeah?" I ask. I'm not good with kids, I used to babysit for the neighbor but they stopped asking after they found out I just played xbox while their rugrats ran rampant.

"I'm lost." The little boy scowls. He's a cute kid, big pale eyes and ruddy cheeks. His accent is southern and heavy.

"What's your name?" I ask, because it's standard procedure to just go to one of the phones on the check out line and use the intercom over the store. I finish bagging the groceries, and watch the kid hesitate to answer. Weird.

"Luke." He decides.

"Like Luke Skywalker, cool." I smile, and he beams up at me suddenly. Little square teeth all neatly lined up but one of them is missing in the front and it only makes him cuter.

"That's what Dean says." He informs proudly. I have no idea who Dean is, but whatever. I grab the phone and relay his name over the intercom.

"Attention shoppers, we have a young man named Luke waiting at checkout five for ..."

"What's your moms name?" I ask quickly, everyone watching me expectantly. I wasn't exactly good at planning ahead.

"I don't have a mom." The little boy says in confusion. I feel my cheeks burn.

"Then whoever lost you."

"Cas." The boy says, and the name sounds made up but whatever.

"Cas, please come to checkout five. Luke is waiting for you." I say into the intercom, quickly hanging up. The little boy looks around curiously, eyeing a kitkat.

Suddenly I'm being shoved aside as a man sweeps up the little boy.

"Luke, I was so worried." Cas gasps, breathing heavily from probably sprinting. He presses little kisses against Luke's cheek and temple and Luke blushes hard.

"Casss ..." The little boy whines, trying to squirm away. Cas isn't having it and continues petting him.

"Thank you." The man breathes to me, once he has his breath back. He's clutching Luke to his chest like a lifeline.

"No problemo." I wave awkwardly. Cas smiles at me and I can sorta see why Luke is blushing so hard because Cas is weirdly handsome. Maybe even a little bit pretty despite the stubble on his jaw.

"You find em'?" A voice asks, and suddenly a movie star is strolling up to sling an arm over the pair. Luke makes grabby hands to the new guy and he snorts ignoring the gesture. Cas sets down the little boy.

"What where you thinking, running off like that?" Cas demands, lowering himself to look at the little boy directly. The little boy meeps and ducks his head, before looking to the blonde guy for help.

"He was just exploring." Blondie tries to reason.

"We could have lost him. He needs to stay close." Cas snaps, and he looks fierce. Blondie gives in with a defeated shrug, winking to Luke who glares at him for giving in so easily.

Dudes are gay.

Blondie curls a possessive hand around Cas's hip. His thumb subconsciously slipping through the loop in his jeans. Cas doesn't even seem to notice the touch, still chastising the little boy for running off.

I skulk away, feeling like I'm invading on something personal.

It's been a long shift. Rosie had just given birth and one of the Griffin boys had broken his leg, again. A bad case of head lice had erupted at the elementary school, and Dr. Deaton was taking a sick day because he had caught the flu from Mrs. Renolyds a few days ago.

But finally the hospital was calming down.

The only people left was a hiker who had hurt his ankle up in our famous mountains, the only thing our little town was known for, and Freddie Williams who had stumbled in drunk and passed out in the waiting room like usual.

I moved from one room to the other, checking on the patients who had to stay the night.

"Alright, Mr. Hummel, right this way." I say, bringing the wheel chair to the man.

"It's only a sprain, I think." Mr. Hummel informs. Before I can answer the front door is slammed open.

"Help!" A boy screams. A man is draped over his back, blonde head bobbing.

"Help me, please!" The boy sobs, and tears are running down his hard little face. I jerk the wheelchair over and drag the man in. The knees on his jeans are filthy from where his legs had been dragging from the little boy who had been carrying him.

The child couldn't be older than ten, but was tall for his age. He was maybe the man's little brother or son, but they were definitely related.

"Tell me what happened." I demand, wheeling the man down the hall and screaming for medical attention. Sally and Tara see the man and gasp at his grisly wounds, red gashes over his chest.

I blink as I look down but the little boy is gone.

Five minutes later and the boy is back with another unconscious body, this one is slightly less banged up, and the man with dark hair grunts with pain when we move him onto the stretcher.

The little boy is about to make a run for the door, and I catch him by the arm.

"You need to tell us what happened." I demand. The little boys eyes are glued to the man with dark hair.

"We were camping and they got attacked by a wolf." He says. He seems to exhale all over and his voice is now calm and smooth. He sounds like an adult, and it makes the hairs on my arms stand up.

