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The Dark King
Written by: Marik's Girl


The young king, a hedgehog with midnight black fur and red strips going down his quills, arms and legs held onto his queens hand. He had taken off his white gloves that he could feel his human wife's hands in his... they were cold and pale in his dark hands. But he could feel the softness in his hands and that just wanted to make him hold on to her tighter, but he knew that he could not. She was ill - she had always been ill, ever since he had met her when he was a young child. But she never looked this deathly sick before. Wet hot tears began to fall down his tan muzzle. "Maria, please stay awake! The healer will be here soon." he said in a pleading voice. The blonde girl/women looked into his teary ruby-red eyes with her own beautiful sky blue eyes.

"Shadow, please promise me something..." she said in a weak and tired voice.


"When I die... I want you to find someone to love..." he frowned at his ill wife and queen. "Maria, don't think of such non-sense." he said in a serious voice. "Shadow, promise me! Please!" she pleaded softly. The king could only sigh as he looked at the pale and sickly look on her face. "I promise." he said softly as he held her hand to his tan muzzle. She gave him one of her heart warming smiles. "Thank you, Shadow." with that her eye lids dropped closed as her head turned to the side on the pillow and her hand became limp in his hand.

"Maria?" no answer came from her and he frowned with worry. "Maria!" he tried shaking her awake, but she would not move. "My king! The healer- your majesty?" a ruby-red echinda question as he rushed into the room with the doctor in toll. He saw the king frozen in his place, his hands on his wife's shoulder. The doctor went up to the queen and gasped at how pale she looked. He quickly went to her neck to check her pulse. "Is she alright?" Shadow asked, barely above a whisper. The mongoose could only shake his head in sadness. "I'm sorry my king, she has passed away." tears fell down his tan muzzle as he wept for his dead wife and love.

But as one life ended, another was born. In a form of a birth. The birth of Amila Rose of the kingdom of Mercia. And she would be the key to save the dark king from the darkness.

End Prologue

To let you know, I have nothing against Maria. I actually like her! But for the story to work she had to die... anyways in the beginning, Shadow is seventeen - thus making him seventeen years older then Amy. If you don't like the idea that Shadow is seventeen years older then she is (I think it's a bit better the 50+ years...) then I wouldn't read this. Beside Amy doesn't actually meet up with Shadow until she is fifteen years of age. I have already started writing down the next chapter and I hope to have it up as soon as I can. Please review XD