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It hurts, doesn't it, Willow? To know that Magick became more important to you than all of your little friends and your family? I felt it, you know, when you gave into all the Dark Magicks that had called out to you for so long, only to be ignored. Your pain was so loud that I could hear you from miles away. I came back, mainly to find Rack, because you know, gotta feed those urges. But you killed him, didn't you? Absorbed him in order to give yourself more power that you needed.

You said I was the one who was addicted, do you remember that? You kicked me out of your life, just like that. Three years of being nothing more than your little rat in a cage didn't mean much, did it? But that's what you do best, isn't it? Take everything that someone offers to you, and then you cast them off like a useless object. I heard things, remember things that you did. I was in the room when Tara left you. I remember how you cried and cried, like doing that would make everything all better. And yet, the Magick was still there, wasn't it? But you couldn't give into. Nnnooo, that would only make things worse.

Ah, but that's what kept happening, didn't it? You brought me back after Tara left you, and we had fun. You know, after the whole ordeal of me being in shock over finally being changed back, and forgetting everything. But we had fun, remember that night at the Bronze, where everyone and everything inside was our little play-thing? Oh, I'm sure you do, just as you remember that big smile you had on your face the entire damn time.

You know what? As you look at me, like I'm supposed to help you since you're looking Warren, I'm sick. You're an insult to anyone using Magick. You just do it so effortlessly while the rest of us have to toil and toil and work our asses off until we can reach half the level you're at. Does that sound fair to you? I'm sure you'd say yes, that it's not your fault. But you know what? It is. You deserve to be normal. If anyone deserves any of the power you command, it's not you.

Tara knew that, but she stayed with you, didn't she? And where is she now? Buried on the hill under six feet of dirt and grass. I'm sure you added your own tears to that combination, making everything yours once again. That's probably how your relationship with her was, wasn't it? You wore the pants while she was the obedient little girlfriend that was to make you feel better. She's probably happier where she is now, if that little thing even exists.

Some might say I'm jealous of you, but I can tell you exactly what I feel when I look at you.