When he looks at me I stiffen.

"Will they be okay?" He demands, and I realize he has a southern accent which is strange this far north.

"We're gonna do the best we can. Do you have an parent who can bring you some clothes?" I ask carefully because he's covered in blood and doesn't seem to be phased by it in the least.

"They're all I have." His voice is low and pained, and he stares at the men as they're wheeled into surgery.

The little boy paces in the waiting room, I keep a close eye on him.

"How much longer?" He asks stoically, pale eyes looking at me expectantly.

"When they come out of surgery, you'll be the first to know." I had already fished out the orphanage number as well as the sheriffs.

"What's your name?" I ask him, and he looks up at me with steady eyes.

"JJ." He says.

"And the men your brought in?"

"Mark and George Hamill, they're married." JJ says daring me to make a comment. I nod, typing the information into the computer.

"You don't have anyone-" My question is cut off.

"I do, but he lives far away. If they die, he'll pick me up." JJ's tone is curt and annoyed, as if he has to deal with people prying into his private life often and he doesn't appreciate it. He's a strange child.

He picks up pacing again and runs a nervous hand through his hair, making the short spikes go all messy.

The first to wake up is the blonde, with pretty green eyes. JJ latches onto him immediately.

"I'm sorry," The little boy hisses, silver blue eyes wide and panicked. "I know I'm never supposed to take you to the hospital but I didn't know what else to do and you where both-" The green eyed man cuts off the little boys babbling with a question.

"Where's Cas?" The man asks, voice raspy. JJ licks his lips nervously and whispers something into the mans ear. The man's face hardens before he gives a curt nod.

"Did you take care of it?" Mark asks, eyes expectant. JJ nods eagerly and the other man chuckles giving him a pat on the head.

"Proud of you, son." Mark says, his eyes find mine and they are devoid of warmth. They're hard and cold and terrifying, when they slide back to the little boy they melt again.

The man and his son for some reason make me nervous.

When George wakes up, Mark refuses to lay in the hospital bed. He demands to see his spouse and rips out the IVs. When one of the nurses try and give him a sedative he nearly snaps her wrist.

"Can we just let them share a room?" JJ begs, blue eyes wide. I scowl but agree because even injured Mark is strong and obviously stubborn. We wheel in George, all of the angry lines and taunt muscles in Mark's body relax and he smiles for the first time since entering the hospital.

"Hey sweetheart." He greets. George rolls big blue eyes over to his husband and a small smile touches his lips in return.

"So apparently 'The Hills Have Eyes' isn't just an awesome movie." Mark grins, and it makes George laugh and JJ smile. The three of them are suddenly not so creepy anymore. They are content with each other in the same room. Separated they had been like dangerous animals waiting to strike but now in each others presence they had gone docile.

It was weird. They were weird. They were scheduled to stay in the hospital for another four days but the next morning the three of them vanished into thin air.

He's so gorgeous I might actually die. Currently he looked like he wanted to die, pulling uncomfortably at the tie around his throat.

"Class this is our new student, Lucas Young." Our bored teacher announces. Lucas is tall, really tall with muscles and and smooth tan skin and light brown hair that is ridiculously messy.

Lucas clears his throat and glances at us all like we're kids and he's our new substitute teacher and he really hates his job.

"Hey." He greets. I try not to swoon. His voice is deep and raspy like he smokes cigarettes.

"Why don't you tell us about yourself?" Mr. Green says, scratching at his nose under his glasses.

"Um, yeah sure. I travel a lot with my family, so I'll probably only be here a few weeks." Lucas shrugs, seemingly uninterested.

"What do your parents do?" Holly Wilson asks, perfect red hair curled and hanging down her back in glistening waves. I sigh, looking out the window. If Holly's taken an interest in a guy then it's show over folks.

"Travel." He shrugs, and I look up because he's not shooting her a flirty smile or staring at her with drool running down his chin. I blink in shock along with the rest of our class.

"Alright, well welcome to St. Agnes Catholic school, take a seat in the back." Mr. Green waves. Lucas heads towards me and he glances at me before taking a seat in the chair only one row away and one seat ahead. I spend the rest of class staring at the back of his neck.

It's the end of the day and I'm sitting on a bench with a book near the parking lot when I spot Lucas standing next to a big black car.

"Shut the fuck up." Lucas snarls, and I flush pretending to be reading as a gorgeous middle aged man grins greasily at Lucas.

