I just realised I have several drabbles that I wrote for sortinghatdrabs on LJ and never cross-posted them here. So I'll be publishing them here as I go along. This particular one won first place for week 155.

Not So Secret Santa

Severus hated the holidays. He despised them. This particular year happened to make his aversion for the holiday season greater.

Especially since Dumbledore had to have the stupid idea of Secret Santa, minus the secret part. It wasn't a secret gift exchange if he knew he was stuck with possibly the worst candidate for gift-giving. His partner could have been James Potter, and Severus wasn't sure if he should thank Merlin for the small mercy or not.

Sirius Black generally liked the holidays. He loved them when he was able to spend it with his mates and even more so when he went to the Potter's for Christmas Eve. This year, however, happened to dampen his love for the holiday spirit.

Sirius wasn't sure if he could have had a worse partner. Maybe if he was partnered with Lucius or one of the Lestrange brothers, but really, Snivellus was the absolute worst.

The two had agreed to get it over with as soon as possible. They would meet in the hallway outside of the Charms classroom - neutral territory - and levitate their gifts to the other and quickly walk away.

They both wanted to kill Dumbledore.

After they had exchanged gifts and were in the safety of their respective common rooms, the two manhandled their gifts. They shook and prodded the presents, in fear of its contents, and briefly considered tossing it into the fireplace before curiosity got the better of them.

Severus's wrapped in red, and Sirius's wrapped in green. They both rolled their eyes at the irony of the wrapping paper colour.

Severus meticulously unwrapped his gift, carefully peeling away at the edges. Atop a small potion vial lay a letter that read: Snivellus, maybe this will help you catch a bird. It won't help with the nose though. Not much can.

Severus sneered when he eyed the bottle with disdain, especially when he read the label "Anti-Grease Potion."

Sirius tore away at the wrappings, getting caught in the tape and a small paper cut on his finger, causing him to drop the package. He scoffed, it'd be likely that Snivellus would curse the gift to do such a thing. He then shook his head, he should have thought of that.

A clink on the ground had his eyes drift downward towards shattered glass, and he scrunched his nose when the most foul smell reached his nose. There was a torn piece of parchment just above the spilled contents and he was almost afraid to touch it. He wasn't a Gryffindor for nothing though, and swiftly grabbed it and read: Now you can always smell like the dog you are.

He looked to the broken bottle again and read it's label: "Wet Dog Cologne"