"Holy shit, you look like a fucking dweeb!" The man crows, and slaps Lucas on his back. Lucas gets in the car, grumbling.

"That's no way to speak to your father." The man says with a drawl, and I can see the resemblance. But the man looks a little young to have a son Lucas's age.

"I can't believe Cas enrolled me in a private school." Lucas grumbles, running a hand through his already messy hair.

"They have latin classes, which you might actually use in the future. You know how hung up Cas is on your education." Lucas's dad says before they're speeding off in the big black car.

"He's like perfect." Mandy sighs during lunch period the next day. We're sitting together under a tree with our lunches over our stupid plaid skirts. I thought my legs where too chubby so I wore black thigh highs. Holly Wilson chose to pair her skirts with her perfectly tanned legs and a pair of black high heels that none of the teachers commented on.

"Yeah, I mean not only is he hot but he's really cool too." I sigh, watching Lucas looking into the brown paper bag lunch he has, he pulls out a piece of paper and reads it before flushing darkly. He shoves the paper into his back pocket, before starting on his lunch.

"He said he'd only be here for a few months." I say to Mandy. Unable to look away from him shoving mouthfuls of a large sandwich into his mouth, it's kinda gross but whatever.

"You actually spoke to him!?" Mandy gasped, eyes wide. Lucas looks up from his meal, and he's sitting alone looking around the lunch area for someone. Probably Holly.

"Yeah, right. He said it to the class." I say, turning to Mandy.

"Oh my god." Mandy chokes. I blink at him.

"What?" I ask.

"Oh my god, he's coming over here." Mandy sobs, and his eyes are wide. Mandy is a cross dresser and had been condemned by the majority of the student body for said cross dressing. Mandy had originally been Manny, and he had dark hair curls he had recently let grow down long enough to cut in a cut curly bob around his round sweet face.

"Who?" I hiss, clinging onto his wrist.

"Hey Lucas!" Mandy grinned over my shoulder, cheeks flaring bright red in embarrassment. Mandy didn't like meeting new people, they made him uncomfortable. You never knew how someone would react when finding out, because Mandy was pretty enough for people to really think he was a girl.

"Hey, Manny right?" Lucas asks, still half chewing on his sandwich.

"I prefer Mandy." Mandy said smoothly, and shit cat was out of the bag. I tightened my hold on Mandy. Readying myself for verbal combat if it came down to it. Mandy tended to shut down when she was harassed.

"Gotcha. Don't we have class together?" Lucas asked, and he was speaking to me. Me? I jerkily nodded, and he shoved his hand in front of my face.

"I'm Lucas." He greeted, and below his sleeve I could see the heavy black markings of tattoos. We where sixteen and he had tattoos, I was pretty sure that was illegal.

"Ariel." I said, looking down at my skirt unable to meet his eyes. His deep laugh made me nearly choke on my tongue.

"Like the Arch Angel or the Shakespearean Sprite?" Lucas asked with a grin. I stared at him.

"Arch angel." I smiled back shyly.

"You're the first person to get that, it's usually always little mermaid references." Mandy giggled. Lucas blinked, mouth opened and poised to take another bite of his sandwich.

"Little mermaid?" He asked in confusion. Mandy and I laughed, and Lucas smiled.

Lucas started sitting with us at lunch. It was pretty easy to get over the whole 'zomg he's perf' phase. Lucas was far from perfect, he had a temper, and didn't get cultural references unless they where before the eighties and where either sci-fi or horror. He was sort of a pig, and was insecure but hid it behind a cocky bravado. He had a southern accent that he did his best to hide, and he had a really sick fetish for the school girl uniforms that we were forced to wear.

He was pretty great.

It was right before lunch when Mandy came running up to me in the hallway.

"Code red, Code red! Lucas has been kidnapped by the soul sucking jocks!" Mandy groaned.

"What do you mean?" I asked, shoving my books into my locker.

"I saw him talking to ... Cody Harris." Mandy scowled. If Holly Wilson was the Queen of St. Agnes, then Cody Harris was the king. Cody was the classic tall dark and handsome jock. He was Lucas's height, and had brown eyes so pale they looked nearly yellow.

He was pretty gorgeous.

But he had tormented Mandy last year, being a complete dick. This year he had avoided us both pretty well. Which was fucking great.

Until Lucas brought him over during lunch.

I glared at them both.

"Can I help you?" I snapped, letting Mandy practically cower behind me even though I was 5'2 and he was 5'6.

"Geeze, what crawled up your ass?" Lucas snorted, flopping down on the grass in front of me. Cody shifted from foot to foot, nervously chewing on his lip.

"Don't you have a football to be tossing around." I snapped, and he glanced at me nervously. I would be laughing at the irony of a enormous quarterback cowering in front of two teenagers in skirts, but I was pissed.

"Take a seat." Lucas said, always nonchalant.

"Take a hike." I hissed. Cody opened his mouth to say something before turning on his heel and hightailing it out of there.

"Alright, did Reggie George possess you or something?" Lucas scowled.

"It's Regina George you moron, and why would you bring him over here?!" I shoved a finger into his hard chest and it twinged in pain.

"He's my friend." Lucas shrugged.

"Well, he made Mandy's life a living hell last year. So you can see why we aren't exactly inviting him over for tea." I snarked. Lucas blinked.

"He never mentioned that." Lucas said slowly.

"He wouldn't." I argued back. Mandy was strangely quiet behind us. Lucas opened his mouth to speak as the intercom crackles.

"Lucas Young, please report to the office. Your father is here to pick you up." The desk lady's voice droned. Lucas cursed, jumping to his feet.

"We'll talk about this later." He said, running across the grass and to the front of the school.

I walked down the hall to see Mandy cornered by Cody fucking Harris. I cursed, looking through my backpack for some sort of weapon, Cody could probably break me in half, but I'd be damned if I didn't try and beat his ass if he was harassing Mandy again.

"I-I'm really sorry, alright?" Cody choked, and he was towering over Mandy. He had a hand planted against the locker behind her in the empty hallway.

"It's fine." Mandy murmured, looking at the ground.

"I only acted like that be-because I like you." Cody blurted, pretty brown eyes wincing as Mandy's head jerked up.

"Ha ha." Mandy sniffed, trying to duck under his big arms. He roughly grabbed Mandy's shoulders and pushed him against the locker.

"I'm serious. You're really cute, and I want you to be my g-girlfriend?" Cody's voice cracked. Mandy gaped at him before his eyes narrowed and he swatted Cody's hand away.

"Really fucking hysterical, Harris." Mandy snapped, shoving passed him and down the hall. Cody slammed his knuckles into the lockers hard enough to dent the metal.

Mandy never told me about Cody. But Lucas was apparently his partner in crime because the two enormous boys came to sit with us everyday at lunch. Cody sliding shy looks to Mandy while me and Lucas bickered.

"There's a party this weekend, you coming?" Cody asked. Him and Lucas had gotten pretty close. Their shoulders bumped as they ate.

"Ariel, wanna go?" Lucas asked around a mouthful of food.

"I don't have a car." I reminded. I'd never been invited to a party before.

"I'll pick you up." Lucas shrugged.

"Mandy, I-I can give you a ride? If you want." Cody mumbled, big shoulders hunkered down like a oversized puppy waiting to get a newspaper to the butt.

"I'm busy." Mandy dismissed, he really wasn't. He just hated parties, because once everyone got a little alcohol in them. The hot cross dresser was their first go to.

"I'm not going if Mandy doesn't go." I said, rolling my eyes as Lucas groaned.

"You can be separated for more than thirty minutes you know." Lucas bitched, because he was jealous of me and Mandy's love.

"I'll spontaneously combust." I informed with a grin.

"I'd become an empty husk of a human." Mandy snickered. Lucas rolled his eyes as we erupted into giggles.

I ended up going to the party. Letting Lucas pick me up.

"I've never been to a party before." I informed. Lucas raised an eyebrow, arm slung behind my shoulders.

"I'll be with you, don't worry." Lucas said, all easy smiles. I nodded. The party was crazy when we finally stepped through the doors. All the bodies cramped into the living room where sweaty and stunk of perfume and cologne. It was weird seeming my classmates out of uniform.

"You drinking?" Lucas asked, I liked how he never judged. It was one of his better qualities. I could get shit faced or not take a single sip and he wouldn't care either way.

"I want a shot." I grinned, and he snorted a laugh following me into the kitchen.

Fifteen minutes later and I was indeed shit faced.

"Wooo!" I shouted for no reason at all, stumbling against a wall. Lucas held me up.

"Okay so, you're alcohol tolerance level is like negative eight." Lucas's voice was warm and rumblely in my ear and his hands were big and rough.

"I want to dance!" I declared, ducking under him and heading out into the room. I twisted and rubbed against the bodies surrounding me because it felt good. Someone grabbed my hips and I looked behind me to see one of Cody's friends, Alex. He was a douche lord but he was okay on the eyes, not as handsome as Cody or Lucas but whatever.

He rubbed against my and I was laughing because he was hard and how could he get hard over me? I was the chubby girl who was a smart ass.

"Come on." Lucas was in front of me, tugging me away from Alex.

"I was dancing!" I said in exasperation.

"You hate Alex." He reminded, leading me upstairs. I stumbled on the stairs and he helped me up.

"You're a really good friend." I cooed, rubbing a hand down his cheek. He grunted, getting me a cup of water in the bathroom. The music downstairs was loud and booming and it made my head ache.

"Drink this." Lucas ordered, pushing some of my long dark hair away from my sweaty face. I swallowed greedily and smiled up at him.

"You're really handsome, yah' know that?" I smiled, curling a hand into his spiky blonde-brown hair. Lucas's cheeks went bright red and I giggled.

"You're drunk." He said, like he was telling himself.

"First day I saw you I was like 'omg'." I said, and Lucas blushed darker and looked at anything but me.

"Can I kiss you?" I asked, reaching up for his face because he was so damn tall I had to ask first to get him down to my height.

"You're really drunk, I don't think-" But his eyes fluttered shut and I pressed my mouth against his pretty lips and we were kissing. I smiled into his mouth and hopped up onto the sink so I could get closer to his face. I yelped and slide into the sink hole, my legs shooting out.

Lucas blinked down at me, licking his lips dazedly before bursting into warm laughter when seeing me in the sink, stuck and unable to get out.

"Lucas-help!" I whined. Lucas lifted me out of the sink, pressing another chaste kiss to my lips.

"Call me Luke." He said, kissing my temple as he led me downstairs and out of the party.

"I-Um uh. I let Cody fuck me." Mandy winced. I spit out my drink on the grass.

"You what?!" I screamed, Mandy flushed.

"He came over and my folks weren't home so I let him in because we have this stupid project we're doing together, and he was so nervous and stuff so I just kissed him and he like mauled me and he's a really good kisser, and he kept telling me how pretty I was and we ended up fucking." Mandy gushed, chewing on his lip.

"I can't believe you. He made your life a living hell!" I growled, but I wasn't really mad at Mandy. I was worried, and I didn't want her to get hurt because Cody was going through a 'curious' phase.

"Don't worry, I told him it was a one time thing." Mandy whispered as Lucas and Cody approached.

Cody had a big gooey smile on his face and he doopily looked at Mandy who rolled his eyes and ate his food.

"Ariel, can we talk?" Lucas asked, shuffling in front of me in an awkward way that made me blink. I groaned and shot out my hand, he took it helping me up.

"Look, I'm so sorry." I said once we were out of ear shot. Lucas blinked slowly.


"About the party, I can't believe I let myself get that drunk. I don't remember anything." I sighed. Lucas swallowed thickly and scowled at his shoes.

"Oh." Lucas muttered.

"What's with that face? Did I dance around in my underwear or something?" I laughed, elbowing him. He shook his head, a small smile on his face.

"No, nothing like that. Let's head back before Cody molests Mandy." Lucas grinned.

Dean and Castiel Winchester. They'd been killing killer's for years now, laying low. Only picking off people every couple of months as they aged.

Slow and steady won the race, and that's how they were going.

I watched them, they'd settled into a new city.

Castiel had gotten a job editing books so he could still travel and help pay for their strange life, and Dean still worked on cars since you could find a mechanic job in any town.

I knew everything about Castiel and Dean.

What I didn't know was they had a son.

At first I had thought it had been a little fuck toy, the handsome young man looked like he was a little stud. But the maternal way Castiel looked at him, and the way Dean slapped him on the back signified that the three had formed a strange little fucked up family.

Castiel and Dean were professionals, but the boy was still learning. Dean went out with him on a hunt, and I watched Dean show his son how to kill a man. I watched from the shadows.

I couldn't get to Dean and Cas directly, they were too strong. But If I could get the kid, if I could break him it would throw Dean and Castiel into a frenzy long enough to strike.

But first I had to lure the brat out, and what better way that puppy love?

My mary janes clacked against the concrete. Me and Luke had gotten into a fight earlier. He had been testier since the party.

I frowned at the damp ground. Reaching into my pocket to call him and maybe curse at him a bit more when I heard a groan down the alley way.

"Help." A woman's raspy voice filtered up to me. I gasped, seeing the woman in her late twenties lying in a heap of trash. I rushed down the alley way.

"Or you okay? What happened?" I asked.

"These men, they attacked me." She whimpered.

"It's okay, it's alright. I'll call the police-" Next thing I know, my vision was swimming in black.

I was still half asleep arriving at school, I'd opened my locker when a Polaroid of Ariel laying tied up on a dirty mattress blindfolded sat neatly on my textbook. I flipped it over and in pen it was written:

virgin sacrifice will take place at Noon today. come find Us, and don't tell Thema and louise unless you want her blood on your hands.

I resisted ripping the Polaroid to shreds and walked out of the school.

Luke as I learned was the boys name, was incredibly bright. I had though of giving him a few more clues just for fun. But he had arrived within an hour of finding the first picture.

It looked like a bad horror movie seeing the handsome youth wearing his nice uniform and standing in front of the abandoned nut factory on the outskirts of the smallish town.

The girl had awoken about an hour ago, and she had huddled herself into the corner of the mattress, tears rolling down her cheeks as she cried pitifully.

"Romeo's here." I informed. She choked on a sob and looked out the dirty upper windows.

Luke's footsteps where loud as he ascended the old stairs to the second level of the factory where I had set up.

"Hey Marv." Luke drawled, deep voice echoing throughout the empty building. The teenage girl I had kidnapped whimpered and scrambled up onto her knees.

I pointed a gun at her as Luke took a step forward.

"It's Metatron now." I grinned at him, watching him struggle to keep a tight reign on that infamous Winchester temper.

"If you hurt her ..." He let the threat hang in the air as he examined the girl with calculating eyes more similar to Cas than Dean in that moment.

"You'll what? Run and tell Mommy and Daddy?" I snorted. Luke's eyes snapped to mine at the subtle insult.

"What the hell do you want?" Luke demanded, patience running thin.

"Testing the waters. You know Cas and Dean have been getting a little too domesticated for my liking, and honestly it's your fault. They'd still be going strong. The infamous duo who ridded the world of evil, but then their little spawn had to go and suck up all that attention. But if I broke you, I think it might get them back in the game. Don't you?" I asked, pulling back the trigger.

I shot the girl in the leg, and she screamed through the duct tape on her mouth. She slumped over probably passing out from shock.

Luke jolted and his blue eyes burned white hot with anger.

"Did I hit a nerve?" This was going exactly as planned, I would finally be recognized by Cas and Dean after all these years. They'd finally see me.

"I'm going to rip you to shreds." Luke's voice was low and dangerous. This was becoming a great story, one I would tell for generations. I smiled at the handsome youth as his mind whirled for some sort of way to save his damsel in distress.

"And how do you plan on doing that?" I asked pleasantly. Before he could answer the car that he had driven here, an ugly beat up old thing exploded. The windows shattered and the impact had me skitting across the dirt concrete.

My ear rung loudly, and I hear the boys footsteps as he walked to me.

"Like this." The boy sneered. I smiled as he drug me downstairs and tied up my limp form. When the first carving of the knife delved into my skin I sighed in ecstasy. It wasn't Cas or Dean, but their protege and that was enough for my story.

When I went back to school I was in a wheelchair. It wouldn't be for long, but the muscle of my leg was still weak from being off it for so long. Thankfully, I had taken ballet for years because instead of hitting my pelvic bone, the bullet and gone through muscle and fat leaving a scar right below my hip.

Everyone welcomed me back, giving me cards and balloons. Mandy loved the attention, thanking them politely and scarfing down my chocolates. We sat together with Cody who had wheeled me around for most of the day.

"I haven't seen him." Cody admitted when I asked about Luke. My bestfriend hadn't even come to see me since my accident. I remember hearing his voice in the warehouse when I'd been abducted, but I left that little tidbit of information out of the police report.

I also think he came and visited me in the hospital, but I'd been so doped up on pain medication that I couldn't remember.

"Fuck him." Mandy snapped, setting out my lunch for me as if I was incapable. I let her coddle me.

It was later that day when Mandy was taking full advantage of my allowance of having up to ten extra minutes to get to class when we saw Luke in the hallway.

"Give us a minute." Luke told Mandy. He wasn't wearing his uniform, and I felt him take hold of the handles of my wheelchair as he wheeled me outside for some privacy.

He sat across from me, blue eyes focused on his hands.

"I'm so sorry this happened to you." His voice was hoarse and his eyes where red. He wore an oversized brown leather jacket with a form fitting black shirt and his favorite pair of worn jeans. His big black boots clunked whenever he moved his feet.

"I'm not a paraplegic, I'm just still healing." I tried to joke, but his frown just tightened.

"You'll see, give me a few weeks and I'll be up and running. They said I can even start ballet again in a few months." I smiled, reaching for his hand. His big fingers around mine.

"I wish I could be here to see that." He rasped, his eyes refusing to meet mine. My stomach dropped.

"What do you mean?" I asked, tucking a long strand of my dark hair behind my ear in a nervous habit.

"I-uh," He licked his lips and his eyes finally met mine. "Me and my family are going on a hunting trip." He said, his thumb sliding under my sleeve to press over my pulse in a weirdly intimate way.

"So when will you be back?" I asked, and I could hear the horror in my own voice, the desperation. Luke inhaled through his nose and I saw his jaw clench.

"I probably won't be, it's sort of an extended thing." He shrugged, looking away.

"So I won't ever see you again?" My voice cracked and I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. Luke snorted and let go of my wrist, rubbing a hand across his forehead.

"Trust me, Ariel. That's a good thing." His voice was self-deprecating and I couldn't stand it.

"So you're leaving just like that? Are you even going to tell me what the hell happened and why I got shot in the first place?!" I shouted, and he stood up pacing in front of me like a caged animal.

"I wish I could tell you, but I can't alright. All I can tell you is that it's my fault, it's all my fault and I'm so fucking sorry. I promise I'm gonna protect you, even if that means protecting you from myself." Luke said, his eyes meeting mine with determination laced over the silver blue.

I snort and glared at him.

"You're so full of shit." I snapped, ignoring the tears running down my face as I wheeled myself around him.

"Let me hel-" His voice was low, hurt.

"I don't need your god damn help!" I screamed, shoving him away. It was hard to see through the tears but I made it too class in under ten minutes.

Cody was snoring in the bed beside me, he always fell asleep after we fucked. Cuddling against my back and passing out, sometimes with his dick still in me.

Ariel was heartbroken.

She and Luke hadn't done anything, I don't think they'd even kissed but it was obvious they were in love with each other. But she knew from the beginning that Luke was a drifter and he wouldn't be in town for long, but she'd still gotten attached.

I worried about her, it had been over a month now and she was walking with crutches but she was still so unhappy, never smiling or laughing so freely the way she used too.

'She ok?' The text on my phone bleeped from an unknown number. It was Luke, he had tried texting and calling Ariel, but if he was stubborn than she was a mule because she refused to talk to him. Luke had resorted to asking me for updates at least once a week, even though I'd never given him my number and ever time he did text it was from a different phone. But whatever, we all knew Luke and his family where shady from the beginning.

'Fucking miserable.' I tapped back, sending it to him. He deserved the truth. He didn't reply for about fifteen minutes, right when the phone buzzed a hand slide over my hips to rest possessively on my stomach, sliding lower and lower until he cupped my soft cock.

"Who you texting?" Cody asked, mouthing at the back of my neck. I sighed against him, rutting against his hand.

"Noone." I assured, gasping as he hardened inside me.

"You lost the keys again?" I sighed, pulling the office's copy from the wall. Sky shrugged and leaned against the counter. He was younger than me, probably only seventeen while I was gonna be twenty in a few months. But he was fucking gorgeous, all sullen and bad boy. He smoked cigarettes and wore leather jackets and had a badass car.

"I could kick the door down, but I feel like I might get in trouble for that." He grinned, but it didn't reflect in his eyes. Sky had been living at the motel for about a month now with two older men who I barely ever saw. Sky went to school during the week, but over the weekend he went to go meet up with the men, doing God knows what.

"What are you doing right now?" I asked, and he shrugged looking back over his shoulder to where his dingy little room could be seen clearly.

"Nothing, got some homework to finish but I could do it later." He decided.

"Want something to drink?" I grinned, jerking my thumb to the back room where we kept the beers. He shrugged again and followed me to the back. All the other receptionists talked about Sky. He was fucking some rich old lady, well she wasn't really old but she was definitely in her late thirties. She gave him a wad of cash for his troubles whenever she dropped him off in the parking lot.

Sky was kind of a slut.

After two beers he already was kissing me, and god he was a good kisser. Perfect amount of tongue and sensuality with just enough roughness to make it interesting.

I gasped as he pushed aside my underwear fingering me open. I gasped into his neck, rutting against his thigh. He pushed into me as soon as he got the condom on, his breath choppy as he began pounding into me, I gasped as he pinched at my nipples, his other hand gripping my hair and tugging until I arched my back under him.

The sloppy sounds of our fucking filled the back room, and I groaned, grinding back against his cock. He came about twenty minutes later which was fast for him. He could go sometimes up to an hour. I collapsed on the dirty old couch and Sky stood up, fixing his pants.

"I'll bring the key back later." He said, plucking it from the counter where I'd left. I nodded, waving him away sated and lazy.

The funeral was small, only three men showing up. Two of them where in their fifties, and they had a twenty year old kid with them.

The boy was handsome, with stubble and blue eyes. He resembled the blonde hair man who was staring hard at the grave. That read;

Bobby Singer

Friend, Uncle, and Best Damn Hunter the World's ever seen.

"We should have burned the body, it's tradition." The blonde man said suddenly. The man on the other side of the boy with black hair that was beginning to gray at the temples frowned at him.

"Dean, you know he wanted to be buried. He hasn't hunted for years." The black haired man sighed, wiping the drizzling rain from his eyes.

"Taught me everything I know." The blonde murmured. A very tall man began to decent up the hill, he was wearing a suit and had longish hair that was neatly slicked back, but the rain was beginning to make it messy.

"Sam," The kid greeted, blue eyes bright. Sam hugged the young man and moved on to hug the rest.

"My flight was delayed from the weather." He informed but none of them seemed upset. They all bickered softly around the grave, none of them talking about anything of importance.

"I'm hungry, Dean." Cas, as I learned, said. Dean immediately nodded.

"Let's go to Biggersons, in honor of Bobby." Dean grinned, slinging an arm around Cas's shoulder who rolled his eyes but smiled up at the taller man none the less.

"Ugh, that artery clogging menu's probably what did him in." Sam complained lightly. I watched the four of them descend the hill and get back in their cars. I went back to tending to the graves.

Winchester Auto was the most popular mechanic in town. Not only because they actually knew what they where doing, or the fact that they didn't try and get your wallet and your first born every time you went in for a tuneup. It was because the three of them looked like god damn soap opera actors.

Jimmy was the one who worked in the office, making sure everything was in order and tidy. He had dark hair with some silver at the temples that just made him look more distinguished. The lines beside his eyes drew attention to the bright blue that complimented his skin.

Robert was Jimmy's husband. He used to do most of the work on the cars but he left a lot of it to their boy now. Robert and Jimmy mostly skipped town, travelling around as they boy kept the place running. Robert had blonde hair that had gray streaked through it. His green eyes where a muted pine and his tan skin made him look younger than he was.

Their boy was named Sky, he was the best looking kid I'd ever laid eyes on. The girls in town swooned every time he looked up from under one of the hoods. He was a little trouble maker too, going to the bars and getting in brawls or bumping uglies with one of the mayor's six daughters. He looked like Robert, tall and strapping, with a smile so charming it bordered on greasy. He had silvery eyes that were under heavy brows darker than his actual hair.

Currently those brows where stitched together as he glared at my transmission.

"This is fucking dumb." He spat, cigarette bobbing between his lips.

"Fucking idiots." He snarled, ripping out the transmission and throwing it over his shoulder so it clattered loudly against the concrete.

"They send me a broken part." He complained, searching through a metal box.

"So how long will it take to fix?" I asked, leaning against the hood.

"I'll order a new one from another company tonight, but it might be a few days before it gets here and a day for me to put it in. Probably about a week." Sky sighed, southern drawl making the words float to me.

"I got work kid-" I frowned, annoyed.

"It was my mistake, you can borrow the Super Sport till I get yours up and running." He said. I nodded and was about to speak again when the tow truck pulled up.

"Hey Sky, got us a pretty lady who needs her car fixed!" Jeff chirped, all buck teeth and big arms. Sky grunted, and continued glaring at the transmission.

"I need to get back on the road, I'm heading to mexico for spring break." The girl said, and she was damn pretty. Curvy little thing with a tiny waist and wide hips. Large dark eyes, and long dark hair, full lips that begged to be kissed.

"Luke?" She gasped, Luke stared at her, blue eyes gone wide.

"Ariel?" He choked, cigarette falling from his lips. I blinked between them before nodding to Jeff, we left them alone in the garage.